Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS - Episode 037

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Luke is overwhelmed by Trapigeon's strategy.
Luke is overwhelmed by Trapigeon's strategy.
Japanese name
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Japanese OP"Nanananananana"
Japanese ED"Goha 7 Elementary School Song"
ScreenplayAya Matsui
Air dates
JapaneseFebruary 20, 2021
Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episodes (season 1)
Previous"Enlightenment ♡ Ranze Eyes"
Next"Unearth the Maximum!"
Featured card

"Coo-Coo-Luke-Coo" is the thirty-seventh episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. It first aired in Japan on February 20, 2021.

The next opponent is Chevelle Kayama, who serves as one of the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club's chiefs of staff. Taking responsibility for for falling into the trap set by Trapigeon using the Trumpet Duet Tournament, Luke eagerly volunteers. However Chevelle, who mounts onto his Heavy Cavalry, says that Trapigeon, the pigeon sitting on his left shoulder that is also a chief, will be the opponent...?!


Luke gets frustrated at Chevelle and Trapigeon tricking him.

Chevelle notes that they'll have to have another Duel since the Duel between Rayne and Rino was a DRAW as he poses with Trapigeon, and Luke takes off his Kuroko veil, commenting in satisfaction that it's finally his turn. Yuga begins to protest, but Luke asks him not to, admitting that he feels responsible for this mess despite falling into Trapigeon's trap, remembering Trapigeon delivering the invitation to the Dark Rush Duel Tournament to him as the pigeon fixes him with its gaze, and Luke suddenly sees himself standing at Goha #7 Elementary. Yuga, Romin and Gavin all stiffly approach him, and Luke wonders what happened, as they were transferred to Goha #6 Elementary, though Yuga, Romin and Gavin all deny this, Gavin claiming that he would never allow himself to be transferred as Student Council President and Romin telling Luke he needs to wake up and face reality. Luke decides this was all a dream, as Dueling on Heavy Cavalry doesn't exist and it would be ridiculous if students could force other students to transfer schools, though his resolve is shaken when he sees Trapigeon again despite his attempts to brush him off as just another pigeon. He tries to seek Yuga's agreement, but Yuga statically flips around, telling Luke not to worry about the pigeon, but speaking with Chevelle's distinctive name at the end of his sentence. Luke quickly picks up on this, but Yuga denies saying "Chevelle"...while immediately saying "Chevelle" afterwards. Then the cardboard cutouts of Yuga, Romin, Gavin and Goha #7 Elementary all come crashing down, along with Luke in a dead faint as Chevelle laughs from the stairs atop the Heavy Cavalry Colosseum, asking if this is really the time to be sleeping. Luke isn't happy that Chevelle tricked them, and comments that he's quite the schemer (though as Romin notes, Luke is the only one who would have fallen for that trick). Chevelle denies being a schemer, claiming that it was Trapigeon, and he has been the one who has tricked them all this time. As Romin asks what that even means, Chevelle comments that they don't believe Trapigeon, but they soon will, and he leaps from the top of the stairs and lands on his Heavy Cavalry, HA10, declaring that it's time for Trapigeon's Duel to start. Kaizo tells him to stop with the pigeon nonsense, as Chevelle is clearly the one who will be Dueling, though Chevelle insists he's only the interpreter. Trapigeon chirps, and Chevelle translates that he is saying he will be Luke's opponent, much to the exasperation of Yuga, Romin and Gavin. Trapigeon chirps, and Chevelle gasps that Luke's shoelaces are untied, sending Luke into a panic until Yuga reminds him that he doesn't have any shoelaces, much to the exasperation of Romin and Gavin and the amusement of Chevelle as he laughs that he was just kidding. Chevelle then claims that Trapigeon's favorite food is fried chicken, shocking Luke with the notion of cannibalism until Chevelle reveals he was kidding again (and poor Romin and Gavin struggle to keep it together). Chevelle then claims that Trapigeon is saying "Luke, I am your father", and Luke falls for his claim again, much to the shock of his friends, and even Tracker asks if Luke is a bit too gullible. Luke tells him to be quiet, as they're making fun of him, and suggests that they just Duel already, inserting his Deck into his Duel Disk as Chevelle is elevated to the top of HA10 and they call "Rush Duel!", activating their Duel Disks and projecting the green holographic dome.

Chevelle declares Trapigeon's turn and he dramatically draws, then he Summons "Tyhone" and "Bombing Bird". Luke comments in amusement that it looks like the pigeon really can Duel after all, while Gavin notes that he is using a Winged Beast Deck. Trapigeon chirps, and Chevelle Sets three cards, which Yuga speculates to be Trap Cards given Chevelle's scheming, though Romin and Gavin are more distracted by the fact that Trapigeon is named after Traps, and Chevelle dramatically ends his turn at Trapigeon's signal.

Luke declares his turn and draws, then he Summons "Sportsdragon Slugger" and "The Fire Dragon". Trapigeon promptly chirps, and Chevelle declares that it's Trapigeon's Trap Time, and as Luke asks if he's using a Trap in confusion, Chevelle explains that as Luke Summoned a monster, "Shot through the Heart" activates. It allows him to draw a card, and if it's a Trap, then all his monsters will gain 800 ATK. He draws, and Trapigeon chirps, so Chevelle reveals the card; the Trap Card "Counter Pigeons", and his "Tyhone" and "Bombing Bird" increase to 2000 and 2100 ATK respectively. Luke admits that's pretty good, and he Tributes his two monsters to Tribute Summon, chanting "Listen and be amazed! Feel it and tremble! The moment you see it, it's already too late! A world-shaking shock and surprise! Now, come out! Shock Dragon!" Trapigeon coos in shock, and Chevelle admits his own shock, as Luke activates "Dragonic Advanced Return", adding "The Fire Dragon" and "Sportsdragon Slugger" from his Graveyard to his hand and then Summoning them again. As Trapigeon and Chevelle once again express their shock, Luke Tributes "Sportsdragon Slugger" and "The Fire Dragon" again to Tribute Summon, chanting "If you touch this guy, you'll get burned! He's way too cold. Burn blue, flames of ice! Ancient Arise Dragon!" "Ancient Arise Dragon", a massive crystalline dragon, looms above them with 2400 ATK, and Trapigeon and Chevelle recoil in fear as Luke activates the "Hyper Surprise Down" effect of "Shock Dragon" by sending "Clear Ice Dragon" from the top of his Deck to his Graveyard, reducing the ATK of "Bombing Bird" by the ATK of "Ancient Arise Dragon". "Bombing Bird" panics as it falls to zero ATK while "Tyhone" watches in shock, and Yuga comments that Luke has hit his stride, while Romin observes that Trapigeon is shocked, and Gavin comments that this is the face of a pigeon shot through the heart. Luke then sends "Tyhone #2" from the top of his Deck to the Graveyard to activate the "Freezing Rise" effect of "Ancient Arise Dragon", increasing its ATK by 600 until the end of the turn. "Ancient Arise Dragon" becomes surrounded in a blizzard as it rises to 3000 ATK, and once again, Chevelle and Trapigeon scream in fear. Luke orders the "Transcendent Hyper-Astonishing Attack" of "Shock Dragon" on "Bombing Bird".

"Ancient Arise Dragon" and "Tyhone" destroy one another.

And then Chevelle declares that it's Trapigeon's Trap Time Part 2, claiming there's a UFO above Luke. Naturally, Luke looks for one, but Chevelle soon reveals he was just kidding, much to Luke's anger, as he wanted to see one (while poor Romin can't believe that is why Luke is angry). Trapigeon coos, and Chevelle sends the "Counter Pigeons" from his hand to the Graveyard to activate the "Counter Cannonball" Trap Card. Trapigeon coos, and Chevelle explains that Luke will take damage equal to the Level of "Shock Dragon" times 200. A weight containing the damage calculation lands on poor Luke's head, much to the shock of his friends, reducing him to 2600 LP, but Luke insists that this amount of damage won't stop him and he throws off the weight, then continues his attack, once again ordering the "Transcendent Hyper-Astonishing Attack" of "Shock Dragon", who destroys "Bombing Bird" with its fist-shaped energy blast, reducing Trapigeon to 2400 LP and knocking him and Chevelle back. Trapigeon doesn't take too kindly to that, rapidly kicking Chevelle in the face as he protests that he's been a faithful interpreter, while Yuga, Romin and Gavin are exasperated by their squabbling. Luke then orders "Ancient Arise Dragon" to attack with "Frozen Clear Burning", but as it leaps forwards, Chevelle (at Trapigeon's command) declares Trapigeon's Trap Time Part 3, much to Luke's disappointment, and at Trapigeon's command, Chevelle returns "Bombing Bird" from his Graveyard to his Deck to activate the "Counter Shield" Trap Card, reducing the ATK of "Ancient Arise Dragon" by 1000. "Ancient Arise Dragon" falls to 2000 ATK, the same as "Tyhone", and they collide and destroy one another. Luke sobs over the loss of his "Ancient Arise Dragon" and screams in frustration at all the Traps, while Kaizo wonders how many Trap Cards this pigeon has as Rayne, Rino, Yuga, Romin, Gavin and Tracker watch in concern, Tracker commenting that this is as difficult as using a shovel to dig a deep hole. Luke can only despondently end his turn.

Chevelle happily declares Trapigeon's turn and draws five cards, then Summons "Blasting Bird". At Trapigeon's command, Chevelle reveals two Trap Cards in his hand ("Clowning Cookoo Clock" and "Brocoohearted Pigeon") to activate the effect of "Blasting Bird". As "Blasting Bird" triggers its explosive, Luke sobs that there's more Traps, and Chevelle explains that now "Blasting Bird" can be treated as two Tributes, so at Trapigeon's command, he Tribute Summons, chanting "Now, come forth, coo. Countless wings that cover more wings! Each one a knights' weapon! Dance, wildlife of the miraculous skies! Night Vision the Phantom Pigeon!" Luke cowers in fear from "Night Vision", and Chevelle activates the "Trap Up" effect of "Night Vision" by sending another "Night Vision" from the top of his Deck to the Graveyard, increasing the ATK of "Night Vision" by 200 for each Trap in his Graveyard. With four, it gains 800 ATK, powering up to 3000 ATK, and as Luke screams in shock, Chevelle Sets three cards again at Trapigeon's instruction. Luke wails over the prospect of more Traps, and at Trapigeon's command, Chevelle has "Night Vision" attack "Shock Dragon" with "Dazzling Coo-lapping", destroying it and reducing Luke to 1200 LP. Luke staggers back in shock and clutches his head as Chevelle ends Trapigeon's turn, with Trapigeon cooing in affirmation. Poor Luke can only repeatedly scream "Trap!" in frustration as his friends watch in concern.

Much to Trapigeon's shock, Chevelle acts on his own.

Having screamed his lungs out, Luke hesitantly declares his turn and draws five cards; "Sportsdragon Pitcher", "Illusion Strike Dragon Miragias", "Draco the Tiny", "Insurrection Dragon", and "Triad Drago", and he wonders how he should counterattack. He muses that he could Summon "Pitcher", but would likely set off one of the bird's Traps, and Trapigeon coos almost as if in affirmation, scaring Luke with the prospect of being bogged down in a future of Traps, and he angrily asks what he should do. Romin wonders what's wrong with Luke as he finally Summons "Sportsdragon Pitcher", as as his friends gasp in surprise, Trapigeon coos and he and Chevelle both laugh as Chevelle declares Trapigeon's Trap Time Part 4, activating the Trap Card "Clowning Cookoo Clock", which he can activate thanks to Luke Summoning "Pitcher". He takes his second "Night Vision" from his Graveyard, but as Trapigeon begins to chirp out his commands, Chevelle asks him to wait, claiming to know the rest without being told and asking Trapigeon to leave the rest to him. Trapigeon isn't happy with this idea, chirping madly, but Chevelle reassures him that it'll be fine, as he isn't the crybaby that he used to be. He Special Summons "Night Vision" in Attack Position, much to Trapigeon's horror, and as "Night Vision" appears on the field, Chevelle adds that Trapigeon will also gain 1500 LP, rising to 3900. Luke is despondent over another Trap, but Trapigeon is furious with Chevelle, beating his wings and chirping in his ear as Chevelle protests that he Special Summoned perfectly. Yuga, Romin and Gavin aren't impressed by their squabbling again, though Gavin realizes this is good for Luke...who is curled in a ball on the ground and imagining himself rolling through a maze.

Luke rolls around in depression.

His friends call to him, but Luke doesn't respond, simply saying "roll" repeatedly as Chevelle comments that there's nothing more a Duelist can do when they find themselves like this, and it will be impossible for Luke to get out of Trapigeon's mental labyrinth. As Gavin and Romin are confused by the term, Luke sees the cardboard cutout of Yuga ask him what's wrong. Luke asks if they know each other, and the cutout suggests he'll figure it out someday. Luke comments that's a strange guy, and the cutout suggests they keep going forward, though Luke claims it's useless, as he can't do anything. The Yuga cutout replies that he can't do anything if he doesn't move forward, like Rush Duel. Luke protests that he can't continue the Duel, since Trapigeon activates a Trap every time Luke takes a step, but then the Yuga cutout asks if Traps aren't super fun. Luke is confused by the notion, so Yuga explains that Luke will never know what's going to happen until it does, isn't that exciting? Luke comments that he's a strange guy, and the Yuga cutout points out that all of his friends are kind of weird, with dreams and mottos like "I will be the one to become the King of Duels!" Luke laughs at the notion - but then he remembers his dream and he remembers Yuga, the cutout falling aside to reveal his friend. Yuga asks if he didn't tell Luke that he would remember, and Luke cries his friend's name and jets through the mental labyrinth, leaping to his feet in reality and calling Yuga's name. Yuga welcomes him back, while Romin and Gavin are pleased that Luke has managed to hear them. Gavin reminds Luke that the Duel isn't over yet, and Luke agrees, reassuring them that the highlight of his Duel has only just begun. Chevelle and Trapigeon freak out at the sight of Luke's renewed confidence, and Luke activates the effect of "Sportsdragon Pitcher", Special Summoning "Sportsdragon Slugger" from his Graveyard. Then he Tributes them both, chanting "Burn up this coldhearted world with your blazing flames! Super dragon of super phantoms! Super-Super Advance Summon! Super-super-super... come on out! Illusion Strike Dragon Miragias!"

Luke Summons "Disjerky Dragon", much to Romin's adoration.

And Chevelle declares Trapigeon's Trap Time Part 5 at Trapigeon's command, though this time Luke grins at the notion, commenting that of course it's a Trap. Trapigeon and Chevelle are taken aback by his enthusiasm, and Luke comments that it's exciting not knowing what the next Trap is. Trapigeon coos, and Chevelle explains that since Luke Summoned "Miragias", he can activate the "Brocoohearted Pigeon" Trap Card, changing "Miragias" to Defense Position and inflicting 500 damage to Luke. As a thunderbolt shatters a pink heart and comes crashing down on Luke, reducing his LP to 700, he tells the pigeon to keep coming, as his Duel isn't finished yet. He activates the "Phantom Charge" effect of "Miragias" by sending "Insurrection Dragon" from his hand to the Graveyard, blasting a surge of magenta energy at Chevelle and Trapigeon's monsters as they react in confusion, and explaining that both of their "Night Visions" will lose 1500 ATK until the end of the turn, reducing them to 700 ATK. Then he Summons "Draco the Tiny" and "Triad Drago", and Chevelle and Trapigeon both bare their eyelids at him mockingly, claiming that a Level 1 and Level 3 monster are nothing to write home about. Luke grins and tells him to just wait, as he can draw a card with the effect of "Triad Drago" since his other monsters aren't Level 3. He Tributes both of his newly Summoned monsters to Tribute Summon, much to Chevelle's surprise, and he chants "To diss, if dissed, when dissing, if you diss the dissed, won't it then be the innocent guy's turn to diss? Come on out! Disjerky Dragon!" His new monster appears - a cute white dragon with 1800 ATK that Romin goes absolutely gaga over and which Luke calls his trump card. Poor Chevelle isn't quite sure what he's seeing, and has to be reminded via a storm of kicks to the face from Trapigeon that it's Trapigeon's Trap Time Part 6. Luke chuckles as Chevelle activates another "Brocoohearted Pigeon", changing "Disjerky Dragon" to Defense Position and inflicting 500 damage to Luke, reducing him to 200 LP as a worried Romin notes.

Luke re-Summons "Miragias.

But Luke laughs, commenting that Trapigeon really likes his Traps, doesn't he? Trapigeon chirps in alarm, and Chevelle asks how Luke can be so calm. Luke replies that it's because he isn't afraid of Traps anymore, as Yuga told him that Traps were fun and exciting. Yuga simply grins, and he and Gavin comment that the wind seems to be on Luke's side now. Romin laughs and she agrees. Luke explains that due to Chevelle's Trap he can activate the effect of "Disjerky Dragon"; "This Is A Reverse Of Innocence", a name that completely baffles Chevelle and Trapigeon, and Luke sends "Miragias" to the Graveyard to Special Summon it again, which then returns "Disjerky Dragon" to his hand. Trapigeon panics, but Luke tells it to wait, as he still has more he needs to do before the Battle Phase. He sends the "Disjerky Dragon" from his hand to the Graveyard to activate the effect of "Miragias", reducing the ATK of both "Night Vision" by 1500 again. This time both Trapigeon and Chevelle panic as the ATK of their monsters is reduced to zero, and Luke orders the "Dark Bullet of Explosive Supremacy" of "Miragias", which blasts the five purple orbs from its body into a concentrated mass that blows the first "Night Vision" away, reducing Trapigeon to 1400 LP and almost blowing him away, were it not for Chevelle holding his legs. But despite being saved, Trapigeon doesn't take too kindly to the gesture and pecks at Chevelle and drives him off HA10. Chevelle is shocked when Trapigeon claims it wishes it had left him when they first met Asana and he snaps that he should be the one saying that as he slinks off. Luke reminds him that he isn't finished with his turn yet, as "Miragias" can attack again since it used its effect and destroyed a monster by battle. Trapigeon can only chirp in terror, while Luke chirps "Coo-Luke-Coo-Luke", his apparent attempt at communication disgusting Romin and Gavin. At Luke's command, "Miragias" splits into seven and attacks with "Phantom King Strike of Annihilative Supremacy", blasting the seven energy orbs into their massive form at Trapigeon, blowing the little pigeon off HA10 and reducing his LP to zero as he squawks in fear.

Chevelle saves Trapigeon.

Trapigeon remembers being buried in the snow with Chevelle, who told Trapigeon that they would always be together, and though Trapigeon weakly accused Chevelle of being a crybaby, Chevelle weakly pointed out that Trapigeon was crying too. Fortunately they were rescued by Asana and her great-grandfather using R6, Asana asking if they were all right. Back in the present, Chevelle catches Trapigeon, but the impact flings him into the staircase and he bumps his head. Trapigeon tears up as he frantically chirps at Chevelle, and Chevelle reassures Trapigeon that he's fine, and when prompted, states that he saved Trapigeon because they made a promise when they were buried in the snow that they would always be together. Trapigeon chirps happily and buries his head in Chevelle's neck, and he cries that they will always be together. Luke and his friends leave them alone as they head out of the room, though Luke is still simply saying "Coo-Luke-Coo-Luke!" despite Romin's request for him to go back to human words. Gavin comments that Luke said "Let's keep moving onward," much to Romin's shock, and Yuga casually agrees, adding that Luke also wonders what they'll find beyond here and that he's okay now. Romin and Gavin stand in shock for a bit before running past Chevelle and Trapigeon to catch up with their friends, while Chevelle continues to clutch Trapigeon, who chirps as Chevelle declares again that they will always be together as cherubs hover over them.

Featured Duel: Lucidien "Luke" Kallister vs Trapigeon Kayama[edit]

Luke VS Trapigeon.png

The Duel is conducted as a Rush Duel.

Turn 1: Trapigeon
Trapigeon Normal Summons "Bombing Bird" (1300/1200) and "Tyhone" (1200/1400). Trapigeon Sets three cards.

Turn 2: Luke
Luke Normal Summons "Sportsdragon Slugger" (1000/0) and "The Fire Dragon" (1500/0). As Luke Normal Summoned a monster while Trapigeon controls a Winged Beast Type Normal Monster, he activates his Set Trap "Shot through the Heart", drawing a card and revealing it, and if he reveals a Trap, all face-up Level 5 or lower Winged Beast Type monsters he controls gain 800 ATK until the end of the turn. Trapigeon draws and reveals the Trap "Counter Pigeons" ("Bombing Bird": 1300/1200 → 2100/1200) ("Tyhone": 1200/1400 → 2000/1400). Luke Tributes "Slugger" and "The Fire Dragon" to Tribute Summon "Shock Dragon" (1600/2500). As Luke controls a Tribute Summoned Dragon Type monster, he activates the Spell "Dragonic Advanced Return", adding two Level 4 or lower Dragon monsters from his GY to his hand, but he cannot attack directly or attack with Level 6 or lower monsters this turn. He returns "Sportsdragon Slugger" and "The Fire Dragon" from his GY to his hand. Luke Normal Summons "Slugger" (1000/0) and "The Fire Dragon" (1500/0). Luke Tributes "Slugger" and "The Fire Dragon" to Tribute Summon "Ancient Arise Dragon" (2400/1600). Luke activates the effect of "Shock Dragon", sending the top card of his Deck to the GY to have the monster Trapigeon controls with the highest ATK lose ATK equal to the ATK of the monster Luke controls with the highest ATK, but "Shock Dragon" can only declare an attack on Attack Position monsters this turn. Luke sends "Clear Ice Dragon" to the GY and decreases the ATK of "Bombing Bird" by the ATK of "Ancient Arise Dragon" ("Bombing Bird": 2100/1200 → 0/1200). Luke activates the effect of "Ancient Arise Dragon", sending the top card of his Deck to the GY to have it gain 600 ATK until the end of this turn, and if he has "Clear Ice Dragon" and "Burning Blaze Dragon" in his GY, he can shuffle them into the Deck to destroy a monster Trapigeon controls with 1500 or less DEF. He sends "Tyhone #2" from the top of his Deck to the GY ("Ancient Arise Dragon": 2400/1600 → 3000/1600). "Shock Dragon" attacks "Bombing Bird", but as a monster Luke controls declared an attack, Trapigeon activates his Set Trap "Counter Cannonball", sending a card from his hand to the GY to inflict damage to Luke equal to the Level of the attacking monster x 200. Trapigeon sends "Counter Pigeons" from his hand to the GY and "Shock Dragon" is Level 7, so Luke takes 1400 damage (Luke: 4000 → 2600 LP). The attack continues and "Bombing Bird" is destroyed (Trapigeon: 4000 → 2400 LP). "Ancient Arise Dragon" attacks "Tyhone", but as a monster Luke controls declared an attack, Trapigeon activates his Set Trap "Counter Shield", returning a Normal Monster with 1000 or more DEF from his GY to his Deck to decrease the ATK of the attacking monster by 1000 until the end of the turn. Trapigeon returns "Bombing Bird" from his GY to his Deck ("Ancient Arise Dragon": 3000/1600 → 2000/1600). The attack continues and both monsters are destroyed in a double KO.

Turn 3: Trapigeon
Trapigeon Normal Summons "Blasting Bird" (600/1000). Trapigeon activates the effect of "Blasting Bird", revealing two Spells/Traps from his hand to treat "Blasting Bird" as two Tributes for the Tribute Summon of a Winged Beast Type monster this turn. He reveals "Clowning Cookoo Clock" and "Brocoohearted Pigeon". Trapigeon Tributes "Blasting Bird" to Tribute Summon "Night Vision the Phantom Pigeon" (2200/1500). As he has a Trap in his GY, Trapigeon activates the effect of "Phantom Dove", sending the top card of his Deck to the GY to have it gain 200 ATK for each Trap in his GY until the end of this turn, and if there are five or more Traps in Trapigeon's GY, Luke will take 1000 damage. Trapigeon sends "Night Vision the Phantom Pigeon" from the top of his Deck to the GY, so there are four Traps in Trapigeon's GY ("Phantom Dove": 2200/1500 → 3000/1500). Trapigeon Sets three cards. "Phantom Dove" attacks and destroys "Shock Dragon" (Luke: 2600 → 1200 LP).

Turn 4: Luke
Luke draws "Sportsdragon Pitcher", "Illusion Strike Dragon Miragias", "Draco the Tiny", "Insurrection Dragon", and "Triad Drago". Luke Normal Summons "Sportsdragon Pitcher" (0/1000). As Luke Normal Summoned a monster while Trapigeon controls a face-up Winged Beast Type monster, Chevelle activates his Set Trap "Clowning Cookoo Clock", Special Summoning a "Night Vision the Phantom Pigeon" from his GY, then gaining 1500 LP. Chevelle Special Summons a second copy of "Night Vision the Phantom Pigeon" (2200/1500) from Trapigeon's GY in Attack Position (Trapigeon: 2400 → 3900 LP). As he controls no other monsters, Luke activates the effect of "Pitcher", Special Summoning a "Sportsdragon Slugger" from his GY in face-up Defense Position, but he cannot attack with Level 6 or lower monsters this turn. He Special Summons "Slugger" (1000/0) from his GY. Luke Tributes "Pitcher" and "Slugger" to Tribute Summon "Miragias" (2500/1500). As Luke Normal Summoned or Special Summoned a Level 5 or higher monster while Trapigeon controls a face-up Winged Beast Type monster, he activates his Set Trap "Brocoohearted Pigeon", changing an Attack Position monster Luke controls to face-up Defense Position, and if he does, Luke takes 500 damage. Trapigeon changes "Miragias" to face-up Defense Position (Luke: 1200 → 700 LP). Luke activates the effect of "Miragias", sending a Level 7 or higher Dragon Type monster from his hand to the GY to choose up to two Level 7 or lower monsters Trapigeon controls to have them lose 1500 ATK, also if "Miragias" destroys a monster Trapigeon controls by battle this turn, it can declare a second attack on a monster Trapigeon controls this turn. He sends "Insurrection Dragon" to the GY and chooses Trapigeon's two "Phantom Dove" ("Phantom Dove": 2200/1500 → 700/1500). Luke Normal Summons "Triad Drago" (300/1300) and "Draco the Tiny" (0/1400). As his opponent controls a Level 7 or higher monster and Luke controls two non-Level 3 Dragon monsters, he activates the effect of "Triad Drago", drawing a card. Luke Tributes "Triad Drago" and "Draco the Tiny" to Tribute Summon "Disjerky Dragon" (1800/1800). Trapigeon activates his Set Trap "Brocoohearted Pigeon", switching "Disjerky Dragon" to face-up Defense Position (Luke: 700 → 200 LP). As Trapigeon activated a Trap this turn, Luke activates the effect of "Disjerky Dragon", sending another Dragon monster he controls to the GY to return "Disjerky Dragon" to his hand, then Special Summon a Dragon monster from his GY. Luke sends "Miragias" to the GY and returns "Disjerky Dragon" to the hand, then Special Summons "Miragias" (2500/1500) from his GY in Attack Position. Luke activates the effect of "Miragias", sending "Disjerky Dragon" to the GY and chooses Trapigeon's two "Phantom Dove" ("Phantom Dove": 700/1500 → 0/1500). "Miragias" attacks and destroys both copies of "Phantom Dove" (Trapigeon: 3900 → 1400 → 0 LP).

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.


  • None of the Featured Cards are discussed during Yuga and Luke's monster corner, which Romin and Gavin again join them for, due to Luke still saying nothing but "Coo-Luke-Coo-Luke" and his friends being unable to understand him.
  • One of Chevelle and Trapigeon's pranks on Luke this episode was Chevelle telling him "Luke, I [Trapigeon] am your father". This is a reference to the famous quote from Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.