Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS - Episode 047

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"The Employee's Counterattack"
Corporate Warrior Kaizo's imagined festival of blood.
Corporate Warrior Kaizo's imagined festival of blood.
Japanese name
RōmajiGyakushū no Shain
TranslatedThe Employee's Counterattack
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Japanese OP"Nanananananana"
Japanese ED"Goha 7 Elementary School Song"
ScreenplayYuichi Nomura
Air dates
JapaneseMay 9, 2021
Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episodes (season 1)
Previous"Back to the Past"
Next"Clash of Secret Arts!"
Featured card"Shining Black Corporate King Arktalk the Corrupt"

"The Employee's Counterattack" is the forty-seventh episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. It first aired in Japan on May 9, 2021.

Looking for Goha 66, Luke and co. head for Maximum Mountain. Tyler and Toombs then appear suddenly, along with a new leader taking Roa's place. Their new leader is a tall, handsome, mysterious man, wearing a nice suit...


Yuga, Roa and Nail ask the restaurant owner why he has the legend of the King of Duels in the Ramen Hut.

At the Ramen Hut, Roa recounts the legend of the King of Duels to Yuga and Nail from the panel written on the wall of the restaurant; on the night of a full moon so large it is hardly recognizable, a Duelist will carve open an unknown path and guide the world as the King of Duels. Roa, Nail and Yuga note that this is where everything began and Roa and Yuga ask the shopkeeper why the legend is on the autograph board and if he's hiding something, but the man only laughs, much to their shock.

Meanwhile, Tyler is sitting under a bridge by the river and banging a paint can with drumsticks, cursing Roa in frustration and lamenting how quickly he teamed up with Yuga. Toombs pops out from behind Tyler to warn him that he's behind them, and Tyler sadly admits that they can't enter the tournament with two people, but then a slim, robotic figure in a suit steps towards them and they realize who it is.

Tyler and Toombs appear with their new leader.

On the outskirts of Goha City, Luke and Romin, still full from gorging on Sweets Kakoko's Stonehenge, beg for a break as they lean on a rope bridge. Gavin, having crossed the bridge already with Saburamen, Sushiko and Briscoe reminds them that they just had one, so Luke and Romin slowly cross the bridge...but then their weight snaps the ropes and Luke barely grabs Romin's wrist and the planks as he curses Triple Cheeseburger setting up this trap, though Romin corrects him that it's Double Cheeseburger and Gavin reminds them that it's Goha 66. Saburamen, Briscoe and Sushiko all extend their oversized chopsticks, tongs and ladle respectively for Luke and Romin to grab, but even their oversized instruments aren't long enough to reach Luke and Romin, who lose their grip and fall into the river below as Romin asks if they don't just have normal rope. Cut to the Abandoned Dorm and Saburamen asks if Goha 66 are in the mine; Gavin replies that they are according to Tracker and Romin and Luke bask in their newfound energy after swimming off their meal. Luke is ready to go get those Teriyaki Burger guys, but then they suddenly hear drum and bass music playing and look around in confusion before turning to see Tyler and Toombs playing on a wooden stage behind them. Luke promptly mistakes them for Kit Schrödinger and Skipjack, before amending the latter statement to Buff Grimes, and Tyler and Toombs angrily correct him, squashing him with the splitscreen. And they aren't alone either; a trapdoor in the stage floor opens to reveal the slim robotic figure with the Goha 66 symbol emblazoned on its hexagonal faceplate, before the symbol changes to reveal the face of Corporate Warrior Kaizo, much to the shock of Luke, Romin and Gavin. Kaizo vows not to let them pass, declaring this body to be his true form...but Luke, Romin and Gavin aren't listening, dismissing Kaizo as having malfunctioned and they turn to enter the mineshaft. But Tyler and Toombs block their way, declaring that their new leader won't be ignored any longer, much to Luke's surprise, and Tyler accuses them of having done horrible things to Mr. Kaizo, he and Toombs tearing up as Tyler admits that even after being mistreated by Roa himself, he was moved by Kaizo's story. Gavin begins to point out that Kaizo is a Drone, but Tyler angrily snaps at him to use honorifics, Toombs threatening to haunt them. Kaizo tells them to let it go, as they're old acquaintances. When he closes his eyes, he can still remember when Luke and Yuga used to abuse him and he's waited so long for the day he can get revenge for the years he's suffered, so he suggests that they get started by offering up Luke in a festival of blood.

The shopkeeper turns out to have been laughing at a comedy routine on his phone.

At the Ramen Hut the shopkeeper continues to laugh, and Rayne emerges from the ceiling, much to the shock of Yuga and Roa and the irritation of Nail, declaring that she will unveil the mysteries of this man. The board with the urban legend that led to the beginning of everything and the man who keeps laughing despite being asked why it's in the store; there is only one answer, and that is that he must be closely related to Otes, no he is Otes. Nail and Roa can't believe it, but Yuga quickly points out that the old man isn't Otes; he's been laughing at a comedy routine on his phone the entire time and gasps that it's making his sides hurt. Rayne angrily points a roll of naruto at him and tells him not to laugh too creepily again before leaping into the ceiling where she emerged from. Once Rayne is gone, Roa holds up the legend and asks the shopkeeper why he has it, and the shopkeeper explains that it was given to him by a customer who had forgotten his wallet as payment for ramen a long time ago, and when pressed to remember who it was by Nail, he admits that he's not sure. Naturally, Yuga, Roa and Nail don't believe him and they ask if there isn't anything else he isn't telling them. The shopkeeper freaks out and back into the kitchen, protesting that he isn't hiding anything and doesn't know anything about Goha 66's deep, dark secret, much to Yuga, Roa and Nail's shock.

Romin tells Luke to defeat Kaizo after he outlines his plans for them.

Back at the Abandoned Dorm Luke angrily asks Kaizo what he means by a festival of blood, since he likes festivals (much to Gavin's exasperation), and Romin asks Kaizo what is going on. Kaizo claims that he'll let them pass if they can defeat him in a Rush Duel, but if he wins, he will modify Luke into a subordinate that will follow any and all of his orders, he'll modify Gavin to be his personal chauffeur, and Romin will be modified into his personal secretary. The notion promptly Romin to order Luke to tear Kaizo apart, and Luke replies that she doesn't need to tell him twice. They move into position, Luke strapping on his Duel Disk and Toombs and Tyler respectively providing a stand and a Heavy Cavalry-style Duel Disk for Kaizo as they encourage him, much to Kaizo's irritation. Luke asks Kaizo if he thinks a stupid Drone like him can really beat him, and Kaizo agrees that he couldn't if he were stupid. They both call "Let's go! Rush Duel!" and insert their Decks into their Duels Disks, deploying the green holographic dome.

Kaizo declares his turn and draws, then examines his hand, containing three "Shining Employee Brand New", "Battle Demotion", and "Attack Salary Cut". He Summons three new "Shining Employee Brand New" to hedge his risks, and Romin asks if these are supposed to be Goha Enterprises employees. Kaizo confirms that they are their golden geese, still full of hopes and dreams for the future. As the three "Brand New" look up at the sky, Kaizo Sets two cards and ends his turn.

"Dragias" is demoted.

Luke replies that he doesn't care if they're golden geese or silver angels, he'll show them how harsh the real world is. He draws "Treasure Dragon" and adds it to his hand, which also contains "Sportsdragon Pitcher", "Sylphidra", "Multistrike Dragon Dragias", and "Dragon's Fortitude". He Summons "Sportsdragon Pitcher", "Treasure Dragon" and "Sylphidra", then Tributes "Sportsdragon Pitcher" and "Treasure Dragon" to Tribute Summon, chanting "Right now, in my galaxy, seven supernovas unleash a gamma-ray burst! Even if you tell me to stop, it's too late! Even if you tell me to stop, it's too late! There's a reason I said it twice. Now, come out! Multistrike Dragon Dragias!" Luke sends "Clear Ice Dragon" from the top of his Deck to the Graveyard to activate the "Gias Charge" effect of "Dragias", much to the joy of Briscoe, Saburamen and Sushiko as Briscoe notes that now "Dragias" will be able to attack twice this turn. Luke Sets a card then orders "Dragias" to attack a "Shining Employee Brand New" with "Striking Light Bullet of Explosive Supremacy". But as "Dragias" blasts the green energy from its body, Kaizo pays a 600 LP bribe to activate the Trap Card "Battle Demotion", falling to 3400 LP as he explains that it will demote "Dragias" by switching it to Defense Position. Imagining "Dragias" as an employee, Gavin laments that "Dragias" has been switched from the well-funded Attack Division to the understaffed and underfunded Defense Division, while Kaizo smugly sends "Battle Demotion" to his Graveyard. Luke vows to have "Sylphidra" teach another new hire properly as his senior, but once again Kaizo pays an LP bribe, falling to 2800 LP as he activates the Trap Card "Attack Salary Cut", dismissing "Sylphidra" effective immediately and reducing it to 1100 ATK; Briscoe gasping that its ATK salary has been cut. "Sylphidra" unleashes a tornado at the middle "Brand New" that spins it around harmlessly, and Kaizo explains that neither department's monster will be destroyed by this battle, Saburamen noting the detail of this business pitch as Luke flinches back and falls to 3700 LP, ending his turn and returning the ATK of "Sylphidra" to normal.

Gavin can't believe that Kaizo has been able to beat back Luke, while Romin wonders where he got his Goha employee-akin monsters, and Kaizo explains that he will tell them how. He had enough of them a few days ago and went off to Maximum Mountain having heard that Tiger was training there and told her about what they had done to him, hoping she would beat them up. But then his modifications to detect a man's spirit of adventure activated and led him into the ruins, where the peak of a man's romanticisms lay; the Goha 66 members.

The employees of Goha 66 discuss their impending retirement.

Meanwhile at the Ramen Hut, the shopkeeper explains to Yuga and Roa (while Nail chows down on ramen) that at the time of Princess G's firing, he had a reservation for 66 people. He recalls the members of Goha 66 removing their Goha Enterprises masks to reveal their Goha 66 masks as the leader of Goha 66 recalled that they had worked their hearts and souls out for Goha Enterprises until they turned 66 and could retire, but he couldn't help but wonder if they were but faceless employees to the company. But no, it was undeniable that every one of them was a proud employee of Goha Enterprises, and as proof of this, should they not launch a final firework that symbolized their graduation from the youths of Goha and retire with their heads held high? His subordinates were impressed, and the shopkeeper had promptly served them free gyoza, as he was the same age as them and asked them to make it a huge fireworks display. Nail asks what they meant by their "final fireworks", and the shopkeeper admits that he isn't sure.

"Arktalk the Corrupt" dismisses "Dragias".

Kaizo was also struck by Goha 66's magnificent plan, while the man from Goha 66 tearfully claimed that Kaizo's dreams of revenge were just as touching as his fireworks, embracing one another as comrades. Luke realizes what the Deck Kaizo is using is, and Kaizo confirms that it's a mark of his promise with Goha 66, as is his dandy body; he'll absolutely modify them in order to repay the kindness his new comrades showed him. He declares his turn and draws "Shining Black Corporate King Arktalk the Corrupt", "Deadly Business Card Exchange", two "Corporate Soldier Shine Black", and "Strong Z", then uses two of his "Shining Employee Brand New" as a stepping stone to Tribute Summon, chanting "Eternal overtime, unpaid wages, disposable employees! I'll push onward on the red carpet of harassment and refuse to comply with company policy! Shining Black Corporate King Arktalk the Corrupt's inauguration!" As "Arktalk the Corrupt" appears with 2400 ATK, Tyler is shocked that Kaizo has stolen a new employee's credit for their work to become a corrupt president, but Kaizo sends a card from his hand to the Graveyard to activate the "Employee Resource Domination" effect of "Arktalk the Corrupt", Setting both "Battle Demotion" and "Attack Salary Cut". Sushiko gasps the names of the Traps, and Romin likens it to a make-your-own sushi party. Then Kaizo activates the Spell Card "Deadly Business Card Exchange", and as "Dragias" is imagined being fired by "Arktalk" he explains that it will destroy a monster Luke controls. "Dragias" explodes and Kaizo adds that since he destroyed a monster with this effect, he can Special Summon a Level 5 or higher Machine monster from his Graveyard, ordering "Corporate Soldier Shine Black" to come in on his off day. Then he uses the last "Shining Employee Brand New" as a Tribute for success, bringing out another "Shine Black". As Kaizo poses with his three monsters, Tyler gasps that it's the black-hearted middle-management that will devour all the newer employees in order to succeed. Kaizo comments that it's almost midnight, so he drinks a bottle of the Spell Card "Strong Z", regaining LP equal to 100 times the Level of a monster he chooses. A "Shine Black" tosses Kaizo a bottle, which he downs to top up his LP to 3300, before maniacally ordering "Shining Black Corporate King Arktalk the Corrupt" to terminate "Sylphidra's" contract, and "Arktalk" blasts a stream of fire from its cigar that burns "Sylphidra" away and reduces Luke to 2800 LP. A "Corporate Soldier Shine Black" attacks directly with overtime, throwing glowing cards at Luke that reduce him to 1100 LP. Gavin and Romin gasps that they'll be forcibly modified if Luke continues doing overtime, and Kaizo declares that his other "Corporate Soldier Shine Black" will give Luke double overtime before the last train of the night.

Kaizo compares Luke to a cog in society.

But as "Shine Black" levels its briefcase at Luke he activates the Trap Card "Dragon's Fortitude", much to Romin's joy and Kaizo's frustration. Luke explains that he can return a Dragon from his Graveyard to his Deck to reduce the ATK of Kaizo's monster by 100 times its Level. He chooses "Dragias", which reduces the ATK of "Shine Black" by 700, to 1000, as Kaizo gasps "What?!" and "Shine Black" fires five missiles from its briefcase, reducing Luke to 100 LP as his friends gasp in shock. Toombs gasps that Luke is hanging on by a thread and Kaizo ends his turn, returning the ATK of "Shine Black" to normal. He admits that Luke was impressive but tells him that kicking and struggling is useless; just as salarymen like him are cogs in the wheels of a company, Luke is a cog in the wheel of society.

To everyone's shock, Luke angrily asks what Kaizo said, dramatically bellowing that he hates cogs and gears, and lightning strikes behind him as he declares his turn and draws "Sportsdragon Slugger", "Terror Attack Dragon Stock Buster", "Draco the Tiny", "Dragonic Play", and "Burning Blaze Dragon". He Summons "Sportsdragon Slugger" and then uses its effect to Special Summon "Sportsdragon Pitcher" from his Graveyard. Sushiko notes in satisfaction that now Luke has two monsters, though Gavin notes in worry that the effect of "Slugger" will prevent Luke from attacking with Level 6 or lower monsters this turn. But Luke grins and he Tributes his two monsters to Tribute Summon, chanting "Hedging risk with demotions and salary reductions, complacement with harassment polices...I have no idea what that means, but I know the source of your power! Rampage to infinity! Terror Attack Dragon Stock Buster!" As the saurian dragon appears with 2400 ATK, it whips up powerful winds that buffer Kaizo and his monsters and he protests that Luke only has 100 LP left no matter how much he resists, but Luke claims that it's more than enough. Since Kaizo controls at least five cards Luke can send a card ("Burning Blaze Dragon") from his hand to the Graveyard to activate the "Crush and Depression" effect of "Stock Buster"; Tyler noting that Kaizo's three monsters and two Set cards makes five cards total, much to Kaizo's frustration. Luke explains that all of Kaizo's Level 7 or lower monsters will all lose 1500 ATK, reducing the two "Shine Black" to 200 ATK and "Arktalk" to 900 ATK, which Saburamen likens to crashing the ATK stocks of Kaizo's monsters as Kaizo panics. Luke then Summons "Draco the Tiny" and changes it to Defense Position to activate the Spell Card "Dragonic Play", bringing back "Treasure Dragon" from his Graveyard and Kaizo freaks out as Luke adds that the effect of "Treasure Dragon" allows him to draw a card - "Dragonic Slayer". Luke Tributes "Draco the Tiny" and "Treasure Dragon", chanting "Concordant! Befitting! Poetic justice! Now is the time to come out—the gallant dragon warrior, Dragonic Slayer!"

"Stock Buster" destroys "Arktalk".

Kaizo panics again as Luke explains that "Dragonic Slayer" can resonate with another Dragon he controls to destroy a Spell or Trap that Kazio controls, and he declares "Resonance Roar" as both "Dragonic Slayer" and "Stock Buster" glow yellow and roar purple shockwaves. Kaizo claps his hands over his ears, thinking that "Demotion" is his best card, so he'll be all right if Luke chooses the "Salary Cut", but unfortunately for him Luke chooses to destroy "Battle Demotion", much to Kaizo's horror. Romin cheers that it's as expected of Luke as the others all gasp in joy, and Luke orders "Dragonic Slayer" to attack a "Corporate Soldier Shine Black", cutting it down and reducing Kaizo to 1200 LP, commenting that it looks like Kaizo was the stupid one after all. He orders "Terror Attack Dragon Stock Buster" to attack "Shining Black Corporate King Arktalk the Corrupt" with "Bankrupting Fire Strike", destroying it with a flaming punch that reduces Kaizo's LP to zero as he screams.

Kaizo tries to escape.

Toombs and Tyler struggle to process what has been happening behind the events of the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal, and Luke explains to them that Roa teamed up with Yuga to find out the truth, but he thinks that Roa really wanted to enter with them all along. He wouldn't have had to team up with them if all he wanted was to find out about Otes. Romin teases Luke over understanding how Roa is thinking, given his own desire to team up with Yuga, but Briscoe alerts everyone as he, Saburamen and Sushiko examine Kaizo's body; the meatball is making his escape and Kaizo is sneaking away on his thrusters. As soon as he realizes that he's been rumbled, Kaizo jets into the air, but Luke holds up his watch and declares "Luke Devil!" to detach Kaizo's thrusters and bring him crashing to the ground before wondering where Yuga said he put that switch, much to Romin's confusion.

Luke forces Kaizo to confess the plans of Goha 66.

Deep in Maximum Mountain the man from Goha 66 laments that this is why he hates elementary schoolers before collapsing on top of his defeated comrades. Asana comments that it's all sorted now and Galian, Zomyoji, Chevelle and Trapigeon all nod in agreement, but then Tiger asks Asacchi to wait and fight her, and Asana grits her teeth. But Luke and the others run in, Luke asking them to listen as he switches Kaizo's confession switch on, much to the horror of the man from Goha 66, and Kaizo explains that the goal of Goha 66 is to take over the main Duel server that contains the data on Dueling, including Rush Dueling, then use that to take over Goha Enterprises and the Dueling world. The man from Goha 66 gasps in horror as Kaizo reveals that the server is apparently in Maximum Mountain; in order words, Luke explains, it's right here.

Featured Duel: Lucidien "Luke" Kallister vs Kaizo[edit]

Luke VS Kaizo.png

The Duel is conducted as a Rush Duel.

Turn 1: Kaizo
Kaizo's hand contains three copies of "Shining Employee Brand New", "Battle Demotion", and "Attack Salary Cut". Kaizo Normal Summons three copies of "Shining Employee Brand New" (1400/600). Kaizo Sets two cards.

Turn 2: Luke
Luke's hand contains "Sportsdragon Pitcher", "Sylphidra", "Multistrike Dragon Dragias", and "Dragon's Fortitude". Luke draws "Treasure Dragon". Luke Normal Summons "Sportsdragon Pitcher" (0/1000), "Treasure Dragon" (1100/0), and "Sylphidra" (1500/0). Luke Tributes "Pitcher" and "Treasure Dragon" to Tribute Summon "Multistrike Dragon Dragias" (2500/1500). Luke activates the effect of "Dragias", sending the top card of his Deck to the Graveyard to allow "Dragias" to declare a second attack this turn if it destroys a monster Kaizo controls by battle. Luke sends "Clear Ice Dragon" from the top of his Deck to the Graveyard. Luke Sets a card. "Dragias" attacks a "Brand New", but since a LIGHT Machine Type monster he controls was targeted for an attack, Kaizo activates his Set Trap "Battle Demotion", paying 600 LP (Kaizo: 4000 → 3400 LP) to choose an Attack Position monster Luke controls and change it to face-up Defense Position. Kaizo changes "Dragias" to face-up Defense Position. "Sylphidra" attacks a "Brand New", but since a Level 6 or lower LIGHT monster he controls was targeted for an attack, Kaizo activates his Set Trap "Attack Salary Cut", paying 600 LP (Kaizo: 3400 → 2800 LP) to choose a face-up monster Luke controls and have it lose 400 ATK until the end of the turn and prevent both battling monsters from being destroyed by this battle. He chooses "Sylphidra" ("Sylphidra": 1500/0 → 1100/0). The attack continues, but due to the effect of "Attack Salary Cut", "Sylphidra" is not destroyed by battle (Luke: 4000 → 3700 LP).

Turn 3: Kaizo
Kaizo draws "Shining Black Corporate King Arktalk the Corrupt", "Deadly Business Card Exchange", two copies of "Corporate Soldier Shine Black", and "Strong Z". Kaizo Tributes two copies of "Brand New" to Tribute Summon "Arktalk" (2400/600). As Luke controls a Level 7 or higher monster, Kaizo activates the effect of "Arktalk", sending a monster from his hand to the Graveyard to choose one each of "Battle Demotion" and "Attack Salary Cut" in his Graveyard and Set them to his Spell & Trap Zone. Kaizo sends "Shine Black" to the Graveyard and Sets "Battle Demotion" and "Attack Salary Cut" from his Graveyard. As he controls a face-up "Shining Black Corporate King Arktalk the Corrupt", Kaizo activates the Spell "Deadly Business Card Exchange", choosing a Level 7 or lower monster Luke controls and destroying it, then he can Special Summon a Level 5 or lower Machine Type monster from his Graveyard. Kaizo destroys "Dragias", then Special Summons "Shine Black" (1700/600) from his Graveyard in Attack Position. Kaizo Tributes "Brand New" to Tribute Summon a second copy of "Shine Black" (1700/200). Kaizo activates the Spell "Strong Z", choosing a face-up Normal Monster he controls to gain LP equal to its Level x 100. Kaizo chooses the Level 5 "Shine Black" (Kaizo: 2800 → 3300 LP). "Arktalk" attacks and destroys "Sylphidra" (Luke: 3700 → 2800 LP). The first "Shine Black" attacks Luke directly (Luke: 2800 → 1100 LP). The other "Shine Black" attacks Luke directly, but Luke activates his Set Trap "Dragon's Fortitude", returning a Dragon monster from his Graveyard to his Deck to decrease the ATK of the attacking monster by the Level of the returned monster x 100. Luke returns the Level 7 "Dragias" to his Deck ("Shine Black": 1700/600 → 1000/600). The attack continues (Luke: 1100 → 100 LP).

Turn 4: Luke
Luke draws "Sportsdragon Slugger", "Terror Attack Dragon Stock Buster", "Draco the Tiny", "Dragonic Play", and "Burning Blaze Dragon". Luke Normal Summons "Sportsdragon Slugger" (1000/0). As he controls no other monsters, Luke activates the effect of "Slugger", Special Summoning a "Sportsdragon Pitcher" from his Graveyard in face-up Defense Position, but he cannot attack with Level 6 or lower monsters this turn. He Special Summons "Pitcher" (0/1000). Luke Tributes "Slugger" and "Pitcher" to Tribute Summon "Terror Attack Dragon Stock Buster" (2400/1600). As Kaizo controls five or more cards, Luke activates the effect of "Stock Buster", sending a card from his hand to the Graveyard to have all Level 7 or lower monsters Kaizo controls lose 1500 ATK until the end of the turn. Luke sends "Burning Blaze Dragon" from his hand to the Graveyard ("Arktalk": 2400/600 → 900/600) ("Shine Black": 1700/600 → 200/600) ("Shine Black": 1700/600 → 200/600). Luke Normal Summons "Draco the Tiny" (0/1400). Luke activates the Spell "Dragonic Play", changing an Attack Position Dragon Type monster he controls to face-up Defense Position to Special Summon a Level 4 or lower Dragon Type monster from his Graveyard in face-up Defense Position. Luke changes "Draco the Tiny" to face-up Defense Position and Special Summons "Treasure Dragon" (1100/0) from his Graveyard. As "Treasure Dragon" was Special Summoned from the hand or Graveyard this turn and Luke has four or more Dragon Type monsters in his Graveyard, Luke activates its effect, allowing him to draw a card. He draws "Dragonic Slayer". Luke Tributes "Treasure Dragon" and "Draco the Tiny" to Tribute Summon "Dragonic Slayer" (2300/0). As he controls another Level 7 or higher Dragon Type monster, Luke activates the effect of "Dragonic Slayer", destroying a Spell/Trap Kaizo controls. He destroys Kaizo's Set "Battle Demotion". "Dragonic Slayer" attacks and destroys a "Shine Black" (Kaizo: 3300 → 1200 LP). "Stock Buster" attacks and destroys "Arktalk" (Kaizo: 1200 → 0 LP).

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.