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Yuga Ohdo
Yuga Ohdo
  • Yuga Ohdo
Japaneseおうどう ゆう
Base王道 遊我
Furiganaおうどう ゆうが
RōmajiŌdō Yūga
  • Male
Favorite foodUdon[3]
  • Career
  • Education
OrganizationRush Duel Club
  • Duelist
Tournament Position
Dark Rush Duel Tournament No Result
Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal Runner-up (with Roa Kirishima and Nail Saionji)
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episode 001: "Let's Go! Rush Duel!"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Voice actors
  • Hiro Ishibashi[2]
Ohdo, Yuga

Yuga Ohdo (おうどう ゆう, Ōdō Yūga) is the main protagonist of Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS. A young boy who loves Dueling and inventing, he is chosen by Otes to become the King of Duels and entrusted with the "Sevens Road Magician" card.[4] To break free from the rigidity of Goha Duels, he creates the Rush Dueling format in hopes of entertaining the world with it.[1][2]



Full-body view of Yuga.

Yuga is a short young boy with spiky reddish-brown hair with a blonde M-shaped front, and green eyes. He wears a light red short-sleeved hooded jacket with a white lining and a large zipper, a white shirt with yellow crown-shaped patterns, black cargo shorts with a brown belt, dark blue finger-less gloves, and dark blue shoes with white laces, and light-red soles and lining. His hood has a zipper down the middle, which he usually keeps open to have the hood hang down his back in two triangular sections.

A young Yuga.

During his younger years, Yuga wore a pink hoodie with white cuffs and drawstrings, as well as a kangaroo pocket that had thick white bars on either side. He also wore slightly rolled-up blue jeans and pinkish-red sneakers. He wears green-trimmed white athletics clothes while training at the Rush Duel Training Camp.

During his dream of a Dueling robot, Yuga imagines himself wearing a red-and-white jumpsuit with a red helmet and a green visor. After being transferred to Goha 6th Elementary, Yuga wears their uniform; a largely blue tracksuit with a white trim and the character for "6" emblazoned on the back in red. While laboring at the Abandoned Dorm, he also wears a white hard-hat and gloves, a white scarf wrapped around his neck, and black boots.


Yuga loves Dueling and inventing, but finds the Duels that adults play to be rigid and uncool, inspiring him to create Rush Duels. Yuga claims that he wants to take back everyone's smiles from the strict Dueling world that they find themselves in. To this end, Yuga challenges the rules and established standards of Goha City, claiming that his penalties are badges of a challenger, and later states that even if Rush Duels were deleted that he'd never give up on trying to install them.[5] Yuga often expresses a desire to make people smile, similar to Yuya Sakaki. He has a habit of terming his creations "roads", and is often distracted by tinkering around. His love of tinkering and inventing is so potent that his friends believed he would eagerly accept their offer to use their Duel ID cards to create Maximum Monsters, and they are surprised when Yuga initially refuses to avoid erasing their accounts.

Yuga generally remains upbeat and cheerful in most situations. When Dueling the Hologram Man, Yuga is excited to battle the legendary "Blue-Eyes White Dragon", though not to the point that he forgets the danger it presents to him.[5] Despite the nature of the situation, Yuga is also unfailingly polite when dealing with Roa Kirishima's blackmail of his cousin, casually evaluating the situation without a care. He is dismayed however when Mimi Atachi appeared to have lied to him about her interest in Rush Dueling. Yuga is shown to express nervousness at being unable to work his way out of a pinch in a Duel despite the confidence his friends have in him, and is terrified and shocked when Nail Saionji performs a Maximum Summon during their Duel, becoming more and more unnerved as Nail explained his views on providence. His loss to Nail shakes him, though Yuga initially tries to laugh it off as bad luck before receiving a stern rebuke from Roa. He is shown to be a very loyal friend; when Gakuto tries to have Rush Dueling banned at Goha 7th Elementary, Yuga is still eager to have a fun Duel with him despite the situation, and though he deduced that Romin was spying on him he treated her normally. Yuga later went to extreme measures to help Asana Mutsuba understand the benefits of modification due to the rapport they struck despite her intention to crush Rush Dueling. This does have its limits however, as he freely admits that he wouldn't give up the title of King of Duels to Luke.

Yuga doesn't initially have any personal interest in trying to become the King of Duels and hadn't even heard of the legend to become it when Luke told him about it; he instead decides to Duel Otes for a chance to install Rush Dueling, and after succeeding, his focus is on the road that has opened before him. In comparison to Luke, who wants to use Rush Dueling to become the King of Duels, Yuga simply wants people to enjoy them and he encourages both Romin and Gakuto to enjoy Rush Dueling during his matches with them. He modified one of his Roads into the Duel Guitar after seeing Romin enjoy it to encourage her to enjoy music and Rush Dueling together, and gave his notebook to Mimi in the hopes it would allow her to enjoy Rush Dueling more. Even after defeating the Hologram Man, Yuga passes up the chance for the title to Luke and starts tinkering around with Kaizo. However, Yuga is confident in his skills at Rush Dueling due to creating the ruleset. Yuga is also pleased that his actions have inspired other people to create their own Dueling rules and tends to be trusting of people that claim to enjoy them. He even doesn't have any desire to own the format despite inventing it, freely agreeing to wager the rights to Rush Dueling in a Rush Duel with Roa. After the reappearance of Otes and his explanation of his goals however, Yuga develops an interest in the title due to the road it has set him on, though he emphasizes that he does not want the title just because Otes chose him and dislikes the notion that Otes may be manipulating him. Even then, Yuga doesn't mind if other people wish to attain the title themselves, though he does draw the line at Luke asking him to give it to him if Yuga obtained it and Luke didn't. However, he refuses to enter the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal, with his friends believing that he did so to allow them to pursue their dreams.

Yuga is more intelligent and cunning than he lets on despite his fun-loving nature. He remodeled Kaizo in a single night and used it to livestream his Rush Duel with Luke without telling him, aware of the latter's Pauli effect-like power. Yuga was also aware of the Pauli effect, suggesting that despite challenging the established rules and generally being excited to Duel, he pays attention in school. He tricks Romin into accepting a Rush Duel with him by suggesting that she wouldn't be able to defeat him, and was well aware that she was spying on him and quickly deduced that she was doing so under duress from Roa.[6][7] He similarly deduced Mimi Atachi's identity, though he didn't realize she was an adult. He also suggests to the Newspaper Club that Goha Corp could shut them down in an effort to coerce them into changing their article contents.[8] Despite this, Yuga is also quite innocent, as he does not understand the implications of Mimi's Bubble Era monsters nor Luke's congratulations when he asks Romin to come to the Road Laboratory.[9][6]


Yuga is the first protagonist since Yugi Muto to use the personal pronoun boku; all other protagonists have used ore. He speaks casually, but politely, using "kimi" to address most people, but he uses the more casual and dismissive "omae" to address Kaizo and "anata" to address Otes, a more direct addressing.


As with all previous Yu-Gi-Oh! protagonists, Yuga's name contains the character「遊」(Yu). His first name effectively translates to "My Game" and his last name to "Royal Road", tying into his habit of calling his creations "roads" and fulfilling the legend of the one who opened the road to becoming the King of Duels.



Yuga came to love Duel Monsters, but the more he continued Dueling, the more he realized how strict it was. He attended the 666th Goha Dueling Tournament in his youth, disheartened by the strict Duels there, but had an epiphany when he saw Otes Duel in the tournament with "Sevens Road Magician", talking about cutting open a new road and pressing onward. Otes made his way to the finals, but was then disqualified. As he was taken backstage, Otes noticed Yuga and told him to follow the road in his heart, before throwing him the "Sevens Road Magician" card.[10]

Inspired by his meeting with Otes, Yuga came up with Rush Duels, aiming to take back everyone's smiles.[5] He even left room in the code, hoping that people would one day add new rules of their own.[11] However, Yuga found it difficult to install the rules for Rush Dueling into his Duel Disk, accumulating four penalties in his attempts.[5] He also worked to obtain more "Sevens Road" cards to accompany "Sevens Road Magician" in his Deck.[4]

Birth of Rush Duels[edit]

After dreaming about piloting a Duel Robot, Yuga attempted to install Rush Duels into his Duel Disk for the fifth time, with a Goha Corporation Drone alerted by the violation and timing him. Although he came close to installing the rules, he ran out of time once again and was penalized for the fifth time. The next day at Goha 7th Elementary, Yuga told Riku and Katsu about his penalty the next day, attracting the attention of Gakuto Sogetsu, who asked about Yuga's Duel Bicycle and lectured him for opening his Duel Disk. Yuga attempted to explain Rush Dueling to Gakuto, but class started before he could and Gakuto told him to come to the Student Council Room after class. Yuga instead headed home, declining Riku and Katsu's requests to Duel, but ran into Tatsuhisa "Luke" Kamijo, who asked to speak with Yuga. Yuga declined Luke's request at well, but suddenly found his Duel Bicycle wasn't working. Luke then claimed he knew somewhere Yuga could install his new rules, catching Yuga's attention. Luke took Yuga to the Hologram Man's chamber, telling him about the legend of the King of Duels, though Yuga was unfamiliar with it. Luke suggested Yuga's Rush Dueling could properly defeat the Hologram Man where Luke had failed, as the legend spoke of illuminating a new path.[5] Yuga recognized the Hologram Man as a depiction of Otes, but he kept this to himself.[10] Seeing that Luke had used up all six penalties, Yuga decided to bet on his last penalty and he began installing Rush Dueling into his Duel Disk again. Gakuto and a Goha Corporation Drone both arrived, and Romin Kirishima revealed herself. Luke deactivated the Drone as Yuga finished his preparations, though he hadn't installed them properly yet. To Yuga's horror, his Duel Disk's battery began dying, so Gakuto retrieved Yuga's Duel Bicycle to power the Disk. The Drone reactivated, so Romin suggested that Yuga could use Real-Time Duel Programming to finish installing Rush Dueling. Yuga then challenged the Hologram Man to a Rush Duel, and he accepted Yuga's challenge. Although Yuga brought out three monsters on his first turn, the Hologram Man Tribute Summoned "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" and destroyed all of Yuga's monsters, reducing him to 1000 LP. Gakuto and Luke worried that Yuga would lose, but Yuga explained to them that players drew until they held five cards in Rush Dueling, though he still didn't draw the card he needed. He used the effect of "Mystic Dealer" to draw another card, drawing "Sevens Road Magician" at last and Tribute Summoning it. Yuga began powering up "Sevens Road" with his Spell Cards and its effect, successfully filling his Graveyard with all six Attributes and increasing it to 7000 ATK, destroying "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" and defeating the Hologram Man, installing Rush Dueling. The Hologram Man congratulated Yuga, telling him that a new road would open, and Yuga and Luke's penalties were erased, while Luke and Gakuto's Duel Disks transformed into Rush Duel mode as a door opened before them.[5] Yuga realized that the door was a hologram, so he told Luke that he should be the one to take the path; Luke did so and promptly bumped into the Hologram Man's dais. As Luke explained what the King of Duels was, Yuga started tinkering with the Goha Corporation Drone, noting that it was surprisingly easy. Luke asked Yuga to keep Rush Dueling a secret so that the Goha Corporation wouldn't delete it.[12]

Yuga didn't want to abandon his dream to allow everyone to experience Rush Dueling, so he finished modifying the Drone to obey him. He told his friends about Rush Dueling the next day at school, prompting Luke to yank him under a desk to try and impart on Yuga the importance of keeping Rush Dueling a secret, until Romin suggested Yuga and Luke settle their dispute with a Duel. Gakuto warned them that they would only be able to Duel until the end of recess, though Yuga was confident that he would win the Duel in time. Although Luke had asked Yuga to keep Rush Dueling a secret if he lost, Yuga concealed the modified Drone behind Gakuto and had it livestream their match. He started with a bad hand, only being able to Summon "Dark Sorcerer", while Luke Summoned three Dragons and set himself up to wipe out Yuga's LP in one turn with the effects of his "Twin-Edge Dragons", though Yuga was able to survive the turn. During the Duel, Luke explained his skills and powers as the result of a demon possessing him, though Yuga believed the Pauli effect and simple practice to be responsible. Yuga assembled "Windcaster Torna" and "Sevens Road Magician", setting himself up for a win if he excavated a FIRE or LIGHT monster, but he excavated a Spell Card instead, leaving Luke with 100 LP after his attacks. Luke Summoned his own ace monster, "Dragias the Striking Dragon", which Yuga realized possessed a multi-attacking effect. Yuga believed he'd be able to survive the turn with his "Dark Liberation" Trap Card, but Luke destroyed it, then attacked both of Yuga's monsters, winning the Duel. Romin revealed that the Rush Duel was on the net, and Yuga admitted he'd used his modified Drone to livestream the Duel. He explained that he'd never give up trying to let everyone enjoy Rush Dueling, and Luke came to terms with the idea, asking Yuga if he'd let Luke win on purpose, though Yuga refused to answer.[12]

When Yuga was heading to school, Luke stopped his Duel Bicycle and told him that the videos of their Rush Duel had been deleted. Yuga was unconcerned, but Luke worried that Goha Corp were observing them and he began looking into Romin, believing that she was working for Goha. Yuga agreed that Romin was suspicious, so he used one of his Roads to ask if she was hiding anything, though it failed to determine if she was when she asked a question instead of making a statement. Yuga invited Romin to the Road Laboratory, though he was confused by Gakuto and Luke's reactions. Romin agreed to come after Yuga confirmed that he invented Rush Dueling there, and Yuga's Drone greeted them when they arrived. Upon seeing Romin, the Drone asked for her autograph and asked for a name for her to sign it to; Yuga quickly came up with the name "Kaizo". He showed Romin his various Roads, though he admitted Rush Dueling was his best and suggested Romin tried it. Romin initially refused until Yuga implied that she wouldn't be able to win, and as soon as she agreed Yuga lent her his spare Deck for the Duel. Yuga tried being energetic throughout the Duel, but was distracted by Luke struggling with Gakuto. He brought out "Sevens Road Magician" on his first turn and reduced Romin to 1300 LP, prompting Kaizo, who was supporting Romin and insulting Yuga, to tell him to go easy on Romin; Yuga protested that he couldn't, but reassured Romin that she could always make a comeback in a Rush Duel. To Yuga's shock, Romin proceeded to do so with a card Yuga hadn't given to her; "Prima Guitarna of the Colorful Light", who boosted the ATK of all of Romin's monsters and allowed her to destroy Yuga's, reducing him to 600 LP. Yuga was caught completely off-guard and drew a dead hand, but gambled on using "Recovery Force" to shuffle "Sevens Road Magician" back into his Deck and attempt to re-draw it. Yuga succeeded, and he powered-up "Sevens Road Magician" and destroyed "Prima Guitarna", defeating Romin. Luke and Gakuto noted that Yuga could have won without using the "Elemental Road" effect of "Sevens Road", though Yuga claimed that an ace should battle an ace. Romin admitted that she'd enjoyed the Duel, so Yuga took out his tools to reset Kaizo for being rude.[6] Despite Romin's apparent innocence, Yuga still suspected that Romin was spying on him.[7]

Luke suggested making a Rush Dueling promo video, so Yuga rushed off to enlist Gakuto to film the video, though complications arose when Romin refused to sing for it. Yuga asked if Gakuto could sing the anthem, but this proved to be a poor idea due to Gakuto's tone-deafness. Despite their roadblocks, Yuga and Luke were able to produce a good video, which Yuga had Kaizo like several thousand times to boost its profile. He asked Gakuto if they could make time for Rush Dueling, but Gakuto instead announced his intentions to prohibit Rush Dueling. Yuga suggested that they settle the matter with a Duel, though Luke added the condition that Gakuto had to step down if he lost. Gakuto wanted to Duel right away, but they had to wait until after school when Gakuto finished his duties. Gakuto Dueled Yuga with his Sogetsu style, ahving Ranze and Rinnosuke carry out his moves, but only Set a single monster; Yuga subsequently brought out three monsters and swiftly reduced Gakuto to 2000 LP. Gakuto began arguing with Ranze as Yuga laughed in enjoyment at the Duel, prompting Rinnosuke to angrily ask if he was mocking them. Yuga clarified his intentions and stated he wanted to Duel the real Gakuto and urged him to enjoy the match. Gakuto Tribute Summoned his ace monster, "Fiendish Commander Yameruler", and used its effect to prevent them from Tribute Summoning Level 7 or higher monsters, sealing off "Sevens Road Magician" and reducing Yuga to 300 LP. Yuga was able to bypass the effect of "Yameruler" by Special Summoning "Sevens Road" with the effect of "Sevens Road Witch", destroying "Yameruler" and defeating Gakuto. He told Gakuto that he didn't need to step down as Luke had been selfish, but Gakuto stepped down anyway, though he soon regained his position after defeating Luke in the emergency election. Following Gakuto's re-election, Yuga modified Kaizo to stamp Gakuto's paperwork and ease his workload.[13]

Gakuto alerted Yuga and Luke to more Rush Duel videos being deleted, and Yuga noted that the Goha Corp were likely responsible. When they got to school that day, the Newspaper Club interviewed them; Yuga was open to the prospect as an analog medium would be more difficult for Goha Corp to censor. Romin warned Yuga that the Newspaper Club didn't have the best reputation; sure enough, the Newspaper Club published an article decrying Rush Duels as childish and simple. Although disheartened, Yuga was encouraged by the effect physical media seemed to have on the students, so they visited the Newspaper Club's office to have the article changed. The Newspaper Club refused, so Yuga implied that Goha Corp could shut the paper down, starling the club's chief, Bakuro Shinjitsu, into agreeing to Duel over the article's content. Yuga was eager to Rush Duel Bakuro, but Luke asked to Duel instead, so Yuga allowed him to. Before the Duel, Yuga was forced to restrain Kaizo after he began suggesting Romin should wear glasses like Nico did. Luke was pushed into a corner by Bakuro, worrying Gakuto and Romin, though Yuga still believed in Luke's chances to win the Duel. Luke was able to destroy Bakuro's "News Flash Machine Toughroids" and bring out "Dragias", defeating him. Bakuro, who had come to enjoy Rush Dueling, agreed to change the article, and Yuga was pleased to see its positive reception among the other students, though he wasn't happy to see that Luke had requested a photo painting him as lording over him, Gakuto and Romin.[8]

When Yuga arrived at school one morning, Luke showed him the newspaper, asking him to help come up with a name for his new column, but Yuya was horrified to see that the Tahayasty Restaurant was closing down, and he, Gakuto, Romin and Kaizo hurried to the restaurant. The despondent owner explained that he would be closing after making one last bowl of ramen due to competition from the new A.I. Restaurant, so Yuga decided to investigate the competition, though he was refused entry due to being considered a troublemaker, a system that impressed him. Gakuto was refused entry as well, so Yuga disguised Kaizo as a home delivery robot to allow him to infiltrate the Restaurant and learn of its talking points. Yuga suggested giving Tahayasty Restaurant a talking point of its own using various Roads, but all his attempts failed. Menzaburo Oomori then arrived, recognizing Yuga from the Goha 7th Newspaper despite being from Goha 3rd Elementary, and he expressed a desire to create rules of his own; impressing Yuga with how far the newspaper had reached. Menzaburo ordered the last bowl of ramen, unaware of its significance, so Yuga asked if he could have the bowl, as he liked the ramen from the restaurant, but after hearing that Yuga preferred udon, Menzaburo refused to give Yuga the last ramen unless he defeated him in a Rush Duel. Yuga quickly Summoned "Sevens Road Magician" against Menzaburo's "Masked Fiery Noodle" monsters, but Menzaburo reduced its ATK to prevent him from attacking, which the shopkeeper made the last ramen as they Dueled. Menzaburo launched a strong offensive on the next turn with his "Masked Fiery Noodle Jonin Gockboot", but Yuga was able to prevent "Sevens Road" from being destroyed and remain in the Duel. He combined "Sevens Road" with his "Road Magic" cards to reduce Menzaburo's LP and switch "Gockboot" to Defense Position, allowing him to increase the ATK of "Sevens Road" and use "Piercing!" against the 0 DEF "Gockboot" and defeat Menzaburo just as the last ramen was finished. Yuga offered to share it with everyone, but Luke had arrived and ate the ramen himself. Fortunately, the shopkeeper had been inspired by the Duel to continue making ramen, and with Menzaburo's help the restaurant became popular again. Having realized Menzaburo's wish to create his own Dueling rules was sincere, Yuga took him to the Hologram Man's chamber, only to find it empty.[3]

A new student, Mimi Atachi, transferred to Yuga and Romin's class, claiming to love Rush Dueling and that she had learned about Yuga and his friends through the Goha 7th Newspaper. Yuga was eager to befriend Mimi, but Gakuto and Luke were more suspicious as there were no records of Mimi's previous school. Mimi offered the group gifts to get to know them better, though Yuga refused Mimi's offer of cash. He took her to the Road Laboratory, but Mimi answered a call from a phone in her bag and left abruptly. Romin convinced Yuga to wait if Mimi returned to steal his notebook, and to Yuga's dismay, Mimi did indeed return and they caught her taking his notebook. Mimi claimed she had only wanted to know more about Rush Dueling, so Yuga offered to lend her the notebook, telling her she should have simply asked. Mimi abruptly refused to take the notebook, so they decided to settle the matter with a Rush Duel. Yuga brought out "Sevens Road Magician" early and combined it with "Piercing!" to deplete most of the LP Mimi had gained, but Mimi Summoned her ace monster "Dian Keto the Gold-digging Master" and reduced the ATK of "Sevens Road", allowing "Dian Keto" to destroy it, though Yuga was able to destroy Mimi's monsters with "Dark Liberation". He Tribute Summoned "Brave of Dawn, Lydacross" on his next turn, but this allowed Mimi to revive "Dian Keto", so Yuga combined "Lydracross" with "Hilt the Noble Arms Bearer", destroying "Dian Keto" then winning the Duel with direct attacks. As he'd won the Duel, Yuga lent Mimi his notebook, promising that she would love Rush Dueling even more after reading it.[9]

Yuga took Kaizo to investigate the Hologram Man's chamber with Gakuto and Luke, but they found no traces of the Relic that had projected the Hologram Man. As they left the chamber, they searched for a vending machine to help endure the day's heat, finding Romin having emptied one. As they headed for one across the street, they were opposed by Yoshio Atachi, who claimed to have a grudge against Luke and refused to let them near the vending machine unless Luke defeated him in a Rush Duel. Yoshio pushed Luke into a corner with his use of a Field Spell Card, revealing that his grudge stemmed from Luke's advice leading from his mother forbidding him to Rush Duel and threatening not to make his favorite napolitan spaghetti. He reduced Luke to 500 LP and destroyed "Dragias the Striking Dragon", but Luke was able to come back with "Dragonic Slayer" and destroy Yoshio's "Beast Gear World", defeating him. Yoshio expressed admiration over Rush Dueling afterwards and of Yuga after learning he'd created them, though Gakuto pointed out they still needed to convince Yoshio's mother to let him Rush Duel. Yuga offered to help with a Road, but Yoshio declined his offer after Luke asked if this was what he really wanted.[14]

Yuga tested a noise-cancelling Road made from a guitar at a construction site, hoping to cancel out the construction noise with another noise. Some time afterwards, Luke told him about "Gossie", a dinosaur that had apparently been created by the Goha Corporation which had appeared in the city. Eager to go on an adventure to find Gossie, Yuga modified Kaizo to detect an adventurous spirit, which led them to the Tahayasty Restaurant. They met the Goha 2nd Elementary Dueling and Dinosaur Research Club, led by Kan Hakubutsu, who was also looking for Gossie with the help of Hunt Goto and Kaseki Hotta. Kaseki suggested they team up, and Yuga enthusiastically agreed, though their search bore little fruit, despite Kaizo continuing to react. Gakuto eventually suggested that Gossie could be near the Relic, but after Luke and the Dueling & Dinosaur Club went to the bathroom, Luke returned and revealed that the Dueling and Dinosaur Research Club were planning to use Gossie for money. Despite this, Yuga offered to tell them where the Relic was if Kan could defeat him in a Rush Duel. Kan accepted his challenge, beginning by swarming the field with Aqua monsters. Yuga was able to gain an early lead and destroy all of Kan's monsters, but Kan came back with his Dinosaur monsters, Summoning "Super King Rex" and destroying all of Yuga's monsters. Yuga noted that Kan's enthusiasm was genuine and unlike the duplicity he'd shown before, citing Kaizo's detection of Kan's adventurous spirit as proof. Kan agreed, and Hunt suggested they look at the construction site where Gossie had reportedly been spotted. This caused Yuga to realize that "Gossie" was likely a product of his noise-cancelling Road, and he suggested they stop looking for Gossie, as he didn't want to disappoint Kan and his friends, though Luke simply accepted Yuga's wish to stop and teamed up with the Dueling and Dinosaur Research Club. Yuga decided to stop them by winning the Duel, and he brought out "Fullmeteor Impact" to destroy Kan's Dinosaurs. However, Kan was able to protect "Super King Rex" from destruction and increase its ATK to 4000, forcing Yuga to reduce its ATK and increase the ATK of "Sevens Road Magician" high enough to defeat Kan. Despite Yuga's victory, Luke and the Dueling and Dinosaur Research Club still went to the construction site and learned the truth behind Gossie, much to their anger. As they berated Yuga over the confusion he had inadvertently caused, Romin strummed the guitar and blasted them all with the sonic wave as no other sound was being inputted. To make it up to the Dueling and Dinosaur Research Club, Yuga took them to the Hologram Man's chamber, where Hunt sneezed, revealing seven emblems that had been carved into the floor of the chamber.[15] Yuga enlisted the help of Kan, Hunt and Kaseki in examining the emblems, and they overlayed them to create the logo of the Seven Hells Hall, which Yuga theorized would be where the Relic would appear next.[4] Having taken note of Romin's apparent interest in the guitar that made up his noise-cancelling Road, Yuga began to modify it to function as a Duel Disk, terming it the Duel Guitar, while Luke and Gakuto examined photos of the emblems at the Road Laboratory. Luke's suggestion that one of the emblems resembled "Dragias" attracted Yuga's attention, but before they could examine the emblems more closely, Romin told them she was leaving and gave them VIP tickets to the weekend's RoaRomin concert at the Seven Hells Hall, and though he was initially hesitant, Yuga eagerly agreed to come, privately theorizing that the Hologram Man would appear due to the concert taking place on a full moon.[16][4]

Yuga finished the Duel Guitar before the concert and he and Kaizo joined Gakuto and Luke at the Seven Hells Hall, discussing the disused building's age. They met Romin in her dressing room, and Yuga presented the Duel Guitar to Romin, explaining why he'd made it and hoping she could enjoy both music and Rush Dueling with it. Gakuto had also brought Romin flowers, but Luke hadn't bought anything and rushed off to find something despite Romin's protests. He soon screamed in terror, and Yuga, Kaizo and Gakuto left Romin in her dressing room and left to find Luke, finding him sitting in a dark corridor. Luke seemed convinced Romin was in danger, and she had left the dressing room by the time they got back, though the concert began before they could look for Romin. They took their seats, and Mimi, who had come to watch the concert on her own, joined them in the VIP section as RoaRomin's leader and Romin's cousin Roa Kirishima took the stage and announced his intention to Rush Duel Yuga for the rights to Rush Duels and become the King of Duels. Yuga accepted Roa's challenge, as he didn't mind whether or not Rush Dueling belonged to him and saw the event as a publicity boost for the format. Roa suggested they have a three-vs.-three team Duel, so Luke volunteered to Duel first, facing RoaRomin's bassist, Ushiro Omaeno. Ushiro's ghost stories scared Yuga as he Summoned his Zombie monsters, but Yuga soon became distracted by the Duel, as Ushiro's monsters had zero ATK. Ushiro controlled the Duel, steadily depleting Luke's LP and restricting his move while scaring him by shouting his name, and eventually Luke realized that Ushiro was calling his name, not shouting "Behind You!" after Ushiro activated his "Behind You!" Trap. He was able to win by bringing out "Dragias" and "Shocklead Dragon", scoring one win for Yuga's team, though Roa promised the next Duel wouldn't be so easy.[16] Yuga volunteered to Duel, until Gakuto asked to be allowed to Duel. Gakuto's opponent was Romin, who claimed to have been spying on them of her own accord, and Kaizo once again sided with her, much to Yuga's irritation. Kaizo mocked Yuga for not realizing he was being spied on, prompting Yuga to confirm he'd been aware of Romin's duplicity and warn Roa not to blackmail Romin. Romin protested that she was acting of her own accord, though Yuga was more interested that Romin was using the Duel Guitar. Gakuto swiftly gained an early lead over Romin with "Fiendish Commander Yameruler", but Yuga noticed that Romin seemed hungry and tried to encourage her to eat the chocolate bar hidden in the Duel Guitar, though she was unable to hear him over her guitar playing. Menzaburo and his friends Nick Yagi and Sushiko Maki then arrived to cater for the event, and the abundance of food caused Romin to snap and Duel in a frenzied hunger. Yuga once again tried to get Romin to open the Duel Guitar's compartment, but she didn't hear him in her hunger and she defeated Gakuto, releasing the chocolate bar in her celebrations and catching it in her mouth. Romin returned to normal after eating the bar, and Yuga explained the guitar's function to her and asked what secret Roa was holding over her. Romin protested that it was nothing, as she couldn't tell him since it was a secret, confirming Yuga's suspicions that Romin was being blackmailed. Roa then declared that he and Yuga would Duel next.[7]

Before the Duel, Menzaburo and his friends apologized to Yuga for their role in Gakuto's defeat, though Yuga and Gakuto both reassured them that Roa wouldn't have taken two defeats lying down. Romin tried to warn Yuga that he couldn't win his Duel with Roa, though Yuga was confident that they wouldn't know until the Rush Duel ended. After Roa theatrically introduced them to the audience, they began their Duel, though Roa Set all the cards in his hand on his first turn and commented that Yuga didn't understand he couldn't win. Yuga replied that Roa was the one who didn't understand, asking what was so great about owning Rush Duels. On his turn, Yuga Summoned "Lydacross" and combined it with "Hilt" and "Hydro Magician" as he had against Mimi, something Luke praised as serious, though Roa claimed Yuga wasn't being serious if he didn't bring out "Sevens Road Magician". Yuga destroyed Roa's Set monsters and damaged his LP, though Roa was able to blunt the damage and force Yuga to draw a card with his "King's Management" Trap, asking if he'd drawn "Sevens Road". Yuga noted Roa's interest in his ace monster, and Roa asked where he'd got it, so Yuga recounted the tale of how he'd met Otes (whose image Roa had projected on the screen, informing his friends that Yuga had met him in the past). Roa emphasized that Otes had been disqualified and suggested that it had been due to "Sevens Road Magician" being an illegal card. One of the Tops of Hexagon then arrived and asked if Roa was sure if "Sevens Road" was illegal, though she was able to find any information on the card. Roa explained that if Yuga drew "Sevens Road Magician" he would lose, shocking Yuga for the first time. Though his friends began to doubt him, Luke rallied them to search for information on "Sevens Road Magician" and encouraged Yuga to keep Dueling. Roa then began using hand destruction techniques to force Yuga to draw more cards and amplify his chances of drawing "Sevens Road Magician" on his next turn, and he succeeded in doing so.[10]

As Yuga was about to be disqualified, the Relic emerged from the ground as Yuga had hoped it would. As the Dueling and Dinosaur Research Club began examining the Relic, Yuga explained to his friends that he had theorized it would appear at the Hall, and his deductions were praised by the Hologram Man, who materialized from the Relic and confirmed that he was Otes. Yoshio then arrived with the Newspaper Club at Luke's request, and they played news footage of Otes's disqualification that clarified Otes had been disqualified for being a Goha employee; Otes himself confirmed that he had created "Sevens Road Magician" as an employee of Goha Corp and that it was a legal card, much to Yuga's joy. Roa was revealed to have been obstructing information on "Sevens Road Magician" on the web, and Romin noticed Roa in the footage of the 666th Goha Dueling Tournament, causing Yuga to realize that Roa's true goal had been to talk to Otes as well. Roa asked Otes why he hadn't been chosen to be King of Duels despite being at the tournament, though Luke claimed Roa's underhanded tactics disqualified him. Despite this, Yuga stated that Roa could still be the King and asked Otes if they could bet the title on the Rush Duel. Otes accepted Yuga's idea, but warned him that losing would prevent him from becoming the King of Duels. Continuing the Duel, Yuga Tribute Summoned "Sevens Road Witch" and used her effect to Special Summon "Sevens Road Magician", which unleashed the full power of its "Elemental Road" effect, though Roa negated its attack. Despite the setback, Yuga was pleased, as he felt the Rush Duel wouldn't have been as interesting if he'd won then. On his next turn, Roa reduced the ATK of "Sevens Road Magician" and Tribute Summoned his own ace, "Royal Demon's Heavymetal", destroying "Sevens Road Witch" and absorbing her ATK and attacking "Sevens Road Magician", though Yuga was able to stay in the Duel with "Curtain of Sparks". On his next turn, Yuga drew "Sevens Road Mage" and was able to return "Sevens Road Magician" to his field, though Roa prevented "Sevens Road Magician" from using its special ability. Yuga took advantage of the high number of monsters Roa had sent to his Graveyard to lower the ATK of "Heavymetal", allowing him to defeat Roa. After the Duel, Yuga thanked Roa for the match, stating that it was the most exciting Duel he'd had. Roa agreed to Duel Yuga again at some point, and asked the crowd to congratulate him. The Relic then vanished into the ground before Goha could capture it, Otes telling Yuga that he had only taken his first steps to becoming the King of Duels. Yuga admitted that he hadn't been interested in the title before, but he was now as his road had set him on it. As Otes vanished, he told Yuga to look for the key to a new world. Later at the Road Laboratory, Luke and Gakuto were pressing Romin for the secret Roa had been holding over her, which Yuga had already deduced to be that she was tone-deaf, much to Romin's embarrassment.[4]


Romin and Gakuto came to Yuga for advice on how to get Luke to accept Romin's apology for spying on them while Yuga was working on a modification for the Duel Bicycle. Yuga wasn't surprised to hear Luke was being stubborn and suggested cooking something for him to apologize. He connected Kaizo to the Duel Bicycle and had Kaizo search Luke's favorite food, which was discovered to be curry rice, but after Romin thanked Kaizo it drove away in excitement with Yuga frantically running after it. He found Kaizo in Robot Mode Dueling against three Goha Corporation Drones combined into TO-3 mode and watched the Duel quietly. Kaizo eventually won the Duel, but then transformed back into the Duel Bicycle and remained unresponsive until Yuga suggested they check on Romin and flew off, leaving the drained Duel Bicycle behind. As they went to Roa Kirishima's apartment, where Romin was doing her cooking, they ran into Luke on the way, who asked if Yuga wanted to Duel. Yuga instead took the opportunity to take Luke to the apartment to get him to taste Romin's cooking, though Luke was not happy to see Romin and tried to leave until he smelled Romin's cooking. Yuga was quite surprised to see the curry Romin had made was blue, but Luke seemed to enjoy it and Yuga eventually tried some as well, admitting that it was unusual, but tasted nice. After Luke dubbed it "Dragias Curry", Romin added more spices to the curry, but this resulted in the entire apartment becoming filled with blue curry.[17]

As Yuga was rebuilding his Deck at school after almost being late one day, Kaizo came to him, Luke, Romin and Gakuto with news of the Relic's next location. Kaizo took them to the harbor, claiming the Relic would appear on an island, and they boarded a ship that was heading there. To their shock, the ship's captain, Nanami Maguro, informed them that they were on the Goha Fishing Elementary and would not return for a month. The Duel Bicycle was then fished out of one of Maguro's nets in Robot Mode, much to Yuga's surprise, and he admitted it was one of his Roads, but this made Maguro think Yuga had thrown it into the ocean and he challenged Yuga to a Rush Duel. Maguro gained a field advantage with his "Big Ocean" Field Spell, which reduced the ATK of all non-WATER monsters, so Yuga tried to counter him with his own WATER monster, "Hydro Magician". However, Maguro countered him with "Killer Bite Ball", and retrieved the Trap Card from his Graveyard on his next turn while Setting another, and Tribute Summoned his ace monster "Hydrocannon Big Magurom", launching an attack that would wipe Yuga out. Fortunately, Yuga was able to increase his LP enough to survive the attacks, but he was still worried that he wouldn't be able to win despite his friends' support. He Tribute Summoned "Lightning Bolcondor" on his next turn and used its effect to reduce the ATK of Maguro's monsters low enough to destroy them and wipe Maguro out. After the Duel, Maguro warmly congratulated Yuga on his victory despite the disadvantage he faced and he admitted he didn't believe Yuga capable of pollution. Yuga explained he wasn't sure why the Duel Bicycle was in the ocean and he examined a memory fragment in it, learning that Kaizo's data had been stolen, with only a fragment remaining in the Duel Bicycle, while a fake had been inserted in Kaizo's body. Realizing that must have happened when he found Kaizo Dueling the Drones. Maguro then confirmed the island the Relic was supposed to appear on did not exist, and the fake Kaizo then left as it had been discovered, returning to Goha City. Fortunately, Yuga had placed a transmitter in Kaizo earlier due to him running off all the time, and Maguro gave them a lift back to the shore on a speedboat, a ride Yuga didn't have the stomach for.[18]

Once they were back on shore, Yuga took the Duel Bicycle with him on a trolley and tracked Kaizo's body through the city on his phone, eventually arriving at the A.I. Restaurant.[18] Although Gakuto was worried they wouldn't be able to get in, Luke spotted Mimi entering the restaurant and asked for her help to get in. As he couldn't bring the Duel Bicycle into the restaurant, Yuga transferred the remains of Kaizo's data into the seat and brought it with him, thanking Mimi for her help. After Mimi went to the bathroom, Luke consumed dozens of plates of food, resulting in a bill of 666,666 yen due to the special 66 yen price expiring, and he and Romin argued over whose fault it was before Luke ran off. Unable to pay the bill, Yuga, Romin and Gakuto were put to work washing dishes under Arata Arai, but Romin accidentally broke a stack of plates, adding even more to their fee. Arai offered to forget about the bill if they could defeat him in a Rush Duel, which he called a stain on Dueling, so Romin accepted his challenge under the condition that she would have to wash dishes for the rest of her life if she lost. Although Romin quickly brought out "Prima Guitarna of the Colorful Light", Arai was able to weaken it by continually re-using his "White Foam - Bleach Motor" Spell, which Yuga deduced to be due to cheating with a function of his Duel Disk. He accused Arai of cheating, but Arai denied it until Luke revealed he and Mimi had been watching the Duel and Luke used his Pauli effect power to deactivate the cheating function, allowing Romin to survive the turn. As Luke gloated over saving Romin, she went into a rage and defeated Arai; Yuga realized that frustration could also set Romin off and this time it had been due to wanting to cry happily over Luke saving her. Yuga then heard Arai confess he'd seen Kaizo's body fly through a door in the hallway, which Yuga was able to unlock with his Duel Disk.[19]

Once they entered, they were greeted by Nail Saionji.[19] Nail explained that he oversaw Goha Duels and had the data of Kaizo, which he would return if they could defeat the Duelists in the Garden of Providence, though their Duel accounts would be deleted if they lost six times. Before Nail left, Yuga asked if any of his other Duelists would cheat as Arai had and if Nail couldn't just delete the accounts of anyone who Rush Dueled; Nail replied that was not his providence and commented that Yuga was as expected of someone that Otes had chosen. Yuga and his friends quickly found the first Duelist, Schrödinger Nekoyama, and though Yuga was eager to Duel him, Luke asked to be allowed to Duel, so Yuga agreed. However, despite Luke Summoning two high-Level Dragons on his first turn, Nekoyama's "Lost Cat" Trap forced Luke to guess the card type of the top card of his Deck to make his attack succeed, and the notion stressed Luke out considerably. Nekoyama further added to Luke's worries with his Schrödinger's cat philosophy, which Yuga recognized. After Luke was reduced to 100 LP, Gakuto asked Luke if he was worried over whether Yuga would give him the title of King of Duels and encouraged him to ask Yuga himself. Yuga confirmed that even though Luke was his friend, he wouldn't give him the title of King of Duels, though he encouraged Luke to try attain it himself. Emboldened by this and vowing to take his own "daor", Luke used "Bunker Strike the Thrustriking Dragon" to confirm the top cards of his Deck and allow his attacks to go through, but after "Dragias the Striking Dragon" reduced Nekoyama to 100 LP he activated "Lost Cat" anyway. Although Luke had forgotten the order he'd returned his cards in, he was able to guess correctly and defeat Nekoyama, who was dropped down a trapdoor by Nail for losing. Nail then returned Yuga and his friends to the surface, telling them to return the next day, though Yuga believed they would still come out on top.[20]

Yuga tinkered with Kaizo the next day, confirming to Romin that he wouldn't even be able to return Kaizo to a normal Drone without his original data, though he entertained the idea of creating another Kaizo, much to the displeasure of the original. Yuga then took Luke, Romin and Gakuto to the Hologram Man's chamber to search for clues to the "key" that Otes had mentioned, though Romin had to leave. As Yuga and Gakuto discussed whether Otes and Nail had a connection, a trapdoor opened beneath them and dropped them into the Garden of Providence where Luke had Dueled Nekoyama. Nail appeared to them over hologram, confirming that they were continuing from where they had left off. Yuga asked Nail if the "key" was in the Garden, though Nail had no knowledge of the "key" despite Luke's belief he was lying. Yuga deduced that Nail's haven was likely under the Goha Corporation Main Office (despite Luke's intuition pointing him the other way) and he and Gakuto led the way following Gakuto's GPS. They eventually encountered Getta Taira, RoaRomin's drummer, and Romin and Roa arrived, having also been brought to the Garden, and Getta explained he had left RoaRomin and joined Nail due to Roa mistreating him. Yuga was eager to Duel Getta, but Roa decided to Duel Getta instead. Yuga was impressed by both Duelists' strategies and flair, and he watched as Getta pushed Roa into a corner. Roa then sang a song to Getta about how he was his friend, before defeating him with "Royal Demon's Invasion". After Getta's loss Nail dropped him down a trapdoor as he had Nekoyama, but Roa tried to save his friend, claiming he was hopeless without him. Romin then revealed to Yuga, Luke and Gakuto that Roa had wanted to ask Yuga to make a high-performance drumming robot, a fact that Luke blurted out despite their efforts to stop him and that caused Getta to refuse Roa's help and swear revenge. After they were returned to the surface, Roa departed, and Yuga asked if he still wanted him to make the drumming robot. Roa amended his request to a drum-shaped Duel Disk, though he denied waiting for Getta to return.[21] That night Yuga dreamed of the Dueling robot again when it came to help him open the door to a new world that Otes had mentioned, and he decided that was the key Otes had asked him to find, waking up and beginning work on the blueprints immediately, though he tripped over the charging Kaizo.[22]

Yuga named his concept the "Super Rush Robot", and he told Luke, Romin and Gakuto about it the next day. Romin suggested Yuga needed to dispose of some of his useless Roads, though Yuga denied that any of them were useless, including Kaizo, who he intended to use as the cooling system in the robot's crotch, much to Kaizo's displeasure. Kaizo hopped out of the Road Laboratory in a huff, and when Yuga and the others followed him out, they found four Comforting Harmonious Massage Chairs that Luke quickly convinced them to try. However, as soon as they did they were taken into the Garden of Providence, where Yuga was challenged to a Rush Duel by Sebastian, the A.I. that operated Nail's massage chair. Sebastian vowed to put Yuga in his rightful place, while Yuga was impressed by Sebastian's Robot Mode. Sebastian only Summoned three 0 ATK monsters on his first turn, and though Yuga brought out enough monsters to defeat him, Sebastian destroyed all of their monsters and forced them to discard cards from their Deck with "Collapse Chair". Sebastian lectured Yuga on the importance of chairs and the worth of humans that sat on them, denouncing Yuga as only worthy of sitting on a bicycle seat like the one Kaizo was contained in, combining "Throne of Darkness" and "Dayu the Dark King of Chairs" to raise the ATK of the latter to 4000. Yuga was able to survive the attack with "Curtain of Sparks", and he brought out "Sevens Road Magician" on his next turn. Angered at being unable to finish Yuga off, Sebastian returned "Sevens Road Magician" to Yuga's hand with "Power of Throne" and hid it in Kaizo, then hid the rest of the cards in Yuga's hand in duplicates of Kaizo, challenging him to pick Kaizo out from the copies to Special Summon "Sevens Road Magician" back to his field. He revealed that he had been the one who stole Kaizo's data and taunted Yuga over the fear Kaizo had felt when he did, much to Yuga's anger. Yuga's friends insisted Kaizo wasn't useless, and Yuga declared that he'd be able to find his own Road, successfully picking him out of the copies and returning "Sevens Road Magician" to his field. He defeated Sebastian, who began to repeat himself as Yuga and the others were returned to the surface. Afterwards Yuga moved Kaizo in his designs of the Super Rush Robot, but to the robot's posterior as a deodorizer, much to Kaizo's dismay.[22]

Yoshio asked Luke for advice at school one day, but after he did, they were all dropped into the Garden of Providence to Duel Number Six, the Goha executive who had appeared during Yuga's Duel with Roa. Yuga was eager to Duel her, but lost the game of Rock-paper-scissors they played to decide to Yoshio, who had fallen into the Garden with them. By this point, Yuga had suspected that Number Six was really Mimi, and his suspicions were confirmed when she used Mimi's Bubble Era monsters to gain LP on her first turn, something Romin and Gakuto also noticed, though Luke remained oblivious. Although Yoshio was unable to make use of his Field Spell as he had against Luke, he was able to destroy all of Mimi's monsters and inflict significant damage, Mimi brought out "Dian Keto the Gold-digging Master" on her next turn and destroyed all of Yoshio's monsters, reducing him to 100 LP and urging him to surrender. Yoshio refused to do so, as he wanted to find his dreams in the Duel, and he dreamed to be as strong as his mother, who still had big dreams even as an adult. He defeated Mimi with "King Convoy Ligeon, Conqueror of the Beast Gear World", but passed out after his victory and Number Six caught him as her helmet shattered, revealing that she was indeed Mimi, though Yuga had not expected that she was also Yoshio's mother. They were all then penalized, which Nail explained was due to the system recognizing her as one of Yuga's friends. After they returned to the surface, Mimi asked them not to divulge her identity to Yoshio and admitted that she had been happy to be called Yuga's friend, though she would still oppose them as a Goha employee.[23] Yuga explained the situation to Yoshio at school the next day, while keeping Mimi's identity secret from her son.[24]

After school, Yuga called all his friends who had also been penalized by Mimi's loss to the Road Laboratory so he could explain what had happened. To his joy, everyone volunteered to help him, but he, Luke and Gakuto were then dropped into the Garden of Providence again, with Romin and Menzaburo also falling in with them. They encountered "Advisor M", who Yuga realized was Mimi, and she told them that Nail's haven was in the Gate of Providence. After three hours of fruitless searching, Menzaburo found the Space House ramen shop ran by Noodle Sorako, who claimed to be an alien. After Sorako served them ramen, she challenged them to a Duel, which Menzaburo accepted. Menzaburo gained an early lead, but the damage she took caused Sorako to reveal that her ship was powered by her LP, much to Yuga's shock. Sorako pushed Menzaburo into a corner, and Gakuto and Luke realized he was worrying over something. Menzaburo blurted out that he couldn't decide whether to win the Duel, or spare Sorako and travel outer space with her in search of ramen. Yuga admitted he would chose outer space, but it was Menzaburo's decision to make and his road to take. Reinvigorated by his new road, Menzaburo defeated Sorako, who bid them goodbye before being retrieved by her mothership. Yuga was unfazed by the revelation that Sorako may have been an alien after all, and suggested they continue looking for the Gate of Providence.[24]

Luke decided to treat his friends to a meal at the A.I. Restaurant using the coupons Mimi had given him, though his power caused some difficulties around the restaurant. While they were eating, Yuga asked Luke about his wristwatch, as he had been thinking about Luke's power and how he'd never stopped his Duel Disk from working when he Dueled. As Luke gave Yuga the wristwatch, a waiter Drone splashed water on Luke and took him away to clean him up. After Luke had been gone for a while, the holograms in their VIP room began to break down, and their screens showed Luke Rush Dueling Arai, who was cheating again and forcing Luke to draw cards. Romin and Gakuto believed Luke would be fine, as he could use his power to stop Arai's cheating, but Yuga explained he believed the power was connected to his wristwatch. After Yuga and Gakuto failed to get the door open themselves, Yuga was able to use Kaizo to lever the door open and they managed to get to the dishwashing room as Arai prepared to Deck out Luke. Yuga tried to invoke the power of Luke's watch, but he, Romin and Gakuto were all unable to, so Luke decided to defeat Arai with skill instead, and he was able to stop Arai's combo with a Trap Card, then defeat him on his next turn with three of his ace monsters. After the Duel, Yuga tricked Arai into revealing where the Gate of Providence was and Luke used his power to open the reinforced door, causing Yuga to note that only Luke seemed to be able to use the watch on command. Arai was dropped down a trapdoor by Nail, and Yuga and his friends headed to the Gate of Providence.[25]

When they reached the Gate, all of them expected to face a challenge, but to Yuga's surprise the Gate contained a street of shops staffed by Drones, selling products branded with Nail's philosophy of providence. Gakuto suggested they use the shops to learn more about Nail, a sentiment the Drones encouraged, so Yuga began asking around at the shops, only to have difficulty with the strange definitions and products the Drones had, including a blank fortune that a Drone told Yuga represented the destiny he had to make for himself. After briefly seeing himself with his "Sevens Road" monsters and "Blue-Eyes White Dragon", Yuga believed he had gained some understanding of Nail's providence and Nail himself despite his friends' confusion over the subject and he became even more eager to Rush Duel Nail. They entered Nail's haven to find it in ruins, though this was quickly revealed to be Solid Vision as Nail and Sebastian came out to meet them. Leaving Kaizo with Romin, Yuga admitted he had come to understand Nail's providence and wanted to Rush Duel him, though to his surprise Nail claimed they wouldn't be able to have that Duel, as Yuga had no chance of winning. Nail started simply with his "Femtron" and two Set cards, which Yuga tried to destroy with "Wave Crest Madoor", though Nail used "Trap Hole" to save his other Trap. Yuga Tribute Summoned "Sevens Road Magician" and increased its ATK significantly, inflicting severe damage to Nail, though he simply used his other Trap, "Quantum Hole", to draw more cards. Nail claimed that everything was under they sway of all creation, and that this was providence, continually Summoning monsters and cycling through his cards. He told Yuga that providence created everything in the universe, shocking Yuga, and proceeded to perform a Maximum Summon to bring out "Yggdrago the Heavenly Emperor Dragon Tree‎‎‎‎", terrifying Yuga. "Yggdrago" destroyed "Sevens Road Magician" and defeated Yuga in one attack, bringing him to his knees.[26] Nail explained that he had installed Maximum Summoning by using the code gap that Yuga had left in the code of Rush Dueling and sent them back to the surface, leaving them all with two penalties.[11]

Although his friends promised to help him find a way to defeat Maximum Summoning, Yuga left Kaizo and his phone at the Road Laboratory and went walking through the city. He found himself at Roa's apartment, and Romin called Roa looking for Yuga, so Yuga asked Roa to conceal his presence. Roa agreed to, and he asked Yuga to tell him about Maximum Summoning, having learned that Nail used it to defeat him. Yuga explained about the code gap he'd left, having intended for more fun rules to be added, and Roa suggested he was frustrated at having the opportunity stolen. Roa derided the man who had been chosen by Otes losing his resolve over a single loss, and despite Yuga trying to laugh it off as bad luck, Roa grabbed Yuga by the collar and angrily asked if this was all his desire to become King of Duels amounted to. Soon afterwards both of them were penalized three more times, and Yuga worried that his friends were in trouble a rushed back to the Road Laboratory, apologizing to Roa as he left. Yuga found Luke, Gakuto and Romin at the Road Laboratory and apologized to them, but was shocked to learn they had all Dueled and defeated Otes to find a way to defeat Maximum, causing the penalties. They asked Yuga to accept their feelings of resolve and encouraged him to win, and Yuga agreed.[11] To Yuga's shock, his friends suggested he install Maximum Summoning himself to combat Nail's, and they offered their own Duel ID cards to him to rewrite them into Maximum Monsters. Yuga refused, as he didn't want to erase his friends' accounts, something they found amusing as they had assumed Yuga would eagerly agree to their proposition. Luke reassured Yuga that protecting Rush Dueling was more important, even more than his own dream of becoming the King of Duels, and he told Yuga that he wanted to see what lay beyond his road. Convinced by his friends' wishes, Yuga hacked into their Duel Disks and Romin's Duel Guitar to enable voice command mode, allowing them to eject the cards once Gakuto took out the Goha Corporation Drone that tried to penalize them. Yuga added his friends' ID cards to his Deck, planning to rewrite them during his next Duel using Real-Time Rush Duel Programming.[27]

Yuga took his friends and Kaizo to the Goha Duel Museum as he had always wanted to go, something Gakuto suggested was in case he lost to Nail again. As they visited the Duel History exhibit, Nail approached them, admitting he hadn't expected to see them here. After Nail made some disparaging remarks about Luke and told them to enjoy the Duel Museum while they could, Yuga challenged Nail to a Duel, revealing his five penalties and warning Nail that they didn't intend to let him end Rush Dueling. Nail accepted Yuga's challenge, declaring that this would be the last Rush Duel. Wary of Nail's "Yggdrago", Yuga played defensively with "Bascule the Moving Fortress" and prepared "Magiquartet Shock" to destroy "Yggdrago" when Nail Summoned it. Nail told Yuga that his roads and Rush Dueling were insignificant compared to providence, and he quickly amassed the cards he needed to Maximum Summon "Yggdrago", taking them to the roof of the Goha Main Office to continue the Duel. Yuga attempted to destroy "Yggdrago" with "Magiquartet Shock", but "Yggdrago" proved to be immune to his Trap and Nail explained that a Maximum Monster was three monsters combined as one, with three effects as a result. Nail used the second effect of "Yggdrago" to destroy "Bascule" as he had "Sevens Road Magician" in their last Duel, and switched Yuga's "Stray Familiar" into Attack Position with the final effect of "Yggdrago", though Yuga was able to survive unscathed with his "Trick Guard". Though he had survived the turn, Yuga knew that conventional means wouldn't be enough for him to defeat Nail and he had no choice but to use his own Maximum. To his relief, he drew his friends' three Duel ID cards on his next turn, and they were rewritten into his Maximum Monsters. Showing the cards to Nail, Yuga explained how his friends had entrusted their accounts to him, but then his Real-Time Rush Duel Programming began to take a toll on his Duel Disk. Kaizo then leapt out of Romin's arms and indicated that Yuga should use him to complete his installation. Yuga was initially reluctant, as doing so would erase Kaizo, but after Kaizo hit him over the head and indicated Nail, Yuga remembered that winning the Duel would return Kaizo's original data, Yuga connected him to his Duel Disk, stabilizing the installation. Yuga's friends then joined him in Maximum Summoning his new Maximum Monster, "Super Magitek Deity Magnum Over Road".[27]

Although Yuga used the first effect of "Magnum Over Road" to increase its ATK higher than that of "Yggdrago", Nail used "Absurd Discharge" to protect "Yggdrago" and damage Yuga as well, though it failed to destroy "Magnum Over Road" due to its own Trap immunity. Yuga made use of the unique properties of his Maximum Monster to negate the attack of "Yggdrago" on his next turn by returning it to his hand to activate "Emergency Return", but before he could Maximum Summon it again, Nail returned his hand to his Deck using his "Paradigm Shift" Trap, forcing Yuga to oppose Nail without his Maximum. Yuga combined "Sevens Road Magician" with "Sevens Road Witch" and "Road Magic - Diastrophism" in an attempt to destroy "Yggdrago" and defeat Nail, but Nail was once again able to prevent "Yggdrago" from being destroyed and restore his LP to 4000, much to Yuga's frustration. Nail destroyed "Sevens Road Magician" on his next turn with the effect of "Yggdrago" and attacked "Sevens Road Witch", but Yuga was able to use "Magical Switch" to have "Sevens Road Magician" take the attack instead, allowing him to survive with 100 LP. To Yuga's surprise, Sebastian then reported that their Duel had caused many of the elementary students in Goha City to declare their support of Yuga and become penalized as he was, inspiring Yuga to win the Duel for them. As he hadn't drawn his Maximum again, Yuga resorted to using several effects to draw cards, and despite Nail destroying his "Necmaid Nana", Yuga was able to draw the final Maximum Monster with "Silent Learning" after seeing Nail's Set "Pair Annihilation". To his shock, Nail used another "Paradigm Shift" to return his Maximum cards to his Deck again, and Yuga only redrew one of them. Yuga then heard Luke's voice from within the card that had been sourced from his Duel ID, telling him that they were with him. Declaring that his Maximum represented his three closest friends, Yuga used "Kuribottriple" to draw two more cards, and he drew his other two Maximum Monsters, allowing him to finally Maximum Summon "Super Magitek Deity Magnum Over Road" again. As he used its ability to increase its ATK again, Nail reminded Yuga that he'd seen his "Pair Annihilation", which he could use to end the Duel in a DRAW and still penalize Yuga, but Yuga revealed the final ability of "Magnum Over Road", increasing its ATK by the difference in their LP and allowing it to destroy "Yggdrago" and defeat Nail.[28]

As he had agreed, Nail returned Kaizo's body and data to Yuga, though Kaizo had no memory of the time it had spent in the Duel Bicycle. Nail also revealed that he had been Dueling under the same conditions as Yuga, and his account had been terminated with his loss. He told Yuga that his Rush Duels had immense potential and thanked him for opening the door to a new world. As he did so, Yuga's Maximum Monsters faded, restoring Luke, Romin and Gakuto's ID cards.[28]

Goha 6th Elementary[edit]

Yuga went to school early one day, going to the roof to remember his Duel with Nail. Romin and Gakuto came to see Yuga, and he thanked them for helping him win. Kaizo then arrived, crying that something bad had happened. To Yuga's surprise, Luke had turned the Student Council Room into a clubroom for his new Luke Club and he dubbed Yuga the first member, but Yuga declined Luke's invitation to join, as clubs weren't something he participated in. Throughout the day, Yuga saw Luke trying to recruit members for his Club, including when he passionately defended Rush Dueling to the sports players. After school, Yuga, Romin, and Gakuto eavesdropped on Luke through the door and listened to him laughing. They found him Dueling himself, and Yuga was intrigued by the "Miragias the Fantastriking Dragon" card that Luke was holding. Having seen Luke's passion, they agreed to join his Club (which Gakuto renamed to the Rush Duel Club), with Yuga challenging Luke to a Rush Duel.[29]

Luke received an invitation to the Rush Duel Tournament, so he entered the Rush Duel Club in the tournament and decided they should have a Rush Duel Training Camp to prepare for the tournament. As a club required an advisor to go to a training camp, Nail sent Sebastian to be their advisor, though Yuga had to keep the peace between him and Kaizo. After meeting with Menzaburo, Sushiko, Nick, the Dueling and Dinosaur Research Club and the Dueling Insects Club at the campgrounds, Yuga was quickly subjected to Luke's training, though he questioned Luke's logic of letting Romin break early to awaken her rage. When Luke had them chase chickens to keep them quick on their feet, Yuga chased one into the forest, catching it when he met a girl with a digger that had broken down. Impressed by the digger, Yuga managed to fix the loose circuit that had crippled it, much to the girl's joy. She introduced herself as Asana Mutsuba and her digger as R6, and Yuga asked if he could ride R6. Asana agreed to let Yuga ride it, and she taught him how to ride R6, riding with him until the evening. Yuga introduced himself and challenged Asana to a Duel after she revealed she knew who he was, but Asana was called away and she bid him farewell. Yuga told Luke, Gakuto and the Dueling and Dinosaur Research Club about Asana at the cabin, and Kan revealed that she was likely from Goha 6th Elementary's Heavy Cavalry Duel Club, who they had clashed with over their dig sites, though Yuga didn't believe Asana would do that. They were interrupted by Romin and Sushiko arguing over the television remote, so Yuga suggested they settle the matter with a Rush Duel. Sushiko's sushi Deck initially caused Romin some trouble, but she eventually awakened and made a comeback, but returned to normal after Luke turned on an advertisement for Itamae's Case Files, the show Sushiko wanted to watch, which was guest-starring Princess G, the guitarist who had given Romin her "Prima Guitarna of the Colorful Light" card. To Yuga's shock, Sushiko defeated Romin, though they held little bad blood between them and Nick came in with dinner for all of them after the Duel.[30] On the third day at the camp, after everyone else had left, Yuga, Luke, Romin, and Gakuto were stranded at the cabin due to a massive trench that had been dug around it, and they were out of food due to Luke eating it all the previous night. Yuga tried testing the depth of the trench by dropping Kaizo into it, much to the Drone's displeasure, and he also sent Kaizo to get help from Sebastian and the manager. Gakuto also pointed out that Ranze and Rinnosuke were on their way as well, but neither Kaizo nor the twins came to the cabin. They were finally rescued that evening by Galient Tazaki from the Heavy Cavalry Club, and afterwards they went to find Kaizo for failing to come back for them.[31]

After the training camp, Gakuto showed Yuga and Romin a postcard from Ranze and Rinnosuke, who were apparently on holiday at the hot springs, though Yuga was skeptical given the altered image and also noticed that it had been sent from Goha 6th Elementary.[32][33] Luke then arrived with their entry form for the Rush Duel Tournament, but when they examined they realized it read "Trumpet Duet Tournament" instead. As his friends argued over the predicament they'd found themselves in, Yuga noticed that the Tournament would be held at the old Goha 6th Elementary campus and suggested that the Rush Duel Club compete after all, a sentiment Gakuto and Sebastian agreed with given the club had already submitted an entry notice. They decided to ask the Concert Band Club for help despite Luke's misgivings, only to find themselves attacked by the club members before the club president, Luke's sister Tiger, returned. After they explained the situation to Tiger, she agreed to help them if they could defeat her, offering them several martial arts weapons. Yuga instead chose his Duel Disk, challenging Tiger to a Rush Duel, and she accepted despite Luke's warning that Tiger had defeated him in their youth. Tiger took the first turn, and Yuga was impressed by her efficient strategy that managed to get three high-Level "Trumpetonfa the Stabbing Music Maidens" on the field in one turn; Tiger herself claimed that breath was the core of all martial arts, which was why she had come to the Concert Band Club. Yuga opposed Tiger with "Sevens Road Magician", setting up "Curtain of Sparks" to defend him on his next turn, but almost lost the Duel when Tiger tried to lower the ATK of "Sevens Road Magician" drastically with the effect of her "Nunchuclarinet the Whirling Music Maiden", though fortunately she was unable to excavate the right card to trigger it. Tiger's ace monster, "Ensemble Fighter the Heavy Music Oni" prevented Yuga from using his Trap, allowing her to destroy "Sevens Road Magician" and drastically reduce his LP. Tiger asked Yuga what he sought at the conclusion of his road, and Yuga told her that it was smiles (despite Luke's belief that it was the title of King of Duels. Yuga was able to make a comeback with "Seis the Mighty King of Bestial Wings", reducing the ATK of "Ensemble Fighter" low enough for him to defeat Tiger. After the Duel, Tiger explained that she had seen his Rush Duel with Luke and she admitted she thought Yuga would be able to achieve his goal, and she began tutoring them in wind instruments as she had promised.[32]

On the day of the Trumpet Duet Tournament, Yuga and his friends went to the disheveled building where the tournament was being held, only to find many students from Goha 6th Elementary were Rush Dueling there and that the Trumpet Duet Tournament was really the "Dark Rush Duel Tournament", located at the old Goha 6th campus and organized by former Goha 6th Student Council president Jango Arisugawa, who all recognized Yuga. To Yuga's surprise, Jango had an odd seizure that he explained was due to his body requiring cards to draw, and he explained how the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club had kicked him out of the Student Council. Jango challenged Yuga to a Rush Duel, but before Yuga could accept Jango's challenge, Luke, angered that his instrument practice had been for nothing, challenged Jango to a Rush Duel to punish him. Yuga was impressed to see that Jango used an ant-based Deck, accidentally making several ant-based buns during the course of the Duel. Jango's tactic of powering up his weaker ant monsters based on their numbers almost defeated Luke, but Luke was able to defeat him with the similarly inspired "Leather-Life Dragon".[34] Before the tournament could begin, the wall was broken down by Asana and the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club.[34][35] Yuga and Asana greeted one another, Asana telling Yuga that R6 was happy to see him again, but Asana also had the old campus demolished and her students rounded up, explaining that she detested modifications like Rush Dueling when Yuga asked why she was doing this. Yuga challenged Asana to a Rush Duel to allow her students to Rush Duel freely, a challenge Asana accepted after Jango pointed out it was tradition for their school to do so. To Yuga's surprise, Asana Dueled from R6 in what she called a Heavy Cavalry Duel, and she swiftly overpowered him with her powerful Wyrm monsters, but she found the Duel interesting. Despite Asana's friends, Galient and Chevelle Kayama, trying to downplay this, Yuga encouraged Asana to continue enjoying the Duel, as he was enjoying the Heavy Cavalry Duel as well. He brought out "Brave of Twilight, Lydacross", using its effect to Special Summon "Sevens Road Witch" and then Special Summoned "Sevens Road Magician", destroying all of Asana's monsters and shocking her with his comeback. But to Yuga's utter shock, Asana admitted on her next turn that she wished they'd met under different circumstances and Maximum Summoned "Wurm Ex-Cavator the Heavy Mequestrian Wyrm", destroying her own Field Spell Card to increase its ATK and defeat Yuga. Asana then informed Yuga of the consequences of his loss; that he and his friends would have to transfer to Goha 6th Elementary with Ranze and Rinnosuke, who had been defeated by Galient and forced to transfer as well.[35]

On his first day at Goha 6th Elementary, Yuga was exhausted by the school's traditional morning run. Afterwards, he and Luke noted that Asana had planned to transfer the to the school and they speculated as to where Asana had obtained Maximum Monsters, which Luke theorized had been excavated by the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club. Although Yuga didn't believe Luke's theory, it gave him an idea after he recalled Ranze and Rinnosuke telling them that the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club were excavating something, and he spent the day researching in the library. Yuga learned about the Abandoned Dorm and the mine it contained, and theorized that the secret of Asana's Maximum was there, so he planted Roads around the school with Kaizo's help to aid students who had trouble with the morning run, knowing it would likely anger the traditionalist Heavy Cavalry Duel Club enough to send them to the Abandoned Dorm.[33] He also learned about R0, the Mutsuba-style Mobile Duel Device that her family had created before it was outcompeted by Duel Disks, and hoped to find it for Asana.[36] After school that day, Kaizo came to Yuga in disguise to inform him of their progress while their friends concealed the Drone, and Yuga suggested they challenge the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club to a Rush Duel for the freedom to Rush Duel freely. Gakuto challenged Galient to a Rush Duel, both to return to Goha 7th and to avenge Ranze's loss to him. Although Galient was able to damage Gakuto on his first turn, Gakuto was able to gain an early lead with "Fiendish Commander Yameruler", though Galient in turn made a comeback by flipping "Yameruler" face-down to dispel its effect and Special Summoning "Shield Boring Kong" to destroy it and increase its own ATK. Fortunately, Gakuto was able to block the attack of Shield Boring Kong", something that prompted Yuga and Luke to agree that Gakuto was Gakuto even if he wasn't the Student Council President anymore, and Gakuto defeated Galient with "Fiendish Commander Semeruler", also destroying Galient's Heavy Cavalry, GG03. After the Duel Galient reminisced on how he had helped raise Asana and he left Goha 6th Elementary, but Asana refused to allow Yuga and his friends to leave after discovering that Yuga and Kaizo's Roads. Just as Yuga had planned, Asana sent them to the Abandoned Dorm, where Yuga explained to his friends that he had wanted to be sent there to gain access to the mine.[33]

As they worked at the mine, Yuga created Roads disguised as Kaizo and Sebastian and sent the real Drones to ask Nail where Asana had obtained her Maximum Monsters and if he could borrow "Yggdrago the Heavenly Emperor Dragon Tree" in the event he was unable to recreate "Magnum Over Road".[37][38] Galient joined them in their labors, having decided to start from the basics. When they broke for lunch, Yuga explained his plan to Gakuto and Romin, though they had to stop the oblivious Luke when he tried to get a massage from Sebastian. Later that day an alarm went off, causing the group to realize that Kaizo and Sebastian had escaped successfully, and Yuga and his friends seized their chance to escape into the mine, using their Duel Disk lights to see in the darkness.[37] Yuga tried to keep track of their movements by scattering parts from Kaizo's repair kit, but this plan was foiled by the unwitting Luke picking them up and using them to make a monster, and they quickly became lost. Fortunately, Kaizo returned with Hunt Goto and a message from Nail explaining that he had not created Asana's "Wurm Ex-Cavator", but that the answer might lie in the underground mine where a cache of prototyp Duel Disks had been abandoned; Hunt had been sent to aid in finding the cache, and succeeded in uncovering an underground hallway.[39] As they moved through the tunnels, Ranze tripped and Yuga caught her before speculating as to why Asana was trying to crush Rush Duels and claiming that he wanted to bring smiles to Goha 6th Elementary, acknowledging when Ranze asked him that he was motivated for Asana's sake in a way. They then arrived at the Heavy Cavalry Colosseum, where Chevelle and Trapigeon were waiting for them with an exhausted Galient, who declared his intention to challenge them to prevent them from passing with his place at Goha 6th Elementary on the line, but collapsed from weakness. Ranze caught him and abruptly challenged Yuga and his friends in Galient's place. Rinnosuke asked to Duel Ranze, and Yuga agreed, though he was confused throughout the Duel as to the twins' motivations. Rinnosuke was eventually able to end the Duel in a DRAW, allowing Galient to remain at Goha 6th but preventing Yuga and his friends from passing unless they had another Duel.[40] Luke challenged Chevelle to a Duel, feeling responsible for getting tricked into their current situation, but to everyone's shock Chevelle explained that Trapigeon would be making the moves for him. Trapigeon Set three cards on his first turn, which Yuga speculated to be Traps given Chevelle's nature and Trapigeon's name, though even Yuga was a little exasperated at how gullible Luke was acting. Although Luke had a strong first turn, Trapigeon's Trap Cards soon mentally wore him down, much to Yuga's concern, though they were eventually able to get through to Luke. Chevelle also made a move on his own, causing him to squabble with Trapigeon and allowing Luke to defeat them with "Miragias". After the Duel, Luke continued speaking in bird noises, which Yuga and Gakuto translated for Romin as they moved deeper into the tunnels.[41]

Eventually they reached the mine, and Yuga began uncovering prototype Duel Disks with Hunt's assistance, explaining that he believed Asana had created her Maximum cards from the Duel ID cards contained within. They managed to extract three Duel ID cards from the prototype Duel Disks, so Yuga decided to use them in his Deck instead of "Yggdrago" in the event Asana Dueled him again. Asana arrived soon afterwards, confirming Yuga's deductions and explaining that the Duel ID cards in the Duel Disks were largely faulty, fragmenting at a touch. She challenged Yuga to another Rush Duel, agreeing to honor her original promise if he won, but warning that Rush Dueling would be banned in elementary schools across Goha City if she won. Yuga accepted the Duel, believing it to be a match that he couldn't avoid, though he played cautiously on his first turn by Setting all the cards in his hand. He urged Asana to bring out her Maximum, and she obliged him, flipping his "Stray Familiar" into Attack Position and bringing out "Wurm Ex-Cavator", though Yuga was able to avoid taking damage with "Trick Guard". On his next turn, Asana urged Yuga to Summon "Yggdrago", but he revealed that "Yggdrago" wasn't in his Deck, much to her disappointment. After Asana admitted that she had hoped she would be able to Duel him equally, Yuga explained that he was betting on the Duel ID cards he had already added to his Deck. Using the effect of his "Amazing Dealer", Yuga was able to discard three cards and successfully draw all three Duel ID cards, changing them into "Magnum Over Road" and Maximum Summoning it. Yuga used both effects of "Magnum Over Road" to increase its ATK, but when he attacked "Wurm Ex-Cavator", Asana used a Trap to reduce its ATK to equal that of "Wurm Ex-Cavator", and to Yuga's horror, both sets of Maximum Monsters began to disintegrate due to the stress of their battle; Gakuto ruling that the owner of the Maximum that disintegrated first would take the ATK of the other as damage.[38] As Yuga encouraged "Magnum Over Road", Asana admitted to him that she'd never had such an exciting Duel, a sentiment that Yuga shared, and both Maximum Monsters ended up disintegrating at the same time, allowing the Duel to continue. As Asana brought out "Build Dragon the Mythic Sword Dragon", R6 began to break down and Yuga asked if Asana hadn't repaired it recently. Asana explained that the parts for Heavy Cavalry were no longer made and that due to their traditionalism they refused to use other parts, as this would count as modifying it. She also confirmed that she had made a bargain with the Goha Corporation to have the parts remanufactured if she was able to crush Rush Dueling. Yuga was able to fend off Asana's attacks and brought out "Steeltek Deity Mirror Innovator" on his next turn and explained its effect to Asana, who used a Trap to prevent Machines from attacking to stop it. However, Yuga used "Type Change Beam" to change "Mirror Innovator" into a Spellcaster monster, allowing him to combine its effect with "Road Magic - Resaltar" to increase its ATK high enough to defeat Asana. His final attack destroyed R6 despite the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club working to hold it together, and Yuga was horrified when Asana was blasted into the air by the explosion, thoguh fortunately she was saved by her friends.[36]

After the Duel, Yuga found what he had been looking for; the room containing R0, which had been modified during its construction as he had suspected. He explained that he had been trying to find it for Asana to make her smile and how one had to modify something as they made it until they got it right, just as he had with Rush Dueling. Asana finally came to accept modification, allowing Rush Dueling to take place at Goha 6th Elementary as promised and allowing Yuga to repair R6 for her. After he did so and Asana drove it proudly, he also repaired GG03 after Galient asked him to.[36][42]

Team Battle Royal[edit]

When Yuga and his friends returned to Goha 7th Elementary, they found the Student Council room covered in vines, and Yuga and Luke began helping Gakuto clean up. As they did, Romin learned that Princess G had been fired by the Goha Corporation for liking Rush Dueling and demanded Yuga do something due to it being his format, though Yuga rightfully pointed out that the Goha Corporation were the ones responsible and Romin ran off in a huff. After their new student teacher, Gibumi Purisaki, introduced herself, Luke and Gakuto came over during recess, with Luke claiming that Gibumi was Princess G, though Yuga was skeptical. To his shock, Romin decided to quit Rush Dueling, and though Yuga didn't want her to, he acknowledged that it was her decision. After Gibumi bumped into Romin and told her not to give up what she loved, Romin challenged Yuga to a final Rush Duel and Yuga eagerly accepted. Despite setting up a strong defense on his first turn, Romin quickly depleted Yuga's field of monsters and inflicted significant damage to him with "Foldablitz of the Dream Strings", and Yuga praised her efforts and asked if this was why she couldn't stop Rush Dueling. On his next turn, Yuga brough out "Seis the Mighty King of Bestial Wings", "Savage Claw Tiger" and "Lightning Bolcondor", intending to weaken Romin's monsters with the effect of "Bolcondor", but she used her "Angry Rock" Trap to prevent him from using the effect of "Bolcondor" and strengthen her monsters enough to survive. However after hearing a piano melody playing in the next room, Romin combined her "D" with her other cards to bring out both "Prima Guitarna of the Colorful Light" and "Esperaid of the Smashing Light" while arranging her LP to be able to use both of their effects, destroying all of Yuga's monsters and defeating him with her new Jam playstyle. After the Duel, Yuga praised Romin's new strategy and the possibilities it could bring to Rush Dueling, and Romin decided not to quit Rush Dueling after all.[43]

As Yuga arrived at school one morning, Romin, Luke and Gakuto called him over, having learned from some of Yuga and Romin's classmates that a Maximum Monster had been found in a booster pack. Yuga, Luke and Gakuto discussed the matter and the notion that the Goha Corporation were acknowledging Rush Dueling, only for Ranze to inform them that she was graduating from the Student Council and Sogetsu Style, much to their collective shock. Gakuto refused to allow Ranze to graduate unless she could defeat him in a Rush Duel, so Yuga, Romin and Rinnosuke all attended the graduation ceremony. As the Duel continued and Ranze gradually pressured Gakuto, Yuga was surprised by her flippant and dramatic attitude, particularly when Rinnosuke called his sister crazy. Gakuto was eventually able to defeat Ranze with his new ace monster, "Demonic Hermit Vessel Icezark", but Ranze still left his service despite seeing the error of her ways. Although Gakuto allowed her to go, he was still feeling down after the Duel and Yuga and Romin tried to cheer him up, only to find the school had been painted blue by the power-crazed Luke and Kaizo, who had replaced Ranze on the Student Council. After Tiger put Luke in his place, a girl resembling Noodle Sorako appeared on the school's videoscreen, calling herself Sweets Kakoko and announcing the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal, prompting Yuga to wonder if the Goha Corporation really were trying to legitimize Rush Dueling.[44] As participants would enter in teams of three, Yuga opted not to participate as he didn't want to get in the way of the dreams of his friends despite the tournament reportedly crowning the winner King of Duels, but when he told them so while repairing Kaizo, Luke almost hit him and ran off, with Romin and Gakuto pursuing him. They returned at the end of the day, having gone to the Mutsuba's mine to search for Maximum Monsters, though they'd been unable to find any. Instead, Luke claimed that they'd found Yuga's true feelings and he asked Yuga to support them during the tournament; Yuga replied that he would.[42]

Yuga accompanied Luke, Romin and Gakuto to Goha Stadium for their registration, but as Luke tried to get Yuga to join his team, Yuga, Romin and Gakuto noticed a cloaked man in the crowd and pursued him into the stadium, but instead found Mimi cosplaying as Goha-kun. Mimi abruptly asked Yuga if the tournament had been his idea, alerting Yuga to the fact that the tournament hadn't been the Goha Corporation's plan, though Luke called them away to register before they could ask Mimi any further questions. As Luke, Romin and Gakuto registered as "Team Luke King Luke Kings", Yuga overheard Chevelle and Galient protesting over the tournament staff's refusal to allow Trapigeon to take Asana's place in the tournament as she'd come down with a fever. Luke eventually suggested that Yuga enter the tournament with Galient and Chevelle in Asana's place, though Yuga was still reluctant to do so. The cloaked man then approached them and revealed himself to be Otes, challenging Yuga to a Duel while cryptically hinting at the true purpose of the tournament. Although he was wary that Otes was trying to manipulate him, Yuga still accepted his challenge. Otes opposed Yuga with "Summoned Skull", which Yuga was able to destroy with his "Sevens Road Magician" and "Sevens Road Witch" combo, but Otes revived "Summoned Skull" to block the attack of "Sevens Road Witch". Otes destroyed all of Yuga's monsters on his next turn and reduced him to 200 LP, warning him that he was in danger of stopping on his Road and allowing Rush Dueling to become as static as Goha Dueling in the future. Admitting that he had a duty to prevent that from happening, Yuga used "Sevens Road Warlock" to retreive "Sevens Road Witch" and "Sevens Road Magician", and though Otes returned the monsters in Yuga's Graveyard to his Deck to prevent him from powering up "Sevens Road Magician" with its effect, Yuga was instead able to increase the ATK of "Sevens Road Magician" with "Sevens Twin Burst" and defeat Otes. After the Duel he decided not to ask Otes what he'd meant by the tournament's true purpose and instead learn it for himself in the tournament, agreeing to join Galient and Chevelle's team. Before they registered, Otes was arrested due to his disqualification from the 666th Goha Dueling Tournament and he told Yuga that the Road he needed to take would always be in his heart.[45]

President Goha gave a speech at the opening ceremonies of the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal, causing Yuga to realize that Mimi had become the new President. Roa, Getta and Ushiro then interrupted Mimi's speech and Roa challenged Mimi to a Duel for the right to talk to Otes. Yuga watched the ensuing Duel with Galient, Chevelle and Trapigeon as Roa was pushed into a corner by Mimi's new Deck, which countered his Tribute strategy. Roa was able to counterattack by bringing out his two ace monsters, "Royal Demon's Heavymetal" and "Royal Demon's Invasion", but to Yuga's shock he Tributed them for a new monster, "Royal Demon's Death Doom", which he used to defeat Mimi. However, Otes had escaped and Getta and Ushiro left Roa for his mistreatment of them. Chevelle and Galient had to leave the tournament as well, having been called to Asana's side by Caterpillio Zomyoji, though Yuga reassured them it was fine.[46] Before they left, Galient gave Yuga a Duel ID card that Asana had found in her mine, which she had wanted to give to him in person.[47] With both Yuga and Roa without a team, Romin suggested they team up, and Yuga convinced Roa to accept his offer by confirming that he also wanted to know what Otes was up to. As they still needed a third team member, Yuga chose to make up the difference by calling Nail, whose account was restored for the tournament.[46]

Yuga, Roa and Nail quickly rose to the top of the leaderboard as Team YugaNail with R. During the first day of the tournament, Roa and Nail gave Yuga two Maximum Monsters that they had acquired from a fan and from Nail's investigations into the Maximum Monsters respectively and Yuga added them and the blank Duel ID card that Asana had given him to his Deck. After a string of victories, Yuga took Roa and Nail to the Tahayasty Restaurant, where Nail tasted Rush Ramen for the first time and became enamored with it; Luke, Romin and Gakuto arrived afterwards and Luke expressed anger over Yuga "abandoning" him, much to Yuga's confusion. Luke rage prompted them all to discuss the Maximum Monsters circulating in the tournament and Otes' motives, but their discussions were interrupted by Hunt, Kan and Kaseki, the former of whom had become suddenly wealthy and who challenged Yuga to a one-on-one Duel. Yuga accepted the Duel after Roa and Nail gave him permission to, though Hunt quickly gained an LP advantage on him by combining "Upstart Goblin" and "Zenigebazauls". Yuga was able to dismantle Hunt's field with "Ice Age Catapult", but to his surprise Hunt Maximum Summoned "Great Imperial Dinocarriage Dynarmix" and almost defeated Yuga, though Yuga was able to hang on with "Curtain of Sparks". Ranze then arrived and revealed that Hunt, Kan and Kaseki had been distributing the Maximum Monsters, which Kan and Kaseki further admitted Hunt had created from strip-mining Maximum Mountain of the prototype Duel Disks there. Hunt believed he would win, as Yuga didn't have a Maximum, but Yuga noted that he'd never said he didn't have one, and revealed his possession of "Hyper Engine Vast Vulcan", Maximum Summoning it and using its effects to reduce the ATK of "Dynarmix" and Hunt's LP, before defeating Hunt. After the Duel, Yuga noted that it would have been difficult for Hunt to have excavated all the Duel Disks from Maximum Mountain on his own, and Hunt admitted that he'd had help from an individual who called himself "Goha 66".[47]

Yuga and his friends decided to investigate Goha 66; Yuga, Roa and Nail went to Haven to search the Goha Corporation database for any mention of them, while Luke, Romin and Gakuto headed to Maximum Mountain. Nail's efforts proved unsuccessful, so they returned to the Tahayasty Restaurant to take a break, only for Roa to notice that the legend of the King of Duels was on the wall and they asked the shopkeeper why the legend was there, but he only laughed.[48] Ranze arrived and suggested that the shopkeeper was Otes, though by this point Yuga had spotted that the old man was laughing at a comedy routine on his phone and cleared up the misunderstanding. After the shopkeeper calmed down and Ranze left, they asked the shopkeeper about why the legend of the King of Duels was in his restaurant, and he explained that it had been given to him by a customer as payment a long time ago, though he didn't remember who. Yuga, Nail and Roa didn't believe him and tried to intimidate him into remembering, but instead he gave up the secret plan of Goha 66; to create a final firework as they retired from the Goha Corporation.[49] As they left the restaurant, Trapigeon delivered them a note from Luke, explaining that Goha 66 intended to gain access to the main server located in Maximum Mountain to take control of the Goha Corporation, information that even Nail didn't know. They continued participating in the tournament, Nail defeating Braun Honya in a Duel, and after their victory Trapigeon delivered them a message reading "My best, most awesome plan to take over Goha". Flash Umiko then announced that Yuga's team were in the lead of the tournament with 770 points, and would have a series of final matches the next day with Luke's team on 763 points.[50]

As they prepared for the finals next day, Nail had Sebastian, Nekoyama and Arai examine the data on the tournament for any suspicious activity; Yuga believed that the person who wrote the note was the person who had planned the tournament. They entered Goha Stadium opposite Team Luke King LUke Kings, Yuga and Luke reaffirming their goals to one another. The first match was between Roa and Romin; Roa gaining an early lead over Romin with "Royal Demon's Death Doom", but falling behind as Romin used her new Jam strategy against Roa. Roa gained a second wind after Getta and Ushiro returned to support him, bringing out "Heavymetal" and "Invasion", and Romin was barely able to survive his ace monsters' attacks. On her next turn Romin used the same combo she had used to defeat Yuga in combination with her "Climax Finale" and "Andoll", Yuga joining in chanting the monster's name with the rest of the stadium. Romin defeated Roa, putting the two teams on equal ground, while reconciling with the other members of RoaRomin; Getta and Ushiro offering to help determine who was behind the tournament.[51] The next match was Gakuto vs. Nail, a prospect that excited Yuga. Before the Duel he asked Nail if there had been any progress made on the data and Nail confirmed that there hadn't; Roa reassured them that he'd sent Getta to help them. To Yuga's shock, Gakuto unveiled a new "Gakuting" persona in an attempt to evolve Sogetsu Style; Roa explained Gakuto's puns to Yuga until Romin told him to shut up. Nail easily Maximum Summoned "Yggdrago the Heavenly Emperor Dragon Tree" on his first turn and pushed Gakuto into a corner, but to Yuga's joy Gakuto returned to his usual playstyle and persona on the next turn and Tribute Summoned "Demonic Hermit Vessel Kachisuzaku", increasing its ATK past "Yggdrago". Despite Gakuto's efforts, Nail prevented the destruction of "Yggdrago", though Yuga still believed that Gakuto could make a comeback. He was proven right when Gakuto was able to withstand "Yggdrago", though Nail forced him to end the Duel in a DRAW after destroying "Kachisuzaku" with "Tribute to The Doomed". After the Duel Yuga told Nail that his Duel had been super-fun to watch, and Nail admitted to enjoying himself as well. The next match was then announced; Yuga vs. Luke.[52]


Tatsuhisa "Luke" Kamijo[edit]

Yuga and Luke strike up a fast friendship, though they initially butt heads over whether to keep Rush Dueling a secret; Yuga wanted to spread it to everyone, while Luke wanted to keep it secret. Yuga resorted to livestreaming his and Luke's Rush Duel over the matter, so he was able spread word of it even though Luke defeated him. Yuga quickly adjusts to Luke, becoming familiar with his Dueling skills and eccentricities. Yuga initially has no interest in becoming the King of Duels, but once he does gain interest in the title he impresses on Luke that while he wouldn't give him the title, he encourages him to attain it himself.

Gakuto Sogetsu[edit]

Initially Yuga only saw Gakuto as a source of authority to avoid or rebel against, while Gakuto saw Yuga as a rule-breaker requiring discipline. After Gakuto experienced Yuga's Rush Dueling however, he gradually became open to the concept, though he did at one point try to ban the format. Yuga encourages Gakuto to enjoy Rush Dueling, and often confers with him on more serious topics. Over time the two of them became better friends, offering each other support when needed.

Romin Kirishima[edit]

Although Romin is the only one of his main group of friends that is in his class, Yuga pays her little mind compared his other friends until Luke raises the possibility of her spying on them. Although this assumption was apparently disproven, Yuga still suspected that Romin was spying on him and eventually became aware enough to confirm it. He does not hold this against her due to her cousin Roa's role in blackmailing Romin, and asks Roa not to continue to do so. However, he also cheerfully dropped the material Roa had been holding over Romin without warning, much to her embarrassment. Yuga took notice when Romin seemed to like the guitar he had used for a noise-cancelling Road and modified it into a Duel Guitar for her despite knowing she was spying on him, including a candy bar receptacle in the Duel Guitar for Romin when she got hungry. Romin in turn had grown fond of Yuga and tried to dissuade him from Dueling Roa, knowing what he had set up. After Yuga defeated Roa and deduced Romin's secret of being tone-deaf (much to her embarrassment), the two of them have remained friends, with Romin appreciating Yuga for treating her normally despite knowing of her deception.


Yuga was the one who modified Kaizo from the Goha Corporation Drone that it initially was, but the two express dissatisfaction for one another early on. Kaizo is very smitten with Romin Kirishima and supports her over Yuga multiple times, prompting Yuga to try and reset Kaizo, to no avail. Yuga for his part considers Kaizo a failure because of this trait, and has little hesitation about modifying Kaizo for the task at hand, often to its detest. When Kaizo's original data is stolen by Nail Saionji, the remnants try to warn Yuga of being stranded by the fake Kaizo. After encountering Nail, Kaizo worries that Yuga shows little urgency in retrieving his original data, and was angered by the embarrassing locations that Yuga placed him in the blueprints of the Super Rush Robot. However, when Yuga learned that Sebastian stole Kaizo's original data he reacts with anger and defends Kaizo after Sebastian insults him, and he is initially unwilling to use the remnants of Kaizo to complete the programming of his Maximum until Kaizo reminds him that defeating Nail will restore his original data.

Roa Kirishima[edit]

Roa functions as one of Yuga's main rivals, as he was present at the event where Yuga was given "Sevens Road Magician" and passed over as the candidate to become the next King of Duels. Yuga by comparison only learned of Roa's existence through Romin's espionage. Although Yuga does not like Roa's more manipulative actions, citing a dislike of his blackmail of Romin in particular, he does not seem to hold this against him too much, as he freely tells Roa that he could still become the King of Duels. Yuga later seeks advice from Roa following his defeat by Nail and Roa offered him criticism and encouraged him not to lose again.

Nail Saionji[edit]

Nail's mysterious demeanor and "providence" intrigues Yuga from the moment they meet, and Yuga is often quick to justify Nail's actions that his friends find underhanded as he senses that Nail acts out of a sense of duty rather than malice. As Yuga learns more about Nail's unusual view of the world and providence in particular, he becomes eager to Rush Duel him. However, Nail's explanations about what providence are put Yuga more and more ill at ease as their Rush Duel continues, and he is left shocked and terrified upon his defeat by Nail's Maximum Summon. However, Yuga was able to overcome this with help from his friends and was able to defeat Nail in a rematch. Following this the two of them seems to be on friendlier terms. The two of them share a mutual respect for each other and their ideals.


Yuga calls the inventions that he creates "Roads". The following are the known Roads he has created.

  • Rush Dueling. Yuga claims this is his greatest Road.
  • Kaizo (modified from a Goha Corporation Drone). Yuga claims that Kaizo is a failed Road due to his admiration of Romin Kirishima. He modifies Kaizo for several different functions depending on the task at hand.
  • Duel Bicycle. Yuga later modifies this Road to be compatible with Kaizo.
  • Super Rush Robot (conceptual stage). Yuga believes this to be the "key to open a door to a new world" that Otes mentioned to him after seeing it in his dreams.
  • Lie Detectorinator. A lie detector suspended from a fishing rod, though it is not entirely successful and can be disabled by questions.
  • A capsule capable of hairstyling, though it seems to be overly powerful.
  • Rotating chairs intended to give the Tahayasty Restaurant a talking point, though Gakuto, Romin and Kaizo declared them unsuccessful.
  • Mannequins that can be linked to a single human to give the impression of more people than are actually present.
  • An unknown Road to help the Tahayasty Restaurant that Gakuto and Romin stopped Yuga from making.
  • Several half-finished Roads in the Road Laboratory with unknown purposes.
  • Duel Guitar. Yuga initially designed this Road as a noise-canceling device that uses the guitar as the base, which functions by cancelling a loud noise with another. If the guitar is strummed however, it produces a significantly powerful sonic wave. Yuga later modifies this into its present form after seeing Romin Kirishima appreciate it and gives it to her.
  • A treadmill with a moving landscape beside it, intended to provide satisfaction to a student that isn't good at running.
  • A Road that plays a soothing melody to a student as they climb a hillside.
  • Crude Roads in the shape of Kaizo and Sebastian, intended to fool the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club into believing they were still at the Abandoned Dorm.


Birth of Rush Duels[edit]

Yuga uses a Spellcaster Deck, composed of monsters with varying Attributes to facilitate the effect of his ace monster, "Sevens Road Magician", which he was given by Otes. He also includes several Spells to increase the ATK of his monsters and that require precise manipulation of the cards in his hand and Graveyard to activate, including the "Road Magic" series of Spells. Though Yuga's Deck is largely composed of Spellcasters, he also includes a small number of monsters of other Types.[1][2]


After his Duel against Roa Kirishima and his acceptance of the right to the title of King of Duels, Yuga rebuilds his Deck. He still uses a Spellcaster Deck, and his overall strategy has not changed; he includes a wide variety of monsters of different Attributes to increase the ATK of "Sevens Road Magician" in addition to cards that take advantage of these Attributes. He also includes a wider variety of monsters of other Types, including a new ace monster, "Lightning Bolcondor", which can take advantage of the opponent only controlling a singular Attribute.

When Yuga is defeated by Nail Saionji using Maximum Summoning, his friends convince him to rewrite their Duel ID cards into Maximum Monsters of his own using Real-Time Rush Duel Programming. Yuga subsequently does so during his second Duel with Nail, creating the second known Maximum Monster: "Super Magitek Deity Magnum Over Road". Similarly to Nail, Yuga includes several cards that allow him to draw cards in order to quickly access the components, though his are generally more flexible. After his Duel with Nail, the cards return to their original state, but he later recreates them from prototype Duel Disk ID cards for his second Duel with Asana Mutsuba, though they disintegrated during the Duel. During the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal, Yuga acquires a new Maximum from Roa, Nail and Asana; "Hyper Engine Vast Vulcan".

By the finals of the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal Yuga's deck has expanded its support for Level 7 monsters with cards such as "Sevens Road Force", "Level Blast", and "Elemental Rush" to support a burn damage strategy to work alongside "Hyper Engine Vast Vulcan" in tandem with his original "Sevens Road Magician" strategies.



Opponent Episode(s) Outcome
Hologram Man 1 Win
Tatsuhisa "Luke" Kamijo 2 Lose
Romin Kirishima 3 Win
Gakuto Sogetsu 4 Win
Menzaburo Oomori 6 Win
Mimi Atachi 7 Win
Kan Hakubutsu 9 Win
Roa Kirishima 12-13 Win
Nanami Maguro 15 Win
Sebastian 19 Win
Nail Saionji 23 Lose
Nail Saionji 25-26 Win
Tatsuhisa "Luke" Kamijo 27 Not shown
Haruka Kamijo 30 Win
Asana Mutsuba 32 Lose
Asana Mutsuba 38-39 Win
Romin Kirishima 40 Lose
Otes 43 Win
Hunt Goto 45 Win
108 unknown Duelists 45-48 Win (with Nail Saionji and Roa Kirishima)
Tatsuhisa "Luke" Kamijo 51-52 Lose

Other appearances[edit]


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