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"A Terrifying Ghost Story Duel"
Ushiro's tactics bring Luke to his knees.
Ushiro's tactics bring Luke to his knees.
Japanese name
RōmajiKyōfu no Kaidan Dyueru
TranslatedA Terrifying Ghost Story Duel
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Japanese OP"Nanananananana"
Japanese ED"Goha 7th Elementary School Song"
ScreenplayYokotani Masahiro
Air dates
JapaneseAugust 8, 2020
Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episodes (season 1)
Previous"Wonderful Jurassic"
Next"No More Holding Back!"
Featured card"Shocklead Dragon"

"A Terrifying Ghost Story Duel" is the tenth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. It first aired in Japan on August 8, 2020.

Romin gives out invites to a live of RoaRomin. On the big stage called "The Seven Dark Palaces", the Vocal Duelist of RoaRomin, Roa Kirishima, challenges Yuga to a 3-vs-3 match over the property rights of Rush Duels. Luke, taking the first step, is assaulted in a terrorizing Ghost Story Duel!


Romin gives the boys VIP tickets for the RoaRomin concert that weekend.

At the Road Laboratory, Yuga works on the noise-cancelling guitar he had placed at the construction site, while Luke and Gakuto pour over the photos of the seven emblems. Gakuto wonders if there's any meaning behind them, and Luke suggests that one of them resembles "Dragias the Striking Dragon", pointing out similarities to "Dragias'" eyes, mouth and ears as Yuga zooms over to take a look as well. Romin walks over, munching on a candy bar and stating that she's going home, much to the boys' surprise. Kaizo insists that Romin is very busy due to the RoaRomin concert that weekend, isn't she? Romin confirms she is with a nod, so Kaizo starts explaining about RoaRomin; an indie band that debuted a year ago and became a popular elementary school band in the blink of an eye. The main vocalist is Roa, who is very popular among the ladies as a bad-boy Prince Charming, while of course Romin herself is the guitarist, though it's forgotten the names of the drummer and bassist. And Roa and Romin are cousins. Romin hands concert tickets to the boys, explaining that she wanted to give them to them. As Gakuto muses on them, Kaizo asks where its one is, while Luke asks Yuga if he'll go. Yuga seems hesitant, noting the concert's location on the VIP ticket; the Seven Hells Hall, but then he states that he's coming and he can't wait, much to Romin's surprise.

Roa shoves Romin.

In a brightly lit apartment, Roa - the green-haired boy who was being informed about Yuga - looks at the photo of the seven emblems on his smartphone and he hears the door open. He turns to see a downcast Romin walking in, and he asks if Romin gave them the tickets. Romin nods sadly, and Roa lightly tells her not to give him that look, but just follow his orders. He grabs Romin's wrist and tosses her against the window, still affably reassuring her that her secret is safe with him as Romin looks at her cousin in fear.

Yuga gives Romin his newest Road - the Duel Guitar.

That weekend, Yuga, Gakuto and Luke head to the Sevens Hells Hall, an old building plastered with three large RoaRomin posters. Luke takes note of the building's age as they venture in, and Yuga agrees that it's disused. Gakuto explains that the building has been neglected for forty years, but then Luke suddenly flinches and turns around. Gakuto asks him what's wrong, and Luke replies that it's nothing, but he felt like someone was behind him. They get to Romin's dressing room, and she notes that they came after all. Gakuto asks where the other members are, and Romin explains that they're setting their instruments up on stage. Yuga admits that he brought Romin a present, much to Romin and Luke's surprise, and Kaizo flies over his head calling "Surprise!" in English, dropping a large case into Yuga's hands. Luke frantically asks when Yuga prepared that as Yuga walks up to Romin and gives it to her, and she opens the case to find the guitar Yuga had used for his noise-cancelling Road. Romin seemed to like it, so Yuga combined the guitar with a Duel Disk to make it into a Duel Guitar. Romin is quite surprised as the guitar's Dueling sections unfold on the body and she tests it out. Yuga blushes, stating that he hopes she can enjoy Rush Dueling and music together, and Romin shyly thanks him. Gakuto walks up with a bunch of flowers, explaining they're from him, and Luke is mortified at having not prepared any gift himself. Romin reassures him it's all right, but Luke rushes off, asking them to wait a minute.

Once he gets out into the corridor however, he rushes down the wrong corridor and can't find the exit. As he stares into the darkened room where he thought he felt someone before, a long-haired boy lets out a slight laugh behind him, and he swings around, but only sees the boy's bathroom sign and the flickering light. Luke stammers that this place is too creepy, even if it was built forty years ago, as the long-haired boy pops up behind him chuckling. Luke howls in fear and swings around to face the boy, who tells him that there is a legend about the Seven Hells Hall, and Luke tells him not to surprise him and asks who he is. The boy yells "Omaeno Ushiro!" (Japanese for "behind you!") and Luke swings around with a cry of fear, only to find nothing. The boy tells Luke that fifty-three years ago a gifted guitarist died here, and their ghost still haunts the Hall. Luke protests that the building was only built forty years ago, and the boy states that's the scary part, freaking Luke out again. He claims that whenever the ghost finds a guitarist that interests them they carry them to the otherworld, and indeed many guitarists have gone missing. Then the light goes out, and Luke screams in terror, alerting Yuga, Gakuto, Romin and Kaizo. Yuga and Gakuto rush out to find him with the lights on their Duel Disks and Kaizo in tow, and find Luke sitting on the floor. They ask what happened to him, and Luke points behind him, but there's no-one there. Luke protests that someone told him about the ghost of a guitarist and he urgently asks where Romin is. Yuga explains she stayed in the locker room, and Luke muses that Romin is in danger if the ghost likes her. They quickly return to the locker room, but Romin is gone. Kaizo and Luke are both concerned, but Gakuto suggests she may have just gone to the bathroom. Yuga points out they would have seen her if she did, and Gakuto wonders where she went. A bell then rings, signifying the start of the concert.

In the darkened concert stage, Mimi is eagerly waiting with the other attendees; finally she can hear Roa sing live. But she's most displeased to see Yuga and his friends heading into the VIP section, though she quickly shakes it off and squeezes through the crowd to join Yuga and the others, asking if they came to see the excitement as well. Yuga confirms they did, and Mimi reintroduces herself, explaining that she's a big fan of RoaRomin. Kaizo flies over, protesting that Mimi is in its spot, but Mimi just points out that the concert is starting.

Roa makes his entrance.

A spotlight snaps on Roa, with the bassist and drummer behind them, and as the girls all cheer, Gakuto peers behind Roa and notes that Romin isn't on stage, promting Luke to wonder if the ghost got to her. Roa apologizes for keeping his princesses waiting, sparking cheers from all the girls in the crowd (Mimi included, prompting Yuga to cover his ears) and he reassures them that he has a treat for them today, asking them if they're ready for the embrace of his voice shooting off a heart from a finger gun and driving the girls wild. But before that, he declares "Special guest, come on!" in English, and a spotlight snaps on Yuga, much to his surprise. Roa asks Yuga if he'll Rush Duel him at this concert. Yuga is quite hesitant, and Roa explains that this will allow the world to know he is a King. And the stakes will be Rush Dueling itself; if he wins, the rights to Rush Dueling will become his, and they will become "Roa Rush Duels", while he will become the King of Duels. His audience all seem appreciative of this prospect, though Mimi is hesitant. Gakuto tries to tell Roa to wait a minute, though Yuga reassures him that it's fine, as he's not interesting in owning Rush Dueling and this could be good for its publicity. Roa comments that he thought Yuga would accept, and suggests they start the Duel that stakes the title of King.

Ushiro scares Luke before the Duel.

He brings Yuga, Luke and Gakuto on stage under a spotlight with his "Roa Rush Duel" logo on the screen behind them, asking his audience to give these brave Duelists a round of applause. Gakuto asks why they are there as well, and Roa claims that a single match would be boring, so the Duel will be a three vs. three team battle. The girls all cheer, except for Mimi, who notes that RoaRomin's popularity will skyrocket if he wins, and getting concert tickets will get more difficult as a result. Yuga notes that in a three vs. three battle whoever wins twice will win, and Luke eagerly volunteers to go first. Roa then snaps a spotlight on Luke's opponent - the long-haired boy he met in the corridor, who cries that his name is Ushiro Omaeno (though Luke thinks he's telling him to look behind him again). Luke declares that Ushiro is the mysterious person from earlier, and Roa explains that he's the bassist of RoaRomin. Mimi looks him up in the band's guide, and Kaizo realizes that this is Ushiro's name. Ushiro walks forwards with a creepy giggle, claiming that the ghost of the guitarist still curses this place. Luke asks who he is, but Ushiro just shouts his name again and Luke once again misinterprets it, looking behind him in fear. Luke readies his Duel Disk, growling that Ushiro is just scaring him. Ushiro readies his own, suggesting that now is the time to feel fear. They insert their Deck cases into their Duel Disks and deploy the blades, and the green holographic dome encloses them as they call "Rush Duel!"

Ushiro Summons three Zombie monsters to terrify Luke and his friends.

Luke flinches as several candles light around him, and Ushiro laughs madly as he declares his turn and draws. He looks at the card he drew and chuckles, commenting that it's here. Luke asks what Ushiro is talking about as Ushiro looks at his hand (containing "Cursed Fan Letter", "Hanako's Right Behind You", "Witching Hour Chrysanthemum Doll", "Spirit Dwelling in the Purple Mirror", and "Gradually Approaching Footsteps") and Ushiro explains that in the boy's bathroom of Seven Hells Hall you often feel a presence over your shoulder. Gakuto nervously asks why Ushiro is suddenly talking about this, and Ushiro warns them to never look over their shoulder when they're doing their business, otherwise it will last forever. Yuga, Gakuto and Kaizo all freak out as Ushiro Summons "Hanako's Right Behind" you, which giggles creepily as it settles beside Ushiro. Ushiro claims that the real terror is only just beginning; if you sleep in the Seven Hells Hall's dressing room, you will feel a bit of sleep paralysis, and if you open your eyes in the darkness, you'll see "Witching Hour Chrysanthemum Doll" before you. He Summons the monster, causing Gakuto and Kaizo to scream in terror. Ushiro then asks them if they know about the purple mirror, and to be careful if they do, since they will die if they remember it in ten years. Kaizo squeals in fear as Ushiro Summons his third monster, "Spirit Dwelling in the Purple Mirror". Gakuto hugs Kaizo in fear as he asks if Ushiro can't just Summon his monsters normally, but Yuga has noticed that all three Zombie monsters have zero ATK and he wonders why Ushiro Summoned them. Ushiro then yells his name again, scaring Luke into looking over his shoulder before asking him what's wrong and activating the Spell Card "Cursed Fan Letter", changing all Zombie monsters he controls to Defense Position, then sending the same number of cards in Luke's hand to the Graveyard. Purple fire engulfs his hand and stretches over the field to engulf and incinerate three of Luke's cards - "Dragon's Setupper", "Justice Dragon", and "Piercing!", leaving only "Dragias" in his hand. Ushiro adds that Luke's body will suffer in hellfire - he will take 300 damage for each card sent to the Graveyard. The purple fire engulfs Luke as well, reducing him to 3100 LP and he sinks to one knee. Ushiro Sets a card, ending his turn.

Luke's hand is revealed by Ushiro's Trap.

One of the candles beside Luke is extinguished, and he curses as he gets to his feet, declares his turn, and draws four cards. But he's drawn no monsters, only "Dragon's Tenacity", "Dragonic Play", "Fire Dragon's Heatflash", and "Return of Dragon". Ushiro comments that it's here, much to Luke's surprise, and he clarifies that he's activated his Trap Card. Ghostly blue footprints begin to appear as a blue shadow looms behind the nervous Luke, and Ushiro holds up his "Gradually Approaching Footsteps" Trap Card, explaining that he can activate it when his opponent draws a card while they don't control any Spell or Trap Cards. The blue shade reaches past Luke, throwing his hand up in the air engulfed in darkness as Ushiro explains that he can check his opponent's hand and select three Spell and Trap Cards, then force Luke to Set them and inflict 300 damage to him for each. The blue shade smothers Luke, reducing him to 2200 LP, much to Gakuto's shock. Luke begins to snarl "You..." rudely at Ushiro, but he cries his name again and Luke flinches and turns around. Ushiro tells Luke that he can't do anything else, so allow him to declare the end of his turn. Another candle is extinguished, and as Luke grits his teeth, Romin peers around a nearby door frame, apologizing to him. She remembers Roa suggesting a Ghost Story Duel to her, as Luke was quick to believe anything, so giving him suggestions would make him more fearful of Ushiro's ghost stories. Roa thinks in satisfaction that he already knew that Luke was straightforward and trusting, having already used Romin to suggest the Legend of the King of Duels to him while he was sleeping.

Ushiro unleashes the "Phantom Fear" effect of "Dark Rooker".

Ushiro declares his turn and he draws five cards, commenting that it's finally here - his hand contains "Wicked Shadow - Dark Rooker", "Behind You!", "Dry Knock Sound", "Cursed Call Number", and another "Chrysanthemum Doll". Kaizo (still being hugged by Gakuto) nervously asks who arrived, but Ushiro screams his name again to scare Luke into looking back. He activates the Spell Card "Dry Knock Sound" since Luke controls three Spell or Trap Cards, destroying two of them. "Dragon's Tenacity" and "Fire Dragon's Heatflash" are both destroyed in a flash of shadow, much to Luke's shock, but Ushiro tells him not to worry, since he can't attack this turn now and he's safe from that. But then he Tributes two of his Zombie monsters ("Chrysanthemum Doll" and "Purple Mirror") to Tribute Summon "Wicked Shadow - Dark Rooker". It only has 100 ATK, but Ushiro tells Luke to feel its horror. The top card of his Deck - another "Hanako" is sent to his Graveyard, and then Luke's remaining Spell - his "Dragonic Play" - is destroyed, and Ushiro declares "Phantom Fear" and "Dark Rooker" slashes across Luke's chest with its scythe, reducing him to 1200 LP. Ushiro explains that by sending the top card of his Deck to the Graveyard, he can destroy a Spell or Trap Luke controls and inflict 1000 damage to him, before returning "Dark Rooker" to his hand. Gakuto gasps that Ushiro hasn't even battled, but has reduced Luke's LP so low... Yuga asks who exactly is this guy, and Ushiro yells his name again, and once again, Luke looks over his shoulder. Ushiro Sets two more cards and ends his turn, extinguishing another candle.

Ushiro Special Summons "Wicked Shadow - Dark Rooker", switching its ATK and DEF.

Luke curses and he declares his turn and draws. As he examines his hand, consisting of "Dragon's Upsetter", "Shocklead Dragon", "Phoenix Dragon", "Return of Dragon", and "Dragias", a phone begins ringing and he looks up in surprise as Ushiro activates another Trap Card, "Cursed Call Number", which he can activate when Luke draws and inflict 300 damage to him for each card. Luke is engulfed in blue shadows and sinks to his knees as he falls to 300 LP, and Ushiro adds that if Luke wants to attack this turn he has to attack the monster with the lowest Level. Then he activates his favorite card as it shares the same name as him - "Behind You!" Luke gasps in shock, and peeks behind him as Ushiro explains that he can Special Summon a Zombie monster from his hand and switch its ATK and DEF until the end of the turn. He chants "The shadow will always follow you around! Right behind you, without even making a sound! It'll follow you, no matter where you run! When you turn around, it'll be right there! Wicked Shadow - Dark Rooker!" "Dark Rooker" reappears on the field, switching its 100 ATK with its 2600 DEF and towering over Luke.

Luke finally figures out that Ushiro was scaring him by saying his own name.

But Luke is excited, having finally realized what is going on. Ushiro had been scaring him by telling him to look behind him, but he was really just saying his own name, wasn't he? Ushiro, Yuga, Gakuto and Kaizo all sweatdrop, and Ushiro in particular can't believe that's what had Luke so scared. He admits that he is the shadowy bassist whose name no-one remembers; Ushiro Omaeno. Luke comments that now that he knows he doesn't need to look over his shoulder (despite doing so just in case), he can counterattack.

"Shocklead Dragon" attacks.

He Summons "Dragon's Upsetter" and activates its effect, Special Summoning "Dragon's Setupper" from his Graveyard. Yuga notes that due to the effect of "Dragon's Upsetter" Luke can only attack with Level 6 or higher monsters this turn, and he wonders how Luke will do it. Luke grins, and he Summons "Phoenix Dragon", sending the "Return of Dragon" in his hand to the Graveyard to activate the effect of "Phoenix Dragon", adding a Level 5 or higher Dragon monster from his Graveyard to his hand. Returning "Justice Dragon" to his hand, he then Tributes his "Dragon's Upsetter" and "Dragon's Setupper" to Tribute Summon, chanting, "Right now, in my galaxy, seven supernovas unleash a gamma-ray burst! Even if you tell me to stop, it's too late! Even if you tell me to stop, it's too late! There's a reason I said it twice. Now, come out! Dragias the Striking Dragon!" Gakuto is pleased to see "Dragias", but Yuga notes that it doesn't have enough ATK to defeat "Dark Rooker". Luke then Tributes "Phoenix Dragon" to Tribute Summon "Justice Dragon", and he activates its effect by returning two Dragon monsters ("Phoenix Dragon" and "Dragon's Upsetter") from his Graveyard to his Deck, allowing him to treat "Justice Dragon" as two Tributes for the Tribute Summon of a Dragon monster. Tributing "Justice Dragon", Luke chants "Listen and be surprised! Feel and tremble! It's already too late when you do see it! Earth and heaven shattering shock and surprise! Now, come out! Shocklead Dragon!" "Shocklead Dragon" appears with 1600 ATK, and Ushiro cries out that it's certainly a surprise (a play on the Japanese name of "Shocklead"). Luke sends the top card of his Deck to the Graveyard ("Dragon Bat") to activate the effect of "Shocklead Dragon", reducing the ATK of "Dark Rooker" by that of "Dragias" and he declares "Hyper Surprise Down" as Ushiro gasps in shock and turns to see "Dark Rooker" fall to 100 ATK. Next he activates the effect of "Dragias", sending the top card of his Deck to the Graveyard ("Dragolite") and declaring "Gias Charge". He declares his Battle Phase, and "Dragias" attacks with "Striking Light Bullet of Explosive Supremacy", blasting the green energy orbs at "Hanako" and destroying it. Luke explains that since "Dragias" destroyed a monster, it's allowed to attack again, but first he attacks with "Shocklead Dragon", which deploys its fin and wings, slamming its fists together as Luke orders "Transcendent Hyper-Astonishing Attack" and punching out a fist-shaped wave of energy that engulfs "Dark Rooker" and shatters it. Ushiro yelps in surprise (once again commenting on the surprising nature of the attack) as his LP falls to 2500, and Luke orders "Dragias" to finish Ushiro off with a direct attack, ordering "Dragon King Strike of Annihilative Supremacy". "Dragias" releases the orange flaming orbs, concentrating them into the orange and green fireball and blasting Ushiro backwards, scattering candles everywhere as Ushiro's LP falls. The last candle rolls across the ground in front of him and he begs it not to disappear as its flame grows weaker, screaming that he is Ushiro Omaeno. Luke declares that Ushiro's destiny has ended, and Ushiro's LP falls to zero as the candle burns out and he wails miserably.

Ushiro is overjoyed that Luke has remembered his name.

Luke tells Ushiro that was a good match. Ushiro seems surprised, and Luke tells him that his name is Ushiro Omaeno, and Luke will remember that. Ushiro lifts his head and smiles, revealing his silver eyes for the first time, and Roa casually admits that Luke really surpassed his expectations. Kaizo sighs in relief, and Gakuto comments that it was a scary Duel. Yuga comments that it's one win for them, but then the lights dim, and the spotlight snaps on Roa, who declares that their next victory won't be so easy, much to the joy of the audience. Romin looks downcast, while Yuga, Luke, Gakuto and Kaizo watch as Roa waves to his fans, then turns to them and smiles.

Featured Duel: Tatsuhisa "Luke" Kamijo vs Ushiro Omaeno[edit]

Luke VS Ushiro.png

The Duel is conducted as a Rush Duel.

Turn 1: Ushiro

Ushiro's hand contains "Cursed Fan Letter", "Hanako's Right Behind You", "Witching Hour Chrysanthemum Doll", "Spirit Dwelling in the Purple Mirror", and "Gradually Approaching Footsteps". Ushiro Normal Summons "Hanako" (0/800), "Chrysanthemum Doll" (0/200), and "Purple Mirror" (0/300). He then activates the Spell "Cursed Fan Letter", changing all Attack Position Zombie monsters he controls with 0 ATK to face-up Defense Position to force Luke to send cards from his hand to the GY equal to the number of monsters whose battle position was changed and take 300 damage for each card sent. He changes "Hanako", "Chrysanthemum Doll", and "Purple Mirror" to Defense Position, and Luke sends "Dragon's Setupper", "Justice Dragon", and "Piercing!" to the GY (Luke: 4000 → 3100 LP). Luke's hand contains "Dragias the Striking Dragon". Ushiro Sets a card.

Turn 2: Luke

Luke draws "Dragon's Tenacity", "Dragonic Play", "Fire Dragon's Heatflash", and "Return of Dragon". As Luke controls no Spell/Trap Cards, Ushiro activates his Set Trap "Gradually Approaching Footsteps", looking at Luke's hand and Setting any number of Spells/Traps from Luke's hand to his field and inflicting 300 damage to Luke for each card Set this way. Ushiro Sets "Dragon's Tenacity", "Dragonic Play", and "Fire Dragon's Heatflash" (Luke: 3100 → 2200 LP).

Turn 3: Ushiro

Ushiro draws "Wicked Shadow - Dark Rooker", "Behind You!", "Dry Knock Sound", "Cursed Call Number", and "Witching Hour Chrysanthemum Doll". As Luke controls three Spells/Traps, Ushiro activates the Spell "Dry Knock Sound", destroying two Spells/Traps Luke controls, but Ushiro cannot declare an attack this turn. He destroys Luke's Set "Dragon's Tenacity" and "Fire Dragon's Heatflash". Ushiro Tributes "Chrysanthemum Doll" and "Purple Mirror" to Tribute Summon "Wicked Shadow - Dark Rooker" (100/2600). Ushiro activates the effect of "Dark Rooker", sending the top card of his Deck to the GY to destroy a Spell/Trap Luke controls, inflict 1000 damage to Luke, and then return "Dark Rooker" to his hand. He sends "Hanako's Right Behind You" to the GY, destroys Luke's Set "Dragonic Play" (Luke: 2200 → 1200 LP) and returns "Dark Rooker" to his hand. Ushiro Sets two cards.

Turn 4: Luke

Luke draws "Dragon's Upsetter", "Shocklead Dragon", and "Phoenix Dragon". As Luke drew a card, Ushiro activates his Set Trap "Cursed Call Number", inflicting 300 damage to Luke for each card he drew (Luke: 1200 → 300 LP), also if Luke attacks a monster Ushiro controls this turn, he must attack the monster Ushiro controls with the lowest Level. As Luke took effect damage, Ushiro activates his Set "Behind You!", Special Summoning a Zombie monster from his hand and switch its original ATK and DEF until the end of the turn. He Special Summons "Dark Rooker" (100/2600 → 2600/100). Luke Normal Summons "Dragon's Upsetter" (1000/0). As Luke controls no other monsters, he activates the effect of "Dragon's Upsetter", Special Summoning "Dragon's Setupper" from his GY in face-up Defense Position, but he cannot attack with Level 6 or lower monsters this turn. He Special Summons "Dragon's Setupper" (0/1000). Luke Normal Summons "Phoenix Dragon" (500/0). Luke activates the effect of "Phoenix Dragon", sending a card from his hand to the GY to add a Level 5 or higher Dragon monster from his GY to his hand. He sends "Return of Dragon" to the GY and adds "Justice Dragon" to his hand. Luke Tributes "Dragon's Upsetter" and "Dragon's Setupper" to Tribute Summon "Dragias the Striking Dragon" (2500/1500). Luke Tributes "Phoenix Dragon" to Tribute Summon "Justice Dragon" (1200/1200). Luke activates the effect of "Justice Dragon", returning two Dragon monsters from his GY to his Deck to treat "Justice Dragon" as two Tributes for the Tribute Summon of a Dragon monster this turn. He shuffles "Phoenix Dragon" and "Dragon's Upsetter" from his GY into his Deck. Luke Tributes "Justice Dragon" to Tribute Summon "Shocklead Dragon" (1600/2500). Luke activates the effect of "Shocklead Dragon", sending the top card of his Deck to the GY to decrease the ATK of the monster Ushiro controls with the highest ATK by the ATK of the monster Luke controls with the highest ATK, but "Shocklead Dragon" can only attack Attack Position monsters this turn. He sends "Dragon Bat" to the GY and decreases the ATK of "Dark Rooker" by the ATK of "Dragias" ("Dark Rooker": 2600/100 → 100/100). Luke activates the effect of "Dragias", sending the top card of his Deck to the GY to allow "Dragias" to declare a second attack this turn if it destroys a monster Ushiro controls by battle. He sends "Dragolite" to the GY. "Dragias" attacks and destroys "Hanako". "Shocklead Dragon" attacks and destroys "Dark Rooker" (Ushiro: 4000 → 2500 LP). "Dragias" attacks Ushiro directly (Ushiro: 2500 → 0 LP).

Featured Cards[edit]