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"The Man Who Possesses a Demon"
Rook glows with an aura as he claims to be possessed by a demon.
Rook glows with an aura as he claims to be possessed by a demon.
Japanese name
RōmajiAkuma o Kau Otoko
TranslatedThe Man Who Possesses a Demon
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Japanese OP"Nanananananana"
Japanese ED"Goha 7th Elementary School Song"
ScreenplayToshimitsu Takeuchi
Air dates
JapaneseApril 11, 2020
Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episodes (season 1)
Previous"Let's Go! Rush Duel!"
Next"Romin's Secret"

"The Man Who Possesses a Demon" is the second episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. It first aired in Japan on April 11, 2020.

After beating the Hologram Man, Yuga was able to install the Rush Duel program. However, Rook wants to keep this a secret from the Goha Corporation, while Yuga wants everyone to enjoy fun Duels. The two decide to settle this dispute with a Rush Duel.[1]


Rook walks straight into a wall, unaware the door is just a hologram.

In the Hologram Man's chamber, Yuga gasps that his Rush Dueling was installed as he looks into the light pouring from the door. Gakuto and Rook hold up their Duel Disks as Gakuto asks why all of their Duel Disks also change shape to match Yuga's, and Rook adds that their penalties have also disappeared, while behind them Romin holds up her smartphone and takes another picture. The voice of the Hologram Man declares that the door is now open, and he re-materializes by the door, telling the one who will become the King of Duels to follow the new road. Yuga and Rook collectively note that if one follows the road beyond the door, they can become the King of Duels. Yuga grins, and he tells Rook that someone like him should be the one to go, rather than him. Rook seems surprised by Yuga's endorsement, and he whispers Yuga's name. Yuga claims that he's not really suited to be a king, but before he can continue Rook walks forward, telling Yuga's he's got it. Gakuto and Romin aren't impressed, chastising Rook for deciding that too quickly. Rook walks forwards, thinking that he won't waste Yuga's feelings and he'll definitely become the King of Duels - and he walks right into an invisible wall, stubbornly trying to continue to take a step forward. Yuga pops up, pointing out that the door was just a hologram, and Gakuto asks where the path to become the King of Duels is. The Hologram Man tells them to find it themselves, declaring that the door has opened as he and the hologram of the door fade, leaving Rook with his face smushed against the Hologram Man's dais and commenting that was unexpected. Yuga asks Rook what the King of Duels is, and Gakuto and Romin agree that they don't even know what it is yet. Rook (with a bruised nose) turns back to them and explains that it's one who dictates the rules of the game and spreads them to Duelists all over the world. Romin asks if one would basically have to get everyone to Rush Duel, and Gakuto wonders how they would do that. Rook declares that for that they would have to get hired by the Goha Corporation, and he goes into an imagined scenario of Yuga becoming employed and sneaking Rook in (though Gakuto and Romin are skeptical). Rook claims that with his underhanded dealings they would get promoted to the managerial position in no time until finally getting the President's chair. Rook imagines an older Yuga granting him the seat, and asking Yuga if he was sure, then Yuga claiming as he had earlier that the position would not be for someone like him. Gakuto and Romin both criticize the speed of Rook's imagined decision again, but Rook isn't paying attention, declaring that if he became the President of Goha he would decide that everyone would play Rush Duels every day, imagining the people of Goha City chanting "All hail the King! Rush Duels are the greatest!" Rook declares that under the name of the Duel King, a new history of Dueling would begin. Romin asks if he's for real, and Gakuto admits that Rook might be. But Yuga isn't listening at all, he's already tinkering with the Goha Corporation Drone, commenting that it's surprisingly simple. Rook angrily asks if Yuga is listening, the Rush Duel has that kind of power and that's why they have to keep this between them until then. He asks everyone to make sure no-one finds out about tonight, and Yuga closes his mouth defiantly.

Rook drags Yuga under the table to try and keep Rush Dueling a secret.

Naturally, Yuga tells his friends about Rush Dueling at school the next day. Riku and Katsu are both impressed by the ability to install new rules. Yuga sheepishly claims it isn't something to be praised for, but Rook rockets into the class yelling Yuga's name. As Yuga greets him, Rook yanks him beneath the desk, protesting that he told Yuga to keep it a secret and warning him that Goha must have realized what happened yesterday, but their accounts haven't been banned yet. Romin leans over the behind them, whispering that this means Goha haven't realized it was them. Rook agrees, and he tells Yuga that this is their chance; if they tread carefully, they can take the Dueling world by storm because Yuga's Rush Dueling has that power. Yuga hesitantly protests that he didn't create Rush Dueling for something like that, much to Rook's surprise, and Yuga continues that he just wants to have fun Dueling with everyone. Rook grabs his shoulders and asks what he just sad, but Romin interrupts them, innocently that they settle their argument over Dueling with a Duel. Yuga and Rook both pop out from under the desk, and Rook protests that he told them to keep it a secret, but Yuga gets up and reassures him that it's fine, if they Rush Duel, then there's no way he can lose. Rook gets to his feet as well, and dramatically declares that he is Goha 7th Elementary's strongest Duelist and won't lose no matter the rules. Yuga's friends cheer, and Yuga tells Rook that's the spirit.

Rook uses his power again.

Out on the hexagonal Duel field, Yuga's friends wonder if they can finish the Duel before recess ends. Yuga reassures them that it's fine, and he straps on his Duel Disk, then inserts his Deck case, deploying the blade, which then shifts into the "7" shape. Yuga's friends are amazed by the new form of the Duel Disk, but then stop short in shock when they realize that a Goha Corporation Drone hasn't shown up. Rook declares that the influence of Rush Dueling is immeasurable and that's why they have to be careful about how they move forward, but Yuga replies that there always has to be a challenge; if Rook is too careful, then a new road will never open. Rook isn't pleased by the statement, but as they face off, Gakuto spontaneously appears between them and warns them that even if Goha aren't forbidding Rush Dueling, going even over a second over recess time will be considered against school regulations. Rook gasps Gakuto's title, and Yuga grins, stating that they'll be able to settle this before recess ends with a Rush Duel. Yuga's friends are all impressed and promptly whip out their smartphones to film the Rush Duel, but Rook scoffs and activates his power, glowing with a blue aura as everyone's phones deactivate. As they wonder what's going on, Romin notes that it's what happened before and Gakuto asks what that power is. Rook dramatically claims that this is because of the demon possessing him, which does bad things to machines. Only Yuga remains unimpressed, as he asks if it's the Pauli effect. Gakuto repeats the phrase, then he realizes that he's read about it before (as Ranze and Rinnosuke bring him a stack of books each). Gakuto explains that Wolfgang Pauli was a theoretical physicist who regularly had machines break around him, a phenomenon he dubbed the Pauli effect. Yuga points out that all of them were just coincidences. Rook chuckles as he takes off his watch and pockets it, thinking that he'll be able to keep Yuga's friends silent with a few rare cards. He straps on his Duel Disk and inserts his Deck case, deploying and transforming the blade, and both he and Yuga call "Let's go! Rush Duel!" and the green dome deploys around them.

Yuga's friends cheer him on as Yuga declares his turn and draws. Gakuto explains that players start with four cards in their hand, and the player who goes first can draw. Yuga Summons "Dark Sorcerer", and Gakuto announces the most important part of Rush Duels. Romin states that it's that players can Summon monsters as many times as they want. isn't it? Riku and Katsu are excited by the concept of making a Duel exciting right from the start, but Yuga doesn't Summon any other monsters and Romin asks why not. Gakuto suggests that Yuga must be aiming for something, and Yuga claims that of course there is a strategy behind it, though Rook suggests that Yuga might simply not have any monsters he can Summon. Yuga grins nervously, and Romin notes that Rook hit the mark there as Gakuto and Yuga's friends sigh in disappointment. Yuga Sets three cards and ends his turn.

"Dark Sorcerer" clashes with "Dragolite".

Rook declares his turn and draws, then Summons two "Twin-Edge Dragon" and "Dragolite". Riku and Katsu cheer as Gakuto is shocked that Rook Summoned three monsters at once, and Riku and Katsu state that's Rook for you; he's even better than the inventor of Rush Duels. Yuga nervously asks what's with them, but thinks that even so, Rook only has one 1500 ATK monster and two 1000 ATK monsters, so it's not that bad. But Rook laughs and he holds up the remaining two cards in his hand, claiming that he'll reduce Yuga's LP with these. He discards "Dragon's Priestess" and "Dragon Bat" to activate the effects of his "Twin-Edge Dragons", allowing them to attack twice this turn. Yuga gasps in shock, and Rook orders "Dragolite" to attack "Dark Sorcerer". As "Dragolite" flies forwards, Gakuto gasps that they both have 1500 ATK and "Dark Sorcerer" meets "Dragolite's" charge with a punch to the horn, shattering both monsters into colored particles. Rook then orders both of his "Twin-Edges" to attack, and Romin gasps that Yuga only had one monster. Rook orders "Twin-Edge" to charge through, and one of them breathes a spurt of fire at Yuga that engulfs him and reduces his LP to 3000. Rook adds that the effect of "Twin-Edge Dragon" allows it to attack again, and it hovers closer to Yuga and breathes another spurt of fire at him, reducing him to 2000 LP. Rook then attacks with the other "Twin-Edge" and Gakuto gasps that Yuga will lose if he takes this continuous attack, but while Romin is fearful for Yuga, Riku and Katsu are enamoured by the speed of the Duel and can't take their eyes off. Yuga agrees, the breakneck speed from the start that leads to excitement is what makes Rush Dueling the greatest.

Rook recounts Dueling in adult Duel Centers.

But as the second "Twin-Edge" lances towards Yuga, he warns them that it won't end that easily, and he activates his Trap Card "Curtain of Sparks", which will reduce the ATK of "Twin-Edge" by 500. "Twin-Edge" decreases to 500 ATK and breathes another spurt of fire that engulfs Yuga, reducing him to 1500 LP, and then another, reducing him to 1000 LP. Gakuto tells Yuga that he survived through an utter pinch, and Rook grins as he ends his turn, returning the ATK of "Twin-Edge Dragon" to normal. Romin notes that Yuga was able to survive, and Gakuto declares that Rook is strong. Yuga admits that it's as expected of Goha 7th Elementary's best Duelist. Rook declares that he'll tell them since they're dying to know, much to Yuga's surprise, and Rook declares that he will reveal the source of his strength. Yuga is lost for words, and Romin dismissively points out that no-one asked. Rook, glowing with his blue aura, declares that a year ago the demon appeared and started destroying all the machines of the world; a camera, a card checkpoint, and even a Goha Drone. Rook claims that he realized that this demon was a special power bestowed upon him, and he disguised himself and used his power to enter Duel Centers that only adults could enter, polishing his skills against adult opponents. It was hard, but he never lost, and this was how he acquired skills that surpass even grown-ups (though the flashbacks show that Rook clearly lost at least some of his Duels). But everyone just thinks that Rook basically got stronger due to practice.

Yuga declares his turn and draws four cards. Riku and Katsu are surprised to see him draw so many cards and wonder if they fell asleep while Rook was talking. Yuga reassures them that they didn't, and Gakuto pops up to explain that in a Rush Duel, players can draw until they hold five cards in their hand. Riku realizes that this means that there is always a chance for a comeback, and Yuga confirms that's right; no matter the pinch they are facing, they can always cut through a road to victory. That's a Rush Duel. He Summons three monsters this time; "Child of Wind, Cyc", "Mystic Dealer" and "Stray Familiar". He then sends a card from his hand to the Graveyard ("Hydro Magician") to activate the effect of "Mystic Dealer", drawing another card, before Tributing "Mystic Dealer" to Tribute Summon the Level 6 "Windcaster Torna". This allows him to activate the effect of "Cyc", returning "Dark Sorcerer" to his hand. Declaring that all his preparations are complete, Yuga Tributes two monsters to Tribute Summon, yellow light bursting out from behind him as he chants "Walls, and mountains, and planets block your path! Cut open your road and push on! Let's go! Sevens Road Magician!"

Yuga changes one of Rook's "Twin-Edge Dragons" to Defense Position.

Rook declares that it's here, and Yuga sends a card from his hand to the Graveyard to activate the effect of "Torna", changing one of Rook's "Twin-Edge Dragons" to Defense Position. As "Twin-Edge Dragon" curls up, Rook gasps "What?" and Romin whispers "Defense Position?" Gakuto explains that monsters in Attack Position battle using their ATK, while in Defense Position they use their DEF, but when a monster in Defense Position battles, the controller will take no damage. Romin sighs and asks if that means there was no point to Yuga's move. Rook asks what Yuga is aiming for, and Yuga activates one of his Set cards, the Spell Card "Piercing!", which will allow "Sevens Road Magician" to inflict piercing battle damage when it attacks this turn. Rook gasps in shock, and Riku and Katsu note that "Sevens Road" has 2100 ATK, while "Twin-Edge Dragon" has 0 DEF, and Gakuto declares that Rook will take damage equal to the ATK of "Sevens Road". Rook looks worried as Yuga adds that "Sevens Road" also has an effect to increase its ATK by the number of different Attributes in his Graveyard, and Romin recalls that it's the same effect Yuga used yesterday. Yuga states that right now he has four different monster Attributes in his Graveyard, and Gakuto lists them; DARK, WATER, EARTH and WIND, while Romin notes that "Sevens Road" will gain 300 x 4 ATK, 1200, for a total of 3300. Katsu notes that that if Yuga attacks the Attack Position "Twin-Edge" with "Torna", he'll inflict 600 damage to Rook, and if the full ATK of "Sevens Road" is inflicted to him, the total damage will be 3900. Rook states that there's more, and Yuga grins that Rook noticed. Gakuto agrees; in order to activate the effect of "Sevens Road", Yuga must send the top card of his Deck to his Graveyard, and if he sends a LIGHT or FIRE Attribute... Yuga finishes that his victory will be decided right here. Rook grits his teeth as Yuga sends the top card of his Deck to the Graveyard to activate the effect of "Sevens Road", declaring "Elemental Road" and telling the card to come.

Yuga sends a Spell Card, missing his chance at a victory.

But he's got a Spell Card, "Recovery Force", and Riku gasps that it's not a monster. Romin asks what happened, and Gakuto notes that Yuga was so close to finishing the Duel this turn as "Sevens Road Magician" increases to 3300 ATK. Yuga is disappointed, but figures he'll just reduce the remaining 100 LP on his next turn. He orders "Torna" and "Sevens Road" to attack, and "Torna" destroys one "Twin-Edge Dragon" with a sphere of green energy, reducing Rook to 3400 LP, then "Sevens Road" ignites its sword and blasts fire at the other than engulfs Rook, reducing him to 100 LP. Rook warns Yuga that he'll make him regret not defeating him this turn. Yuga ends his turn, and the ATK of "Sevens Road" returns to 2100.

Rook Tribute Summons "Rush Dragon Dragears".

Rook declares his turn and draws five cards, before Summoning "Dragon Bat" and "Palm-Sized Drago". Then he Tributes them both to Tribute Summon, chanting "Right now, seven supernovae are going gamma-ray burst in my galaxy! Even if you say stop, it's too late! Even if you say stop, it's too late! There's a reason I said that twice. Now, come out! Rush Dragon Dragears!" "Dragears" appears with 2500 ATK, and Gakuto stammers its name. Romin realizes what the name refers to, as does Yuga, who asks if it can attack multiple times with that ATK. Rook confirms that it does, explaining that by sending the top card of his Deck to the Graveyard ("Fire Guardian", he can activate the "Gears Charge" effect of "Dragears". When "Dragears" destroys a monster by battle, it can attack again. Yuga gasps "What?!" but then looks at his Duel Disk; he still has the Trap Card "Dark Liberation", which will allow him to destroy all of Rook's monsters when he attacks. But Rook laughs, apologizing, but he'll have to destroy Yuga's Set card. He activates the Spell Card "Fire Dragon's Heatflash" with the dragon's authority, burning Yuga's Set card to cinders. Rook orders "Dragears" to attack "Torna" with "Striking Light Bullet of Explosive Supremacy". The orbs on "Dragears'" body glow green, and blast from its body, coalescing and slamming into "Torna", destroying it and reducing Yuga to 100 LP. Rook reminds Yuga that "Dragears" will attack again due to its effect, and "Dragears" glows with flame as the orbs on its body glow red this time and it releases orbs of flame as Rook declares "Dragon King Strike of Annihilative Supremacy". The fire blows away "Sevens Road Magician" and blasts Yuga backwards, reducing his LP to zero. Riku, Gakuto, Katsu and Romin all gasp in shock as Yuga hits the ground and the green dome dissipates in hexagonal sections.

Yuga's modified Drone reveals itself.

Rook grins and the blade on his Duel Disk retracts, while Katsu gasps Yuga's name. But Yuga just laughs, before sitting up with tears down his cheeks. Riku admits that it can't be helped, even if he lost with his own rules. Katsu states that the Rush Duel was really fun, and Riku agrees that it was exciting from start to finish. Rook walks up to Yuga, telling him that he has to keep his promise now. Romin states that it's already become the main talking point on the net, much to Rook's shock. Comments and likes are pouring in on a video of Yuga and Rook's Rush Duel, and Rook immediately walks over to Romin and angrily asks why she did it. Romin protests that it wasn't her, and Rook realizes that it must have been Yuga. Yuga innocently pops up and points out that there's something behind Gakuto - it's the Drone that discovered them the previous night, but now with blue engine pods and several additions to its casing. It declares that the livestream is complete, and Yuga tells the drone that it did a good job and can go now. The Drone politely thanks them and flies away. Romin realizes that the Drone is obeying Yuga, and Gakuto asks incredulously if Yuga modified it. Yuga claims that it was way easier than modifying his Duel Disk. Gakuto freaks, asking what Yuga has done, and Rook asks if Yuga just broadcasted their Rush Duel using that Drone. Yuga cheerfully confirms that he did, and Rook asks him if he understands what he's done; now Goha will know everything about Rush Duels and what they did. Yuga admits that they likely will, and Romin and Gakuto both worry about Goha banning their accounts if Goha find out, and Rook adds that it's not just that, but Yuga was only just able to install Rush Dueling, and now Goha could delete it. But Yuga tells Rook to look at his friends, and he states that all over the world, people are starting to enjoy Rush Duels, and everyone enjoying Rush Duels is the way it should be. He won't give up even if Rush Duels do get deleted, because he'll just install it again and again. After all, without challengers, how could you call it a new road? Gakuto whispers Yuga's name, and Rook looks at Romin, admitting that he thinks Yuga is right. Rook might have won the Duel, but in the end he thinks that Yuga is the winner. Yuga laughs as the sun shines on him.

President Goha is amused by the installation of Rush Dueling.

With recess at an end, Gakuto hurries everyone back to class. Rook then wonders if Yuga let him win, and Rook declares that he sees; Yuga was trying to correct his path through the Duel. Yuga nervously laughs, and Rook declares that it's as expected of the man he put his trust in and laughs heartily as he tells Yuga that he's something else, while off to the side, Gakuto and Romin admit that Yuga probably lost for real.

At the Goha Corportation Main Building, the employees are being inundated with inquires about the Rush Dueling rules that were installed by a user. One staffer asks President Goha what they should do, but Goha just laughs and enters his office, leaving the staffer calling after him. Goha sits at his desk and an old rotary phone emerges from his desk ringing loudly. Goha answers the phone and a girl politely tells him that Rush Dueling is really fun. Goha just chuckles again, much to the girl's surprise.

Featured Duel: Yuga Ohdo vs Tatsuhisa "Rook" Kamijo[edit]

Yuga VS Rook.png

The Duel is conducted as a Rush Duel.

Turn 1: Yuga
Yuga Normal Summons "Dark Sorcerer" (1500/0). Yuga Sets three cards.

Turn 2: Rook
Rook Normal Summons "Dragolite" (1500/0) and 2 copies of "Twin-Edge Dragon" (1000/0). Rook activates the effects of both "Twin-Edge Dragons", sending a card from his hand to the GY to allow each "Twin Edge Dragon" to attack twice this turn. He sends "Dragon's Priestess" and "Dragon Bat". "Dragolite" attacks "Dark Sorcerer", and both monsters are destroyed in a Double KO. The first "Twin-Edge Dragon" attacks Yuga directly twice (Yuga 4000 → 3000 → 2000). The second "Twin-Edge Dragon" attacks Yuga directly, but Yuga activates his Set Trap Card "Curtain of Sparks", reducing the ATK of "Twin-Edge Dragon" by 500 until the end of the turn ("Twin-Edge Dragon": 1000 → 500 ATK). The attacks continue (Yuga 2000 → 1500 → 1000).

Turn 3: Yuga
Yuga Normal Summons "Child of Wind, Cyc" (400/600), "Mystic Dealer" (1000/0), and "Stray Familiar" (0/1400). Yuga activates the effect of "Mystic Dealer", sending a Spellcaster monster from his hand to the GY to draw a card. He sends "Hydro Magician". Yuga Tributes "Mystic Dealer" to Tribute Summon "Windcaster Torna" (1600/1000). As he controls another WIND Spellcaster monster, Yuga activates the effect of "Cyc", adding 1 Level 4 or lower Spellcaster monster from his GY to his hand. He adds "Dark Sorcerer". Yuga Tributes "Stray Familiar" and "Cyc" to Tribute Summon "Sevens Road Magician" (2100/1500). Yuga activates the effect of "Windcaster Torna", sending 1 card from his hand to the GY to change the battle position of "Twin-Edge Dragon".[Note 1] Yuga activates his Set Spell Card "Piercing!", allowing a monster he controls to inflict piercing battle damage this turn. He chooses "Sevens Road Magician". Yuga activates the effect of "Sevens Road Magician", sending a card from the top of his Deck to his GY to increase the ATK of "Sevens Road Magician" by 300 times the number of Attributes in his GY until the end of the turn. He sends "Recovery Force", so he has four Attributes in his GY (WIND, EARTH, WATER and DARK; "Sevens Road Magician": 2100 → 3300 ATK). "Windcaster Torna" attacks and destroys the Attack Position "Twin-Edge Dragon" (Rook 4000 → 3400). "Sevens Road Magician" attacks and destroys the Defense Position "Twin-Edge Dragon" (Rook 3400 → 100). During the End Phase, the effect of "Sevens Road Magician" wears off ("Sevens Road Magician": 3300 → 2100 ATK).

Turn 4: Rook
Rook Normal Summons "Dragon Bat" (1000/400) and "Palm-Sized Drago" (0/1400). Rook Tributes "Dragon Bat" and "Palm-Sized Drago" to Tribute Summon "Rush Dragon Dragears" (2500/1500). Rook activates the effect of "Dragears", sending a card form the top of his Deck to the GY to allow "Dragears" to attack a second time this turn if it destroys a monster by battle. He sends "Fire Guardian". As he controls a Dragon monster, Rook activates the Spell Card "Fire Dragon's Heatflash", to destroy 1 Spell/Trap Yuga controls. He destroys Yuga's Set "Dark Liberation". "Dragears" attacks and destroys "Torna" (Yuga 1000 → 100) and "Sevens Road Magician" (Yuga 100 → 0).

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.

Yuga Ohdo
Yuga Ohdo (Gakuto's imagination)


  1. "The card is later shown to be "Dark Sorcerer" when the contents of Yuga's GY are examined.


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