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Direct attack



Japanese (ruby)


Japanese (base text)


Japanese (romanized)

Chokusetsu Kōgeki

Base text (anime)


Romanized (anime)

Dairekuto Atakku


direct attack

A direct attack (Japanese: ちょくせつこうげき Chokusetsu Kōgeki) is attack that targets a player instead of a monster.

A successful direct attack inflicts battle damage to the attacked player equal to the attacking monster's ATK. When a monster declares an attack, it can choose the opponent as its target (i.e. declare a direct attack) if the opponent does not control any monsters.

Some card effects allow monsters to attack directly even when the opponent controls a monster. The "Earthbound Immortal" monsters are a notable group of monsters with such an effect.

The term "Direct Damage" was historically used to refer to both battle damage from direct attacks and effect damage. The term is no longer used.

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