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Advanced Format


Advanced Format

In the TCG, the Advanced Format is the official format used at Regional, National, and World Championship Events. The Advanced Format includes the Forbidden List, the Limited List, and the Semi-Limited List.

The Forbidden List was first created in the TCG in October 2004, to prevent cards from being used in tournaments that were either too powerful, had no drawbacks, or ended games too quickly. One of the most infamous One Turn Kills/First Turn Kills dealt with involved "Magical Scientist" and "Catapult Turtle". Other overpowered Deck builds at the time, such as the "Last Turn" OTK and "Tsukuyomi" Lockdown, have also been addressed in later Advanced Format revisions, with further lists tackling Goat Control and the Chaos Series.

Following the inception of the Advanced Format, the Traditional Format was established, in which Forbidden cards are only Limited. This gave players the option to continue playing with Forbidden cards.

The OCG does not use the term "Advanced Format", though its official tournament format also includes all three lists. Prior to September 2013, the TCG and OCG official tournament lists were largely similar if not identical. Starting in September 2013, the lists for the two regions have dramatically diverged.