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In Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links, Limited 1 cards are cards that players are allowed only a total of one of in their Main Deck, Side Deck, and Extra Deck combined.

Unlike the Limited status in the OCG and TCG, only one card out of all Limited 1 cards can be used in the same Deck.

These cards are Limited 1 as of March 24, 2020.

Monster Cards[edit]

 Japanese namePrimary typeSecondary typeAttributeTypeLevel/
Dyna, Hero Fur Hireくうだんごうけつ ダイナEffect MonsterEARTHBeast-Warrior625001400
Gem-Knight Lady Lapis Lazuliジェムナイトレディ・ラピスラズリFusion MonsterEARTHRock524001000
Invoked CocytusしょうかんじゅうコキュートスFusion MonsterWATERDragon618002900
Koa'ki Meiru Maximusコアキメイル・マキシマムEffect MonsterWINDDragon830002500
Woodland Spriteリーフ・フェアリーEffect MonsterEARTHPlant3900400

Spell Cards[edit]

 Japanese nameProperty
Golden Bamboo SwordがねいろたけみつNormal Spell Card
Restructer RevolutionかくめいNormal Spell Card
That Grass Looks GreenerとなりしばNormal Spell Card

Trap Cards[edit]

 Japanese nameProperty
Amazoness OnslaughtアマゾネスのきゅうしゅうContinuous Trap Card
Champion's VigilanceおうじゃかんCounter Trap Card
MassivemorphだいNormal Trap Card
The Sanctified Darklordしんぞくてん使Normal Trap Card