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Duel winner
"Final Countdown", an example of a Duel winner card.
"Final Countdown", an example of a Duel winner card.

Anime appearances

Manga appearances

Duel winners are a series of cards whose text mentions certain unique conditions that can allow a player to automatically win a Duel.

Cards that give the user a victory condition[edit]

  • "Final Countdown": This card requires a cost of 2000 Life Points to activate. 20 turns after its activation, you win the Duel. This card is currently Limited in the TCG only.
  • "Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord": This card sends 1 monster from your hand or Deck to the Graveyard each time it attacks. If five different "Forbidden One" monsters are in your Graveyard that were sent there by this card's effect, you win the Duel. (In the anime, the five "Forbidden One" monsters could be in the Graveyard by any method, not necessarily needing to be sent by this card's effect.)
  • "Number 88: Gimmick Puppet of Leo": This card can gain a Destiny Counter once per turn by detaching one of its three Xyz Materials, but in order to do so, you must have no cards in your Spell & Trap Card Zone and must skip that turn's Battle Phase. If this card has three Destiny Counters on it, you win the Duel. (In the anime, this card could detach one of its Xyz Materials once per turn with no restrictions, and it allowed its controller to win the Duel if it detached all of its Xyz Materials by its own effect, with no Counters involved.)
  • "Number C88: Gimmick Puppet Disaster Leo": Once per turn, you can detach an Xyz Material from this card to inflict 1000 damage to the opponent. During your End Phase, if this card has no Xyz Materials while the opponent has 2000 or fewer Life Points, you win the Duel. (In the anime, the damage was 4000 instead of 1000, and it allowed its controller to win the Duel if it had no Xyz Materials at the end of a turn, with no requirement on the opponent's Life Points.)
  • "Jackpot 7": This card banishes itself when sent to the Graveyard by your opponent's card effect. When three "Jackpot 7" are banished by this effect, you win the Duel.
  • "F.A. Winners": If your "F.A." monster that has increased its Level by 5 destroys a monster and inflicts battle damage to your opponent, you can banish 1 card from your hand, field or Graveyard. This card allows you to win the Duel if you banish 3 "F.A." Field Spells this way.
  • "Flying Elephant": If this card avoids destruction by an opponent's card effect with its own effect, then inflicts battle damage to your opponent by a direct attack next turn, you win the Duel.
  • "Exodia, the Legendary Defender": If this card Summoned by its own effect destroys a DARK Fiend monster that is owned by your opponent by battle, you win the Duel.

In a video game only[edit]

Cards that give both players a victory condition[edit]

  • "Last Turn": You must have 1000 or fewer Life Points to activate this card. When activated, you choose one monster you control, and all other cards on the field and in both players' hands are sent to the Graveyard. Your opponent then Special Summons a monster from their Deck. A special Battle Phase occurs in which the two monsters battle and battle damage is ignored. The player whose monster remains alone on the field at the End Phase of this turn wins the Duel. This card is currently Forbidden.

In the anime only[edit]

  • "Deuce": This card allows either player to win the Duel if they damage the opponent twice in a row; however, only one monster per player may attack per turn.
  • "Draw of Fate": This card negates an opponent's attack and then has both players draw 1 card. Whoever has not used their drawn card by the End Phase loses the Duel.

Cards that give the opponent a victory condition[edit]

  • "True Exodia": If the only monsters on the field are this card and 4 "Forbidden One" Normal Monsters with different names, the opponent of this card's controller wins the Duel.
  • "Relay Soul": This card allows you to Special Summon a monster from your hand, and prevents all damage to you while it stays face-up, but if it leaves the field, then your opponent wins the Duel. (In the anime, this card activated when the user's Life Points became 0 and prevented the user from losing, instead giving the opponent the only way to win the Duel of destroying the Special Summoned monster.)
  • "Final Draw": This Skill gains a counter once per turn, and when it has 3 counters, it gives you the option to replace any draw you would perform with searching any card from the Deck. However, at the end of the turn in which you use this ability, you lose the Duel. Being a Skill, this card is only usable in the Speed Duel format.

In the anime only[edit]

In the manga only[edit]

  • "Zero Gate of the Void": Similar to the anime effect of "Relay Soul", this card Special Summons "Void Ogre Dragon" when the player's Life Points hit 0 while their hand and field are empty, and gives the opponent the only way to win the Duel of destroying "Void Ogre Dragon".

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  • When successfully pulling off an alternate victory condition in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Tag Force series of video games, the game will display the text (for example) 'You won using the effects of "Exodia the Forbidden One".' Strictly speaking, this is not accurate as victory conditions are not card effects (which can be negated) but rather conditions (which cannot). This text error occurs even in the original Japanese versions of the games.