Phantasm Spiral

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Phantasm Spiral
"Phantasm Spiral Dragon"
  • げんおうりゅう
  • 幻煌龍 (base)
  • げんおうりゅう (ruby)
  • Gen'ōryū (romanized)
  • Phantasm Dragon (translated)

  • Spirale Spectre

  • Phantasmaspiral

  • Spirale Fantasmatica

  • 환황룡
  • Hwanhwangnyong (romanized)

  • Fantasma Espiral

  • Fantasma Espiral


"Phantasm Spiral", known as "Phantasm Dragon" (げんおうりゅう Gen'ōryū) in the OCG, is an archetype that debuted in Maximum Crisis.


The kingpin of the archetype, "Phantasm Spiral Dragon", is a retrained version of "Spiral Serpent". The flavor text of the former explains that the monster has survived through countless battles, which are shown in the artworks of the archetype's Spell/Trap Cards, displaying several instances of "Spiral" fighting the "Atlantean" and "Fire King" monsters. The names of the Trap Cards, all containing "whirlpool", reflect the attack of "Sea Serpent" described in its flavor text.

Playing style[edit]

The archetype is heavily spearheaded by "Phantasm Spiral Dragon". Its support cards revolve around quickly Special Summoning it and supporting Normal Monsters, with the option of trying to achieve a victory condition with "Phantasm Spiral Assault".

A basic build of the Deck would include several Normal Monsters and support for them, as well as anti-Effect Monster cards, such as "Heat Wave" and "Skill Drain". The archetype also includes Equip Spell Cards which are key cards to the Deck, so cards such as "Hidden Armory" can help boost the Deck's speed. The Trap Cards of this archetype can be activated from the hand while "Umi" is face-up on the field, so using these cards as lynchpins in an "Umi" Deck is very effective (even though "Spiral" itself does not get the ATK boost).

Recommended cards[edit]

Example Decks[edit]


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