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"Ghostrick" monsters in the artwork of "Ghostrick Parade".
"Ghostrick" monsters in the artwork of "Ghostrick Parade".
  • ゴーストリック
  • Gōsutorikku (romanized)
  • Fantôruse
  • Geistertrick
  • Fantasmatrucco
  • 고스트릭
  • Goseuteurik (romanized)
  • Fantardil
  • Fantastruco
Anime appearances

"Ghostrick" (ゴーストリック Gōsutorikku) is an archetype of monsters that debuted in Shadow Specters. All of its members are DARK monsters, whereas their Type varies between Fiend, Spellcaster, Zombie, and Fairy.



"Ghostrick" monsters are based on, and named after, various characters of folklore and Halloween monsters.


"Ghostrick" is a portmanteau of the words "ghost" and "trick".


Main Deck[edit]

Ghostrick Origin
Doll Bisque doll
Fairy Fairy
Ghoul Ghoul
Jackfrost Jack Frost
Jiangshi Jiangshi
Lantern Jack-o'-lantern
Mary Bloody Mary
Mummy Mummy
Nekomusume Nekomusume
Siren Siren
Skeleton Grim Reaper
Specter Ghost
Stein Frankenstein's monster
Warwolf Werewolf
Witch Witch
Yeti Yeti
Yuki-onna Yuki-onna

Extra Deck[edit]

Ghostrick Origin
Alucard Count Alucard / Dracula
Angel of Mischief Fallen angel
Dullahan Dullahan
Festival Festival
Socuteboss Succubus

Playing style[edit]

All of the Main Deck monsters have a common effect:

"Cannot be Normal Summoned, unless you control a "Ghostrick" monster. Once per turn: You can change this card to face-down Defense Position".

Also, the Xyz Monsters, except for "Ghostrick Socuteboss" and "Ghostrick Angel of Mischief", share the following common effect:

"If this card is sent to the Graveyard: You can target 1 other "Ghostrick" card in your Graveyard; add that target to your hand".

The Levels and Ranks of "Ghostrick" monsters range from 1-4, with their Types differing based on their Level/Rank, being Fiend, Spellcaster, Zombie, and Fairy respectively.

They feature a variety of effects, mostly revolving around flipping monsters face-down (both yours and your opponent's) and protecting themselves as long as they are face-down. The three strata of monsters each follow a set of general effect guidelines:

  • The Fiend Level 1 monsters have effects that trigger while in the hand, and they react to destruction, attacks and damage, providing bonuses and acting like hand traps; design-wise, they share a prankster, infantile appearance, maybe hinting to the "tricks" they play against the attacks of the opponent's monsters.
  • The Spellcaster Level 2 monsters have effects related to Battle Position control, allowing its controller to search for a monster or stall the opponent's moves; they share a feminine, delicate, appearance.
  • The Zombie Level 3 monsters all provide useful bonuses while they are face-up or when flipped face-up. Their effects range from searching to burning, or even milling the opponent's deck or giving bulk to a "Ghostrick" monster; their motif is basically of male figures of Halloween and Folklore.

The deck's main goal is to produce strong attackers over a prolonged game, which can attack directly using the field spells "Ghostrick Mansion", "Ghostrick Museum" though the archetype also contains elements of milling, burning, lockdwn and most recently an Alternative Win Condition.

Most of the Ghostrick monsters aren't strong by themselves, thus they're left relying heavily on getting "Ghostrick Mansion" on the board as soon as possible in order to launch several consecutive direct attacks early in the game. Since "Mansion" also protects any face-down monsters from attacks, it is easy to repeatedly activate Ghostrick monster's effects like "Ghostrick Jiangshi" and "Ghostrick Witch". "Ghostrick Scare", "Floodgate Trap Hole" and "Swords of Concealing Light" are also useful in this deck to provide disruptions and lockdown.

The support provided by the on-theme Spell/Trap Cards is also diverse, with effects that range from protecting "Ghostrick" monsters from targeting and destroying effects, switching the battle position of opposing monsters, reviving "Ghostrick" monsters and locking the opponent from Flip Summoning. The only Spell Cards of the Deck is a trio of Field Spell Cards that share the common effect of allowing a player from attacking direcly if all opposing monsters are in face-down Defense Position. They can either search for resources, halve the battle damage and manipulating the battle position of the opponent's monsters.

Recommended cards[edit]

Ghostrick Burn[edit]

This Deck focus on lock your opponent's moves and causing effect damage. "Ghostrick Museum" is the only recommended Field as it's the only to not affect the damage.

Ghostrick Mill[edit]

This Deck focus on milling your opponent's Deck and win by Deck out. "Ghostrick Parade" is the only recommended Field because of its searching effect and damage to your opponent is unecessary. Note that sending cards to your opponent's Graveyard may help their strategy, so "Ghostrick Skeleton" and "Masked HERO Dark Law" are used to banish the cards instead.

"Ghostrick" Deck recipes sample[edit]


Despite this archetype's unorthodox "bait and switch"—like tactics, "Ghostricks" have many weaknesses.


  • The "Ghostrick" monsters' battle-flipping effects resemble the activities of children pranksters or mischievous spirits: popping out and scaring people, then running away and hiding. This is underscored by the archetype name "Ghostrick" a blatant portmanteau of the words "ghost" and "trick".
  • The "Ghostrick" archetype was originally released in Shadow Specters, which debuted in the U.S. in November 2013, and may have been intended to coincide with the celebration of Halloween. The "Ghostrick" monsters are largely based on mythological creatures that children in the western world would dress up as for Halloween (witch, ghost, Jack-O'-Lantern, Frankenstein's Monster, Mummy, etc.), and their playstyle (as described above) mirrors the tradition of trick-or-treating.
  • "Ghostrick" monsters' artworks share the background scheme with the "Lightsworns", as they have the same concept of patterning.