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This article is about the gameplay term. For other uses, see Zone (disambiguation).

The Zones as featured on a playmat: Main Monster Zones Spell & Trap Zones (Pendulum Zones) Field Zone Graveyard Zone Extra Deck Zone Deck Zone Extra Monster Zones
The Zones as featured on a playmat:

  1. Main Monster Zones
  2. Spell & Trap Zones (Pendulum Zones)
  3. Field Zone
  4. Graveyard Zone
  5. Extra Deck Zone
  6. Deck Zone
  7. Extra Monster Zones

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A zone (Japanese: ゾーン Zōn) is any tile for a card(s) on a playmat. Each side features 16 zones, divided into 5 columns of 2 zones each with 2 end columns with 3 zones each.

The top left zone is the Field Zone, where the player's Field Spell Cards are played. The bottom zone is the Extra Deck Zone (formerly: Fusion Deck Zone), where the player's Extra Deck is placed.

The top right zone is the Graveyard Zone, where the player's Graveyard is placed. The bottom is the Deck Zone, where the player's Main Deck is placed.

The upper row of five central zones are Main Monster Zones, where Monster Cards are played; the lower row of five central zones are Spell & Trap Zones, where Spell and Trap Cards are played. The leftmost and rightmost is also used as the Pendulum Zones.

Between each player's field on the 2nd and 4th columns, are the 2 Extra Monster Zones. These Zones are exclusively used for playing monster from the Extra Deck.

There is no Zone where banished cards are placed, so it does not appear on the playmat. However, in video games, where it is sometimes caled the "Removed from Play Zone" or the "Banished Zone", and actual use, it is typically located to the right of the Graveyard Zone.

Each vertical line of Zones stretching from one player's Spell & Trap Zone to their opponent's constitutes a column; there are five columns on the field.

Master Rule 3[edit]

The middle zones of the left and rightmost columns are the player's two Pendulum Zones, introduced in Starter Deck 2014. with the blue Pendulum Zone on the left and the red Pendulum Zone on the right, where the player's Pendulum Monsters are played as Spell Cards.