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A lingering effect[1][2] is an unofficial term used to describe the results of a card effect that has already been resolved or applied but may still have an effect at some future time. It is not a type of effect, but the result of an effect. Even if the effects of the card that caused the lingering effect are later negated, any lingering effects it has already applied are unaffected. The term "lingering effect" was used in Upper Deck Company rulings, but has never been officially used by Konami and there is no known official term to describe these effect results.

Some examples of cards with lingering effects are as follows:

Token Monsters are always Normal Monsters and never have any effects of their own; however, the card that Summons the Token Monsters may apply a lingering effect to them. For example, "Cobra Jar" Special Summons 2 "Poisonous Snake Tokens", which, when destroyed, cause the opponent to take 500 damage; this is a lingering effect of "Cobra Jar", not an effect of the Tokens themselves. Despite this, many video games list these lingering effects in the card text of Token Monsters themselves.

Since a lingering effect has already been applied, even if a card affected by a lingering effect later becomes unaffected by card effects, the lingering effect still applies to that card. For example, if "Limiter Removal" affects a Machine-Type monster, but it later becomes unaffected by card effects (e.g. due to the effect of "Number 81: Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Super Dora"), it is still destroyed during the End Phase. However, if the monster cannot be destroyed by card effects, it cannot be destroyed even by a lingering effect.


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