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Leaves the field


Leave the field

"Reborn Tengu", a card whose effect activates when it leaves the field

Leaves the field (Japanese: フィールドからはなれた Fīrudo kara hanareta, lit. "removed from the field"), formerly known as removed from the field (Japanese: フィールドじょうからはなられた Fīrudo-jō kara hanareta, lit. "removed from the field"), refers to when a card is moved from the field to a different place. Cards on the field that have become Xyz Materials are not considered to leave the field even though they are no longer treated as cards on the field after that change.[1][2] If a Token Monster would leave the field, it is simply removed from the game, but it is still considered to leave the field.

From September 1, 2011 onward, when a card on the field is moved into the Main Deck, that card cannot activate its "leaves the field" effect.[3][4] However, any effects or conditions that card has that apply when it "leaves the field" that do not use a Chain will still be applied.[5] Additionally, if a card is banished face-down, it cannot activate its "leaves the field" effect. If a card or effect can be activated when another card(s) leaves the field, it can be activated even if the card that left the field is shuffled into the Main Deck.

If a card is affected by an effect that would apply or activate when it leaves the field, that effect will not apply if that card leaves the field while face-down.

While uncommon, some cards and effects do describe a card leaving a particular zone (e.g. "leaves your Monster Zone or Pendulum Zone").


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