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Normal draw



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Tsūjō no Dorō


normal draw

A normal draw is the draw that the player is required to conduct at the start of the Draw Phase. The player draws a single card for their normal draw, unless a card effect states otherwise.

Unless a card effect states otherwise, the normal draw is the first action conducted during the Draw Phase. Unless a card's activation timing is specifically before the normal draw (such as "Diabolos, King of the Abyss" or "Magical Blast"), a Chain cannot be started before the normal draw.

Some cards (such as "Magical Blast") allow the player to give up their normal draw in order to activate an effect. These effects activate at the timing at which the player would normally conduct their normal draw.

If a player would draw (either as their normal draw or due to a card effect) but has no cards left in their Deck, they lose the Duel.