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"The Lady Who Loved Heavy Cavalry"
Asana with R6.
Asana with R6.
Japanese name
RōmajiJūkimezuru Himegimi
TranslatedThe Lady Who Loved Heavy Cavalry
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Japanese OP"Nanananananana"
Japanese ED"Goha 7th Elementary School Song"
ScreenplayAya Matsui
Air dates
JapaneseJanuary 16, 2021
Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episodes (season 1)
Previous"Rebelli-Ant Is Mine"
Next"Goha 6th Elementary School"
Featured card

"The Lady Who Loved Heavy Cavalry" is the thirty-second episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. It first aired in Japan on January 16, 2021.

A roaring sound echoes through the grounds of the Dark Rush Duel Tournament! The Heavy Cavalry Duel Club led by Asana Mutsuba, who appears with her crimson Heavy Cavalry, tries to catch everyone present for disrupting the order of Goha 6th. In order to win the freedom of Rush Dueling at Goha 6th, Yuga challenges Asana to a Duel, but Asana makes an unexpected move!


The Heavy Cavalry Club break down the wall of the old campus.

Construction equipment bursts through the walls of the old Goha 6th Elementary campus, much to the shock of Yuga, Luke, Romin, Gakuto and Jango, and members of the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club quickly flock in through the gap to secure the site of the Rush Dueling and order the other kids not to move. Luke and Yuga can only look in shock at the assembled ranks of the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club, including Galient, Asana and the yellow-jacketed student who accompanied them with a pigeon on his shoulder. Asana drives R6 forwards and Yuga recognizes her as Asana removes her goggles and comments that they've met again, though when he doesn't use honorifics Galient dashes forwards and tells him to call her "Mistress Asana". He introduces her as Goha 6th Elementary's sixth Mutsuba and the heir of Mutsuba Heavy Machinery, who built Goha City and contributed to the development of Duel Disks. The yellow-jacketed student adds that she's also the president of the storied Heavy Cavalry Duel Club, though Luke is more interested in the pigeon on the boy's shoulder and Yuga can only ask in bewilderment who they are. Galient introduces himself as the sixth-grade Tactical Advisor of the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club, Galient Tazaki (something Romin finds hard to believe), while the yellow-jacketed student introduces himself as Chevelle Kayama, also a Tactical Advisor, as is the club's pigeon Trapigeon (something both Gakuto and Romin find incredulous).

The Heavy Cavalry Duel Club surround Yuga and his friends.

But then Asana suddenly tells everyone to be quiet, claiming that R6 wants to speak, and as the engine of the Heavy Cavalry rumbles, Asana gasps that its voice is truly the best. Gakuto asks if she means the engine, and Asana tells Yuga that R6 is also happy to see him again; Yuga replies politely that he is too, while Galient and Chevelle are quite shocked that R6 has taken to Yuga. Romin asks if they've met before, having not been present when Yuga explained his prior encounter with Asana, and Yuga confirms he has. Asana asks if R6 isn't beautiful, with its strong and graceful arm, backside that draws a perfect "R", compact and delicate undercarriage; it's a priceless machine. Gakuto promptly dubs her "the lady who loved machine cavalry", though Romin asks if she isn't just a machinery geek. Jango angrily asks if they've forgotten their situation; they've been discovered Rush Dueling, and his outburst prompts Asana to order the capture of all the 6th Elementary students, who are swiftly surrounded by the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club members.

Kaizo isn't happy when Asana claims to dislike modification.

The old campus is swiftly demolished, much to Jango's horror, though Galient and Chevelle have little sympathy for him. Yuga asks Asana why they are doing this when all they wanted to do was have fun Rush Dueling, and Asana explains that the motto of Goha 6th Elementary is to respect discipline and tradition; both the Heavy Cavalry and the original Duels are beautiful things and the act of modification is nothing but pure blasphemy on history. Kaizo (whose name means "modified") isn't happy to hear that at all, something Romin and Gakuto note, and Asana claims that Rush Dueling, itself a modification of Goha Dueling, is something she will never accept. Galient and Chevelle praise her words, but Kaizo is furious at being denied and blows off steam at Asana, only to be even further enraged when Asana claims to hate Goha Corporation Drones. Sebastian yanks Kaizo aside, apologizing for the unpleasant Drone, though he is an unmodified original Drone. Kaizo calls him a traitor, but Asana claims to hate any Drone that can speak human words regardless of modification, much to Sebastian's shock, and Asana takes hold of R6's controls and tenderly explains that machines have such a beautiful language of their own, that imitating human words is utterly outrageous. She declares that they're leaving now, leaving the shellshocked Sebastian asking how his massage was while Galient tells the Goha 6th students to stop dragging their own feet.

Asana tells Galient and Chevelle off for telling Yuga to use honorifics.

Yuga frowns in determination and rushes after them, calling Asana's name (and once again prompting Galient to tell him to use honorifics) and challenging her to a Duel, much to everyone's shock, reminding her that they couldn't do so before. Asana remembers parting ways with Yuga after he challenged her to a Duel before and Yuga holds up his Duel Disk, suggesting they Duel right here and now. Jango slyly reminds them that at 6th Elementary you must accept a challenge to Duel no matter the conditions, it's only tradition after all. Romin catches on and agrees, as does Gakuto; the president of the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club who values discipline and tradition must accept. Asana snaps that of course she will, much to Yuga's joy, and he asks her to promise him to let the students of Goha 6th Elementary Rush Duel freely if he wins, much to the shock of the other students. Asana agrees, but notes that she needs to set conditions for if she wins, and Yuga casually agrees, but his casual use of her first name prompts Galient and Chevelle to both rush over and admonish him for not using honorifics. Asana snaps that Yuga can address her however he wants and her subordinates quickly bow in respect, while Yuga asks Asana what she wants if she wins. Asana smiles, claiming it will be more fun to tell him after she wins, and they quickly face off, Asana standing astride R6. Yuga calls "Let's go!" and Asana tells him to bring it on, leaping onto R6's seat as it raises its bucket to her level, and Yuga and Asana both call "Rush Duel!" as they insert their Decks into their Duel Disks, deploying the green holographic dome.

Yuga Summons three strong monsters on his first turn.

Romin is shocked to see that Asana is Dueling atop her Heavy Cavalry, and Gakuto observes that this is the rumored Heavy Cavalry Duel, something Sebastian praises as extremely gallant, though Kaizo calls him a traitor and tells him to shut up. Yuga declares his turn and draws, then he examines his hand, containing "Kuribott", "Stray Familiar", "Dark Sorcerer", "Windcaster Torna", and "Answerer the Demonic Swordsman". He Summons three monsters; "Kuribott", "Dark Sorcerer", and "Stray Familiar", and then he Tributes "Stray Familiar" and "Kuribott" to Tribute Summon "Windcaster Torna" and "Answerer the Demonic Swordsman", before ending his turn.

Asana declares her turn and Galient and Chevelle move to flank her. Gakuto wonders what kind of Duel Asana will play and Asana swears to win on the pride of the Heavy Cavalry Way. Yuga asks what she means, and Asana declares that the Heavy Cavalry Way has been passed down for generations in her family as the path they must follow. First, those who ride Heavy Cavalry should Duel even at risk of their lives, second, those who ride Heavy Cavalry should improve their combat prowess and become winners, third - and Luke angrily interrupts to ask how many rules there are. Asana informs him that there are still 997 more, much to the shock of the watching Goha 7th students (and the praise of Sebastian). Asana asks if she should continue, and Yuga suggests that she do so another time, so Asana declares that they should get started, Galient and Chevelle declaring the start of her engines. R6 opens its Solid Vision projectors as Asana draws, then she examines her hand, containing "The Insurmountable Summit of Spectral Shangri-La", "Build Dragon the Mythic Sword Dragon", two copies of "Shovelong the Mythic Sword Warrior", and "Drizard the Mythic Sword Soldier" and recalling that one can Summon as many monsters as they want in a Rush Duel, which Galient confirms, Chevelle noting it as the biggest difference from Goha Duels. Asana smiles and she Summons two "Shovelong the Mythic Sword Warrior" and one "Drizard the Mythic Sword Solider", then she Tributes "Drizard" and a "Shovelong" to Tribute Summon, chanting "No road lies before you. As you press on, a road is made behind you. Continue on that path to infinity, eternally! Build Dragon the Mythic Sword Dragon, engage!"

Asana finds herself enjoying the Rush Duel.

"Build Dragon" appears with 2500 ATK, and Gakuto gasps that Asana uses Dragon monsters just like Luke does, but Luke warns them that they aren't Dragon monsters, but Wyrms. Romin asks how they differ from Dragons, and Luke admits that he isn't sure (much to the exasperation of Romin and Gakuto). Asana then activates a Field Spell Card, "The Insurmountable Summit of Spectral Shangri-La", changing their surroundings to mountain tops with cherry blossoms growing among the clouds, and she explains that all Wyrm monsters will gain 400 ATK, increasing the ATK of "Shovelong" and "Build Dragon" to 1900 and 2900 respectively. Then, since she controls a Field Spell, she can activate the "Infinity Reclamation" effect of "Build Dragon" to Special Summon "Shovelong" from her Graveyard, which also rises to 1900 ATK due to the effect of "Shangri-La". Romin, Luke and Gakuto all gasp in shock and Asana declares her Battle Phase, first destroying "Dark Sorcerer" with a "Shovelong" and reducing Yuga to 3600 LP, then destroying "Torna" with the other "Shovelong", reducing Yuga to 3300 LP. Romin gasps that Asana is strong and Luke whispers his friend's name in concern, as Asana orders "Build Dragon" to finish off the last one with "Heavy Pride Crush". "Build Dragon" flicks "Answerer" away with the spinning sections on its tail club, reducing Yuga to 2400 LP and forcing him to one knee. Gakuto cries that all of Yuga's monsters were destroyed, and while Kaizo can't watch, Sebastian praises Asana's moves, much to the irritation of the others, but as Yuga gets to his feet, Asana is struck by how interesting she's finding the Rush Duel, and she has to be shushed by her comrades. Asana ends her turn, supported by Galient, Chevelle and Trapigeon, and Luke wonders why the pigeon is bothering him so much. But to Asana's surprise, Yuga calls it interesting as well and he claims he's having a lot of fun, and isn't Asana? He admits that a Heavy Cavalry Duel is fun as well and bursts out laughing, much to Asana's shock.

Asana remembers riding in R6 with her great-grandfather.

She remembers laughing like that in her youth, riding in the bucket of R6 as her great-grandfather drove it. He asked if she was having fun, and after she confirmed she was, claimed he loved to hear her laugh. He showed her Goha City, telling her to look upon it with pride as it had been built by Mutsuba Heavy Machinery, and Asana asked if he meant their family. Her grandfather confirmed they gave rise to mobile Duels, developing the Mutsuba-style engine-driven mobile Duel device prior to the modern Duel Disks. The complicated term confused Asana, but she wanted to see it, though unfortunately it had gone missing and now everyone used Goha's Duel Disks. Her grandfather explained that the founders of the Mutsuba family and the Goha Corporation were close friends, always Dueling and talking passionately about the future of Dueling, which Asana compared to her and her great-grandfather. Asana is shaken back to reality by Sebastian cheering for her and Kaizo cheering for Yuga, though Asana is scornful of both Drones, thinking that they made Mutsuba Heavy Machinery obsolete.

"Sevens Road Magician" destroys "Build Dragon".

Yuga declares his turn and draws five cards: "Spell Archer", "Sevens Road Magician", "Sevens Road Witch", "Brave of Twilight, Lydacross", and another "Kuribott" with different art. He Summons the "Kuribott" and pays 500 LP to activate its effect, falling to 1900 LP as he adds the other "Kuribott" from his Graveyard to his hand and Summons it, before Tributing them both to Tribute Summon. He chants "Roar! To the red sky of the witching hour! Brave of Twilight, Lydacross!" Yuga then activates the "Twilight Order" effect of "Lydacross" by returning two cards ("Dark Sorcerer" and "Windcaster Torna") from his Graveyard to his Deck, allowing him to Special Summon "Sevens Road Witch" from his hand. Then he discards "Spell Archer" to activate the "Magical Sevens Call" effect of "Sevens Road Witch", Special Summoning "Sevens Road Magician" from his hand and increasing the ATK of "Sevens Road Witch" by 400 to 2000 since he Special Summoned "Sevens Road Magician", as observed by Gakuto. Yuga grins and sends "Luminous Shaman" from the top of his Deck to the Graveyard to activate the "Elemental Road" effect of "Sevens Road Magician". Romin recalls that Yuga has EARTH, DARK, WIND, LIGHT and FIRE monsters in his Graveyard ("Stray Familiar", "Kuribott", "Spell Archer", "Luminous Shaman" and "Answerer"), a total of five as Gakuto notes, and Luke declares that "Sevens Road Magician" will gain 1500 ATK, rising to 3600. Asana gasps and Yuga comments that he's coming, ordering the "Sevens Magic" attack of "Sevens Road Magician", who dives forwards and cuts "Build Dragon" in two with its flaming sword, destroying it and reducing Asana to 3300 LP as she gasps her monster's name. Then "Sevens Road Witch" attacks and destroys a "Shovelong" with "Sevens Punish", encircling it with her rings and shattering it, reducing Asana to 3200 LP. Last is "Lydacross", whose "Dusknight Sword" cuts down the final "Shovelong" and reduces Asana to 3000 LP. She is shocked that Yuga was able to counterattack this much, and Yuga claims that of course he can; it's a Rush Duel after all. Asana comments that it's interesting, once again prompting her comrades to shush her, but their attempts have little effect on Yuga's enthusiasm as he asks Asana if this isn't just the best and ends his turn, returning the ATK of his "Sevens Road" monsters to normal.

Asana declares her turn and draws five cards of her own: "Hammer Crush", another "Drizard", "Wurm Ex-Cavator the Heavy Mequestrian Wyrm [L]", "Wurm Ex-Cavator the Heavy Mequestrian Wurm", and "Wurm Ex-Cavator the Heavy Mequestrian Wurm [R]" - Maximum Monsters. She sadly comments that fun times must always come to an end as she looks at the cards in her hand and Galient wonders what she means, though Chevelle realizes that it's finally time as Trapigeon chirps. The pigeon's chirping causes Luke to finally remember where he's seen it before - it was the bird that delivered him the invitation to the Dark Rush Duel Tournament. He warns Yuga that this was a trap, and Yuga looks at Asana in surprise as she and her fellow Heavy Cavalry members stand at attention, Asana admitting that she wishes they had met under different circumstances. She takes the three Maximum Monsters from her hand and tells them to awaken with the soul of the heavy cavalry. Yuga, Luke, Romin and Gakuto all realize that she's holding three cards and what this means and Asana chants "Cry! Resound! O black steel dragon! Maximum Summon! Demolish mountains and spread the Heavy Cavalry Way all over the world! Come forth! Wurm Ex-Cavator the Heavy Mequestrian Wyrm!" The massive draconian bucket-wheel excavator looms above Yuga with its boosted 3900 MAXIMUM ATK as he and his friends gasp in shock at the sight of a Maximum Monster, and a Wyrm one at that as Luke observes.

"Sevens Road Magician" is destroyed by "Wurm Ex-Cavator", defeating Yuga.

Asana, Galient and Chevelle raise their arms in unison as Galient and Chevelle confirm the Maximum Summon and Gakuto cries that it's a heavy cavalry monstrosity, while Luke and Romin worry that Yuga will be defeated in one shot if he's hit with it. Gakuto protests that he thought the only Maximums that existed were Nail's cards. Asana returns a card from her Graveyard to the bottom of her Deck to activate the "Arcadia Quake" effect of "Wurm Ex-Cavator", and "Wurm Ex-Cavator" slams its bucket wheels into the earth and carves out a massive crater in the ground around it, causing "Shangri-La" to fade as Asana explains that she can demolish a Field Spell to draw two cards. Romin is shocked that Asana would demolish the mountains, and Luke is confused as to why Asana would destroy the Field Spell that powered up Wyrm monsters, Gakuto noting that Asana prioritized a hand advantage over more ATK. Asana explains the Continuous Effect of "Wurm Ex-Cavator"; it gains 300 ATK for each card in her hand, and with four cards, it powers up to 4700 MAXIMUM ATK, which Yuga can only repeat in shock as Luke gasps that it's way too much ATK. Asana drives R6 forward with Galient and Chevelle jogging beside it as "Wurm Ex-Cavator" turns around behind her and raises its bucket wheels, vowing that nothing will stop the traditional Heavy Cavalry Way and that victory is in her grasp. She orders the "Infinite Grand Crush" attack of "Wurm Ex-Cavator", destroying the terrified "Sevens Road Magician" and reducing Yuga's LP to zero, blasting him off his feet. Galient and Chevelle confirm the destruction of "Sevens Road Magician", and Asana declares that the Duel is over and her victory is confirmed.

Ranze and Rinnosuke reunite with Gakuto.

Luke calls Yuga's name as he and his friends run to his side and Romin asks if he's all right. Yuga claims that he is, and then Asana lowers back to the seat of R6, explaining that her request now that Yuga has lost is for them all to transfer to Goha 6th Elementary, much to their shock. Ranze and Rinnosuke call Gakuto's names, running over in Goha 6th uniforms and Gakuto cries their names happily and takes them in his arms as Ranze sobs that they longed to see him again. Gakuto asks if they didn't go on vacation, and Ranze and Rinnosuke tearfully explain that they were also forcibly transferred to Goha 6th Elementary, much to Gakuto's utter shock. Later that evening, Asana sits astride R6 and looks over Goha City.

Mimi falls under the influence of the President Drone.

And at the Goha Corporation Main Office, the oddly short President Goha looks out over the city and laughs. Mimi remembers finding President Goha standing at his desk when she went to complain about being demoted, only for him to collapse to the ground and his helmet to fall off, revealing a silver-haired man. Mimi had asked if this was the president, but Goha's voice had declared that that man was not the president as his helmet rose into the air, much to Mimi's terror until the helmet introduced itself as the President Drone. It explained that its job was to assist anyone who took on the role of president, and as Mimi looked at the man on the ground, the President Drone observed that she seemed to have the qualities of a president and offered her the position, much to Mimi's shock. The President Drone explained that Mimi could become the president if she wore it, and it wouldn't be a bad deal. Mimi asked who the man on the floor was, and the President Drone explained that he could no longer go on, as acting as the president of Goha puts a considerable psychological burden on humans. It asked Mimi what she would do, and Mimi confirmed she would accept the role, she wouldn't throw away the chance to become President Goha. But when she put the President Drone on, it locked her inside and shocked her body with electricity as the lenses of the helmet glowed red, causing her to go limp before straightening up and chuckling. The new President Goha's recollections are interrupted by her secretary informing her that Yuga and his friends have been transferred to Goha 6th Elementary without incident, much to Goha's shock, though she collects herself and chuckles Goha's distinctive laugh. But beneath the helmet, Mimi wonders what her secretary meant by "transferred".

Featured Duel: Yuga Ohdo vs Asana Mutsuba[edit]

Yuga VS Asana.png

The Duel is conducted as a Rush Duel.

Turn 1: Yuga
Yuga's hand contains "Kuribott", "Stray Familiar", "Dark Sorcerer", "Windcaster Torna", and "Answerer the Demonic Swordsman". Yuga Normal Summons "Dark Sorcerer" (1500/0), "Stray Familiar" (0/1400), and "Kuribott" (300/200). Yuga Tributes "Stray Familiar" and "Kuribott" to Tribute Summon "Windcaster Torna" (1600/1000) and "Answerer the Demonic Swordsman" (2000/400) respectively.

Turn 2: Asana
Asana's hand contains "The Insurmountable Summit of Spectral Shangri-La", "Build Dragon the Mythic Sword Dragon", two copies of "Shovelong the Mythic Sword Warrior", and "Drizard the Mythic Sword Soldier". Asana Normal Summons "Drizard" (1100/800) and two copies of "Shovelong" (1500/0). Asana Tributes "Drizard" and a "Shovelong" to Tribute Summon "Build Dragon the Mythic Sword Dragon" (2500/2000). Asana activates the Field Spell "Shangri-La". The effect of "Shangri-La" increases the ATK of all Wyrm monsters by 400 and reduces their DEF by 400 ("Build Dragon": 2500/2000 → 2900/1600) ("Shovelong": 1500/0 → 1900/0). As there is a face-up Field Spell on the field, Asana activates the effect of "Build Dragon", Special Summoning a Wyrm Normal Monster from her GY. She Special Summons "Shovelong" (1500/0 → 1900/0) in Attack Position. The two "Shovelong" attack and destroy "Dark Sorcerer" and "Torna" (Yuga: 4000 → 3600 → 3300 LP). "Build Dragon" attacks and destroys "Answerer" (Yuga: 3300 → 2400 LP).

Turn 3: Yuga
Yuga draws "Spell Archer", "Sevens Road Magician", "Sevens Road Witch", "Brave of Twilight, Lydacross", and "Kuribott". Yuga Normal Summons "Kuribott" (300/200). As he controls no other monsters, Yuga activates the effect of "Kuribott", paying 500 LP (Yuga: 2400 → 1900 LP) to add a "Kuribott" from his GY to his hand. Yuga Normal Summons "Kuribott" (300/200). Yuga Tributes his two "Kuribotts" to Tribute Summon "Brave of Twilight, Lydacross" (2100/1500). Yuga activates the effect of "Lydacross", returning two Warrior and/or Spellcaster monsters from his GY to his Deck to Special Summon a Level 6 Warrior or Spellcaster monster from his hand. He returns "Dark Sorcerer" and "Torna" to his Deck and Special Summons "Sevens Road Witch" (1600/1000) in Attack Position. Yuga activates the effect of "Sevens Road Witch", sending a card from his hand to the GY to Special Summon a Level 7 or higher DARK Spellcaster monster from his hand, and if he Special Summons "Sevens Road Magician", then "Sevens Road Witch" gains 400 ATK. He sends "Spell Archer" to the GY and Special Summons "Sevens Road Magician" (2100/1500) in Attack Position ("Sevens Road Witch": 1600/1000 → 2000/1000). Yuga activates the effect of "Sevens Road Magician", sending the top card of his Deck to the GY to have it gain 300 ATK for each monster with a different Attribute in his GY. He sends the LIGHT "Luminous Shaman" from the top of his Deck to the GY, so he has five different Attributes in his GY ("Sevens Road Magician": 2100/1500 → 3600/1500). "Sevens Road Magician" attacks and destroys "Build Dragon" (Asana: 4000 → 3300 LP). "Sevens Road Witch" attacks and destroys a "Shovelong" (Asana: 3300 → 3200 LP). "Lydacross" attacks and destroys the other "Shovelong" (Asana: 3200 → 3000 LP). At the end of the turn, the effect of "Sevens Road Magician" expires ("Sevens Road Magician": 3600/1500 → 2100/1500).

Turn 4: Asana
Asana draws another "Drizard", "Wurm Ex-Cavator the Heavy Mequestrian Wyrm [L]", "Wurm Ex-Cavator the Heavy Mequestrian Wurm", "Wurm Ex-Cavator the Heavy Mequestrian Wurm [R]", and "Hammer Crush". Asana Maximum Summons "Wurm Ex-Cavator", "Wurm Ex-Cavator [L]", and "Wurm Ex-Cavator [R]", entering Maximum Mode (3500 → 3900 MAXIMUM ATK). As "Wurm Ex-Cavator" is in Maximum Mode, the effect of "Wurm Ex-Cavator [L]" makes it gain 300 ATK for each card in Asana's hand ("Wurm Ex-Cavator": 3900 → 4500 ATK). As "Wurm Ex-Cavator" is in Maximum Mode, Asana activates the effect of "Wurm Ex-Cavator [R]", placing a card from her GY on the bottom of her Deck to destroy a Spell/Trap on the field and draw a card, and if she destroys a Field Spell with this effect, she can draw an additional card. Asana places an unknown card from her GY on the bottom of her Deck, destroys "Shangri-La", then draws two cards since she destroyed a Field Spell ("Wurm Ex-Cavator": 4500 → 4100 → 4700 ATK). "Wurm Ex-Cavator" attacks and destroys "Sevens Road Magician" (Yuga: 1900 → 0 LP).

Featured Cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.


  • During one shot in her flashback, Asana is depicted with a full jacket instead of the vest she is wearing in other scenes.