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"Training Camp! Sushi Duel"
Romin is completely rolled up by Sushiko's strategy.
Romin is completely rolled up by Sushiko's strategy.
Japanese name
RōmajiGasshuku! Osushi Dyueru
TranslatedTraining Camp! Sushi Duel
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Japanese OP"Nanananananana"
Japanese ED"Goha 7 Elementary School Song"
ScreenplayKimiko Ueno
Air dates
JapaneseDecember 12, 2020
Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episodes (season 1)
Previous"The Luke Club is Born!"
Next"Galian's Dig"
Featured card"Gingangel, the Deluxe Sushi Fairy"

"Training Camp! Sushi Duel" is the twenty-eighth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. It first aired in Japan on December 12, 2020.

Yuga and co. decide to take part in the Rush Duel Tournament, and prepare a training camp for it. As the sun sets, Romin and Sushiko, who also came at the camp, end up Dueling with the right to hog the TV at stake...


Luke recounts that he, the president of the Rush Duel Club, was playing an "Air Duel" in the early afternoon in the park when a carrier pigeon landed on his hand with a note tied to its leg, which stated that a Rush Duel Tournament would soon be held. Of course, Luke applied immediately. He tells his fellow Rush Duel Club members (Yuga, Romin and Gavin) that they as the Rush Duel Club will participate in the Rush Duel Tournament. Yuga eagerly comments that it sounds like fun, and Kaizo observes that Rush Dueling has become quite famous if a tournament based on them is being held. Dragging out the statement to keep his friends in suspense, Luke declares that they should have a training camp, much to Romin's confusion, and Luke points out that they have Yuga, the creator of Rush Dueling, and him, the man who will become the King of Duels, so they can't afford to lose, so they'll work extra hard at the camp. As they talk, Mimi eavesdrops on them from outside the new clubroom.

Seatbastian shows up to be the advisor for the Rush Duel Club.

Later, Gavin explains to the group that someone applied to be an advisor for the Rush Duel Club, and they open the door to the new clubroom to find Seatbastian sitting there, who Kaizo recognizes. Seatbastian transforms into Robot Mode and apologizes for the long wait, reintroducing himself as Nail's butler and massage throne. Kaizo angrily asks Seatbastian why he came here, but Seatbastian flicks him away with a napkin and explains that Nail has tasked him with being the advisor for the Rush Duel Club, much to the shock of the kids. Romin asks if they can really have a chair as their advisor, and Seatbastian claims that he has already obtained his teaching license, so he's entirely different from a useless Drone that only knows how to fly. Kaizo isn't happy with the insult, and as Seatbastian easily holds him back Yuga has to grab Kaizo to pull him back so he can ask about Nail. Seatbastian explains that an advisor is required for a club to hold a training camp, so the ever-generous and kind Nail sent the brilliant Seatbastian to be of their assistance.

Mimi is demoted.

At the Goha Enterprises Main Office that evening, Mimi looks at a photo of her and Yosh, wondering if Nail helped the Rush Duel Club with an advisor as she asked him to. Then she grins, celebrating the demotion of the other five Tops of the Hexagon for failing to demote Nail, leaving just her to work hard and climb up to the position of President from here. But to her shock, a Drone dismisses her, explaining that she will be demoted to a regular employee for failing to stop her fellow Tops from acting so brashly. Mimi isn't happy about being demoted, and decides to make a direct complaint to the President, but to her shock his office is open and he is standing in front of his desk. Mimi hesitantly squeezes through the crack, protesting that she doesn't quite understand why she was demoted, but then the President collapses in a heap, much to Mimi's shock.

Saburamen, Sushiko and Briscoe greet Yuga and his friends.

The next day at the training camp grounds, Luke declares that they'll start their training regiment now, while Kaizo orders Seatbastian to carry their luggage. Yuga tells Kaizo not to be mean to Seatbastian, much to Kaizo's indignation, who reminds Yuga that he's the reason why Kaizo was turned into a bike seat. Gavin asks the chairs to get along, prompting Kaizo to screech that he isn't a chair. Saburamen then arrives with his cart in tow, noting that it's Yuga, and Sushiko and Briscoe are with him as well, Sushiko reintroducing herself by warning them not to get rolled up when rolling sushi and commenting that it's been a while, while Mick (whose massive bag shakes) asks them if they'd prefer beef or chicken and if they're also here for the training camp. Romin is surprised to see them, but as Saburamen points out it isn't just them; Goha #2 Elementary's Duel Dinosaur Club and Goha #5 Elementary's Dueling Insects Club also came. Luke eagerly comments that they'd better start their Luke-style training, much to the surprise of his friends.

Luke trains Yuga, Romin and Gavin.

Luke changes into a yellow coach's jumpsuit and sunglasses to oversee their training, quickly telling them to go from defense to attack to defense again, and Yuga, Gavin, and Romin, now in their exercise gear struggle to keep up with his commands. Luke declares that Luke-style begins with understanding the Heart of the Cards, but poor Romin quickly collapses from exhaustion, and Luke allows her to take a break, much to Yuga's indignation. As Kaizo heads over with water and a cloth for Romin, Luke reminds them that Romin awakens her Dueling power when she reaches the limits of her patience, so the sooner she reaches that point then the sooner her power awakens, and by training to weaken her patience, the stronger she becomes, though Gavin and Yuga aren't convinced by Luke's logic. Luke also has them chase chickens, explaining that in a Duel they also need to think quickly. Once again poor Romin taps out early, and Luke tells her that's good; she must give up immediately so she'll reach her limits quicker. As Kaizo heads over to Romin with water and a cloth again, Gavin has managed to get his chicken sitting on his head and is about to make a disparaging comment about Luke's training until he notices that Yuga is missing.

Yuga meets Asana Mutsuba.

For his part, Yuga has finally tracked the chicken to the forest and caught it, but notices a dark-skinned girl in a riding outfit standing by a small red digger that she calls "R6", asking why it's sulking. She hears Yuga moving through the bushes and turns to see him running towards her, expressing his admiration for the digger and asking if it's hers. The girl confirms that it is, explaining that it suddenly got in a bad mood and stopped working, and Yuga asks her to let him take a look, much to her surprise. She protests as Yuga (with the chicken on his head) feels around under the body of the digger and he notes that a circuit has disconnected here. The girl asks if he can understand it and Yuga grins, telling her to leave it to him, and the girl takes off her goggles in surprise, but smiles as Yuga fiddles around with the digger's circuits. Sure enough, his fix works and soon the girl is rearing up on the digger's treads. Yuga expresses his excitement that it worked, and the girl thanks him, admitting that Yuga has really saved her. She takes off her helmet and introduces herself as Asana Mutsuba, explaining that this is her Heavy Cavalry. Yuga is impressed, and he asks if she would let him control it too. Asana is taken aback by his request, and she asks R6 what they should do. R6's engine revs, apparently responding in the affirmative, so Asana agrees to let Yuga have a turn, much to his joy. Asana shows Yuga how to control the digger, the bucket and the brake, and though she's thrown off-balance when Yuga starts the machine up and has to hold onto his shoulders, she's surprised by how well he controls it once they get going. As they ride through a field of flowers with the chicken sitting on the arm, Asana admits that it feels like she can forget everything else when she's smashing rocks, climbing mountains and driving across fields with R6. Yuga agrees that it really is the best, and Asana is pleased that he understands. As he gets off that evening with his chicken, Asana comments that it's the first time that R6 has taken a liking to anyone as much as her, and Yuga pats R6, thanking it, then remembers he hasn't introduced himself to Asana yet. Asana comments that he's Yuga Ohdo, the creator of Rush Dueling, and Yuga is pleased to learn that Asana knows about Rush Duels, putting the chicken down and immediately taking out his Duel Disk, challenging Asana to a Duel. Asana is taken aback, but then receives a call over the radio asking for a response, and she states that she can't Duel right now. She lays her hands on Yuga's shoulders and then leaps onto R6, bidding him goodbye until they meet again, and they exchange smiles.

Romin and Sushiko argue over the remote.

That night as Briscoe prepares the spit roast over the campfire outside the camphouse, Yuga talks about Asana with Luke, Gavin and the Duel Dinosaur Club. Diggs comments that she must be from Goha #6 Elementary's Heavy Cavalry Duel Club, a term Gavin recognizes. Yuga asks him if he knows it, and Gavin admits that he's only heard rumors that it's a club of elites in Goha #6 Elementary with the power to bypass their Student Council. Trench adds that they bypass their excavation sites as well, and Tracker laments that the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club have taken over their excavation sites several times, Diggs adding that they do so with brute force. Yuga notes that Asana didn't seem like that kind of person, but before they can discuss the matter further they hear Romin and Sushiko arguing and turn to see them staring daggers at each other. Romin (who has the T.V. remote in hand) protests that Sushiko isn't letting her watch T.V., and Sushiko protests that she just wants to watch Itamae's Case Files: The Serial Sushi Murder Case, the Mystery of the Sliced Ginger Legend Left by the Striking Skipjack Tuna, while Romin wants to watch the RockFes broadcast. As they squabble further, Yuga asks if there aren't any T.V.s in the other rooms, and Gavin confirms that there isn't. Luke tells them to just watch it on their phones, but the girls insist that they each want the big screen, much to the terror of the boys, and Trench, Tracker and Diggs decide to escape while they can. As Romin and Sushiko struggle over the remote, Yuga suggests that they settle the matter with a Rush Duel, much to their surprise. Whoever wins can watch what they want. Romin and Sushiko are fine with that compromise, and Romin takes out and activates her Duel Guitar, while Sushiko readies her Duel Disk, and they insert their Decks and call "Let's go! Rush Duel!", activating their Duel Disks and projecting the green holographic dome.

Saburamen comes in, eager to see that Sushiko is Dueling as Sushiko declares her turn and draws "Dragon Roll the Sushi Fairy", which she adds to her hand, containing "Rolled Voltecker", "Rolled Copper", "Spider Roll the Sushi Fairy", "Monkey Roll the Sushi Fairy", and "Dragon Roll", She Summons "Monkey Roll the Sushi Fairy" and "Spider Roll the Sushi Fairy", then Tributes "Spider Roll" to Tribute Summon "Dragon Roll the Sushi Fairy". Yuga eagerly notes that of course Sushiko would have a sushi-themed Deck, and Sushiko activates the effect of "Dragon Roll", rolling a monster from her Graveyard back to her Deck to draw a card. Then she Sets three cards, ending her turn.

Romin's LP are increased by Sushiko's Trap Cards, impairing her usual strategies.

Romin declares her turn and draws, her hand containing "Wattkiss", "Watangel", "Romanpick", "Prima Guitarna the Shining Superstar", and "Psychic Burial" She pays 1000 LP to activate the Spell Card "Psychic Burial", and he LP falls to 3000 as she sends the top two cards of her Deck ("Esperade the Smashing Superstar" and another "Watangel") to the Graveyard. Saburamen is surprised that Romin is paying LP, and Kaizo cheerfully points out that Romin's Duel style is to lose LP on purpose in order to win. Romin thinks in satisfaction that she'll be able to activate the effect of "Romanpick" to add a Psychic monster from her Graveyard to her hand, planning to add "Esperade", and she believes that she's got this, but her use of "Psychic Burial" has given Sushiko a sushi case hunch, much to Romin's shock. Sushiko activates a Trap Card, "Rolled Copper", allowing her to chose a card from Romin's Graveyard and return it to the bottom of her Deck. Then her trap blasts a roll of cucumber into Romin's mouth, much to the shock of everyone else, and Romin munches on it, then proclaims that it was delicious as her LP rises back to 4000. She realizes what has happened despite the efforts she went through as she returns "Esperade" to the bottom of her Deck, and wonders what Sushiko meant by a "sushi case" before reminding herself that this isn't the time to think about sushi. She Summons three monsters, "Romanpick", "Watangel", and "Wattkiss", then she Tributes "Watangel" and "Wattkiss" to Tribute Summon, chanting "The concert's going live, with a full-body dive. No more holding back! Overdrive! Prima Guitarna the Shining Superstar! Her long-awaited debut!" Sushiko gasps as Romin explains that "Prima Guitarna the Shining Superstar" is here to fire up her life and show off the best gigs, and she pays 1000 LP to activate her effect, falling to 3000 LP again. For every monsters Sushiko controls, her monsters gain 300 ATK. She tells "Prima Guitarna" to let them hear her best riff, ordering "Excite on Stage" and "Prima Guitarna" strikes up a solo as she rises to 2800 ATK, while "Romanpick" increases to 1100 ATK. Romin warns Sushiko that she isn't finished yet, paying 500 LP since her LP are lower than Sushiko's to activate the effect of "Romanpick", sending the top three cards of her Deck to the Graveyard. Romin's LP drops to 2500 as she sends "Lullabind", another "Romanpick", and "Folder Blitz the Infinite Dream" to the Graveyard, and she adds that if she sends a Psychic monster to the Graveyard she can add one from her Graveyard to her hand. But as she adds the "Romanpick" to her hand, Sushiko activates her Trap Card "Rolled Voltecker", which will have them both roll a monster from their field to the bottom of their Decks, then increase the ATK of "Dragon Roll" by 500. "Romanpick" and "Monkey Roll" both vanish into their Decks as "Dragon Roll" rises to 2000 ATK, and Romin also gains 500 LP as the Trap blasts out a roll of tuna maki into Romin's mouth, which she declares is also delicious as her LP returns to 3000 before she realizes what happened.

Gavin notes that Romin hasn't been able to Duel with her usual style at all, and Romin thinks that she needs to be able to lower her LP if she wants to summon her monster, but she's interrupted by Luke looking up the hint for today's "Itamae's Case Files"; a love letter written in sushi. Romin begins wondering how that would even work and relate to a murder, and she tells herself to stop thinking about sushi and claps her cheeks. Sushiko suggests they watch the drama together with some sushi instead of watching whatever RockFes is...which turns out to be the wrong thing to say, as Romin repeats her words angrily. Sushiko asks if Romin's heart isn't already starting to be rolled up into sushi, but Romin angrily slurs sushi into "Shut up!" and strums the Duel Guitar as her eyes turn red and she asks Sushiko what sushi is to her, much to the other girl's confusion. Romin snaps that she already said that she wanted to watch RockFes and she strikes up an epic guitar solo. Kaizo cheers that it's here, and Yuga admits that he isn't sure how, but Romin has awakened, though Saburamen is worried that Romin has snapped rather than awoken. Romin Summons her other "Romnace Pick" and activates its effect, falling to 2500 LP again as she sends her third "Romanpick", "Pierce!", and "Romic n' Roller" to the Graveyard, and she chooses to add "Romanpick" to her hand, which she immediately Summons. Once again, Romin activates its effect, falling to 2000 LP as she sends "Elepsychic Amp Up", another "Watangel", and "Self Fan Club" from her Deck to the Graveyard. She declares that it's here, adding "Folder Blitz the Infinite Dream" from her Graveyard to her hand and declaring that she's going all out from here. She Tributes her two "Romanpick" to Tribute Summon, chanting "Patience! Limit! Infinite! Fly! Folder Blitz the Infinite Dream!" The boys are all impressed by Romin's new monster, and Romin activates its effect since Sushiko has at least 2000 more LP than her, and as Sushiko gasps in shock as Romin declares "Adverse-Reverberation Crescendo Blaze". "Folder Blitz" fires rainbow-colored strings from its fingers at Sushiko, reducing her to 2500 LP, and Yuga comments that if "Prima Guitarna" attacks Sushiko's "Dragon Roll" and then "Folder Blitz" attacks directly, Romin will deal 3100 more damage to Sushiko. Romin begins to order the attack of "Prima Guitarna" -

To Romin's shock, Princess G is guest-starring on "Itamae's Case Files".

And then the oblivious Luke turns the T.V., bringing on an advertisement for "Itamae's Case Files". The announcer declares that tonight the culprit of the Serial Sushi Murder Case is one of these people; a fur-covered figure, a shrewd businessman, and an aqua and pink-haired woman in overalls holding a tuna like a guitar. Romin screams in shock that it's Princess G, and Kaizo asks who that is. Luke explains that she's tonight's guest star, and as the ad ends on a shot of Princess G with the tuna, Gavin and Yuga remember that she is the guitarist that Romin is a big fan of, while Kaizo recalls that Princess G was the one who gave Romin "Prima Guitarna". Romin is torn now that Princess G is on Itamae's Case Files, and Sushiko tells her to hurry up already. Romin snaps out of her awakened state and protests that she is, and Yuga and Saburamen note that she's returned to normal. Romin tells "Prima Guitarna" to give "Dragon Roll" a good farewell song with "Melodic Refrain Shock".

But as "Prima Guitarna" unleashes a wave of notes, Sushiko activates another Trap Card, "Rolled Sticky Save". Romin will gain LP equal to the ATK of "Dragon Roll", returning her to 4000 LP, and then for the rest of the turn "Dragon Roll" cannot be destroyed. The attack hits, reducing Sushiko to 1700 LP and she smiles in satisfaction as Saburamen celebrates that the life of "Dragon Roll" hasn't been stretched thin yet. Romin gasps "No way!" but continues her attack, attacking "Dragon Roll" with "Folder Blitz's" "Wild-Reverberation Heartbeat Sonic" attack, and "Folder Blitz" blasts electricity from its wings that engulfs "Dragon Roll" and reduces Sushiko to 1400 LP, though she smiles again, much to Romin's irritation. Romin ends her turn, returning the ATK of "Dragon Roll" and "Prima Guitarna" to normal. She thinks that she can survive this, as she has more LP and both "Prima Guitarna" and "Folder Blitz" on the field; the Duel hasn't been decided yet.

Sushiko declares her turn and draws five cards; another "Rolled Copper" and "Dragon Roll", "Inside Out Roll", "Gingangel, the Deluxe Sushi Fairy", and another "Spider Roll". She Summons "Spider Roll", then Tributes it and "Dragon Roll" to Tribute Summon, chanting "This isn't just a simple palate cleanser. Be made, be boxed, be served and come into being! Gingangel, the Deluxe Sushi Fairy!" "Gingangel" appears with 2400 ATK, much to the shock of Gavin, Yuga and Saburamen (and the happiness of the ever-hungry Luke). Romin gasps in shock, but then Sushiko declares that it's the last maki roll, activating the Spell Card "Inside Out Roll" as her LP is at least 2000 less than her opponent and Romin controls at least two Level 6 or higher monsters. Romi gasps in shock, as do the boys, Yuga and Gavin asking if this is why Sushiko restored Romin's LP. Sushiko explains that one of Romin's monsters will lose 2000 ATK, and "Prima Guitarna" is reduced to 200 ATK. Romin is shocked, but claims that it's still fine as she has 4000 LP. Sushiko then activates the effect of "Gingangel" because Romin has 4000 or more LP, sending two cards from her hand to the Graveyard to choose a monster Romin controls and inflict damage to her equal to its ATK. Romin gasps that Sushiko can't be as she realizes what the other girl plans to do, and Sushiko declares that Romin has already been completely wrapped in a sushi roll, visualizing her as such. Romin takes the 2300 ATK of "Folder Blitz" as damage with the "Tearful Request" effect of "Gingangel", who radiates the damage with green sonic waves, falling to 1700 LP as she gasps "No way!" Behind her ladle, Sushiko declares that as the world rolls, so too does sushi, and the number of Duels increases with alongside it, so let them fight. "Gingangel" attacks "Prima Guitarna" and destroys it, reducing Romin's LP to zero.

Briscoe finishes cooking for the night.
Asana spies on Yuga from a nearby cliff.

Kaizo flies over to the dejected Romin, asking if she's okay, but Romin bitterly laments that she lost to sushi. Sushiko politely tells Romin that their Duel was as fun as eating conveyor belt sushi and she thanks her. Romin stammers that this is just how it turned out and she agrees to watch the drama with Sushiko, admitting that she's curious as to why Princess G is starring. As Luke heads over to turn the television on, both girls burst out laughing before the program starts. Luke eagerly admits that he watches it every week, much to Romin's surprise and Sushiko's joy - which turns out to be because Briscoe has finally finished roasting his enormous cut of meat, much to the boys' liking. Saburamen congratulates Briscoe on doing such a good job with the roast, and Briscoe encourages them to dig in, as it's ultra delicious. The meat brings the Dueling and Dinosaur Club out of hiding as well, though Luke complains that he can't hear the T.V. while Kaizo chatters in the background.

And on a nearby hill, Asana watches the cabin through binoculars under the blood moon astride R6, flanked by two other students riding diggers of their own, and she admits that she's looking forward to when they finally fight.

Featured Duel: Romin Kassidy vs Sushiko Maki[edit]

Romin VS Sushiko.png

The Duel is conducted as a Rush Duel.

Turn 1: Sushiko
Sushiko draws "Dragon Roll the Sushi Fairy". Sushiko's hand contains "Rolled Voltecker", "Rolled Copper", "Spider Roll the Sushi Fairy", "Monkey Roll the Sushi Fairy", and "Dragon Roll the Sushi Fairy". Sushiko Normal Summons "Spider Roll the Sushi Fairy" (800/800) and "Monkey Roll the Sushi Fairy" (1300/1300). Sushiko Tributes "Spider Roll" to Tribute Summon "Dragon Roll the Sushi Fairy" (1500/500). As "Dragon Roll" was Normal Summoned this turn, Sushiko activates its effect, placing a Fairy Type monster from her Graveyard on the bottom of her Deck to draw a card, but she cannot attack with Level 6 or lower monsters this turn. She places "Spider Roll" from her Graveyard on the bottom of her Deck. Sushiko Sets three cards.

Turn 2: Romin
Romin's hand contains "Wattkiss", "Watangel", "Romanpick", "Prima Guitarna the Shining Superstar", and "Psychic Burial". Romin activates the Spell "Psychic Burial", paying 1000 LP (Romin: 4000 → 3000 LP) to send the top two cards of her Deck to the Graveyard, and if Sushiko controls three monsters, Romin can send an additional card from the top of her Deck to the Graveyard. Sushiko controls two monsters, so Romin sends "Watangel" and "Esperade the Smashing Superstar" to the Graveyard. As a card was sent from Romin's Deck to the Graveyard, Sushiko activates her Set Trap "Rolled Copper", placing a card from Romin's Graveyard on the bottom of her Deck and having Romin gain 1000 LP. She places "Esperade" on the bottom of Romin's Deck (Romin: 3000 → 4000 LP). Romin Normal Summons "Romanpick" (500/0), "Watangel" (500/800), and "Wattkiss" (300/1000). Romin Tributes "Watangel" and "Wattkiss" to Tribute Summon "Prima Guitarna the Shining Superstar" (2200/0). Romin activates the effect of "Prima Guitarna", paying 1000 LP (Romin: 4000 → 3000 LP) to have all monsters she controls gain 300 ATK for each monster Sushiko controls ("Prima Guitarna": 2200/0 → 2800/0) ("Romanpick": 500/0 → 1100/0). As her LP are lower than Sushiko's, Romin activates the effect of "Romanpick", paying 500 LP (Romin: 3000 → 2500 LP) to send the top three cards of her Deck to the Graveyard, and if she sends a Psychic Type monster to the Graveyard, she can add a Psychic Type monster from her Graveyard to her hand. Romin sends "Lullabind", "Romanpick", and "Folder Blitz the Infinite Dream" to the Graveyard, then adds "Romanpick" from her Graveyard to her hand. As Romin added a card from her Graveyard to her hand during her turn, Sushiko activates her Set Trap "Rolled Voltecker", making both players choose a monster they control, and place it on the bottom of their Deck, then Sushiko can choose one monster she controls and have it gain 500 ATK, then have Romin gain 500 LP. Sushiko places "Monkey Roll" on the bottom of her Deck and increases the ATK of "Dragon Roll" ("Dragon Roll": 1500/500 → 2000/500), while Romin places "Romanpick" on the bottom of her Deck (Romin: 2500 → 3000 LP). Romin Normal Summons "Romanpick" (500/500). Romin activates the effect of "Romanpick" (Romin: 3000 → 2500 LP), sending "Romanpick", "Pierce!", and "Romic n' Roller" to the Graveyard, then adding "Romanpick" from her Graveyard to her hand. Romin Normal Summons another "Romanpick" (500/0). She then activates the effect of her second "Romanpick" (Romin: 2500 → 2000 LP), sending "Elepsychic Amp Up", "Watangel", and "Self Fan Club" from the top of her Deck to the Graveyard, then adding "Folder Blitz" from her Graveyard to her hand. Romin Tributes her two "Romanpick" to Tribute Summon "Folder Blitz the Infinite Dream" (2300/0). As Sushiko's LP are at least 2000 higher than Romin's, Romin activates the effect of "Folder Blitz", inflicting 1500 damage to Sushiko (Sushiko: 4000 → 2500 LP). "Prima Guitarna" attacks "Dragon Roll", but as a monster Romin controls declared an attack, Sushiko activates her Set Trap "Rolled Sticky Save", allowing her to choose a Fairy Type monster she controls to have Romin gain LP equal to that monster's ATK and prevent that monster from being destroyed by battle this turn. She chooses "Dragon Roll" (Romin: 2000 → 4000 LP). The attack continues, but "Dragon Roll" is not destroyed (Sushiko: 2500 → 1700 LP). "Folder Blitz" attacks "Dragon Roll" (Sushiko: 1700 → 1400 LP).

Turn 3: Sushiko
Sushiko draws "Rolled Copper", "Dragon Roll", "Inside Out Roll", "Gingangel, the Deluxe Sushi Fairy", and "Spider Roll". Sushiko Normal Summons "Spider Roll" (800/800). Sushiko Tributes "Spider Roll" and "Dragon Roll" to Tribute Summon "Gingangel, the Deluxe Sushi Fairy" (2400/1800). As Romin's LP are at least 2000 higher than Sushiko's and Romin controls two Level 6 or higher monsters, Sushiko activates the Spell "Inside Out Roll", choosing a monster Romin controls and reducing its ATK by 2000. She chooses "Prima Guitarna" ("Prima Guitarna": 2200/0 → 200/0). As Romin's LP are 4000 or higher, Sushiko activates the effect of "Gingangel", sending two cards from her hand to the Graveyard to choose a Level 8 or lower monster Romin controls and inflict damage to Romin equal to its ATK. She sends "Rolled Copper" and "Dragon Roll" to the Graveyard and chooses "Foldabltiz" (Romin: 4000 → 1700 LP). "Gingangel" attacks and destroys "Prima Guitarna" (Romin: 1700 → 0 LP).

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.