Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS - Episode 044

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Roa challenges Mimi.
Roa challenges Mimi.
Japanese name
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Japanese OP"Nanananananana"
Japanese ED"Goha 7 Elementary School Song"
ScreenplayAya Matsui
Air dates
JapaneseApril 18, 2021
Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episodes (season 1)
Previous"Opening! Team Battle Royal"
Next"Upstart Hunter"
Featured card

"Dissonance" is the forty-fourth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. It first aired in Japan on April 18, 2021.

Roa leads his team into interrupting the opening ceremony, and pressures Mimi into a Duel to fulfill his aims.


Mimi makes her opening speech.

In the Goha Stadium, the fans cheer "Goha Rush!" repeatedly as a hologram of a Duel Disk in Rush Duel spins around in the center of the stadium and Sweets Kakoko asks if they're all paying attention, since they're sending a message from Goha City to the rest of the world. The kids all continue to chant "Goha Rush!" (including Luke, as Romin, Gavin, Yosh, Masahiko and Toshihiko watch in embarrassment). Kakoko steps aside, declaring that it's time for Goha President to say a few words, and Mimi and the President Drone rise on a hexagonal hovering platform. Chevelle comments that this is the real "Goha-kun", and Galian comments that Goha is surprisingly tiny, causing Yuga to wonder if it's Mimi. Mimi raises a microphone to the President Drone, but only laughs Goha's signature chuckle, much to the confusion of the audience, including Saburamen, Nick and Sushiko. Beneath the Drone Mimi angrily asks if that's it and requests the Drone turn on the mode where she can talk, and though the Drone initially resists, acquiesces after Mimi points out that this isn't an opening speech at all and deactivates "Heh-Heh-Heh Mode", turning its lenses blue. Mimi cheerfully asks how everyone is doing, much to the enthusiasm of the crowd, and she thanks them for coming in English. Chevelle and Galian can't believe that this is the voice of Goha President, but Yuga smiles and comments that Mimi became President of Goha after all. As Mimi leads the crowd (and Luke) in a chant of "Goha Rush", Goha's secretary admits that the President is acting strangely today as he stands with the other Goha executives. Romin isn't happy that the crowd are cheering for Goha when Yuga was the one who invented Rush Dueling, Gavin noting to her that Goha are trying to make it seem like the format is theirs.

Roa, Tyler and Toombs make a grand entrance.

Kakoko begins to announce the start of the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal, but then the lights all shut off, much to everyone's confusion. Suddenly spotlight snap on, revealing Roa, Tyler and Toombs all standing (or sitting, in Tyler's case) in the stadium with their musical gear. Mimi (and the rest of the girls in the crowd) are ecstatic at the sight of Roa, while Romin shoves Luke aside as she realizes that Roa has made up with Tyler and Toombs and Yuga calls Roa's name happily. Roa announces their team name; "Roa and Tyler and Toombs", much to Romin's embarrassment as Gavin comments on his lack of naming sense, and Romin admits that Roa initially wanted to call RoaRomin "Roa and Romin" until she did everything she could to make him remove the "and". Down below, Tyler remembers his return to Roa despite wishing against it, following Toombs into their studio and finding Roa there setting up for a practice session. Seeing the drumkit set up, he angrily asked if Roa had commissioned Yuga to build a high-performance drumming robot, though Roa pointed out that Tyler was the drummer of RoaRomin and tossed him his drumsticks. As Tyler caught the drumsticks and he and Toombs teared up, Roa held up his "Royal Rebel's Heavy Metal" and "Royal Rebel's Invasion" cards, telling Toombs and Tyler that they were his "Heavy Metal" and "Invasion"; his two important aces.

Tyler and Toombs are depressed by Roa leaving them behind to Duel Mimi.

As Tyler looks at his drumsticks in the stadium, Roa tells the assembled crowd that he has a present for everyone here today, rising alone on a hexagonal pillar and leaving the stunned Tyler and Toombs behind as he announces that he will have a super-hyped Rush Duel with Goha President. Naturally Mimi is ecstatic at the thought of Dueling Roa but collects herself far too late as Yuga and his friends watch in shock and the crowd goes wild over the prospect. Kakoko comments that the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal has only just started, but they already have a dramatic plot twist. Tyler and Toombs look up at Roa and exchange glances, and Tyler asks what Roa is doing when they were supposed to enter this tournament together. Roa tells them to just sit and watch, as all they have to do is stay behind him, much to their shock. Meanwhile Mimi still has her hands slapped over her mouthpiece as the President Drone warns her that this Duel was not part of their plan, though Mimi insists that it's alright since she really wants to Duel Roa. Gavin is shocked that Roa will be Dueling Mimi, but as Luke wonders where Mimi is (having still not realized that she is Goha President), Romin wonders if Roa told Tyler and Toombs about this Duel beforehand. Roa repeats his challenge to Mimi in English, and Mimi eagerly accepts, but as Roa praises her spirit she adds a condition to the Duel; if she wins, then she gets a complimentary RoaRomin ticket and a special VIP backstage pass with Roa. She puts the question to him in English, and Roa agrees, but as Mimi celebrates he asks if he can add a condition as well. Mimi tells him he can ask for anything, so Roa promptly asks to be allowed to talk with Otes, who Goha Enterprises have locked up, much to Yuga and Mimi's surprise. The President Drone warns Mimi that they're currently investigating Otes' identity and warns that he can't be allowed to speak to outside parties, though Mimi doesn't care because she wants to Duel Roa. Her exuberant motions contrast with the President Drone's chuckles, and the President Drone recalibrates, before agreeing to allow the Duel. Mimi suggests that they begin now to Roa, who grins happily, but down below Tyler and Toombs are despondent, believing Roa's true aim to be Otes all along and that they were nothing but bodies to fill his team. Kakoko happily chirps that they can start the Rush Duel between Roa Kassidy and Goha President, and flies away on her platform, while Mimi suggests they go and Roa agrees. They insert their Decks into their Duel Disks and deploy the blades with a cry of "Rush Duel!" that projects the green holographic sphere around them.

Mimi declares her turn and draws, then examines her hand, containing "Mystery Handcuffs", "Dian Keto the Security Master", "Enguarding Mermaid", "Kanan the Warden Mistress", and "Prison Island Ane Go Rock". She activates the Field Spell Card "Prison Island Ane Go Rock", transforming the stadium around them into a hexagonal lake surrounded by cells, with her and Roa standing on two platforms in the center that rest on spikes. Tyler and Toombs run to a set of bars to watch the Duel, while Gavin is shocked by their location. Mimi then Summons "Kanan the Warden Mistress" and "Enguarding Mermaid", before bidding the monsters bye-bye and commenting that it was fun being a gold-digger, but it's been hella bad and eventually you have to say "bye-onara" (a play on "bye" and "sayonara", the Japanese word for "good-bye"). Goha's secretary can only wonder what on earth the President's Deck is, and Mimi chants "Time passes on and on and so must we. A woman's life is like a disco ball; we can morph into any color! Tribute Summon! Dian Keto the Security Master!" "Dian Keto" appears with 2500 ATK, and Yuga sweats and comments on its intensity as Galian gawks with his head stuck between the bars and Chevelle looks away, while Gavin asks if the gold-digger really became a jailer. Mimi Sets an oh-so-mysterious card and ends her turn, giggling that her lovely little "Keto" will tie Roa up no matter what he does.

Mimi prevents Roa from Tributing "Palace Gargoyle".

Roa claims that he's received everyone's feelings of love for him, and he tosses away his microphone and declares his turn and the greatest, best draw. His hand contains "King's Arrogance", "Royal Rebel's Heavy Metal", "Royal Rebel's Funky", "Palace Gargoyle", and "Followl of the Dark Wisdom", the latter of which he Summons. He prepares to Tribute "Followl of the Dark Wisdom", but Mimi tells him to wait, explaining that the effect of "Ane Go Rock" will prevent them from Tribute Summoning Level 5 or 6 monsters, much to Roa's irritation. Yuga notes that it's a strong Field Spell, and Galian (given that his head is still stuck between the bars) and Chevelle agree, while Roa Summons another monster; "Palace Gargoyle", explaining that it can increase its Level by 1, so when he does Tribute it... But Mimi tells him he can't do that either and activates a Trap Card, "Mystery Handcuffs", preventing Roa from Tributing "Palace Gargoyle" for a Tribute Summon and ensnaring it with massive handcuffs. Yuga notes that Mimi has prevented Roa from Tribute Summoning, and Galian and Chevelle agree that Roa is stuck (as is poor Galian), while Gavin notes that this is fatal for Roa. Mimi asks the President Drone how it likes her prison attack, and it replies that it's fine for now, much to her indignation. The President Drone replies that there has to be a faster way to choke the life out of Roa and Mimi is only prolonging the Duel unnecessarily. Mimi sheepishly protests that she just wants her Duel with Roa to be longer, and Roa Sets a card of his own and ends his turn.

"Dian Keto" sends "Heavy Metal" to jail.

Mimi declares her turn and draws another "Kanan", another "Enguarding Mermaid", "Vice Jacker", "Party Party Party", and a second "Mystery Handcuffs". She sends "Party Party Party" from her hand to the Graveyard to activate the effect of "Dian Keto", who leans forwards with Roa reflected in her sunglasses as Mimi explains that she can look at Roa's hand and choose a card to send to the Graveyard. Roa isn't happy about it, but he reveals his hand, containing "Royal Rebel's Heavy Metal" and "Royal Rebel's Funky", and Mimi comments that she thought so in satisfaction, choosing to send "Heavy Metal" directly to jail with the "Prison Pleasure" effect of "Dian Keto", locking "Heavy Metal" behind bars. Mimi happily waves her fan as she adds that she also gains 1000 LP, rising to 5000 LP as she crows over how easy this is, while Tyler and Toombs look down at the floor. As Mimi continues to celebrate, her secretary and the executives sweatdrop and he laments that she's getting carried away, while Chevelle notes that Roa's ace has been sent to the Graveyard, Trapigeon chirps in agreement, and Galian notes that he didn't just lose his ace, but his opponent increased her LP as he continues to struggle, noting that this will be an uphill struggle for Roa. Yuga reminds them that it isn't over yet, as this is Roa they're talking about after all. The President Drone asks Mimi to Tribute Summon "Vice Jacker" now, much to her protest, as she wanted to Duel by herself, but then she realizes that she's never had "Vice Jacker" in her Deck before.

Mimi falls under the President Drone's influence.

The President Drone orders her to Tribute Summon the monster, but when Mimi refuses again, it activates Control Mode, cSummons andausing its lenses to glow red. Speaking with a monotone, Mimi Summons and then Tributes her second "Kanan" and "Enguarding Mermaid", then wonders in horror why she just said that. Then her body slaps the two monsters down and Tribute Summons "Vice Jacker", and Mimi angrily asks what is going on as "Vice Jacker" emerges; a grotesque spider with eyes making up its torso that disgusts even Roa and stands with 1500 ATK. Once again Mimi's body and mouth move on their own as she pays 1000 LP to activate the effect of "Vice Jacker", falling to 4000 LP as she explains that "Dian Keto" will be able to attack twice this turn. Mimi gasps in shock as "Vice Jacker" clamps onto "Dian Keto's" head, turning her sunglasses red and causing her to smile nastily, but despite her laughs her hand is shaking. Mimi wonders in horror what is wrong with "Keto" and she angrily asks what the President Drone is doing to her precious friend, but then she feels a shock run through her mind and her eyes turn red as Control Mode is completed. Under the control of the President Drone, Mimi Sets a card, then orders "Dian Keto" to imprison and restrain "Followl of the Dark Wisdom", destroying it and reducing Roa to 2600 LP. Then she orders "Dian Keto" to restrain "Palace Gargoyle", destroying it and reducing Roa to 1100 LP, though Roa smiles as Yuga, Galian, Chevelle and Romin all gasp in shock.

Roa just survives the attack of "Vice Jacker".

Outside Goha Stadium, Toombs tries to get Tyler to wait, but he snaps that he's done, commenting bitterly that he understands why Roa called the his "Heavy Metal" and "Invasion"; it's because they're just like the cards that he plays and they're nothing but pawns. Toombs is shocked by Tyler's claim, but they're distracted by the videoscreen behind them as Mimi tells Roa that it's over and attacks Roa directly with "Vice Jacker", which leaps off "Dian Keto" and towards Roa. But Roa claims that his concert isn't over yet and sends "Royal Rebel's Funky" from his hand to the Graveyard to activate a Trap Card, "King's Arrogance", allowing him to reduce the ATK of "Vice Jacker" by the Level of "Funky" times 100, losing 600 ATK and falling to 900. Romin, Gavin and Luke all gasp happily as the attack continues, reducing Roa to 200 LP. Having survived the attack, Roa grins and comments that his counterattack has only just begun, though the President Drone believes there is a 666% chance that it will not lose.

Roa brings out "Royal Rebel's Invasion" and "Royal Rebel's Heavy Metal".

Roa declares his turn and draws "Royal Rebel's Fanatic", "Royal Rebel's Phaser", "Royal Rebel's Invasion", "Royal Rebel's Doom Metal", and a second "Followl of the Dark Wisdom". He Summons "Fanatic", then he Summons "Royal Rebel's Phaser". The controlled Mimi activates a second "Mystery Handcuffs", preventing "Phaser" from being Tributed for a Tribute Summon this turn. Roa comments that it's the same Trap and calls it a predictable move, Summoning his second "Followl of the Dark Wisdom" and Tributing it and "Fanatic". An instrumental version of Miniscape begins to play as Roa chants "Hey, is it okay if I invade your heart? Even if you tell me "no", I won't pull back. After all, the one who got invaded first... was me. Tribute Summon! Royal Rebel's Invasion!" Luke, Gavin and Romin celebrate over Roa finally being able to Tribute Summon a Level 7 monster, and Roa also activates the effect of "Phaser" by sending it to the Graveyard, choosing a Level 7 or higher monster in his Graveyard and Special Summoning it in Defense Position. He chants "If you're prepared to throw away your very life for the king... A resilient Distortion Power Chord! And now, together with a heavy-metal highway lead! Sink your teeth into any who oppose you! Royal Rebel's Heavy Metal!" As "Heavy Metal" appears in Defense Position, Roa declares that these two will decide the match and the crowd cheers. Toombs and Tyler gasp that it's "Heavy Metal" and "Invasion", and Luke, Gavin and Romin celebrate that Roa brought out his two important aces.

To everyone's shock, Roa brings out "Royal Rebel's Doom Metal" by Tributing "Heavy Metal" and "Invasion".

But then Roa stabs his microphone into the platform and Tributes "Heavy Metal" and "Invasion", much to the shock of Toombs, Tyler, Yuga, Galian and Trapigeon. Everyone can only watch in stunned silence as Romin and Toombs ask why, and Tyler bitterly comments that it's like he said; they're nothing to Roa. He turns and storms off, dropping his drumsticks and remarking that they're only sacrificial pawns. Back in the stadium, Roa Tribute Summons, chanting "A red-hot blast beat scream that tears through the gates of hell. A death rush requiem that submerges darkness into the light. Come, king of the demons! Annihilate everything that you touch! Royal Rebel's Doom Metal!" "Doom Metal" appears with 2500 ATK, growling into a microphone attached to the pommel of its sword, and its presence and power stuns everyone in the stadium. Roa activates the "Extreme Headliner" effect of "Royal Rebel's Doom Metal", destroying all monsters Mimi controls with a massive scream that deafens everyone in the stadium, and "Dian Keto" and "Vice Jacker" explode into shards. Roa adds that Mimi will also take damage equal to the total Levels of the destroyed monsters times 100, and Mimi loses 1600 LP, falling to 2400 as Yuga gasps (and poor Galian struggles to free his head from the bars). As Mimi grimaces under the President Drone, Roa orders "Royal Rebel's Doom Metal" to finish this, attacking Mimi directly with "Wall of Death Dive", surrounding itself with flames and darkness and diving towards Mimi, engulfing her in darkness and reducing her LP to zero as she screams.

Otes escaping his confinement.

The Solid Vision fades as Mimi falls to her knees, and Roa basks in the cheers of the crowd as Kakoko declares that it's over, praising the Duel and declaring Roa the winner, though unfortunately Goha President lost. Yuga, Galian (finally freed from the bars), Chevelle, Trapigeon, Luke, Romin and Gavin all watch silently as Kakako praises the Duel again and suggests a big round of applause for them both. As Mimi's platform lowers Roa states in satisfaction that now he'll be able to speak with Otes, but then he overhears Goha's secretary being informed of Otes' escape, having boarded The Relic and vanished underground. Yuga, Gavin, Romin, Luke and Roa are all shocked to hear that Otes escaped and Goha's secretary tells the security that he'll inform the President, but Mimi is staggering away as she recovers from her control and she trips down the stairs, landing in Yosh's arms. Yosh asks if she's okay, and Mimi almost stammers out his name before slapping her hand over her mouthpiece and chuckling.

Yuga, Roa and Nail form a team after Tyler, Toombs, Galian and Chevelle all leave.

As Kakoko leads the crowd in chants of "Goha Rush!" Roa leaves Goha Stadium, cursing Otes, but he stops when he sees Tyler's drumsticks lying on the floor. He calls his friend's name, but Toombs tells him that Tyler already left and he doesn't want to stand behind Roa anymore either. As Toombs walks away with his guitar, Roa can only weakly call after him as Romin, Yuga, Luke and Gavin come out of the stadium as well. Romin asks if Roa shouldn't go after them, pointing out that Tyler and Toombs really might not come back this time when Roa doesn't answer. Roa claims that it's all right, and Romin tells him to stop lying to himself as she walks over to Tyler's drumstick and picks them up. Then Galian, Chevelle and Trapigeon rush out, Galian asking Yuga to forgive them, but they have to get to Asana's side immediately, Chevelle explaining that Caterpillio called them for reinforcements. Yuga and Gavin gasp in shock as Yuga asks if something happened to Asana, and Chevelle admits that he doesn't know the details, but they'll have to withdraw from the tournament. Trapigeon chirps sadly as Gavin and Luke gasp in shock, but Yuga reassures them that he understands and tells them to go to Asana as he'll be fine. With his blessing, Galian, Chevelle and Trapigeon rush off, apologizing profusely as they go. Once they've left, Luke asks Yuga what he'll do about the tournament, as he won't be able to enter by himself. After they mull the problem over, Romin suggests that Yuga and Roa form a team together, much to their mutual shock and that of Gavin and Luke. Luke doesn't seem happy about the idea, and Roa tells them not to pity him, but Yuga states that he also wants to know what Otes' plans are and what he's trying to do here and he offers his hand to Roa and asks him to help him figure it out together. Roa is surprised by Yuga's offer, but he accepts his hand, much to Gavin and Romin's joy, though Luke gruffly points out that they can't enter with only two people. So in that case, much to the utter shock of Romin, Gavin and Luke, Yuga calls Nail, who comments that calling him out like this is against his providence. Yuga thanks Nail for coming, and Roa politely tells him that it's nice to meet him. Seatbastian explains that Nail's account has been specially reinstated by Goha Enterprises as a means to participate in the tournament. Nail comments that's how it is, much to Romin and Gavin's happiness, and Yuga declares that the three of them; him, Roa and Nail, will enter the tournament as a team. But Luke protests that this team is way too stacked.

Featured Duel: Roa Kassidy vs Mimi Imimi/President Drone[edit]

Roa VS Mimi.png

The Duel is conducted as a Rush Duel.

Turn 1: Mimi
Mimi's hand contains "Mystery Handcuffs", "Dian Keto the Security Master", "Enguarding Mermaid", "Kanan the Warden Mistress", and "Prison Island Ane Go Rock". Mimi activates the Field Spell "Prison Island Ane Go Rock". While "Ane Go Rock" is face-up on the field, neither player can Tribute Summon Level 5 or 6 monsters. Mimi Normal Summons "Enguarding Mermaid" (1200/0) and "Kanan" (1400/0). Mimi Tributes "Enguarding Mermaid" and "Kanan" to Tribute Summon "Dian Keto the Security Master" (2500/1000). Mimi Sets a card.

Turn 2: Roa
Roa's hand contains "King's Arrogance", "Royal Rebel's Heavy Metal", "Royal Rebel's Funky", "Palace Gargoyle", and "Followl of the Dark Wisdom". Roa Normal Summons "Followl of the Dark Wisdom" (1100/400). Roa Normal Summons "Palace Gargoyle" (1000/1200). As Roa Normal Summoned a monster, Mimi activates her Set Trap "Mystery Handcuffs", choosing a face-up monster Roa controls to prevent him from Tributing that monster for a Tribute Summon this turn. She chooses "Palace Gargoyle". Roa Sets a card.

Turn 3: Mimi
Mimi draws "Kanan", "Enguarding Mermaid", "Vice Jacker", "Party Party Party", and "Mystery Handcuffs". Mimi activates the effect of "Dian Keto", sending a card from her hand to the Graveyard to look at Roa's hand and send one card from his hand to the Graveyard, and if she sends a Level 7 or higher monster to the Graveyard this way, she gains 1000 LP. Roa's hand contains "Royal Rebel's Heavy Metal" and "Royal Rebel's Funky", so Mimi sends "Party Party Party" and "Heavy Metal" to the Graveyard (Mimi: 4000 → 5000 LP). At this point, the President Drone takes control of Mimi and continues the Duel instead. The President Drone Normal Summons "Kanan" (1400/0) and "Enguarding Mermaid" (1400/0). The Drone Tributes "Kanan" and "Enguarding Mermaid" to Tribute Summon "Vice Jacker" (1500/1500). The Drone activates the effect of "Vice Jacker", paying 1000 LP (President Drone: 5000 → 4000 LP) to choose a Level 8 DARK monster it controls and allow it to attack twice this turn. It chooses "Dian Keto". The Drone Sets a card. "Dian Keto" attacks and destroys "Followl of the Dark Wisdom" and "Palace Gargoyle" (Roa: 4000 → 2600 → 1100 LP). "Vice Jacker" attacks Roa directly, but since a monster the Drone controls declared a direct attack, Roa activates his Set Trap "King's Arrogance", sending a Fiend Type monster from his hand to the Graveyard to have the attacking monster lose ATK equal to the sent monster's Level x 100. Roa sends the Level 6 "Funky" to the Graveyard ("Vice Jacker": 1500/1500 → 900/1500). The attack continues (Roa: 1100 → 200 LP).

Turn 4: Roa
Roa draws "Royal Rebel's Fanatic", "Royal Rebel's Phaser", "Royal Rebel's Invasion", "Royal Rebel's Doom Metal", and "Followl of the Dark Wisdom". Roa Normal Summons "Royal Rebel's Fanatic" (0/0) and "Royal Rebel's Phaser" (100/0). As Roa Normal Summoned a monster, the Drone activates its Set Trap "Mystery Handcuffs", choosing "Phaser" and preventing Roa from using it to Tribute Summon this turn. Roa Normal Summons "Followl of the Dark Wisdom" (1100/400). Roa Tributes "Fanatic" and "Followl of the Dark Wisdom" to Tribute Summon "Royal Rebel's Invasion" (2300/0). As Roa controls a Level 7 or higher Fiend Type monster, he activates the effect of "Phaser", sending it to the Graveyard to Special Summon a Level 7 or higher Fiend Type monster from his Graveyard in face-up Defense Position. He Special Summons "Royal Rebel's Heavy Metal" (2500/0). Roa Tributes "Heavy Metal" and "Invasion" to Tribute Summon "Royal Rebel's Doom Metal" (2500/2000). As "Doom Metal" was Tribute Summoned by Tributing two Level 7 or higher Fiend Type monsters this turn, Roa activates its effect, destroying all face-up monsters the Drone controls and inflicting damage to it equal to the combined Levels of the destroyed monsters x 100. The Level 8 "Dian Keto" and "Vice Jacker" are destroyed (President Drone: 4000 → 2400 LP). "Doom Metal" attacks the Drone directly (President Drone: 2400 → 0 LP).

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.