The Relic

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Otes being projected from the Relic in Seven Hells Hall.

The Relic is a mysterious stone monument that appears in the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. It projects Otes, the Hologram Man, and is inscribed with the legend of the King of Duels.


The Relic fully deployed.

The Relic is a throne-like object set on a circular dais. The crystal-shaped stone that forms the back of the "seat" glows blue when the Relic is active and projecting the image of Otes. When Otes Duels, the Relic rises even further out of the ground, revealing a column with the legend of the King of Duels inscribed on it;

"When the moon is full enough to be hardly recognizable, a Duelist will illuminate a new path and become the King of Duels, creating a new landmark in the world."

The Relic is capable of travelling between locations and leaving symbols carved in the ground though currently unknown means.


The Relic first surfaced in an underground chamber in Goha City. It was discovered by Tatsuhisa "Luke" Kamijo and Roa Kirishima, both of whom desired to become the King of Duels, though Roa did not challenge Otes after seeing Luke do so. Luke failed to pass Otes's text six times and subsequently had his account banned, so Roa had his cousin Romin Kirishima whisper the legend of the King of Duels in his ear to turn him towards Yuga Ohdo. Luke brought Yuga to the chamber to install his Rush Dueling rules, and Yuga successfully used them to defeat Otes and install Rush Dueling.[1]

After Yuga defeated Otes and left the chamber, the Relic vanished form the chamber, leaving seven emblems behind that indicated the place where it would next appear, the Seven Hells Hall.[2][3][4]

The Relic emerged in the Seven Hells Hall on the next full moon, as had been deduced by Yuga, Roa, Kan Hakubutsu, Kaseki Hotta, and Hanto Goto and projected Otes, who approved Yuga and Roa's Duel over the title of King of Duels. After the Duel, Otes told Yuga to find the key to a door to another world and the Relic retreated underground, resisting the efforts of the Goha Corporation to take possession of it.[4]


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