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A Duel Card Manufacturer is a machine capable of printing Duel Monsters cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS.[1]


The Duel Card Manufacturer is set up in a similar manner to a newspress, allowing card data to be entered into it to instantly print a display copy of the card in question, though Scoop Pitman believed the machine could be modified to print genuine Duel Monsters cards. The machine found by Tracker, the Luke Division, and Goha 7th Elementary's Newspaper Club was located in an underground factory that had seemingly been abandoned by Goha Enterprises.


Tracker led Luke, Swirly, Yosh Imimi, Scoop Pitman, Masaru and Nico to an underground staircase as he believed he could smell money there, and broke down the wall to find the factory containing a Duel Card Manufacturer. Due to the controls being similar to a newspress, Scoop was able to operate the machine and use it to print "The★Luke Division Manager" for Luke, and the others all tried the machine out as well. Hunt asked Scoop if he could modify it to print real cards as opposed to display samples, and when Scoop admitted he likely could, Hunt voiced a desire to print Maximum Monsters and "Fusion" cards to sell, a plan Scoop found immoral and Rush Dueled Hunt over. Scoop defeated Hunt, and the ceiling caved in after the Rush Duel, destroying the machine, an outcome Luke noted was probably for the best.[1]


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