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"Drawing a Foul"
Roa notes that as Yuga's Deck shrinks he will be more likely to draw "Sevens Road Magician".
Roa notes that as Yuga's Deck shrinks he will be more likely to draw "Sevens Road Magician".
EnglishDrawing a Foul
Japanese name
RōmajiKinjirareta Ēsu
TranslatedThe Forbidden Ace
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Japanese OP"Nanananananana"
Japanese ED"Goha 7 Elementary School Song"
ScreenplayToshimitsu Takeuchi
Air dates
JapaneseAugust 22, 2020
EnglishJune 7, 2022
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Previous"Hungry for a Duel!"
Next"The Chosen One"
Featured card"Card Destruction"

"Drawing a Foul", known as "The Forbidden Ace" in the Japanese version, is the twelfth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. It first aired in Japan on August 22, 2020. It first became available in English on Hulu in America on June 7, 2022, and aired on June 18, 2022 on Disney XD in America and June 14, 2022 on 9Go! in Australia.

Yuga's team lost the second Duel. With the ownership of Rush Dueling depending on the final match, Yuga and Roa start their Duel. As the Duel progresses, it turns out that there's a possibility that "Sevens Road Magician", which has never been used by anyone but Yuga, is an illegal card! Yuga is now in a pinch, as he would lose the moment he draws "Sevens Road"...


Saburamen and his friends apologize to Yuga and Gavin.

Backstage at the Big Seven Arena, Saburamen apologizes to Yuga, Gavin and Luke, lamenting that he didn't know this was why they were hired. Briscoe notes that they came to support them, but instead worked against them and Sushiko calls their actions shameful. Saburamen asks them to forgive their errors, and Gavin (back in his school clothes) tells them not to worry too much. Yuga agrees, commenting that Roa likely wouldn't take two defeats lying down. Romin agrees that Roa has been preparing for this Duel for a while, and Luke angrily calls her a traitor. Romin tells him to be quiet, as she wanted to tell them that no matter what Yuga does he won't have a chance of winning the Duel, much to Luke's surprise. Gavin asks if Roa has a strategy or a trap prepared for him, and Luke and Yuga look over Romin's shoulder to where Roa is standing onstage. Romin thinks that it isn't too late for Yuga to decline the Rush Duel as it shouldn't happen, while Roa muses to himself that Romin warns to warn Yuga and smirks, thinking that her efforts will be useless. But Yuga grins and slams his fist into his hand, reassuring them that it's fine and it's his turn now, much to Luke and Gavin's shock. Romin is surprised that Yuga still wants to continue after all that, but Yuga claims that it's impossible to know who will win or lose before the end of the match in one of his Rush Duels. Roa smiles, and he comments that he knew Yuga would say that.

Yuga and Roa approach one another to Rush Duel.

A spotlight snaps on the center of the stage as Kaizo declares that it's time to start the decisive Duel. First up is the leader of the famous band RoaRomin, a very handsome vocalist - Roa Kassidy. A spotlight snaps on Roa as he stands atop a pillar and apologizes for the delay, sending his fans into a screaming fit. Kaizo states that his opponent is Yuga Ohdo, and Luke begins to encourage Yuga off to the side, but is drowned out by the cheering of Roa's fans as his pillar descends. Kaizo declares that Romin is the second most popular member of the band, but Roa is the number one by a large margin, while the drummer and bassist are at zero. Tyler isn't quite pleased by Kaizo's statement, while poor Toombs can only snap his name angrily. Roa tosses his microphone and takes out his Duel Disk, asking if they should begin as he and Yuga walk forwards under spotlights. He asks his fans to cheer him on and Yuga looks around as they do, but then looks back at Roa and straps on his Duel Disk, calling "Let's go!" Roa agrees, strapping on his own Duel Disk and they both insert their Decks into their Duel Disks to activate them, calling "Rush Duel!"

Roa Sets his entire hand on his first turn.

The holographic dome materializes above them, and Roa declares his turn and draws, surrounded by a blinding light as he does so. Yuga ducks behind his arm and Luke, Gavin and Rayne wonder what's going on. Down in the VIP area, Mimi comments that Roa is shining, and Roa (whose hand contains two copies of "King's Reward", "King's Council", and "Royal Rebel's Fanatic" in addition to the "Royal Rebel's Fanatic" he's just drawn) claims that as one who will become King of Duels, all actions he takes will dazzle those who see them. Romin thinks to herself that Roa has always been talented since they were little, but the light being shone on him is just from spotlights held by Toombs and Tyler, much to Mimi's exasperation. Roa then Sets the two monsters in his hand and the other three cards in his Spell & Trap Zone, telling his loyal subordinates to await their King's orders. Yuga is surprised, and Luke asks if Roa really Set his entire hand. Gavin observes that Roa doesn't want them to know the cards he has until they attack, and Roa agrees that a King is someone who will not go down directly in battle. Rino curiously notes that Roa's words differ from his actions in the team battle, and Rayne notes that somehow she can't refute those words. Gavin suggests that it may be due to Roa's very presence becoming larger, and Roa agrees that he is higher than other people, his very presence his bigger than anyone else's. He seems to tower over Yuga, and Mimi gasps that this is Roa's presence, but Romin thinks that Roa has been trying to look bigger than everyone else since their childhood...but this is just a cardboard cutout of his torso that Toombs and Tyler have been holding in front of a spotlight, much to Mimi's exasperation.

Luke tells Yuga to just go ahead, and Yuga asks what he means. Luke states that it should be obvious; he should go forward with his game and show Roa that he isn't lesser than him. Yuga tells Luke to take it easy, as that influence doesn't matter to him. Roa states that Yuga seems confident in himself, and Yuga observes that Roa heard him talking earlier. Roa asks if Yuga doesn't understand; he will lose this Duel, and starting today, Rush Duels will become RoaRush Duels. Gavin asks what Roa is talking about and Luke asks who decided that. Roa replies that he did of course, but Yuga laughs and he comments that Roa is the one who doesn't understand; what's so special about owning Rush Dueling? Is it just for his pride? Roa is taken aback, but he grins and Mimi notes that from her adult perspective his thinking is quite mature as well. Roa comments that he and Yuga live in different worlds, and he spins as he ends his turn, and Tyler and Toombs trigger pyrotechnics to punctuate the moment as Roa's fans cheer.

Roa reduces the ATK of "Raidacross".

Yuga grins, and he comments that sounds good. He declares his turn and draws "Raidacross, Hero of the Dawn", then Summons "Spell Archer" and "Straynge Cat", before Tributing them to Tribute Summon, chanting "Guide me toward the rising sun and shine! Raidacross, Hero of the Dawn!" He returns two Spellcaster monsters from his Graveyard to his Deck to activate the effect of "Lydracross", Special Summoning "Hilt, the Bearer of Noble Arms" and "Hydro Magician" from his hand, declaring "Sunlight Order" as his other two monsters appear. Gavin, Sushiko, Rayne and Briscoe lean forward eagerly as Gavin praises Yuga's Summoning of three Level 5 and above monsters. Rayne notes that they still don't know what Roa's Set monsters are, though Briscoe praises Yuga's powerful Dueling style and munches on a kebab. Luke states that they will never move forward if they are afraid to do so; they have to be serious from the start and go all out. That's Yuga, and that's a Rush Duel. But Roa claims that they can't be serious, much to Luke's anger. He clarifies that it isn't serious if one doesn't bring out their ace monster. Gavin asks if Roa means "Sevens Road Magician", and Luke scowls that Roa knows about that too; he must have been informed by Romin. But as Yuga hasn't Summoned "Sevens Road" in this case, he can attack freely. Yuga grins and he activates the effect of "Hilt" to increase the ATK of "Raidacross" by 600. "Raidacross" rises to 2700 ATK, and Yuga tells "Hilt" and "Hydro Magician" to get Roa's monsters. Yuga's monsters destroy Roa's two Set 0 DEF "Royal Rebel's Fanatics" with blasts of water and light respectively, and Yuga orders "Raidacross" to attack directly. "Raidacross" glows brightly and dives towards Roa, but he activates a Trap Card, "King's Council", which will reduce the ATK of "Raidacross" by 500 for each "Fanatic" in his Graveyard. "Raidacross" falls to 1700 ATK, though as Gavin points out, Roa will still take damage. "Raidacross" slashes through the air, engulfing Roa in yellow light and reducing his LP to 2300, and Roa calmly adds that his opponent also gets to draw a card. Yuga draws and ends his turn, the ATK of "Raidacross" returning to normal.

Spotlights then snap on Roa as he asks if Yuga drew "Sevens Road Magician", and he notes that Yuga can't have yet. Yuga comments that Roa seems very interested in "Sevens Road Magician", and Roa casually claims that it's an attractive card, but then he asks Yuga where he got "Sevens Road". Luke asks what Roa is talking about, and Roa asks if it could be that Yuga received the card from someone. Yuga asks why Roa is asking, and Roa asks if Yuga doesn't want to tell him. Yuga replies that it's no problem, and he confirms that as Roa suspects, he did receive the card from someone. Roa grins, and he snaps his fingers, dispelling the holographic dome and putting a mugshot on the screen behind them - the face of the Hologram Man. Gavin gasps that it's the Duelist that appeared to them at the Relic. Mimi wonders what it means, and Romin steps forward, stating that it means she isn't the only one keeping secrets. Yuga replies that he didn't mean to keep it a secret.

The Duelist depicted by the Hologram Man appeared at the 666th Goha Dueling Tournament in Yuga's youth.

He remembers when he first started Duel Monsters in his youth, and he came to see the Goha Dueling Tournament (as Yuga flashes back to the tournament, a young Roa is also shown in the background). At that time, Yuga noted that the Duels that the adults were enjoying was very stiff, but he didn't know what to do. But then the people in the crowd around Yuga began to react as the Duelist depicted by the Hologram Man appeared on the stage in the middle of a Duel, chanting "Cut open a road through the walls, the mountains, and the planets that block my way and press onward! Come forth! Sevens Road Magician!" As Yuga watched the man Duel, he felt something rise inside him, the notion of cutting a road open and pressing onward. That Duelist and "Sevens Road Magician" continued to defeat their opponents, continuing all the way to the finals, but as the Duelist Summoned "Sevens Road Magician" again, a Goha Enterprises Drone disqualified the Duelist. As two Goha Enterprises employees flanked the Duelist he replied that they didn't understand; it was only natural for him to be the King of Duels, laughing before seeing something in the crowd and pointing at it, telling the "confused boy" that the road he had to walk was in his heart. He told Yuga to open all his road and tossed him the "Sevens Road Magician" card, waving goodbye with a hearty laugh as the Goha staff took him backstage. Yuga had looked at the card, remembering the Duelists' words as he and the young Roa looked at the stage.

Gavin comments that he sees, and Saburamen and Sushiko observe that the meeting Yuga had shaped his current outlook. Roa admits that it is interesting, but they're overlooking something; why was that Duelist disqualified? There can only be one answer; "Sevens Road Magician" is an illegal card that the Duelist made himself. A red spotlight snaps onto Yuga, who doesn't seem fazed, and the crowd erupts into shock, while Briscoe, Sushiko, Saburamen, Rayne, Rino, Gavin, Luke and Mimi all cry "Seriously?" Kaizo declares that creating one's own cards is a violation, and Mimi is panicking; she's a Goha representative but she doesn't know what to do in a situation regarding a card's legality, even if Roa is the one doing so. Gavin snaps that this is obviously nonsense and Roa is just trying to confuse Yuga. Roa suggests that they check themselves, and Luke asks Yuga what's wrong, Saburamen and Briscoe ask if it's true. Roa asks Yuga what's wrong, doesn't Yuga want to say anything?

Mimi tries to clear up the dispute over "Sevens Road Magician".

Mimi's voice suddenly calls for them to wait, and she runs onto the staff in full Goha regalia, panting as she catches her breath. Roa asks who she is, and Mimi introduces herself as Number 6 of the Goha Executives, the Tops of the Hexagon. Romin and Luke are shocked to see a Goha executive, though Gavin gets a feeling that they've already met. Mimi hides behind a Roa-emblazoned fan, telling him that it's just his imagination. Roa claims that it's an honor a higher-up at Goha Corp is his fan and offers his autograph, something Mimi is quick to accept, asking if she can get a selfie too and quickly snapping one as she and Roa pull peace signs. But she quickly gets back to business, asking if Roa is sure that "Sevens Road Magician" is an illegal card. Roa asks what she means, and Mimi snaps that there aren't any glitches in Goha Enterprises's Duel Disks. Roa asks her to check it herself, Goha insiders can do that, right? Mimi snaps that she doesn't need him to tell her that, and she keys in "Sevens Road's" name on her old phone, but the screen only shows static and an error, and Mimi asks if the data for "Sevens Road" can't be found. Gavin comments that he never would have thought that "Sevens Road" was made with a code that the Goha system would hardly recognize. Roa claims that makes it obvious that the Duel Disks are flawed, much to Mimi's anger, and she states that Goha Corp determine that, not the users. Roa lightly claims that he doesn't actually know himself, but all around them people are checking up on the information, and Mimi's phone suddenly rings. She asks what's wrong, and the employee on the other end cries that this is bad; they've had so many questions regarding the legality of the "Sevens Road Magician" card. Mimi asks what the employee said in shock as Roa looks up something on his phone; Goha Duel Rule No. 66, Article 6: When there is no clarity as to a card's status, its use is prohibited until it can be explained, so "Sevens Road Magician" will be a Forbidden card until its legality is clarified. Saburamen protests that the Rush Duel has already started, and Gavin asks what the rules are for using Forbidden cards during a Duel. Roa notes that there are some, and then Mimi's phone rings and she frantically answers it. The Goha President laughs on the other end, simply telling Mimi "Sixty-six, sixty-six!" Mimi recalls the Duel Rule No. 66, Article 66, and Roa searches up the rule in question on his smartphone while Gavin, Rayne and Rino all find it in their rulebooks; as long as the card whose legality has been question is not drawn, the Duel can continue. Gavin realizes what this means and Roa confirms it - when Yuga draws "Sevens Road Magician", he will be disqualified and lose the Duel.

Luke rallies Yuga's friends to believe in him.

Yuga gasps in shock for the first time as Roa declares his turn. Gavin objects, "Sevens Road" might be Forbidden under the Goha Dueling Rules, but this is a Rush Duel. Kaizo denies his objection, as Rush Dueling only changes Goha Dueling subtly and the card rules are the same. Gavin snaps that this isn't right, and Rayne whispers that "Sevens Road" is one of Yuga's trusted ace monsters, while Rino notes that Yuga won't be able to win unless he draws it, but will lose if he does. Gavin asks if this is the trap that Roa set, and Romin muses that she warned them. Gavin thinks back to when Yuga installing Rush Dueling for the first time; he fought the person who gave him "Sevens Road". Saburamen realizes that's true and he asks why Yuga isn't saying anything. Ranze worries that it's because "Sevens Road" is illegal, and Gavin and Saburamen both call to Yuga, but Luke angrily tells them not to be afraid and listen carefully, and Roa to listen as well. Even though Yuga's galaxy has been turned upside-down, he's not someone who likes to cheat. Yuga smiles, and Gavin and Saburamen do as well; Gavin agreeing that's true, as Yuga may like to mess with his inventions, but not cheat at Dueling. Saburamen reflects that's why Yuga tried to create new rules of his own; Rush Dueling. Gavin agrees that someone who didn't respect rules in the first place wouldn't want to make new ones, much to the joy of Rayne and Rino. Gavin declares that Luke is right and admits to being ashamed for doubting him. He suggests that they get to work; if "Sevens Road Magician" isn't an illegal card, then there should be someone else out there who has the same card as Yuga. Rino suggests they ask all of the students at Goha #7 Elementary, and Saburamen suggests that they leave Goha #3 Elementary to him, Briscoe and Sushiko. Gavin meanwhile offers to contact the Newspaper Club, and Luke agrees to leave it to him as the six run off. Mimi is impressed that a geek like Luke was able to rally them all, it's impressive for someone who says he wants to be the King of Duels. Romin wonders if it's really true that "Sevens Road Magician" is an illegal card and she wonders why Yuga is still silent. Roa praises the heartwarming teamwork of Yuga's friends, but snaps his fingers, deactivating the screen and re-materializing the Duel Solid Vision (and sending Mimi scurrying back to her seat) and claims that it will all be in vain.

Roa activates "Card Destruction" to try and force Yuga to draw "Sevens Road Magician".

He declares his draw, drawing five cards, then he returns a "Royal Rebel's Fanatic" from his Graveyard to his Deck to activate his Set Spell Card "King's Reward", which can destroy a Level 6 or lower monster Yuga controls, then force Yuga to draw a card. He tells "Hilt" to get lost, and "Hilt" explodes into colored shards, then Roa tells Yuga to draw. Yuga does so and looks at his card; "Dark Sorcerer". Roa then returns another "Fanatic" to his Deck to activate a second "King's Reward", this time destroying "Hydro Magician" and then telling Yuga to draw again. Yuga does so, and Kaizo peeks at his hand, announcing that Yuga hasn't drawn "Sevens Road" yet as Yuga looks at his "Torna the Windweaver". Roa comments that Yuga's lucky to have not drawn "Sevens Road" yet, and Mimi realizes that with Roa intentionally forcing Yuga to draw cards it's just a matter of time before "Sevens Road" appears. Around the corner meanwhile, Gavin begs Scoop Pitman over the phone to tell him if he has any information on "Sevens Road Magician", and Scoop protests that it's so sudden, while Rayne and Rino are also ringing up as many people as they can. Katsu tells them that Yuga is the only one he knows who has it, and Ricky suggests that it must be a super rare card. Meanwhile, Luke has called Yosh (who has repaired his Good Max helmet) and is listening to his request, though Luke tells him that just now is not the right time. He looks back at the Duel, noting that this is a dangerous situation and wondering if Yuga has any other plans. Roa comments that the smaller Yuga's Deck, the more likely he is to draw "Sevens Road", likening it to a game of Russian Roulette. He Summons "Royal Rebel's Shout", telling it to show itself before its King. Roa Sets two cards, then activates a Spell Card, "Card Destruction", forcing both players to discard their hands and draw the same number of cards. Roa only has to discard his third "Fanatic", but Yuga has to discard and draw three cards. Kaizo hovers behind Yuga, declaring that "Sevens Road" hasn't appeared yet, as Yuga looks at his new hand; "Recovery Force", "Straynge Cat", and "Kuribot". Romin sighs in relief, and Mimi asks why Yuga is even trying, calling it a thrilling situation.

Luke sighs in relief as well, but then Gavin calls his name, and Luke runs over to him, Saburamen and Rino and asks how it went. Gavin finds it hard to explain, and Rino clarifies that "Sevens Road" seems to be a very rare card, while Saburamen laments that none of his friends have heard of it. Gavin asks how Yuga is doing, and Luke replies that Yuga can still survive, but at this rate it seems unlikely. Roa grins fiendishly and he adds that he isn't done, activating one of the Spells he just Set; "King's Tax". Since he controls a Fiend monster, one monster his opponent controls loses 500 ATK for each card in their hand. Mimi observes that Yuga has three cards in his hand, and Gavin gasps that "Raidacross" will lose 1500 ATK as "Raidacross" falls to 600 ATK. Roa adds that he will then send a random card in Yuga's hand to his Graveyard, and Yuga shuffles the cards in his hand before sending "Kuribot" to the Graveyard. Roa then sends a card from his hand to the Graveyard ("Royal Rebel's Growl") to activate the effect of "Royal Rebel's Shout", sending the two cards in Yuga's hand to the Graveyard. Luke notes that the fewer cards the player has in their hand, the more cards they draw the next turn, and Mimi and Romin note that Yuga has drawn five cards this turn and will have to draw five more next turn. Gavin muses that drawing a lot of cards is a hallmark of a Rush Duel, but who would have thought this rule would corner Yuga? Luke notes that either way Roa's goal is for Yuga to draw "Sevens Road". Roa comments that this Rush Duel is really interesting, and he orders "Royal Rebel's Shout" to finish off those who dare oppose its King with its screams. "Royal Rebel's Shout" blasts a wave from the skull mouth that makes up its torso, disintegrating "Raidacross" and reducing Yuga to 3400 LP. Roa smiles and he spreads his arms, ending his turn.

To his horror, Yuga finally draws "Sevens Road Magician".

Yuga declares his turn, and his Duel Disk ejects the five cards for him to draw, but he hesitates. Roa asks what's wrong, and Yuga draws and looks at his hand; "Magical Beast Wolfang", "Curtain of Sparks", "Pierce!" - and then everyone gasps as the fourth card is revealed to be "Sevens Road Magician", with "Sevens Road Witch" behind it.

Featured Duel: Yuga Ohdo vs Roa Kassidy[edit]

Yuga VS Roa.png

The Duel is conducted as a Rush Duel.

Turn 1: Roa
Roa's hand contains two copies of "King's Reward", "King's Council", and "Royal Rebel's Fanatic". Roa draws a second "Royal Rebel's Fanatic". Roa Sets two monsters and three cards.

Turn 2: Yuga
Yuga draws "Raidacross, Hero of the Dawn". Yuga Normal Summons "Spell Archer" (1000/0) and "Straynge Cat" (0/1400). Yuga Tributes "Spell Archer" and "Straynge Cat" to Tribute Summon "Raidacross, Hero of the Dawn" (2100/1500). Yuga activates the effect of "Raidacross", returning two Spellcaster Type monsters from his Graveyard to his Deck to Special Summon two Level 5 or lower Spellcaster Type monsters from his hand. He returns "Straynge Cat" and "Spell Archer", and Special Summons "Hydro Magician" (1700/1500) and "Hilt, the Bearer of Noble Arms" (1300/500), both in Attack Position. Yuga activates the effect of "Hilt", increasing the ATK of a Warrior Type monster he controls by 600 until the end of the turn. He increases the ATK of "Raidacross" ("Raidacross": 2100/1500 → 2700/1500). "Hydro Magician" attacks a Set monster, which is revealed to be "Royal Rebel's Fanatic" (0/0). The attack continues and "Fanatic" is destroyed. "Hilt" attacks a Set monster, which is revealed to be "Royal Rebel's Fanatic" (0/0). The attack continues and "Fanatic" is destroyed. "Raidacross" attacks Roa directly, but since Roa has a Fiend Type monster in his Graveyard, he activates his Set Trap "King's Council", reducing the ATK of "Raidacross" by 500 for each FiendType Normal Monster in his Graveyard, then allowing Yuga to draw a card ("Raidacross": 2700/1500 → 1700/1500). The attack continues (Roa: 4000 → 2300 LP).

At this point, Roa reveals that "Sevens Road Magician" may be an illegal card. Under Goha Dueling Rule No. 66, Article 6, a card whose legality has not been determined is treated as Forbidden, and under Goha Dueling Rule No. 66, Article 66, the Duel can continue as long as the card in question is not drawn. Therefore, should Yuga draw "Sevens Road Magician", he will automatically lose the Duel.

Turn 3: Roa
Roa activates his Set Spell "King's Reward", returning a Fiend Type Normal Monster from his Graveyard to his Deck to destroy a Level 6 or lower monster Yuga controls and make Yuga draw a card, but Roa cannot attack directly this turn. Roa returns a "Fanatic" to his Deck and destroys "Hilt", and Yuga draws "Dark Sorcerer". Roa activates a second Set "King's Reward", returning a "Fanatic" to his Deck and destroying "Hydro Magician", with Yuga drawing "Torna the Windweaver". Roa Normal Summons "Royal Rebel's Shout" (1200/0). Roa Sets two cards. Roa activates the Spell "Card Destruction", forcing both players to send their entire hand to the Graveyard, then draw cards equal to the number of cards they set to the Graveyard. Roa sends a third copy of "Fanatic" to the Graveyard and draws "Royal Rebel's Growl", while Yuga sends "Torna", "Dark Sorcerer", and an unknown card to the Graveyard and draws "Recovery Force", "Straynge Cat", and "Kuribot". As Roa controls a Fiend Type monster, he activates his Set Spell "King's Tax", reducing the ATK of a monster Yuga controls by 500 for each card in Yuga's hand, then forcing Yuga to send a random card from his hand to the Graveyard. Roa chooses "Raidacross" ("Raidacross": 2100/1500 → 600/1500) and Yuga sends "Kuribot" to the Graveyard. As Yuga controls a Level 7 or higher monster, Roa activates the effect of "Shout", sending a card from his hand to the Graveyard to send up to two random cards in Yuga's hand to the Graveyard. Roa sends "Growl" from his hand to the Graveyard to send "Straynge Cat" and "Recovery Force" from Yuga's hand to the Graveyard. "Shout" attacks and destroys "Raidacross" (Yuga: 4000 → 3400 LP).

Turn 4: Yuga
Yuga draws "Magical Beast Wolfang", "Curtain of Sparks", "Pierce!", "Sevens Road Magician", and "Sevens Road Witch".

Duel continues in the next episode.

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.


  • This episode marks the first time that a flashback to an event before the beginning of SEVENS depicts a card using an edited layout that lacks the "RUSH DUEL" marking on the bottom corner, accounting for the fact Rush Duels were not supposed to exist prior to the series. This creates an inconsistency, however, as previous episodes that featured flashbacks to before Rush Duels were invented contained cards with "RUSH DUEL" markings.