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"A Duel of Thrones"
The one who sits atop the pinnacle of all other chairs: "The Massage Throne".
The one who sits atop the pinnacle of all other chairs: "The Massage Throne".
EnglishA Duel of Thrones
Japanese name
RōmajiGyokuza-taru Mono
TranslatedThe One Who Is a Throne
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Japanese OP"Nanananananana"
Japanese ED"Goha 7 Elementary School Song"
ScreenplayYuichi Nomura
Air dates
JapaneseOctober 10, 2020
EnglishJune 7, 2022
Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episodes (season 1)
Previous"The Beat of Defeat"
Next"What Makes a Hero a Hero?"
Featured card"Throne of Darkness"

"A Duel of Thrones", known as "The One Who Is a Throne" in the Japanese version, is the nineteenth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. It first aired in Japan on October 10, 2020, and became available in English on June 7, 2022 and will air on June 30, 2022 on 9Go! in Australia.

A massage chair showed up out of nowhere in front of the Road Laboratory! As Yuga and co. were trying the chair out and having a nice massage, they were suddenly sent underground. A massage chair drone named Seatbastian then emerged from the darkness, proclaiming itself as "Nail's butler and throne". Thus began the Duel between Yuga and the "King of Chairs"!


The Dueling robot appears in Yuga's dreams again.

Yuga runs through a dark wasteland towards a stone door, reaching it and gasping that beyond it lies the paths to becoming the King of Duels, but he doesn't know where the key is to open the door to this new world. Then he hears an engine from behind him and turns around to see the robot from his dream before he created Rush Dueling flying towards him and landing. Yuga cheers that the robot made it, and the robot stomps forwards, Yuga telling the robot to knock down the door with the power of his "Roads". The robot ignites its engines and lunges forward with its fist outstretched...and then Yuga wakes up in the Road Laboratory, woozy at first, but then realizing what that robot must be. As he gets up to look for his notes, he trips over Kaizo's charge cord, and after a yelp of pain he begs Kaizo not to charge there.

Nail talks with Seatbastian.

In his haven, Nail Saionji yawns as he lies in his massage chair. A robotic voice asks him if he pulled another all-nighter, and Nail claims he was just getting very curious. The voice - a Goha Enterprises Drone that is part of the chair - asks if it's Yuga Ohdo that is stoking Nail's curiosity, but Nail explains that it's Kaizo - a swirl of blue data suspended in the corner of the room. Nail explains that he's been analyzing the original data of Kaizo ever since he snatched it away, and in every log of Yuga's actions that he's found one keyword keeps coming up that seems to govern the basis of his actions. He gets out of the chair and states that the keyword is "Road"; it would seem he and Yuga are very alike, though there is no such road in his Garden. The Drone then tells Nail that he has a request; to be allowed to Duel Yuga in the next Rush Duel. Nail narrows his eyes and asks "You?" and the Drone replies that it cannot continue to permit Yuga to do as he pleases. Nail is someone who has the right to sit on Seatbastian's seat, but Yuga Ohdo is just a boy who can only sit on the seat of a mass produced bicycle, and Seatbastian will make him realize what a foolish act it is to get in the way of Master Nail. Nail lightly comments that he didn't think that Seatbastian could become so emotional, and Seatbastian seems sheepish, stating that he is just a program meant to guide Master Nail on the right path, and A.I. like him are valuable because they don't feel things like emotions.

Kaizo isn't happy about Yuga putting him in the Super Rush Robot's crotch.

At the Road Laboratory, Yuga has just told Luke, Romin and Gavin about the robot, which he has termed the "Super Rush Robot". As they repeat the name in surprise, Yuga explains that it rescued him in his dream when he was locked behind the door, and Gavin asks if Yuga thinks that the robot is the key to unlocking the door the the new world. Yuga agrees that he does, and Luke asks if this is why Yuga drew those blueprints. Yuga confirms that it is, claiming that he has a hunch that this could be his best Road yet once he completes it. Romin is exasperated that Yuga is making another one, citing the junk that Yuga already has as she pulls a curtain aside to reveal a pile of boxes containing Yuga's Roads. Luke eager runs over to one, the Truthinator from when they suspected Romin was a traitor (something Romin isn't happy to be reminded about) and he begins to dig it out of the box due to how nostalgic it makes him feel. Gavin nervously shoots over to warn him not to disturb the pile, but it's too late and the pile topples over and buries the three of them. Romin tells Yuga that he really should organize his Roads and throw away the useless stuff, but Yuga tells her that none of them are useless and all of them are his precious treasures. Romin asks if that means Kaizo too as she digs herself out of the pile of Roads and sits down, is Yuga really serious about retrieving his original data? Kaizo pops out of the rubble in the Duel-cycle seat, trembling as it asks Yuga if he's all right with whatever happens to it, and Yuga reassures it that of course he isn't, as Kaizo s one of his Roads after all. Kaizo snaps at Yuga to hurry up already and shakes from side-to-side, but Yuga has just finished the blueprints for the Super Rush Robot, and Luke and Gavin dash over eagerly, Luke commenting that Kaizo seems to be one of the most important parts of the robot. Kaizo is struck by the comment, imagining itself as either the head or a chest attachment of the robot and thanking Yuga, claiming that in his heart, Yuga has always cared about him the most...but Yuga has placed him at the robot's crotch, and Kaizo throws a fit as Yuga explains that he's thinking of making Kaizo the cooling device for the robot. Kaizo trembles in rage and hops out the door, calling his Road stupid.

Yuga, Luke, Romin and Gavin try out the massage chairs.

Romin calls Kaizo's name as runs after him, only to find him standing outside in front of four massage chairs. Romin picks up Kaizo as the others realize what they are, and Romin asks if they're some of Yuga's Roads. Yuga replies that they aren't, but Luke's already determined to use the chairs, despite Romin's protests, and he sits himself down and activates it. Gavin asks in concern if Luke is all right, but Luke gasps that it feels so good. Seeing Luke enjoying himself so much convinces the others to try the chairs themselves, and soon all four of them are seated in the chairs enjoying a massage - but then a trapdoor opens beneath all of them and drops them (and Kaizo, still in Romin's hand) underground.

Seatbastian transforms into his Robot Mode.

They find themselves on a strange dais with a spine extending behind them, and the voice of Seatbastian asks them what they thought as a spotlight snaps on it, explaining that they were the smash hit Comforting Harmonious Massage Chairs, though compared to his own technique they are as night and day. Luke is shocked by Seatbastian's claim, stating that he has to try it if it's as good as Seatbastian claims. Romin tells Luke to be a bit more surprised that a chair is talking, but Luke's already jumped into Seatbastian, only to be ejected immediately. Seatbastian's faceplate extends from the back of the chair, claiming that only the chosen one can sit on him, much to everyone's shock as Luke gets back to his feet. Seatbastian politely welcomes them and thanks them for coming, introducing himself as Seatbastian, the one who serves as both Master Nail's butler and his throne. As Yuga whispers Nail's name, Seatbastian declares that today he will be sure to put Yuga in his rightful place; to stand in the great Master Nail's way in his Garden is truly the height of folly. They will fight by all means, in a Massage Chair Rush Duel. With that Seatbastian transforms into a Robot Mode, something Yuga finds pretty cool. Seatbastian bows politely, thanking Yuga for the compliment and stating that in return it is only polite to warn him that he should not think that Seatbastian is on the same level as the previous Duelists. Before Yuga even gets the six penalties for losing, Seatbastian will completely crush his spirit. Yuga eagerly comments that now Seatbastian is talking and he calls "Let's go!" while Seatbastian humbly agrees to participate, and both Duelists call "Rush Duel!" Yuga slots his Deck into his Duel Disk, while Seatbastian raises his left arm, unfolding a Duel Disk from it as the green holographic dome rises around them.

Seatbastian politely asks Yuga to allow him to start his turn, and he draws, then Summons three monsters; "Scarechair Saber", "Scarechair Bone", and "Scarechair Gear", all chair monsters possessed by demonic spirits. Luke asks if this is supposed to be the world exhibition for chairs, though Gavin notes that all of them have zero ATK. Romin comments that Seatbastian's calm attitude is creeping her out as Seatbastian Sets two cards and humbly ends his turn.

Seatbastian's "Collapsing Chairs" Trap sends Yuga's cards to the Graveyard.

Yuga declares his turn and draws, then he Summons three monsters of his own; "Dark Sorcerer", "Light Sorcerer", and "Kuribot". Then he Tributes "Kuribot" to Tribute Summon "Torna the Windweaver", and Luke notes that Seatbastian has three monsters with zero ATK, so he has to be planning something. Yuga eagerly comments that's what makes it exciting, and he Sets a card of his own, then declares his Battle Phase. "Torna the Windweaver" slings a sphere of wind at "Scarechair Saber" and destroys it, reducing Seatbastian to 2400 LP, and Romin is shocked that the attack went through. Gavin wonders if they underestimated Seatbastian, but Seatbastian asks them to excuse him has he activates the Trap Card "Collapsing Chairs", which will destroy all monsters on both of their fields. All five of the remaining monsters on Yuga and Seatbastian's fields explode into glowing shards, and Seatbastian adds that they must then sends cards from their Deck to their Graveyards equal to the total number of monsters destroyed. Seatbastian sends another "Saber" and "Gear", "Pierce!", "One-Side Reverse", and another "Bone" to his Graveyard, while Yuga grits his teeth as he is forced to send "Dark Revelation", "Wind Spirit's Protection", "Kuripotriple", "Spell Archer", and his own "Pierce!" to his Graveyard. Luke wonders if Seatbastian took the damage he did on purpose to activate his destructive Trap, and Romin asks if such an effect wouldn't scare Seatbastian.

Seatbastian explains the role that chairs have played in humanity.

Seatbastian claims that he does not need such emotions, only calm rationality and the goal of serving the young master to attain victory. He notes that if one who exists to serve trembles in the arms of their master (as Kaizo is doing in Romin's), they do not deserve to be known as a chair. Luke asks Gavin if chairs usually care about things like this, and Seatbastian declares that chairs have been serving mankind for eternity, from the moment civilization was born to the present day, through good times and bad, chairs spun history together with humans, and the pinnacle of chair evolution is the massage chair. Luke asks if this is a common argument in the chair community, and Seatbastian replies that he is the ultimate massage chair developed by Goha Enterprises using the best of their technology, a massage throne even. And being a massage throne, only the chosen one out of all the world's royalty and nobility can be allowed to relax upon him; the king of all chairs. In addition to being a seat of comfort, he can also carry out his tasks as a butler perfectly and he is programmed to give the best royal education to the young master he can offer as the peak of the throne. In fact, it is no exaggeration to say that those who have obtained the right to be attended by him have also attained the right to rule humanity, and Master Nail is such a person; the one that has obtained the right to sit upon Seatbastian, the special and limited edition massage throne. Compared to Nail, Yuga is just a flea who can only sit upon the seat of a mass-produced bike. What Seatbastian is saying is that the worth of a human being is determined by the chair they sit on. Yuga has no answer to Seatbastian's boasting, simply ending his turn.

Seatbastian declares his turn and he draws five cards, Sets one and then Summons another "Scarechair Gear" and "Scarechair Bone", before Tributing them to Tribute Summon, chanting "The one who has observed history with the cursed lineage of the royal family. Many battles were fought just to sit upon you, with winners and losers emerging at times. However! Even if the king dies, the throne does not! Come forth! Throne of Darkness!" It too has zero ATK, but Seatbastian claims that a great throne will attract a great king, and since he has at least eight monsters with 0 ATK in his Graveyard he can activate the effect of "Throne of Darkness", Special Summoning "Dahut, Dark Ruler of the Chair" from his hand, also with zero ATK. Gavin observes that this is why Seatbastian sent so many monsters to his Graveyard, and Seatbastian sends the top card of his Deck to the Graveyard to activate the effect of "Dahut, Dark Ruler of the Chair"; "Force of Ys", which will increase its ATK by 500 times the Level of "Throne of Darkness". "Throne of Darkness" is Level 8, so "Dahut" rises to 4000 ATK, an ATK value that Romin repeats in shock. Luke gasps that Yuga will lose if this attack hits, and Seatbastian declares that it will teach Yuga a lesson about the difference between him and Master Nail. He steps forwards and orders "Dahut" to attack Yuga directly, chanting "The one chosen to sit upon the jet-black throne. The king who rules over all wandering souls. Burn everything with your vengeful flames of hell! Yscrew Burning!" "Dahut" launches a wave of fire at Yuga, who cries out in fear as it hits, and Romin, Luke and Gavin all cry Yuga's name.

Yuga saves his LP with "Curtain of Sparks".

But Yuga's LP only decreases to 500, and Seatbastian cries "Why?!" in shock, and Yuga grins, explaining that his "Curtain of Sparks" decreased the ATK of "Dahut, Dark Ruler of the Chair" by 500, to 3500. Romin cries that Yuga escaped by the skin of his teeth, and as "Dahut" rises from "Throne of Darkness" Luke notes that now Seatbastian will only have monsters with zero ATK. Gavin comments that it seems Seatbastian put everything into that combo, and Luke declares that despite being a chair himself, Seatbastian was sitting cross-legged on the chair of over-confidence. Seatbastian ends his turn, admitting that the effect of "Dahut, Dark Ruler of the Chair" ends and its ATK returns to zero. Luke can only fail to stammer out his metaphor, though Yuga just laughs nervously and Romin and Gavin both sweatdrop. Seatbastian vows that he cannot have Yuga win no matter what as his voice begins to glitch, and he muses on the notion of Yuga defeating Master Nail, then claims that the person who sits on the throne must be the strongest.

Seatbastian hides "Sevens Road Magician" in duplicates of Kaizo's current form.

Yuga declares his turn and draws five cards; "Hydro Magician", "Road Magic - Flowback", "Straynge Cat", "Cyc the Child of Wind", and "Sevens Road Magician". He grins at his draws and so do his friends, Luke proclaiming that it seems Yuga's road to victory is clear. Yuga Summons "Cyc the Child of Wind" and "Straynge Cat", then the Tributes the two monsters to Tribute Summon, chanting "The walls, the mountains, and even the planets that block my way! Cut open a road through them and press onward! Let's go! Sevens Road Magician!" But as soon as "Sevens Road Magician" is Summoned, Seatbastian returns "Dahut" to his hand to activate the Trap Card "Power of the Throne", and due to its effect Yuga will now draw cards equal to the Level of the "Dark King" he just returned to his hand. "Dahut" was Level 7, so seven cards are ejected from Yuga's Duel Disk, much to his shock, and Seatbastian further reveals that Yuga will be unable to attack monsters with zero ATK for the rest of the turn. Yuga can only gasp "What?" in dismay and Romin asks if it feels like Seatbastian's personality suddenly changed, while Gavin wonders if it is due to Seatbastian's failure to win the previous turn. Deteriorating even further, Seatbastian activates the Trap "Gate to the Throne", returning "Sevens Road Magician" to Yuga's hand. Yuga catches his card as the Duel Disk ejects it and his friends gasp in shock, and then Seatbastian declares that now it's the start of the low quality unsold stock sale. Dark energy emerges from the card and snatches the cards in Yuga's hand away, and Kaizo from Romin's hand. As Kaizo squeals, one of the cards is absorbed into it and the other cards transform into duplicates of the bicycle seat. Seatbastian maliciously declares that the trash they call Kaizo is within one of those seats, and if they can find him then Yuga will be able to Special Summon "Sevens Road Magician" again, but if he gets it wrong he will take 1000 damage. Luke realizes that Yuga will have to Special Summon "Sevens Road Magician" again or lose the Duel.

Seatbastian deteriorates as he mocks Kaizo for its fear of him when he absorbed Kaizo's original data.

Seatbastian asks if Yuga can find the right one, but it crows that he definitely can't and it claims it's wanted to tell Yuga for a while now about the scream that Kaizo let out when he absorbed his original data, and he wanted to show him those frightened, tearful eyes. Yuga angrily asks if Seatbastian was the one who attacked Kaizo, and Seatbastian declares that he is the King of Chairs and can order around a piece of scrap like that, and it was nothing but worthless junk that even felt emotions like fear. As Yuga quivers in rage, Romin races forwards and snaps that Kaizo isn't worthless junk and was always by their side, right? After briefly hesitating, Gavin agrees that they wouldn't have had as many laughs and smiles as they have had without Kaizo, right? Luke adds that Yuga will definitely find Kaizo, right? Yuga replies that there's not way he'd get this wrong and he walks forwards and looks at the bike seats hovering around him. He states that Kaizo can understand the kindness of others as well as their own affection, and he looks around, smiles, and walks over to one bike seat and grabs it, stating that he is one of the Roads that he built, a precious comrade.

Yuga chooses correctly.

Kaizo flashes and wiggles in Yuga's hands, and the other bike seats all transform back into cards as Yuga gasps happily, while "Sevens Road Magician" returns to his field. Seatbastian can only choke out "Wha-" as Romin runs over crying Kaizo's name and Luke cheers that Yuga did it, while Gavin comments that it's just as expected. As Romin takes Kaizo from Yuga's hand they all turn and look at Seatbastian, and Romin admits that Kaizo is unreliable, troublesome enough to drag them all down (much to Kaizo's protests). But Gavin states that this is Kaizo, and this is why they love him. Luke comments that Seatbastian can't even understand that and he suggests that Yuga tell him which one is the stupid one, Yuga agrees, suggesting that he end this. Seatbastian angrily asks if Yuga forgot about the effect of "Power of the Throne", and Gavin gasps that he's right; Yuga can't attack monsters with zero ATK this turn.

"Sevens Road Magician" harnesses the power of water.

But Yuga grins, sending a WATER monster ("Hydro Magician") from his hand to the Graveyard to activate the Spell Card "Road Magic - Flowback", which will return "Throne of Darkness" to Seatbastian's hand. "Sevens Road Magician" swings its sword, sending a surge of water out that washes "Throne of Darkness" away as Seatbastian gasps "What?!" Then Yuga sends the top card of his Deck to the Graveyard ("Ansler the Magical Swordsman") to activate the "Elemental Road" effect of "Sevens Road Magician", and the DARK "Dark Sorcerer", LIGHT "Light Sorcerer", EARTH "Straynge Cat", FIRE "Ansler", WATER "Hydro Magician" and WIND "Cyc" are all ejected from Yuga's Graveyard as Luke declares that Yuga has six Attributes in his Graveyard, and Romin cries that the ATK of "Sevens Road Magician" will increase by 1800, to 3900. Yuga tells "Sevens Road Magician" to end the Duel with a direct attack, and it attacks with "Sevens Magic", scorching a line down the center of Seatbastian as his LP falls to zero and he falls to his knees. Romin, Gavin and Luke run over to congratulate Yuga, Luke commenting that this is what the King of Chairs gets for sitting cross-legged. But then Kaizo begins to wriggle, and Seatbastian asks how it was, how was his strength, repeating the same phrase in a monotone. Yuga gasps Seatbastian's name, but then the platform they are standing on rises back to the surface, leaving the damaged massage chair Drone behind.

Yuga's amendment to the Super Rush Robot doesn't exactly thrill Kaizo.

That evening at the Road Laboratory, Kaizo asks if he is truly loved by Yuga, by everyone? Gavin assures Kaizo that of course he is, and Romin tells him not to worry too much; they'll definitely retrieve his original data. Yuga then turns around, having redrawn the blueprints for the Super Rush Robot to use Kaizo as a deodorizer on the robot's posterior. Poor Kaizo can only sigh in exasperation.

Nail's acceptance of him causes Seatbastian to cry.

In Nail's haven, Seatbastian tells him that he cannot be with him anymore and he requests to be disposed of as oversized garbage. Nail doesn't respond, taking a book from a nearby shelf, and Seatbastian asks Nail not to worry, as he will have an alternate massage chair prepared for him immediately. Nail states that he doesn't want a new massage chair, only Seatbastian. As Nail puts his book back, Seatbastian asks him if he is malfunctioning, and Nail turns to see digital tears streaming from Seatbastian's eyes in his screen. Seatbastian states that he does not recall such a program being installed, but Nail doesn't respond again, simply taking down another book.

Featured Duel: Yuga Ohdo vs Seatbastian[edit]

Yuga VS Sebastian.png

The Duel is conducted as a Rush Duel.

Turn 1: Seatbastian
Seatbastian Normal Summons "Scarechair Saber" (0/1400), "Scarechair Bone" (0/0), and "Scarechair Gear" (0/1200). Seatbastian Sets two cards.

Turn 2: Yuga
Yuga Normal Summons "Dark Sorcerer" (1500/0), "Light Sorcerer" (1500/0), and "Kuribot" (300/200). Yuga Tributes "Kuribot" to Tribute Summon "Torna the Windweaver" (1600/1000). Yuga Sets a card. "Torna" attacks and destroys "Saber" (Seatbastian: 4000 → 2400 LP). As a DARK monster with 0 ATK Seatbastian controlled was destroyed by battle, he activates his Set Trap "Collapsing Chairs", destroying all Level 8 or lower Attack Position monsters on the field, then sending cards from the top of each player's Deck to the GY for each monster destroyed. "Bone", "Gear", "Dark Sorcerer", "Light Sorcerer", and "Torna" are destroyed, so both players send the top five cards of their Deck to their GY. Seatbastian sends "Saber", "Gear", "Pierce!", "One-Side Reverse", and "Bone" to the GY, while Yuga sends "Dark Revelation", "Wind Spirit's Protection", "Kuripotriple", "Spell Archer", and "Pierce!" to the GY.

Turn 3: Seatbastian
Seatbastian Normal Summons "Gear" (0/1200) and "Bone" (0/0). Seatbastian Tributes "Gear" and "Bone" to Tribute Summon "Throne of Darkness" (0/2500). As Seatbastian has at least eight monsters with 0 ATK in his GY, he activates the effect of "Throne of Darkness", Special Summoning a Level 7 or higher monster with 0 ATK from his hand in Attack Position. He Special Summons "Dahut, Dark Ruler of the Chair" (0/2400). Seatbastian activates the effect of "Dahut", sending the top card of his Deck to the GY to choose another monster he controls with 0 ATK to increase its ATK by that monster's Level x 500. He sends "Hammer Crush" to the GY and chooses "Throne of Darkness" ("Dahut": 0/2400 → 4000/2400). Seatbastian Sets a card. "Dahut" attacks Yuga directly, but as Yuga has a Spellcaster monster in his GY, he activates his Set Trap "Curtain of Sparks", reducing the ATK of the attacking monster by 500 ("Dahut": 4000/2400 → 3500/2400). The attack continues (Yuga: 4000 → 500 LP).

Turn 4: Yuga
Yuga draws "Hydro Magician", "Road Magic - Flowback", "Straynge Cat", "Cyc the Child of Wind", and "Sevens Road Magician". Yuga Normal Summons "Cyc the Child of Wind" (400/600) and "Straynge Cat" (0/1400). He Tributes "Cyc" and "Straynge Cat" to Tribute Summon "Sevens Road Magician" (2100/1500). As Yuga Normal Summoned a Level 5 or higher monster, Seatbastian activates his Set Trap "Power of the Throne", allowing him to return a monster with 0 ATK he controls to the hand to have Yuga draw cards equal to that monster's Level. In addition, Yuga cannot attack monsters Seatbastian controls with 0 ATK this turn. He returns the Level 7 "Dahut" to his hand, so Yuga draws seven cards. As Yuga drew a card while Seatbastian controls a monster with 0 ATK, he activates his Set Trap "Gate to the Throne", returning a monster Yuga controls to the hand, then have Yuga choose one random card in his hand. If the chosen card is a monster with the same name as the monster returned to Yuga's hand, Yuga can Special Summon it to his field, but if it doesn't, Yuga will take 1000 damage. Seatbastian returns "Sevens Road Magician" to his hand and Yuga randomly chooses "Sevens Road Magician", Special Summoning it (2100/1500). As he controls a Level 7 or higher Spellcaster monster, Yuga activates the Spell "Road Magic - Flowback", sending a WATER monster from his hand to the GY to return a monster Seatbastian controls to the hand. Yuga sends "Hydro Magician" from his hand to the GY and returns "Throne of Darkness" to Seatbastian's hand. Yuga activates the effect of "Sevens Road Magician", sending the top card of his Deck to the GY to increase its ATK by 300 for each monster with a different Attribute in his GY. Yuga sends "Ansler the Magical Swordsman" from the top of his Deck to the GY, so there are six monsters with different Attributes in his GY ("Sevens Road Magician": 2100/1500 → 3900/1500). "Sevens Road Magician" attacks Seatbastian directly (Seatbastian: 2400 → 0 LP).

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.


  • During Seatbastian's explanation of how only the chosen can sit upon him, various historical leaders are shown; former Prime Minister of Italy Benito Mussolini, current Queen of the United Kingdom Elizabeth II, and then-President of the United States Donald Trump.