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This page is used to document Summon chants used by characters in the Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!! series.

Yudias Velgear[edit]

Transamu Rainac


"Hikari no yaiba ga ten no kawa wo kakeru toki, yuusha kitari sono na wo yobu! Transamu Rainac!"

"When the blade of light sweeps through the celestial river, the hero appears to the call of his name! Transamu Rainac!"

Galactica Oblivion


"Kioku no fune ga boukyaku no sora wo meguru toki, ten ni uzumaku hoshiboshi ga mune ni sono na wo yobisamasu! Hiraiseyo! Galactica Oblivion!"

"As the ship of memories revolves around the cosmic skies of oblivion, the stars and planets swirling through the heavens call upon the name hidden in their chests! Take flight! Galactica Oblivion!"

Galactica Amnesia

例え銀河が記憶を失い闇に包まれようと、その勇者の足跡、星となりて必ずや輝かん! アドバンス召喚!駆け抜けろ!『ギャラクティカ・アムネジア』!

"Even if the galaxy should lose its memories and be shrouded in darkness, let the footprints of its heroes become as stars that shine on! Tribute Summon! Blast through! Galactica Amnesia!"

Vanishing Heliacal Riser


"Even should despair and darkness feel like an eternity upon you, the dawn will surely come! We shall cut through the darkness and rise into a sky yet unseen! Vanishing Heliacal Riser!"

Galactica Xiphos


"Long, long ago, at the edge of a galaxy far, far away... A blade was born from the brilliance of the stars. Now, in the name of Yudias Velgear, grant a new power unto Vanishing Heliacal Riser! Equip Spell: Galactica Xiphos!"

(episode 26) "Long, long ago, at the edge of a galaxy far, far away... A blade was born from the brilliance of the stars. Now, in the name of Yudias Velgear, grant a new power unto Oblivion! Equip Spell: Galactica Xiphos!"

Yuhi Ohdo[edit]

Jointech Rex


"Join to jōnetsu! Join to yūki! Mugen no pawā o jointo sureba, muteki no aitsu ga guooooooo-tsu! Jointekku Rekkusu o Adobansu Shōkan!"

"A joined zeal! And joined bravado! When we join infinite power we'll make an infinite beast! Jointech Rex! Tribute Summon!"

Jointech Tossceratops

"Join and explose! Join and Intensify! If we join a thogether a little more power, we can run over any trap! Jointech Tossceratops! Tribute Summon!"

Manabu Sogetsu[edit]

Blast Examiner

"It's catastic! Clawsome! And paw-sitively hiss-terical! I love conducting experiments! Tribute Summon! Blast Examiner!"

Chemicalize Salamander

真実を求める炎は決して消えない! これが勝利の効率燃焼! 吼えろ、『ケミカライズ・サラマンダー』!

"Mami wo motomeru honoo wa kisashite kienai! Kore ga katsutoshi no koritsu nensho! Hoero 、 Kemikaraizu Saramandā!"

"The flames seeking truth shall never burn out. This is an efficient combustion of victory! Roar, Chemicalize Salamander!"

Analyze Phlogiston


"Burn beyond the laws of matter! Now come forth from the blaze! Analyze Phlogiston!"

Yuamu Ohdo[edit]

Update Wyvern

"It's always up to date with the latest and greatest info! Update Wyvern! Tribute Summon!"

Blue-Tooth Burst Dragon


"Chō kōsoku akusesu de shōri no pearingu! Denshi no umi yori araware kōrin! Oide yo! Burū Tūsu Bāsuto Doragon!"

"Super high-speed access with top-notch pairing! Emerging from the sea of electrons, it descends upon us! Come out! Blue-Tooth Burst Dragon!"

Dual Coretls

"Two cores overclocked! Parallel processing at explosive speeds! I Tribute Summon Dual Coretls!"

Red-Boot Burst Dragon

ワットはボルトとアンペアー!最強のヘルツでいまこそ加速のスイッチオン!目覚める時だヨ! 「真紅動の撃速竜(レッドブート・ブーストドラゴン)」!

"Watts are volts and amps! Now it's time to switch on the acceleration with the strongest hertz! Rise and shine! Red-Boot Boost Dragon!"

Chupataro Kaburagi[edit]

Magical Sheep Girl Meeeg-chan

"♫ Mememelody! Cattle Meetimeetion! ♫ Capturing the hearts of livestock! Shaving the wool around their souls! Magical Sheep Girl Meeeg-chan! Tribute Summon, chupa!"

Tell Kawai[edit]

Kappa Emperor River Slider


"……Saru ga ki kara ochirunara, kappa ga nagasa re naze warui…… Ina, nagasa rete iru n janai, agarete iru nda! Kappataitei Ribāsuraidā o Adobansu Shōkan!"

"If monkeys can fall from trees, then why is it bad when kappas are swept away by the river. No, I haven't been swept away. I am merely coasting! Kappa Emperor River Slider! Tribute Summon!"

Mitsuko Hiramori[edit]

Alien Count of the White Dwarf, St. Germain

"Even 3000 light years is too familiar. The cosmic urban monster of immortality! Alien Count of the White Dwarf, St. Germain, be Tribute Summoned!

Manya Atachi[edit]

Dian Keto the Cure Maiden


"Smashing the counterprograms! With the highest rating of 45%! Dian Keto the Cure Maiden!"

Dian Keto the Kitchen Maiden


"I, beloved by the gods of tsukemen. You, beloved by the gods of gourmet. If we join our powers together, we will have nothing to fear! It's our cue! Dian Keto the Gourmet Maiden!"


Heartless Hound Thunder Emperor Drainu

"A crackling, thunderous dog! A bolt from left field! Heartless Hound Thunder Emperor Drainu!"

Heartless Hound Martial Master Shiba


"Born from fury to destroy hatred! The god of dogs! Arise, Heartless Hound Martial Master Shiba!"

Zuwijo zir Velgear[edit]

Voidvelgr Hecatoncheir


"From the expanse of empty sky, I awaken an army of clouds. Reveal yourself! Voidvelgr Hecatoncheir!"

Voidvelgr Requiem

「我、虚空の底より, 呼び起こしたる彷徨える兵者の無念。。。ここは手向けとならん!「ヴォイドヴェルグ・レクイエム」!!」

Ware, kokuu no soko yori, yobiokoshitaru wa samayoeru tsuwamono no munen... Koko ni tamuke tonaran! Voidoverugu Rekuiemu!!

"From the expanse of empty sky, I call forth a wandering warrior's regrets. But this is not a mass for the dead! Voidvelgr Requiem!"

Galixon Tazaki[edit]

Drilling Tractiger

貫く思いはドリルのごとし、燃える男の心よ吠えろ! いざ、起動!「ドリリング・トラクタイガー」をアドバンス召喚!

"The thought that pierces through is like a drill! The heart of a burning man howls! Now launch! Tribute Summon! Drilling Tractiger!"

London Kirishima[edit]

Arts Angel CD Fender

"An angel bearing a shield of light descends quietly upon us!"

Arts Angel Metal Position


"An angel of the highest order. superior to all other positions! Let us hear your shining timbre! Arts Angel Metal Position! Tribute Summon!"

George Jersey[edit]

The chant for George's "Black Luster Soljersey" is based on the words spoken by Yami Yugi when he first Ritual Summoned "Black Luster Soldier".

Black Luster Soljersey

"One jersey shall merge with light, the other jersey shall merge with darkness. Between the jerseys of light and darkness the gate to the chaotic jersey world is opened! Take flight, soldiers of jersey! Arm yourselves in jersey cloth! Special Summon! Black Luster Soljersey!"

Fisher Sukai[edit]

Sky Fossil Anomalocaris


"Fossils...information given to us of ancient times. By discovering the most powerful fossils buried...Sky Fossil Anomalocaris!" Now's your time to revive, sky!"


Doomsayer Samurai Nosferadeimos

666は、破滅の数字! 地割れ・雷・神・救世主! おいでませ、災厄予幻士ノスフェラデイモス!

"666, the number of calamity. Split the earth, O god of thunder, our messiah! Come Forth! Doomsayer Samurai Nosferadeimos!"

Ranran Nanahoshi[edit]

Blanc de Blanc the Snow Shadow Flower


"O soul of white, like the fleeting snow that falls upon dirty soil... Blanc de Blanc the Snow Shadow Flower!"

Yuna Goha[edit]

Sevens Road Magician


"No matter if the walls, mountains, or planets block my way! I shall carve a road through it all and press onward! Come forth, Sevens Road Magician!"

Road Arms - Sevens Lance

闇より出ずる魔術師よ!今、ゴーハ・ユウナの名のもとに、新たな力を授けて差し上げましょう! 装備魔法「ロードアームズ−セブンス・ランス」!

"O sorcerer from deep darkness... Now in the name of Yuna Goha, let's bestow a new weapon upon Sevens Road Magician. Equip Spell: Road Arms - Sevens Lance!"

Rovian Kirishima[edit]

Prophecy Phrase of the Colors of the Wind

奏でるフォーク、轟くブルース、風が彩るオルタネイト・ピッキング 「風彩のプロフェシーフレーズ」

"Pizzicato folk music and thunderous blues. The world dyed in alternative pickings. Prophecy Phrase of the Colors of the Wind."

Bandijo of the Battle Ballad

"Fight and steal victory. Stir heartstrings then plunder them. Be free as the blazing whirlwinds! Resound, Bandijo of the Battle Ballad!"

Heavy Arms - Double Nexcalibur


"O barbaric minstrel in search of freedom! Now in the name of Rovian Kirishima, we'll bestow a new power! Equip Spell: Heavy Arms - Double Nexcalibur!"

Sacred Arms - Stabishop

"O minstrel with a weapon gained from freedom! I bestow upon Bandijo a new, sacred shield! Equip Spell: Sacred Arms - Stabishop!"

Menjaburo Omori[edit]

Masked Noodle Broth Tsuke Mendius


"1: Love noodles with your whole heart! 2: Ninjas also love noodles! 3: Love noodles more than three meals a day! 4: I am filled with happiness for loving noodles! 5: Even as an afternoon snack, I love noodles! Masked Noodle Broth Tsuke Mendius, be tribute summoned!

The Masuhodo Noodle Broth


"6: I love rock noodles! 7: I love strangely shaped noodles! 8: I love even broken noodles! 9: I always love noodles on holidays! 10: In the eleventh hour, I love noodles! Special Summon, The Masuhodo Noodle Broth!


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