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"I'm Tell Kawai, and I'm Parched"
Tell Kawai pours water over himself in a vain attempt to quench his thirst.
Tell Kawai pours water over himself in a vain attempt to quench his thirst.
Japanese name
RōmajiKawaiterunda Yo
TranslatedI'm Tell Kawai, and I'm Parched
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!!
Japanese OP"Mirage"
Japanese ED"One Way"
Air dates
JapaneseMay 1, 2022
Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!! episodes (season 1)
Previous"The Chupacabra's Trap"
Next"Whether You Believe It or Not Is Up to You"
Featured card"Kappa Emperor River Slider"

"I'm Tell Kawai, and I'm Parched" is the fifth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!! anime. It first aired in Japan on May 1, 2022.

Yuhi is angry that the clothes he sent to a dry cleaning shop are soaking wet, so he confronts the shop's manager about it. But as it turns out, the manager is actually Tell Kawai, the alien who stole Yuhi's Earthdamar! Yuhi challenges Kawai to a Duel, but since his Duel Disk is soaking wet, he can't activate it…


Yudias is watching the washing machine spin, his eyes swirling as he tries to follow the movement of its contents, and he decides it's the newest weapon sent by the enemy and transforms into his true form with a cry of "Velgia Riva" before blasting the machine with his eye beams. As smoke billows from the washing machine, Yuamu peeks around the doorway and asks him not to beam the washing machine.

In a dark room, a voice gasps that he's so parched, his wet footprints lining the hallway he just passed through. On the other hand, Yuhi is furious that their laundry is still drenched, including both the Duel Disk he left and even worse, Yuamu's best dress for special occasions that Ms. Purisaki made for her. He worries about what will happen if Yuamu thinks he dropped it in a river and demands to see the manager. The clerk (the girl who the Ohdos returned the cat to again) stops her frantic bows of apology and states her manager is Tell Kawai, but Yuhi misinterprets her as claiming she can't tell if the clothes are dry or not until she clarifies. Tell Kawai, a man with webbed fingers, is in another room trying to iron clothes, but water continues to drip from him and keep them wet, something Yuhi observes as he barges in and asks who's responsible. Yuhi's hair spikes as he spots a water bottle with a pickle inside and Tell gasps that he's thirsty (kawaita is also a way of saying that one is thirsty) as he picks up the bottle and drinks from it. Yuhi recognizes the green-haired man in shock - it's the alien who defeated him in a Rush Duel and stole his Earthdamar, screaming that he's found him. Tell turns towards Yuhi and recognizes him too, and Yuhi angrily protests his Rush Dueling skills have gone down the drain since losing the Earthdamar, challenging Tell to a Rush Duel so he can get his Earthdamar back if he wins. But Tell ignores Yuhi and presses a button, dropping him down a trapdoor with a cry.

In the MIK interrogation room Manabu offers Chupataro a plate of meat, noting he must be hungry, though Chupataro just smiles and looks away. Manabu tells Chupataro that MIK is full of good aliens and they are on his side, suggesting his recent actions are under duress from someone and offering to reinstate his Gold-Ranked Earth Permit if Chupataro tells them who it is. But when Chupataro doesn't respond, Manabu takes out a microphone and plays the role of Chupataro's father, claiming he had no idea his son he raised to be a good chupa could do such evil things and wondering what his mother will think. This tactic gets Chupataro's attention, and as Manabu sings from Chupataro's perspective about how much he loves his kind mother who smells nice and his macho father, a tear leaks from Chupataro's eye. Manabu, who had just been about to describe Chupataro's grandmother, grins and thinks that he's got him. Outside however, Nyandestar claims the tears to have been Chupataro's body leaking salt and is skeptical he will talk, much to Manabu's disappointment. Manabu asks how she did, and Nyandestar claims she cracked the encrypted call between Chupataro and the person who is really behind this. Manabu quickly crouches beside her as she whispers in his ear and he blanches in surprise.

Yuhi has just crashed into the underground room Tell was in earlier and looks at the damp room, asking if this is a lab. Tell enters the room and welcomes Yuhi, admitting he was hoping to meet him again, and Yuhi tells Tell to stop yapping and show his true form. Tell glows green, a beak-like mask appearing on his face and his clothes becoming green protective clothing. Tell introduces himself and declares he's parched after draining an entire bottle of water, despite Yuhi noting that he's soaking wet. Tell suggests they have that Rush Duel, promising to return Yuhi's Earthdamar if he wins, much to Yuhi's joy, though Tell presses a button and opens the wall behind Yuhi to reveal a cage, warning Yuhi that he'll remain in that cage as a test subject to quench Tell's thirst for knowledge for the rest of his life if he loses. Yuhi yelps that's a freaky thing to say and Tell yells that he's parched; Yuhi replies that he already told Tell that he's drenched.

Meanwhile Yuamu and Yudias have returned to the UTS office, a pleased Yuamu telling Mr. Tazaki there was a huge sale on washing machines today, though she's surprised Yuhi isn't back yet. Tazaki explains that he asked Yuhi to pick up the laundry he sent to the cleaners, and Yuamu and Yudias exchange glances.

Outside the cleaners', Yuhi claims he let his guard down in his last Duel with Tell, but he won't lose this time. He straps his Duel Disk on, but it's still soaked and short-circuits, Tell noting they can't Rush Duel if Yuhi doesn't have his Duel Disk. Yuhi laments being unable to get his Earthdamar back after finally getting the chance to, and to his shock he hears his name being chanted. Valvelgear appears above Yuhi and he asks why the little ship is here, having thought it was with Yudias. Inside Valvelgear, the Velgians are on the move, evacuating as they prepare for transformation, and machines move inside the ship as the Velgians chant "Vi Bal Du! Jo Jon Du!" Yudias and Yuamu rush into the yard to see Valvelgear glow and transform into a Duel Disk, much to Yuhi's joy and Tell's interest. Yuhi asks if the Velgians are trying to help and the Velgians chant "Vi Bal Du!" again; Yuhi hears their passionate cries loud and clear and suggests they get going, removing his Duel Disk so Valvelgear can strap onto his wrist. He inserts his Deck into the Duel Disk with a grin, but then Yuamu calls his name and Yuhi freezes up, nervously looking at his sister and Yudias and yelps that he wasn't the one who ruined Yuamu's best dress, it was the kappa alien who stole his Earthdamar. Yuamu gasps in shock at the sight of Tell and Yudias gasps that this is the one who stole the Earthdamar, while Tell is interested to see the twins in the company of someone from the Velgear Star Cluster. Yudias flinches and Tell comments that now he really wants Yuhi to be his research subject and quench his thirst for knowledge as he readies his own Deck. Yuhi warns Tell to clean his Earthdamar well before he returns it, and Tell inserts his Deck into his Duel Disks, both Duelists calling "Go Rush!!" as the blades of their Duel Disks deploy, along with the green holographic dome.

Likening himself to a dry rag left in the scorching desert sun for a long time, Tell takes his dry and parched turn, drawing a card. His hand containing "Psychic Kappa", two "Kappa Rapper", "Kappa's Gas", and "Kappa Avenger", Tell takes "Psychic Kappa" and both "Kappa Rappers" and Sets them, shocking Yudias, who asks if monsters can be summoned without their opponent knowing what they are. Yuamu explains that if a player wants to Summon monsters in Defense Position then they place them face-down, or Set them. Yudias asks how Set monsters can be turned face-up, and Yuamu explains that an attack, Flip Summon, or card effect can all flip monsters face-up. Tell also Sets a card, his "Kappa's Gas", and ends his dry, crusty turn. Yuhi comments that he didn't realize the alien who stole his Earthdamar was such a mad scientist, though Tell describes himself as a vagabond in an ever eternal search for discovery and the truth of all things. He pours a bottle of water over himself, describing himself as endlessly inquisitive spirit with a soul that hungers and thirsts for knowledge, and the only thing that can quench that is unravelling the mystery behind the greatest truth in the universe, the Earthdamar. Yuhi asks if that's why Tell stole his Earthdamar and Tell claims one Damar is too small a sample and his research has stalled, Yuamu realizing that Tell wants to use Yuhi as a test subject to further study the Earthdamar and prompting Yudias to describe him as a great spring of intellectual spirit. Tell screams that he's so parched, and Yuhi reminds him that he's soaking wet.

Vowing not to allow Tell to have his way from now on, Yuhi declares his turn and draws a card. His hand containing "Cliptera", "Tamabot", "Craftroll", "Elephound", and "Jointech Bumper", Yuhi Summons "Cliptera", "Tamabot" and "Craftroll". Tell is shocked by Yuhi's Deck, and Yuhi tells Tell not to expect the same deck as last time, Tributing "Tamabot" to Tribute Summon "Elephound". He Sets a card and declares battle, attacking one of Tell's Set monsters, "Psychic Kappa", and celebrating as it's destroyed. Yudias is surprised to see Tell's LP are untouched, and Yuamu explains that a player doesn't lose LP when a monster in Defense Position is destroyed. Yuhi then attacks another Set monster with "Cliptera", but the face-down "Kappa Rapper" has the same 1300 DEF as "Cliptera's" 1300 ATK, so neither monster is destroyed. As Yuhi scowls, Yudias asks if both monsters shouldn't have been destroyed, and Yuamu explains that neither monster will be destroyed if the ATK of the attacking monster equals the DEF of the attack target.

Yuhi finally attacks with "Elephound", but since Yuhi attacked a Set monster Tell activates his Trap Card "Kappa's Gas", shriveling the ATK of "Elephound" by 2000 as Yudias and the Ohdo twins gasp. "Elephound" falls to zero ATK and ineffectively swats the other "Kappa Rapper", Yuhi gasping the damage he's taken as he falls to 2700 LP. Yudias cries Yuhi's name and Yuamu explains that if a player's attacking monster has less ATK than the defending monster's DEF, then the defending monster isn't destroyed and the attacking player takes the difference as damage. Yudias muses that these are the Trap Card his eternal comrade Chupataro considerably taught him about, and Yuamu explains that a Trap Card's effect can be activated once its requirement is meant. Yudias repeats the terminology and Tell notes Yudias' own thirst for knowledge, explaining that the requirement for his "Kappa's Gas" Trap Card is when his opponent attacks a Set monster, and the effect reduces the ATK of the attacking monster by 2000 until the end of the turn. Yuamu tells Yudias that Trap Cards can even be used on the opponent's turn, though she admits that a Trap that activates when a Set monster is attacked is quite unusual, and Yudias realizes that one can skillfully Set and play Trap Cards to turn a desperate pinch into a comeback. Yuhi tells Yudias to stop being impressed and ends his turn, returning the ATK of "Elephound" to normal, Yuamu explaining to Yudias that the effect of the Trap ends when the turn does.

Yuhi notes that a kappa plays defensively, and Tell did this last time too. He's started to remember what happened, but doesn't remember Tell being so wet the last time they Dueled. Tell explains that he'd felt as though he were in heaven after he defeated Yuhi and obtained the Earthdamar, but found the more he studied it the more mysterious it became, and instead of satisfaction he felt thirst, his kappa body becoming awash in fluid as if to make up for that. He prepares to draw, noting that no matter how much water is in his body, his soul has never been quenched. Comparing himself to a shriveled worm on midsummer asphalt, he takes his dry and parched turn, declaring a crusted draw and drawing four cards, his hand now containing "Kappa Avenger", "Kappa Emperor River Slider", "Hyosube", "Sunbathing Kappa" and another "Kappa's Gas". He Tributes his two "Kappa Rappers" and chants "If monkeys can fall from trees, then why is it bad when kappas are swept away by the river? No, I haven't been swept away. I am merely coasting! Kappa Emperor River Slider! Tribute Summon!"

"Kappa Emperor River Slider" appears with 2500 ATK and Tell Summons "Hyosube" and "Kappa Avenger", Sets two cards, then sends "Kappa Avenger" to the Graveyard to activate the effect of "Kappa Emperor River Slider". Yudias is shocked Tell sent his own monster to the Graveyard and Yuamu explains it's the requirement to use the effect of "River Slider", and there are a lot of different ones. Tell explains the effect of "River Slider" will destroy "Elephound" and "Cliptera", and "River Slider" makes a sharp turn, destroying them with the wake of the water below it, Tell declaring "The Emperor's Artificial Fluid #64!" Yuhi grits his teeth as Yudias calls it a moisturizing effect and Tell declares battle, ordering "River Slider" to attack "Craftroll" with "Great Emperor Sorcerer". "Craftroll" is destroyed and Yuhi yelps the 1400 damage as he falls to 1300 LP.

Tell declares that now the kappa boss "Hyosube" will finish Yuhi off, but as "Hyosube" leaps at him Yuhi returns "Elephound", "Cliptera" and "Craftroll" from his Graveyard to his Deck to activate his Trap Card "Jointech Bumper", which will destroy all Attack Position monsters Tell controls. Yudias cheers that Yuhi also had a Trap and Yuamu thinks he'll be able to survive if he uses it, but then his Duel Disk ejects the Trap Card. Confused, Yuhi inserts "Jointech Bumper" again, but his Duel Disk crackles with electricity and Yuhi asks why it isn't working, while Yudias asks if Yuhi didn't meet the requirements. Yuamu confirms the requirements to be returning three Machine Type monsters from his Graveyard to his Deck when his opponent declared a direct attack, which Yuhi met. But as Yuhi asks again why it's not working, Yudias realizes that Valvelgear might be having trouble with the transformation due to only having become a Duel Disk for the first time now. Tell muses that Yuhi's Duel Disk doesn't seem to respond anymore, so the curtains will again fall on his victory. He claims Yuhi's own claim that losing the Earthdamar dwindled his Rush Dueling ability, yet then Rush Dueling to get it back is a clear example of getting his priorities backwards.

Yuhi admits he doesn't have his Earthdamar now, but has 8.88 million comrades, much to Yudias and Yuamu's shock, and he vows not to give up because he has all the Velgians on his side. He tells them he believes in them and begins chanting "Vi Bal Du!" causing Yuamu and Yudias to smile and Tell's eyes widen in shock. The Velgians respond to Yuhi's chant with their own as several of them hoist an oversized plug and insert it into the appropriate socket, causing "Jointech Bumper" to appear on Yuhi's field and blast a beam of blue energy that shatters "River Slider" and "Hyosube" into blue shards. Yuhi cheers "Vi Bal Du!" again and the Velgians chant his name, Yuamu and Yudias smiling proudly and Tell placing his hand over his heart as he ends his turn.

Yuhi declares his turn and draws five cards, "Jointech Rex", "Cliptera", "Tamabot", "Carpendra", and "Jointech Ace". He Summons "Tamabot" and "Cliptera" and then Tributes them, chanting "A joined zeal! And joined bravado! When we join infinite power we'll make an infinite beast! Jointech Rex! Tribute Summon!" "Jointech Rex" appears with 2500 ATK and Yudias declares it's Yuhi's ace monster and tells them to bear witness, calling it valiant enough to make a warrior's soul tremble. Yuamu grins and comments "I suppose", but then Tell activates a Trap Card, "Sunbathing Kappa", Special Summoning "Kappa Rapper" in face-down Defense Position. Yuhi gasps that it's another Set monster and Tell plans to activate his other "Kappa's Gas" when Yuhi attacks it. But Yuhi Summons "Carpendra" and "Jointech Ace" and then returns the "Cliptera" and the two "Tamabot" in his Graveyard to his Deck to activate the "Magitrap Snipe" effect of "Jointech Rex", destroying one of Tell's Spell or Trap Cards. "Jointech Rex" takes aim and the "Kappa's Gas" explodes, Tell gasping as Yudias cries that it was the same Trap as before and Yuamu admits Yuhi would have lost had Tell used it again. Declaring battle, Yuhi orders "Carpendra" to destroy Tell's Set monster, and it pierces "Kappa Rapper" and destroys it, then "Jointech Ace" attacks Tell directly and reduces him to 2500 LP. Yuhi orders the finishing blow from "Jointech Rex", which stomps forwards and flips Tell into the air with "Dynabomb Gigantech". Tell cries that his soul has been moisturized as sparkles shime beneath his eyelids and his LP falls to zero.

Yuhi cheers that he did it with Valvelgear next to him, back in its ship form, and Yudias and Yuamu run to him calling his name. Yuamu tells her brother that he did it, Yuhi rubbing his head in embarrassment. Tell, now clean and dry, holds up the green capsule, telling Yuhi that his Earthdamar is in here; Yuhi is astonished Tell is really returning it and thanks him as he takes the capsule. Tell claims he's found a new object of observation that might satisfy his thirst for knowledge, and Yudias notes to Yuamu that Tell also seems to have found Yuhi intriguing as Yudias himself did, prompting a giggle from Yuamu. Yuhi asks Tell how to put the Earthdamar back into his body and Tell explains he can just drink it, so Yuhi opens the capsule to release a black-red substance that coalesces into his own silhouette. Yudias is intrigued by Yuhi's Earthdamar, though Yuamu is disgusted and even Yuhi is a little repulsed. Tell explains Yuhi made a promise and must accept it, urging him to down the Earthdamar in one gulp.

But then the ahoge of Yuhi's Earthdamar twitches and a shadowed figure leaps up behind them, capturing the Earthdamar in a capsule of their own and landing in the yard. Yudias gasps that it's Zwijo and is shocked to find him alive, asking him why he's on this planet. But Zwijo barely glances back at Yudias before leaping away through the rooftops despite Yudias' pleas for him to wait. Yuhi notices that Tell has vanished as well and Manabu suddenly arrives to ask them something, Nayndestar in tow. He explains that an encrypted communication between Chupataro and an unknown party was discovered to have come from Velgear, and Yudias gasps in shock as Nyandestar explains it likely means he was communicating with a Velgian. Manabu asks if Yudias knows who it might be, but Yudias doesn't respond and looks up at the stars, where Velgear shines in the evening sky.

Featured Duel: Yuhi Ohdo vs. Tell Kawai[edit]

Turn 1: Tell
Tell's hand contains "Psychic Kappa", two copies of "Kappa Rapper", "Kappa's Gas", and "Kappa Avenger". Tell Sets "Psychic Kappa" and both copies of "Kappa Rapper". Tell Sets "Kappa's Gas".

Turn 2: Yuhi
Yuhi's hand contains "Cliptera", "Tamabot", "Craftroll", "Elephound", and "Jointech Bumper". Yuhi Normal Summons "Cliptera" (1300/1000), "Tamabot" (200/0), and "Craftroll" (1100/0). Yuhi Tributes "Tamabot" to Tribute Summon "Elephound" (1700/500). Yuhi Sets a card. "Craftroll" attacks a Set monster, which is revealed to be "Psychic Kappa" (400/1000), so the attack continues and "Psychic Kappa" is destroyed. "Cliptera" attacks a Set monster, which is revealed to be "Kappa Rapper" (800/1300), so the attack ends in a stalemate. "Elephound" attacks a Set monster, which is revealed to be "Kappa Rapper" (800/1300). As a face-down Defense Position monster Tell controls was targeted for an attack while Yuhi controls a Level 5 or higher monster, Tell activates his Set Trap Card "Kappa's Gas", reducing the ATK of the attacking monster by 2000 until the end of the turn ("Elephound": 1700/500 → 0/500). The attack fails (Yuhi: 4000 → 2700 LP).

Turn 3: Tell
Tell's hand contains "Kappa Avenger", "Kappa Emperor River Slider", "Hyosube", "Sunbathing Kappa" and "Kappa's Gas". Tell Tributes both copies of "Kappa Rapper" to Tribute Summon "Kappa Emperor River Slider" (2500/1500). Tell Normal Summons "Hyosube" (1500/900) and "Kappa Avenger" (1200/900). Tell Sets two cards. Tell activates the effect of "River Slider", sending an Aqua Type monster he controls to the Graveyard to destroy up to two Level 7 or lower Normal Monsters Yuhi controls. He sends "Kappa Avenger" to the Graveyard and destroys "Cliptera" and "Elephound". "River Slider" attacks and destroys "Craftroll" (Yuhi: 2700 → 1300 LP). "Hyosube" attacks Yuhi directly, but as a monster Tell controls declared a direct attack, Yuhi activates his Set Trap Card "Jointech Bumper", shuffling three Machine Type Normal Monsters from his Graveyard into his Deck to destroy up to three Attack Position monsters Tell controls. He shuffles "Craftroll", "Cliptera", and "Elephound" from his Graveyard into his Deck and destroys "Hyosube" and "River Slider".

Turn 4: Yuhi
Yuhi draws "Jointech Rex", "Cliptera", "Tamabot", "Carpendra", and "Jointech Ace". Yuhi Normal Summons "Cliptera" (1300/1000) and "Tamabot" (200/0). Yuhi Tributes "Cliptera" and "Tamabot" to Tribute Summon "Jointech Rex" (2500/1500). As Yuhi Normal Summoned a Level 5 or higher monster, Tell activates his Set Trap Card "Sunbathing Kappa", Special Summoning a Level 4 or lower Aqua Type monster from his Graveyard in face-down Defense Postion. He Special Summons "Kappa Rapper" (800/1300) from his Graveyard in face-down Defense Position. Yuhi Normal Summons "Carpendra" (1400/0) and "Jointech Ace" (1500/0). Tell's Set card is "Kappa's Gas". As "Jointech Rex" was Normal Summoned this turn, Yuhi activates its effect, shuffling three monsters from his Graveyard into his Deck to destroy a card in Tell's Spell & Trap Zone. He shuffles "Cliptera" and two copies of "Tamabot" from his Graveyard into his Deck and destroys Tell's Set "Kappa's Gas". "Carpendra" attacks and destroys Tell's Set "Kappa Rapper". "Jointech Ace" and "Jointech Rex" attack Tell directly (Tell: 4000 → 2500 → 0 LP).

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here. Cards that appeared in the opening can be found here.

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