Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!! - Episode 004

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"The Chupacabra's Trap"
Chupataro shows his "Trap Hole" to Yudias.
Chupataro shows his "Trap Hole" to Yudias.
Japanese name
RōmajiChupakabura no Wana
TranslatedThe Chupacabra's Trap
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!!
Japanese OP"Mirage"
Japanese ED"One Way"
Air dates
JapaneseApril 24, 2022
Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!! episodes (season 1)
Previous"Terror? The Blood-Sucking Alien"
Next"I'm Tell Kawai, and I'm Parched"
Featured card"Trap Hole"

"The Chupacabra's Trap" is the fourth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!! anime. It first aired in Japan on April 24, 2022.

Chupataro lured Yudias to a garbage disposal area. Thanks to his inborn abilities, Yudias was able to overcome Chupataro's many traps, but he still ended up getting captured! Meanwhile, Yuhi, who was panicking, also arrived at the garbage disposal area…


At the UTS office, Yudias and Yuamu are cleaning their teeth, though Yudias has some trouble with the toothbrush and chokes suddenly, Yuamu telling him not to shove the toothbrush so far into his mouth. Meanwhile Yuhi is dressed in his casual clothes and finishes breakfast, noting he should start looking for aliens since it's Sunday, but when he takes his bag off the desk he knocks the inert Valvelgear off the desk and it hits the ground, breaking off one of its thrusters. Yuhi is horrified by what he's done, asking if the Velgians inside are all right, and when he doesn't get a response he gasps that he's wiped them all out. Outside Ms. Maki is doing the watering and greets Yuhi when he emerges, telling him today's lunch will be hand-rolled sushi, but Yuhi runs off without replying. Yuamu then calls for Yuhi, telling him they're heading out shopping, though she thinks he's late as usual when he doesn't reply until Ms. Maki tells them Yuhi already left in a huge rush. Yuamu is surprised, but ultimately dismisses her concerns and suggests to Yudias they head out. Yudias agrees, admitting he's a bit nervous about his first supply mission on Earth but resolutely stating "UTS" and giving Yuamu the thumbs up. Yuamu sighs and tells Yudias to make sure he doesn't cause a scene.

Meanwhile Yuhi is running down the street freaking out over the continued silence of the Velgians and wondering what he's going to do, eventually finding a craft store and getting an idea. Soon he comes out with a bag of craft supplies, the clerk (the girl whose cat UTS found) thanking him for coming. Yuhi goes to the playground to tape Valvelgear's thruster back on, initially thinking it's back to normal, but it promptly falls off and Yuhi worries this won't work.

Yudias and Yuamu are in the shopping mall the park is outside, Yudias taking in the base containing supplies on Earth and Yuamu telling him they'll stop by a hardware store before heading back. Yudias gives an affirmation of "UTS", but then hears several "chupa" noises and spots Chupataro waving yakitori balls from behind a sign before quietly calling to Yudias and telling him it's nice to see him. Poor Yudias is torn between following Yuamu and staying to talk to Chupataro but eventually decides to stay, asking if he's Chupagarou. Chupataro chant's "Magical Sheep Girl Meeeg-chan's" first verse of flavor text before reminding Yudias how much he loves "Meeeg-chan" and stating his name, chomping down on his yakitori and commenting "Not baaaaaad". Yudias happily says Chupataro's name and holds up his bags to show Chupataro he's in the middle of a supply mission and asks if he needs something. Chupataro tosses his skewers aside and claims he wanted to apologize for the other day and show Yudias some good things, much to Yudias' interest. Chupataro claims he wanted to tell Yudias something about Rush Duel, much to Yudias' shock.

Yuhi is crossing an overhead bridge, muttering that he'll be able to fool them for a bit, but then his backpack begins bouncing and he takes it off an opens it to reveal Valvelgear bouncing around as the Velgians cry that it's been damaged. Yuhi is pleased that all 8.88 million Velgians survived, but dismayed when the Velgians all begin calling "Vam Bi Du". He picks the ship up, reassuring the Velgians that he'll fix it, but it jumps in his hands and topples over the bridge, landing in a garbage truck. Yuhi is horrified, but then spots the mark on the back of the truck.

At Mutsuba Heavy Machinery Garbage Collection Site #8 a gate opens to admit a garbage truck as Yudias and Chupataro watch from across a moat. Yudias asks where they are and Chupataro claims it's a common factory in Mutsuba Town, gesturing to it with another meat skewer and claiming Yudias can learn good things about Rush Dueling here. Once they've cut through the perimeter fence Yudias asks Chupataro why he's helping him, and Chupataro claims they're similar given he's not from Earth and he knows the isolation and loneliness Yudias must be feeling, so Chupataro wanted to tell him more about Rush Dueling as it's also something they share in common. Yudias joyfully thanks Chupataro, proclaiming him an eternal friend, much to Chupataro's surprise. Chupataro explains he'll be teaching Yudias about Trap Cards, though he smiles and thinks he'll also be teaching Yudias about traps.

Evading a leaving garbage truck, Chupataro and Yudias sneak across the yard and Chupataro explains they'll need to break into this building. Yudias asks if they're allowed to and Chupataro tells him to trust him, especially if he wants to learn more about Trap Cards. Yudias denies being afraid, remembering breaking through an antimatter minefield on Velgearades, the third planet, and he charges forwards fearlessly, but Chupataro hits a button and opens the floor beneath Yudias, who barely grabs the edge. As Chupataro walks up Yudias begs his eternal friend not to approach given the danger and wonders what this is. Chupataro explains this is the first Trap - "Trap Hole". Rush Dueling isn't just about attacking with Monster Cards; if the opponent Summons a monster with 1000 or more ATK (like Yudias' 2500 ATK "Galactica Oblivion") and "Trap Hole" was Set beforehand, it can destroy that monster. Yudias asks in shock if Chupataro wouldn't feel sympathy for that monster and Chupataro dismisses that as naïve, declaring the battlefield is ruthless and Yudias should know this best. Yudias admits Chupataro is right, and Chupataro closes the trapdoor, giggling as he hopes to catch Yudias between the doors, but Yudias pulls himself out athletically just in time, much to Chupataro's shock. Yudias happily tells Chupataro his encouragement gave him the strength to overcome his predicament, much to Chupataro's confusion, and then Yudias thanks Chupataro for giving him such an important card. Chupataro snatches "Trap Hole" away, refusing to give it up, and Yudias interprets this as Chupataro going so far just to show him the card, praising him as an eternal friend. Chupataro can only stare before reminding Yudias they need to get moving before any guards find them.

They make it inside the building and Chupataro spots a switch on a wall and sidles over to it, glancing into an alcove and claiming there's something resembling a Trap Card inside. Yudias eagerly rushes in, though he sees nothing and Chupataro hits the switch, causing a glass wall to seal Yudias in and freezing gas to surge from sprinklers in the ceiling. Yudias is soon frozen up to his neck in ice and Chupataro cheers that he did it, though he once again warns his eternal friend away from the freezing temperatures. Chupataro laughs and compares it to the "Eternal Freeze" Trap, explaining that if the opponent Summons a monster with 2500 or more ATK, one can send a monster to the Graveyard to return the Summoned monster to the bottom of the Deck. Yudias notes in shock the opponent would be in a very bad position and Chupataro claims it's tactics and suggests Yudias use it while he's in a bad position, though he warns him he has to be careful since he has to sacrifice a monster to do so. Yudias insists it isn't a sacrifice, but the act of one's comrades entrusting him with victory, surprising Chupataro, and Yudias tears up over such a beautiful act of camaraderie, thanking Chupataro for giving him an important card full of friendship. Chupataro once again refuses to give up the card, Yudias again interpreting this as Chupataro doing this just to show him the card and praising him as an eternal friend. Before Chupataro can celebrate Yudias being frozen, Yudias shatters the ice around him after some exertion, telling Chupataro not to worry, given this wasn't nearly as bad as when he fought on Vegarsk, the planet of total darkness at -800 degrees. Chupataro can only wonder what's with this stupidly strong guy and suggests they move on, Yudias eagerly agreeing.

Outside the Mutsuba Heavy Machinery Garbage Collection Site #8, Yuhi notes that this was where the garbage truck took Valvelgear and heads into the bushes, quietly claiming there's nothing to see here.

Yudias and Chupataro crawl through the factory and Chupataro spots another switch. He gets Yudias to stand over a red X and presses the button on the switch, causing a large mechanical arm to descend and grab Yudias, who once again tries to warn his eternal friend away. But Chupataro tells him this time the Trap is "Call of the Earthbound", which can be used when the opponent attacks to change the attack target, allowing a player to substitute a monster if they have one they want to protect. Yudias initially seems uncomfortable with the prospect, but decides it's another way his monsters can entrust victory to him, thanking Chupataro for giving him a card that entrusts such victory. Chupataro laughs and refuses to relinquish the card again, Yudias once again believing Chupataro is going through such trouble to show him the card. Chupataro suggests Yudias hurry up and break free so they can go, and Yudias transforms into his true form with a declaration of "Velgear River" and activates his eyebeams. But he can't reach the claw that has captured him and almost hits Chupataro, who yelps that it's dangerous, and Yudias begs forgiveness, as his neck is too trapped to move freely. Chupataro suggests Yudias just break out, but that doesn't work either, Yudias believing the metal of the claw to be cosmic in origin and unable to be scratched by his powers. Chupataro celebrates upon hearing this, and Yudias asks in surprise what he means; Chupataro explains Yudias is caught in a real trap.

Meanwhile Yuhi has successfully snuck onto the grounds, and spies on the garbage truck as it dumps its load, including Valvelgear. Yuhi peeks out from behind the corner and spots Valvelgear on the conveyor belt after the truck has driven off, but as he rushes out he spots something on the other side of the fence - a green-haired man bathing in the river, who turns to reveal a beak-like mask over his mouth. Yuhi yelps in shock as he recognizes the man, remembering losing to him in a Rush Duel and being approached by the man, who removed his mask and claimed to be parched. Yuhi cries that it's the alien who defeated him and took the Earthdamar as the alien gets out of the water, but before he can continue to dwell on the matter he hear Valvelgear falling over a conveyor belt and onto another leading to an incinerator. Yuhi panics over whether to pursue the alien or Valvelgear, but eventually lets the alien leave and dashes up a staircase and onto a walkway above the conveyor belt Valvelgear is traveling on. Yuhi quickly takes an extendable grab out of his backpack and launches it at Valvelgear, successfully rescuing it and toppling over in relief. Then he hears a slight noise and sees Valvelgear's "eye" light up, wondering if it's another "Vam Bi Du", but instead the Velgians all chant "Vi Bal Du!" Yuhi can only ask what that means in confusion, but then he hears something whispers for the Velgians to quiet down.

Yudias begs his beloved friend Chupataro to flee as Chupataro moves the arm across another walkway and Chupataro asks Yudias if he still doesn't get it and calls him an idiot, commenting that he'll be cowering in fear when they reach the blast furnace. Yuhi has just packed Valvelgear back into his backpack, wondering what "Vi Bal Du" is, when he hears Yudias asking if that's him and looks up to see Yudias trapped in the clamp, asking what he's doing here. Chupataro is pleased that Yuhi has shown up and pulls on his mask as he leaps out of his mechanical body, grabbing Valvelgear out of Yuhi's backpack, who can only ask in shock if that was Chupataro. Chupataro leaps up to the blast furnace, boasting that he has the jumping strength of a kangaroo and holding Valvelgear over the furnace. Yuhi cries out and looks in his bag and Yudias gasps that it's his mothership. Chupataro tells Yudias to reveal where the Earthdamar is if he wants Valvelgear returned, and Yuhi asks how Chupataro knows about the Earthdamar. Chupataro claims it's a secret and admits he only planned to capture Yudias, but this is more effective. He warns Yudias to hurry up and tell him before he drops Valvelgear in the furnace and Yudias protests that the heat will trouble the 8.88 million Velgians inside. Chupataro calls Yudias dense and points out he's doing this because he wants trouble, and Yuhi tells him to do it, much to Chupataro's surprise. Yuhi repeats his statement and Yudias protests over what will happen to his 8.88 million countrymen, but Yuhi ignores him and calls Chupataro a hairless coyote, asking if he's too scared. Chupataro is furious over being called hairless and warns Yuhi that he'll regret it.

But the flames in the furnace intensify, and Valvelgear catches fire in Chupataro's claws. He screams that it's hot and shakes the fire off, tossing the flaming ship as Yudias cries its name. Valvelgear is consumed almost instantly and Yudias and Chupataro realize it was just a paper copy. Yuhi apologizes to Chupatato for disappointing him, taking out the real Valvelgear and explaining Chupataro took a fake one he'd made earlier, Chupataro throwing his hood back in shock. Yudias praises Yuhi's ability to be prepared for this outcome and set such a trap, though in truth Yuhi had made it as a decoy while he fixed the real one and he hesitatingly takes credit for the idea. Chupataro curses and puts his hood back on, angrily asking if Yuhi likes making fun of people; when Yuhi tells him he isn't a "person", Chupataro snarls he'll do them both in and leaps at Yuhi.

Multiple half-loops suddenly close around Chupataro, dropping him to the floor where MIK agents surround and pin him down. Manabu tells Chupataro that's enough as he steps to the edge of a walkway with Nyandestar, commenting that they've met again like inclement weather and a Stevenson screen (much to Yuhi's confusion). Manabu and Nyandestar warn Chupataro that his Gold Rank Earth Permit will be revoked for trespassing on private property and committing other illicit acts. Chupataro throws off his hood and sobs his protests, but Manabu tells him he'll hear it at HQ and the sobbing Chupataro and his robot body are carted away by the MIK agents. Yudias muses that now he understands Chupataro must have had some inexplicable reason for this as the clamp descends and releases him, and Yuhi asks why MIK were here. Yuamu explains she called them as she holds the switch controlling the clamp, grumbling that she was worried and recalling noticing Yudias was missing pretty quickly, tracking Chupataro through the trail of skewer sticks he left behind with his mark on them and calling MIK. Manabu calls out to Yuhi and Yudias, and Nyandestar notes they technically trespassed, but they'll let it slide since they helped catch an interstellar kriminal. She winks and asks if that isn't great, and Yuhi sighs.

Once Yudias returns to his UTS uniform they head outside the Garbage Collection Site, Yudias declaring that Yuhi's magnificent trap and strategy saved his 8.88 million countrymen and bowing as he thanks him. Yuhi sheepishly protests and Yuamu notices the hanging thruster on Valvelgear and asks if it's broken. Yuhi holds it away as he tries to explain, but Yudias notes that the gravity control unit is loose and reassures them it isn't a problem as he takes it off, explaining they align the parts, turn the unit 72 degrees, and push until it snaps into place. He demonstrates, returning Valvelgear to normal, and Yuhi compares it to a puzzle. Valvelgear spins its thrusters rapidly as the Velgians chant "Vi Bal Du" again and Yudias notes his 8.88 million countrymen have accepted Yuhi as one of their own, admitting lots must have happened while he was away. Yuhi laughs that it's because he's him after all (though Yuamu isn't impressed) and Yuamu suggests they head back, Yudias agreeing with "UTS!" But as they leave, Yuhi looks back at the moat where he saw the other alien bathing, dwelling on him.

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here. Cards that appeared in the opening can be found here.