Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!! - Episode 006

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"Whether You Believe It or Not Is Up to You"
The Flatwoods monster appears.
Japanese name
RōmajiShinjiru ka Shinjinai ka wa Omae no Mondai
TranslatedWhether You Believe It or Not Is Up to You
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!!
Japanese OP"Mirage"
Japanese ED"One Way"
Air dates
JapaneseMay 8, 2022
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Previous"I'm Tell Kawai, and I'm Parched"
Next"Can You Name All the Monster Types?"
Featured card

"Whether You Believe It or Not Is Up to You" is the sixth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!! anime. It first aired in Japan on May 8, 2022.

Yuhi and his friends are trying to locate Zwijo, but then they realize that they didn't make any money this month. In order to improve UTS' reputation, they investigate the urban legends the kids are scared of, one of which is the Flatwoods monster. As Yudias searches for the monster, he encounters a mysterious chair in an abandoned factory.


Yudias sits in the toilet, shocked that Zwijo was on Earth, though he's interrupted by Yuhi needing the toilet, begging Yudias to brood somewhere else. Once Yuhi's finished he still looks queasy, lamenting his Earthdamar. Yuamu yawns at her desk and notes how sick Yuhi looks; Yuhi is concerned over the nature of the Earthdamar and that it was inside him, the thought sending him fleeing back to the toilet again. Yuamu notes Yuhi seems pretty traumatized and looks over at Yudias brooding on the couch, remembering Zwijo showing up at Kappa Heavenly Cleaning. She asks Yudias who the man was, and as Yuhi emerges from the toilet again, Yuidas explains that the man was Zwijo zir Velgear, a Velgian warrior Yudias fought alongside in the past who was his superior. Recalling Zwijo offering him a hand out of a trench and grinning at him during a battle, Yudias explains that he greatly respected Zwijo, describing him as strong, towering and beloved by anyone; someone who could have become Supreme Galactic Commander. He recalls a battle on a certain planet where Zwijo ordered him to go ahead, showing that his Gavil Charger, a green energy shield, was no longer of use, and urging Yudias to go on and win the battle. But no sooner had Yudias left the underground staircase did an energy blast strike where Zwijo stood, Yudias screaming his name. Yudias explains to the Ohdo twins that Zwijo hadn't been seen since since and Yuhi wonders why he wants the Earthdamar. Yudias abruptly stands and walks out, asking them to allow him leave to meet with Zwijo again, though Yuamu points out Yudias is still new to the area and offers her and Yuhi's help, admitting she's still curious about the Earthdamar too. Yuhi asks if they can't forget about that and Yuamu grins, while Yudias turns and thanks Yuamu and Yuhi for their help.

However, a week passes with no results and Yudias apologizes for making the twins waste their time, Yuhi wondering if Zwijo has left town. A voice comments that it's up to them whether Zwijo has or not, or whether they believe it or not as a grey-haired man wearing a bandanna peeks out behind Yuhi, who yelps and leaps out of his seat in terror as Yuamu greets Mr. Omaeno. Mr. Omaeno explains to Yuamu that it's fine to spend time on a personal manhunt, but warns her the month's earnings will be a flat zero at this rate. Yuamu nervously gasps that's a problem and Yudias asks in shock if that's true, though Mr. Omaeno reassures them he's obtained information that may connect them to jobs; a magazine of urban myths. Mr. Omaeno explains they've been spreading recently throughout town and Yuamu believes their reputation will go through the roof and they'll be swimming in jobs if they can find the truth behind these myths, Yuhi heartily agreeing. Yudias vows to help as well and Yuhi asks about his hunt for Zwijo, though Yudias claims UTS is more important right now, declaring they will solve the mysteries behind these legends and restore peace to the town, Yuhi and Yuamu enthusiastically agreeing.

Mr. Omaeno explains there are three urban myths causing a ruckus in Mutsuba Town; the first, faster than a speeding car, is the three Warp-Granny Sisters. Yuhi waits outside a building that evening, recalling Mr. Omaeno's explanation that every evening a trio of elderly ladies appear outside a certain apartment running faster than a car, though he noted it was up to Yuhi whether he believed it or not. Yuhi shivers and protests there's no way it can be true, but sure enough the three old women speed past him and Yuhi squeaks in terror...but they're just delivering dinner to a lady who lives in the apartment, thanking her for ordering from Ramen Hut. The woman thanks them, noting that they're always much faster than a car, and the old ladies rush off, one on a skateboard, another on roller-skates, and the third just keeping up with them, and Yuhi laments the "three Warp-Granny Sisters" were just super-fast deliverywomen.

Mr. Omaeno explains the second urban myth: at sundown, the bronze statue outside Mr. Sannomiya's place vanishes, though whether or not they believe it is up to them. From a bush outside the house, Yuamu uses her thermal vision function of her glasses to examine it and wonders how it could possibly move - and then it promptly does, much to her shock. The statue is being taken away by two workers, and Yuamu asks them why; they explain they move it somewhere different overnight because people like playing pranks on it. Yuamu sinks to the ground in disappointment over the premise, observing that urban myths are just simple things once they're revealed.

Mr. Omaeno explains the final urban myth is that the shadow of the Flatwoods monster appears in an abandoned factory, though whether or not they believe it is up to them. Yudias investigates this one, finding a massive chair in the shape of the Flatwoods monster and sitting down to wait for the monster to turn up. Yuhi and Yuamu run in as well, Yuhi asking how things are going for Yudias, and Yudias replies nothing is out of the order and suggests this urban myth was simply rumor. Yuhi asks why Yudias is sitting around and Yudias claims he decided to indulge in the nice chair someone left out. Yuamu notices Yuhi's ahoge spiking up and points out what she thinks is happening, though Yuhi believes the chair was probably the Flatwoods monster and laughs - but then another voice laughs too, the head of the chair bending down and calling them fools who don't fear urban myths, warning them to twirl three times and leave immediately if they don't want to feel true fear. Yuhi and Yuamu scream in terror, Yuhi yelping that it's real and Yudias observes that this must be the Flatwoords monster and asks why it would terrorize the children of the town. The monster claims she loves scaring people more than she loves having three meals a day; Yudias is fascinated by her enjoying something more than food (much to the Ohdo twins' bewilderment) but tells the alien she must not talk badly of meals, as they nourish the body and soul. The alien tells him to stop talking, flinging Yudias off her and terrifying the twins. Yudias gets up, dropping his Deck box, something that catches the alien's attention, and Yudias stands up with his Deck and tells the alien to stop scaring the children even if she does enjoy it more than a meal. The alien challenges Yudias to a Rush Duel, promising to listen to him if he wins, and Yudias eagerly agrees as he straps on his Duel Disk. Yuhi encourages Yudias to show the alien the results of his training, and Yudias replies "UTS!" The lights in the factory snap on and the alien dons its own Duel Disk, introducing itself as the Flatwoods monster Mitsuko Hiramori, while Yudias holds up his Deck with a cry of "Velgear Riva! Yudias Velgear!" and assumes his true form. Mitsuko tells Yudias to show her what he's got, and both of them insert their Decks into their Duel Disks with a call of "Go Rush!!" deploying the blades and the holographic dome.

Mitsuko takes the first turn, drawing a card. Her hand containing "The Three Warp-Granny Sisters", two "Sannomiya Golden G Robo MK-III", "The Three Moonlit Mystery Geckos", and "300 Light-Year Red Cloak", Mitsuko Summons three monsters from galactic urban myths; "The Three Warp-Granny Sisters" and a double dose of "Sannomiya Golden G Robo MK-III". Yuhi and Yuamu gasp, Yuhi recognizing the cards from the urban myths they just investigated, and Mitsuko Sets two cards and ends her turn.

Yudias declares his turn and a Velgear Draw, his hand containing "Transamu Rainac", "Shadow Sentinel", "Bright Sentinel", "Nebula Power", and "Galactica Force". He Summons "Shadow Sentinel", "Bright Sentinel" and "Transamu Rainac", then Sets two cards and declares battle, ordering "Bright Sentinel" to attack "Sannomiya". But since Yudias attacked while Mitsuko controlled three myths from outer space, she activates the Trap Card "The Three Moonlit Mystery Geckos", increasing the ATK of "Sannomiya" by 3000 until the end of the turn, to 3300. Yudias flinches in shock as the 1500 ATK "Bright Sentinel" is destroyed in the counterattack, and he gasps the 1800 damage he took as he falls to 2200 LP, the twins gasping in shock and Yuhi calling Yudias' name. Yudias berates himself for letting his guard down and falling into such a trap, recalling a time when Zwijo helped him out of a trench after he let his guard down, encouraging him to remember his training and assess the situation. Yudias does so, recalling the traps Chupataro used against him and the lessons from Yuhi's Rush Duel with Tell and noting this isn't the first time he's fallen into a trap. He attacks "Granny Sisters" with "Shadow Sentinel" and this time the attack works, destroying "Granny Sisters" and reducing Mitsuko to 3800 LP as she gasps "three!" Then "Transamu Rainac" attacks the other "Sannomiya" and destroys it, reducing Mitsuko to 2500 LP as she gasps "Oh my three!" Yuhi and Yuamu cheer Yudias on as he ends his turn, and the ATK of the first "Sannomiya" returns to normal as Mitsuko praises Yudias' excellent trio of attacks.

She declares her turn and draws five cards, her third "Sannomiya", "Alien Count of the White Dwarf, St. Germain", another "Granny Sisters", "Alien 33", and another "The Three Moonlit Mystery Geckos". She Summons her third "Sannomiya Golden G Robo MK-III" and Yudias seizes his chance, activating the Trap Card "Nebula Power" since his opponent Summoned a monster to increase the ATK of "Transamu Rainac" by 500 for each monster his opponent controls. "Transamu Rainac" powers up to 2600 ATK and Yuhi cheers Yudias' use of a Trap, Yudias declaring he has grown through meeting Yuhi and the others and discovered his Velgear Road. Mitsuko claims the night terrors have yet to begin, and she Tributes both "Sannomiya Golden G Robo MK-III", Yudias scowling as she chants "Even 3000 light years is too familiar. The cosmic urban monster of immortality! Alien Count of the White Dwarf, St. Germain! Tribute Summon!" "St. Germain" appears with 2500 ATK and Mistuko also Summons "Alien 33" and "Granny Sisters". As Yudias narrows his eyes, Mitsuko explains that she can activate the Spell Card "300 Light-Year Red Cloak" since she controls three monsters of cosmic myth, increasing their ATK by 300 until the end of the turn. "Granny Sisters" rises to 1600 ATK, "St. Germain" to 2800 and "Alien 33" to 1400 as Yudias gasps "What?!" and Yuhi cries that he's in a pinch. Yuamu notes that Yudias misplayed; "Nebula Power" increases the ATK of his monster based on the number of opponent's monsters, so if he'd activated it when Mitsuko Summoned her third monster "Transamu Rainac" would have gained 1500 ATK and been stronger than Mitsuko's monsters with 3100 ATK.

Yudias curses "Jo Jon Du" and remembers doing so during a battle surrounded by flames, fearing this was the end for them, but Zwijo had encouraged him not to lose hope, as a chance would surely come. Yudias realizes the Duel is reminding him of the times he fought alongside Zwijo and Mitsuko laughs, asking if Yudias has finally learned to fear and flee from urban myths, a statement Yuamu repeats. Setting a card, Mitsuko declares battle, attacking "Shadow Sentinel" with "Granny Sisters", who divide into three and surround "Shadow Sentinel", crashing into it and destroying it, reducing Yudias to 2100 LP as he gasps the damage he took. "Alien Count of the White Dwarf, St. Germain" then attacks "Transamu Rainac" with "The Legend of the Universe Immortal" and destroys it, reducing Yudias to 1900 as he gasps his damage. Finally "Alien 33" attacks Yudias directly with forks of lightning from its claws, reducing him to 500 LP as he gasps "1400!" Yudias falls to one knee and the twins gasp as Yuhi calls Yudias' name, Mitsuko ending her turn now she's hit Yudias with her own trio of attacks and returning the ATK of her monsters to normal.

Yudias gets to his feet, declaring his turn and a Velgear Draw, drawing five cards. He's drawn "Asterova", "Interstellime", "Galactica Oblivion", "Vortex Shooter", and "Giant Bulge", and he Summons "Asteroeva" and "Interstellime", Yuamu observing that Yudias Summoned two monsters and Yuhi observing that Yudias must be going for that. Sure enough Yudias Tributes "Asteroeva" and "Interstellime" to Tribute Summon, chanting "As the ship of memories revolves around the cosmic skies of oblivion, the stars and planets swirling through the heavens call upon the name hidden in their chests! Take flight! Galactica Oblivion!" Mitsuko backs away in fear and Yuhi cheers Yudias on, but as Yudias prepares to activate his face-down "Galactica Force", he remembers sheltering in a trench with Zwijo, who told him to believe in their comrades, as they would be able to counterattack once reinforcements arrived and their belief in their comrades was their greatest strength. Yudias reflects that Zwijo's words have always given him courage and now he feels as though Zwijo is watching the Duel from somewhere. As Yuhi asks Yudias' name in confusion, Yudias Summons "Vortex Shooter" and "Giant Buldge", though Mitsuko thinks she's safe with another "The Three Moonlit Mystery Geckos" Trap Card face-down to increase the ATK of her monster.

But Yudias grins, much to Mitsuko's horror, and he returns three Galaxy Type monsters ("Bright Sentinel", "Shadow Sentinel", and "Transamu Rainac") from his Graveyard to his Deck to activate the Spell Card "Galactica Force", increasing the ATK of all Galaxy Type Normal Monsters on the field by 300 for each Normal Monster on the field, and there are six between their fields, so all his monsters gain 1800 ATK. Mitsuko yelps "Three!" in shock as "Giant Bulge" rises to 3100 ATK, "Vortex Shooter" to 3200 ATK, and "Galactica Oblivion" to 4300 ATK, Yuhi and Yuamu cheering his move. Recalling the three monsters he returned to his Deck, Yudias declares that the power of his comrades has risen his ATK to its peak, and Mitsuko gasps that it can't be. Beginning his counterattack, Yudias orders "Galactica Oblivion" to attack "Alien 33" with "War To Zen! Awesome True Goodnight!" and it blasts yellow lightning at "Alien 33", Mitsuko frantically activating "The Three Moonlit Mystery Geckos" to increase the ATK of "Alien 33" to 4100 ATK. "Alien 33" is destroyed and Mitsuko falls to 2300 LP as she gasps in shock, then Yudias orders "Giant Bulge" to attack "Warp-Granny Sisters". "Giant Bulge" blasts the three sisters with twin beams, destroying them and reducing Mitsuko to 500 LP as she yelps "Two hits!" Yudias declares this will end it, attacking "Alien Count of the White Dwarf, St. Germain" with "Vortex Shooter", who slings its twin disks at "St. Germain" and destroys it, blasting Mitsuko off the ground as she screams "Three hits!" and her LP drops to zero.

Yuhi runs up to Yudias, cheering that he did it, and Yuamu notes that that the urban myth scaring everyone in town was all this alien's doing as Mitsuko struggles up, gasping that third time's the charm. Yuamu declares Mitsuko was using the urban myths to scare people away from this factory, preparing exactly three. Yuhi sighs that it was annoying and Yuamu points out that urban myths were first used by adults to make children go home quickly or keep them away from dangerous places, claiming Mitsuko made use of that power. Yuhi asks why she tried so hard to keep people away, and Yudias explains she's hiding someone here, much to everyone else's shock. He explains that he realized during the Duel and asks Zwijo to reveal himself, much to Yuhi's shock. Yuamu gasps that Mitsuko Hiramori is Zwijo's ally and Mitsuko laughs as her eyes glow and the room dims. Zwijo, standing atop a beam, comments that Yudias noticed, and Yudias gasps Zwijo's name. As the twins gasp in shock, Yudias notes that Zwijo attempted to evoke Yudias' memories of being a soldier throughout the Duel and Zwijo confirms that he did, noting Yudias remembers well the days he fought by his side. He leaps to the ground beside Mitsuko and asks Yudias to come with him, claiming they can use Rush Duels to crush their enemies into dust as he approaches Yudias and offers him his hand. Yudias gasps, but closes his eyes and admits he doesn't want to continue the conflict, claiming he came to this planet to end it and sadly stating he can't go with Zwijo. Yuhi whispers Yudias' name and Zwijo chuckles that Yudias hasn't changed - it is this part of him that he absolutely despises.

But then spotlights snap on, blinding everyone, and Manabu, Nyandestar sitting atop his shoulders, declares that's enough and states that all aliens disturbing the town shall be arrested by MIK. Nine MIK agents quickly catch Mitsuko with their poles, Nyandestar declaring that's one and Mitsuko gasping "three". Zwijo promptly flees, breaking through the factory wall with ease to the twins' utter shock and Manabu's frustration, though he notes they at least captured Zwijo's ally and suggests they have her explain. As Manabu walks away, Yudias whispers Zwijo's name and Mitsuko declares that what has happened twice will happen thrice; Yudias and Zwijo will meet again, and she tells Yudias to look forward to it with a grin before MIK take her away, Manabu talking rough to get her moving. Yuhi, Yuamu and Yudias watch them go, Yuhi asking why Mitsuko is acting so high and mighty, while Yudias glares back at the hole in the wall left by Zwijo.

Featured Duel: Yudias Velgear vs Mitsuko Hiramori[edit]

Turn 1: Mitsuko
Mitsuko's hand contains "The Three Warp-Granny Sisters", two copies of "Sannomiya Golden G Robo MK-III", "The Three Moonlit Mystery Geckos", and "300 Light-Year Red Cloak". Mitsuko Normal Summons "The Three Warp-Granny Sisters" (1300/300) and two copies of "Sannomiya Golden G Robo MK-III" (300/1500). Mitsuko Sets two cards.

Turn 2: Yudias
Yudias' hand contains "Transamu Rainac", "Shadow Sentinel", "Bright Sentinel", "Nebula Power", and "Galactica Force". Yudias Normal Summons "Transamu Rainac" (1600/0), "Shadow Sentinel" (1500/100), and "Bright Sentinel" (1500/100). Yudias Sets two cards. "Bright Sentinel" attacks a "Sannomiya", but as Yudias declared an attack while Mitsuko controlled three Reptile Type Normal Monsters, she activates her Set Trap Card "The Three Moonlit Mystery Geckos", increasing the ATK of a Reptile Type monster she controls by 1000 times the number of Reptile Type monsters she controls until the end of the turn. She controls three Reptile Type monsters ("Granny Sisters" and two "Sannomiya"; "Sannomiya": 300/1500 → 3300/1500). The attack continues and "Bright Sentinel" is destroyed (Yudias: 4000 → 2200 LP). "Shadow Sentinel" attacks and destroys "Grannies" (Mitsuko: 4000 → 3800 LP). "Transamu Rainac" attacks and destroys the 300 ATK "Sannomiya" (Mitsuko: 3800 → 2500 LP).

Turn 3: Mitsuko
Mitsuko draws "Sannomiya", "Alien Count of the White Dwarf, St. Germain", "Granny Sisters", "Alien 33", and "The Three Moonlit Mystery Geckos". Mitsuko Normal Summons "Sannomiya" (300/1500). As Mitsuko Normal Summoned a monster, Yudias activates his Set Trap Card "Nebula Power", increasing the ATK of a Galaxy Type Normal Monster he controls by 500 for each monster Mitsuko controls. He chooses "Transamu Rainac", and Mitsuko controls two "Sannomiya" ("Transamu Rainac": 1600/0 → 2600/0). Mitsuko Tributes both copies of "Sannomiya" to Tribute Summon "Alien Count of the White Dwarf, St. Germain" (2500/1300). Mitsuko Normal Summons "Alien 33" (1100/1100) and "Granny Sisters" (1300/300). As Mitsuko controls three Reptile Type monsters, she activates her Set Spell Card "300 Light-Year Red Cloak", increasing the ATK of all Reptile monsters she controls by 300 until the end of the turn, then if Yudias' LP are 3000 or more higher than hers she can destroy a Normal Monster he controls. Yudias has less LP than Mitsuko ("Alien 33": 1100/1100 → 1400/1100; "St. Germain": 2500/1300 → 2800/1300; "Granny Sisters": 1300/300 → 1600/300). Mitsuko Sets a card. "Granny Sisters" attacks and destroys "Shadow Sentinel" (Yudias: 2200 → 2100 LP). "St. Germain" attacks and destroys "Transamu Rainac" (Yudias: 2100 → 1900 LP). "Alien 33" attacks Yudias directly (Yudias: 1900 → 500 LP).

Turn 4: Yudias
Yudias draws "Asterova", "Interstellime", "Galactica Oblivion", "Vortex Shooter", and "Giant Bulge". Yudias Normal Summons "Asterova" (900/100) and "Interstellime" (1000/100). Yudias Tributes "Asterova" and "Interstellime" to Tribute Summon "Galactica Oblivion" (2500/2500). Yudias Normal Summons "Vortex Shooter" (1400/1000) and "Giant Bulge" (1300/1300). Yudias activates his Set Spell Card "Galactica Force", shuffling three Galaxy Type Normal Monsters from his Graveyard into his Deck to increase the ATK of all Galaxy Type Normal Monsters he controls by 300 for each Normal Monster on the field. Yudias shuffles "Bright Sentinel", "Shadow Sentinel", and "Transamu Rainac" from his Graveyard into his Deck, and there are six Normal Monsters on the field ("Vortex Shooter": 1400/1000 → 3200/1000; "Galactica Oblivion": 2500/2500 → 4300/2500; "Giant Bulge": 1300/1300 → 3100/1300). "Galactica Oblivion" attacks "Alien 33", but Mitsuko activates her Set "The Three Moonlit Mystery Geckos" and controls three Reptile Type monsters ("Alien 33": 1100/1100 → 4100/1100). The attack continues and "Alien 33" is destroyed (Mitsuko: 2500 → 2300 LP). "Giant Bulge" attacks and destroys "Grannies" (Mitsuko: 2300 → 500 LP). "Vortex Shooter" attacks and destroys "St. Germain" (Mitsuko: 500 → 0 LP).

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here. Cards that appeared in the opening can be found here.