Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!! - Episode 003

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"Terror? The Blood-Sucking Alien"
The blood-sucking alien becomes furious.
The blood-sucking alien becomes furious.
Japanese name
RōmajiKyōfu? Kyūketsu Uchūjin
TranslatedTerror? The Blood-Sucking Alien
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!!
Japanese OP"Mirage"
Japanese ED"One Way"
Air dates
JapaneseApril 17, 2022
Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!! episodes (season 1)
Previous"The Organization for Monitoring Interstellar Kriminals"
Next"The Chupacabra's Trap"
Featured card"Blue-Tooth Burst Dragon"

"Terror? The Blood-Sucking Alien" is the third episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!! anime. It first aired in Japan on April 17, 2022.

There has been a series of attacks in Mutsuba Town. One victim was looking at cards. Another just finished a drawing. And then there's Yagi from UTS. At first glance, there seems to be no connection between the victims, but as it turns out, they all have something in common…


One night in Mutsuba Town a boy had just opened a pack of cards and the top one is "Magical Sheep Girl Meeeg-chan", but is then attacked by a small monster screaming "chupa". A girl finishes a drawing in her house, only to hear the same "chupa" sounds and she looks out her winow, seeing nothing, but as she turns back to her desk with a sigh of relief the monster is sitting in front of her, screaming "chupa!" She cries "Noooo!" as the crescent moon shines red.

Meanwhile at the UTS office Yudias is fanning the flames of a firepit under Mr. Yagi's instructions with Valvelgear hovering next to him, as they need to grill yakitori for a distance with a high flame. Yudias tells Yagi he understands and Yuhi leans over, explaining they say "UTS" when they say "okay" at UTS. He, Yuamu and the other employees all give Yudias the thumbs up and Yudias grins and returns the gesture with a declaration of "UTS". Once the skewers are cooked Yuhi and Yuamu gush over the chicken and the tailbone meat and Yuhi asks Mr. Yagi for seconds. Yagi asks if they want salted or sauced, and when Yuhi asks for sauced, Yagi heads inside, askign them to wait a bit and leaving Yudias intently grilling the next batch of skewers. Inside Yagi comments that it isn't bad that everyone is enjoying his grilled chicken skewers, but as he takes a tray out of the fridge he hears the monster whispering "chupa" repeatedly. As Yagi asks what that was, the monster, hanging above him, notes "Not baaaad" and declares he'll be devouring Yagi's "Meeeg-chan". Yagi looks up just in time to see the monster leaping at him and screams "Oh my salt!" in English. Yuhi, Yuamu, Yudias, Mr. Tazaki and another UTS employee hear the commotion and run inside to find Yagi lying on the ground. Yuhi is worried about Yagi, but horrified to find their chicken has been eaten as Tazaki takes pictures. Yagi explains he was attacked by a red-eyed monster and as Yuhi continues to lament their lost chicken, Tazaki notes to Yuamu that this may be the culprit outlined in their latest request. Yuhi angrily declares this to be the work of an alien given "sauce" is written on the skewers, believing that aliens must like something with a strong flavor due to the vacuum of space having no flavor, an observation Yudias finds brilliant, and Yuhi adds the clawed footprints must be from the alien that stole their chicken and his Earthdamar. He speeds off on his hoverboard, telling Yudias they're going after him, and Yudias follows him with a cry of "UTS!" leaving Yuamu protesting with the other UTS employees, but then she realizes something.

As a howl echoes through the night, Yuhi announces they have delicious grilled chicken skewers covered in sauce. He and Yudias are dressed in a yakitori costume and Yudias asks why; Yuhi explains this is the best way to lure out an alien that likes yakitori. Yudias muses that he sees and quickly spots a shadowy figure ducking into an alleyway with a large net, alerting Yuhi. Yuhi pulls out an expanding net of his own, ordering the Yakitori alien to return their chicken and his Earthdamar, and they both catch each other in their nets. But to Yuhi's surprise they've caught Mr. Yagi, who initially believes Yuhi was really the alien until Yuhi explains the was also trying to catch it.

But then they hear bleating, as a girl dressed as "Magical Sheep Girl Meeeg-chan" cries that this is baaad, the alien that attacked Yagi advancing menacingly towards her and declaring he will devour her "Meeeg-chan". But the girl grins and declares she's caught the serial attacker, blinding the alien with a torch and forcing him to jump into a mechanical human body. Yuhi, Yudias and Yagi run over, Yuhi telling the alien to give them back their chicken and the girls sighs at the sight of Yuhi and Yudias dressed as a giant yakitori. Yuhi realizes it's Yuamu and he asks why she's dressed like that. Yuamu winks and strikes a pose, explaining that Ms. Purisaki made her a perfect "Meeeg-chan" costume, but the alien screams that it isn't perfect, and Yuhi asks what's with him. The alien snaps that "Meeeg-chan" has a gold bell, not a silver one, "baa baa" sewn on the back, and her familiar Shoruta is a Shetland Sheepdog, her skirt is 5mm too long and isn't fluffy enough... Yuhi can only ask what's going on as his hair sticks up, catching Yuamu's attention, and she notes this is definitely the yakinori alien. Yuhi asks of the alien stole his Earthdamar and Yudias asks if they know Meeeg-chan. Yuhi explains Meeeg-chan is "Magical Sheep Girl Meeeg-chan", a Monster Card, and her cuteness and strong personality have given her a lot of fans. He recites the monster's flavor text: "Mememelody♪ Cattle Meetimeetion! Meeeg-Chan is the princess of the Ewekai Ranch. When she eats delicious paper or important letters, she can't help but let out a "Not baaaaad~♪"!" Yuamu states that the common factor in all the aliens' victims was "Meeeg-chan", pulling off her costume and putting her glasses back on; Yudias is shocked to realize Yuamu was wearing the costume (and Yuamu is surprised Yudias only just realized that).

Yuhi asks what Yuamu means, but before she can answer, Manabu's voice comments that he didn't think they'd get the culprit before they did. Manabu and his cat stand atop an aerial and Yuhi recognizes them as the people from MIK. Manabu comments this is as surprising as a newly discovered carbon measuring machine and confirms he is from the Organization for Monitoring Interstellar Kriminals; they are MIK's Manabu Sogetsu and Nyandestar. Nyandestar's eyes glow blue as she tells the "interstellar kriminal" he's going to have to come to headquarters quietly with them, but the alien insists that he won't let anyone capture him. Yuamu takes out her Duel Disk and suggests a Rush Duel instead, and the alien recognizes the deivce. Yuamu states that the alien can go free if he wins, but will have to go with MIK if he loses (and give Yuhi back his Earthdamar, as he reminds them). The alien repeatedly chants "Rush Duel!" before singing "Mememelody♪ Cattle Meetimeetion!" and pulling off his "face" to reveal it as a hood with a normal human head under it, much to the UTS crews' shock. The alien takes out his own Duel Disk and agrees to Yuamu's challenge, and Yuamu takes out her Deck, but Manabu protests that they don't have time for a Rush Duel when dealing with an interstellar kriminal. Yudias isn't happy that Manabu is being so dismissive about Rush Dueling, insisting they are a guide that shows warriors the way forward and no worthy warrior should ever insult them (prompting Valvelgear, smaller than usual, to cheer him on). Manabu dwells on Yudias' words and agrees to wait, much to Nyandestar's annoyance, and Yuhi congratulates Yudias, who responds with an "Mmm!" Once Yuhi and Yudias shed their yakitori costume, Yagi sits down on it as Yuamu and the alien square off, the alien introducing himself as Chupataro Kaburagi for "Meeeg-chan's" sake and Yuamu stating she is the UTS CEO, Yuamu Ohdo. They both call "Go Rush!!" and insert their Decks into their Duel Disks, deploying the blades and the green holographic dome.

Chupataro declares his turn and draws, his hand containing "Meet and Greed", two copies of "Ewekai Aquasheep", "Ewekai Pyrowool", and "Ewekai Thunderam". Welcoming them to the Chupataro Ranch, he Summons "Ewekai Aquasheep", "Ewekai "Pyrowool" and "Ewekai Thunderam", then Sets a card to end his turn. Yudias is intrigued by Chupataro Setting a card, noting Yuhi did the same in their Duel. Yuhi explains that Trap Cards need to be set in advance and Spell Cards can also be Set this way, and as Yudias muses on the card names, Yuhi explains that they can be used when their requirements and timing are fulfilled. Yudias notes that the opponent won't know what kind of card it is when Set and Yuhi states that's what makes it interesting, a claim Yudias eagerly agrees with.

Yuamu declares her turn and draws. Her hand containing "Dragonic Gacharge", two "Applizard", "Dragosite", and "Update Wyvern", Yuamu Summons "Dragosite" and both "Applizard", and Yudias notes he hasn't seen these monsters before. Yuhi explains that Yuamu's Deck is a tactical IT Deck using the latest technology and networking: a High-Tech Dragon Deck. Yuamu Tributes "Dragosite", Yudias gasping that she's Tributed her monster, and Chupataro scowls as Yuamu chants "It's always up to date with the latest and greatest info! Update Wyvern! Tribute Summon!" Yudias cheers that Yuamu Tribute Summoned as she Sets a card, Yudias crying that she also Set a card. Declaring battle, Yuamu attacks "Aquasheep" with an "Applizard", which blasts lightning from its shields that destroys "Aquasheep" and reduces Chupataro to 3500 LP. Then Yuamu's other "Applizard" attacks "Thunderam", charging and slamming it with its shields, reducing Chupataro to 3200 LP, and finally "Update Wyvern" attacks "Pyrowool" with a barrage of green light, destroying it and reducing Chupataro to 2800 LP as he falls to one knee. Yudias is impressed at Yuamu destroying all of Chupataro's monsters, and Yuhi admits Yuamu is pretty ruthless as Yuamu ends her turn and flashes a cutesey wink.

Chupataro gets back to his feet, protesting that he can't lose for "Meeeg-chan's" sake, and he declares his turn and draws four cards, so his hand contains "Thunderam", "Pyrowool", two copies of "Aquasheep", and "Magical Sheep Girl Meeeg-chan", much to his joy and Yuamu's confusion. Chupataro Summons "Aquasheep" and "Pyrowool", then Tributes them, Yuamu and Yudias bracing themselves as Chupataro chants "♫ Mememelody! Cattle Meetimeetion! ♫ Capturing the hearts of livestock! Shaving the wool around their souls! Magical Sheep Girl Meeeg-chan! Tribute Summon, chupa!" "Meeeg-chan" appears with 2500 ATK and Chupataro happily cries "Not baaaaad!" much to the discomfort of Yuhi and Yuamu, Chupataro vowing to "Meeeg-chan" that he'll go back to collecting "Meeeg-chans" once he's beaten Yuamu. Yuamu is surprised to hear Chupataro say that and he claims it's his grand mission, opening his robot body and leaping out, Manabu noting this is the alien's true form as Chupataro dives through "Meeeg-chan's" hologram, vowing that he'll someday be able to meet the real "Meeeg-chan" if he collects enough of her even if he can't touch her now, and it will be Super Meeeg-time. He jumps back into his robot body and Yudias declares Rush Duels must really be profound if that is true, though Yuhi notes that won't happen and Manabu sighs that this is a dangerous alien. Yuamu comments that she sees now that this is the reason behind the serial attacks, and Yuhi asks in confusion if Chupataro wasn't just after their yakinori. Yuamu explains they got a request from someone who claimed a monster had stolen their things while yelling "chupa chupa", and the client had been very upset, so she and Tazaki did some digging and learned there had been multiple such attacks, with the victims either having their "Meeeg-chan" cards or fanart stolen. Yagi protests that his yakitori has nothing to do with "Meeeg-chan", and Yuamu reminds them of "Meeeg-chan's" flavor text: "Meeeg-Chan is the princess of the Ewekai Ranch. When she eats delicious paper or important letters, she can't help but let out a "Not baaaaad~♪"!" Yuhi realizes that Chupataro mistook Yagi's own declaration of "Not baaaad" as a "Meeeg-chan" impression, and Yudias compares it to a stray bullet as Yagi gasps "Oh my salt!" in English. Chupataro confirms it, adding that he just happens to like yakitori with sauce and admitting Yuamu did a good job cosplaying "Meeeg-chan", but she's just a little girl and a shallow flimsy imitation. Yuamu isn't pleased to be called a little girl, though Chupataro hasn't noticed, claiming "Meeeg-chan" will punish Yuamu for stomping on Chupataro's love for her.

He sends the "Aquasheep" and "Thunderam" from his hand to the Graveyard to activate the Spell Card "Meet and Greed", and Yudias gasps that it's a Spell Card, taking note of the two cards Chupataro discarded. Yuhi explains that was the activation requirement of the Spell Card as Chupataro sees himself in line at a "Meeeg-chan" event, crying that he's finally met her and explaining that "Meet and Greed" allows "Meeeg-chan" to attack three times this turn, much to Yudias' shock. Chupataro calls it a handshake of punishment and orders the "Magical Pasture Roll" attack of "Meeeg-chan", who rolls into an "Applizard" and destroys it, reducing Yuamu to 3000 LP. Then "Meeeg-chan" attacks with her "100% Compressed Wool Punch", destroying the other "Applizard" and reducing Yuamu to 2000 LP. Finally "Meeeg-chan" attacks with her "Lovely-Lovely Mutton-Filled Jingisukan", cooking "Update Wyvern" in a pot and incinerating it, reducing Yuamu to 1300 LP as Yudias and Yuhi gasp, and Chupataro admits he also wants to be punished, ending his turn. Yudias admits that he didn't think Spell Cards could hold power like attacking repeatedly when their requirements were met, and as Yagi asks Yuamu if she's all right, Yuhi explains that different cards have different requirements and can help a Duelist become stronger, something Yuamu understands well.

Yuamu declares her turn and draws five cards, "Alpha Burn Drake", her third "Applizard", two more "Dragosite", and "Blue-Tooth Burst Dragon", her eyes lighting up at the sight of the last card. She Summons two "Dragosite" and Tributes them to Tribute Summon, chanting "Super high-speed access with top-notch pairing! Emerging from the sea of electrons, it descends upon us! Come out! Blue-Tooth Burst Dragon!" "Blue-Tooth Burst Dragon" appears with 2500 ATK and Yuamu also Summons "Alpha Burn Drake" and "Applizard", Yuhi cheering that Yuamu's ace monster is here, though Yudias worries that it can't defeat "Meeeg-chan", but then he realizes what Yuamu can do. Yuamu grins and she pays 1000 LP, crackling with electricity as she falls to 300 LP and Yudias gasps in shock, but Yuamu then activates the Spell Card "Dragonic Gacharge", increasing the ATK of all her Dragon Type monsters by 400 until the end of the turn. "Blue-Tooth Burst Dragon" powers up to 2900 ATK, "Applizard" to 1900, and "Alpha Burn Drake" to 1000, and Yudias gasps that Yuamu only has 300 LP, but Yuamu claims it's necessary for victory and declares that "Meeeg-chan" is due for a shave, chanting "Mega, giga, tera, peta! Lag-free playback even with large files! I'll blow you away with the highest bitrate possible! Burst Streaming of Destruction!" "Blue-Tooth Burst Dragon" blasts a surge of white lightning at "Meeeg-chan" and blows her away as Chupataro screams his monster's name, falling to 2400 LP. Yuamu then commands another attack, "Applizard" attacking Chupataro directly as he continues to scream for "Meeeg-chan" and reducing him to 500 LP. "Alpha Burn Drake" delivers the final blow, spitting a small tongue of flame that engulfs Chupataro and reduces his LP to zero as he sobs "Meeeg-chan's" name and topples over.

Yuamu cheers her victory, Yudias gasping that she won with her Spell and admitting that he wondered what was happening when her LP dropped to 300. Yuhi claims it's fine even if you only have 100 LP, as a Rush Duel isn't over until you hit zero. Yudias states that he sees, declaring Rush Dueling as truly profound again. Yuamu tells Chupataro that he has to stop attacking people since he lost, and as Chupataro grumpily agrees, Yuhi tells him to give back the Earthdamar since he lost. Chupataro asks what that is and Yuhi angrily asks if he's playing dumb, but Manabu tells them to settle down as he walks up with Nyandestar on his shoulder, stating they'll hear the rest back at HQ. Chupataro huffs and turns away as Yuamu proudly declares they've solved the case of the serial attacks.

But soon UTS are swamped by requests as all the employees bar Yuamu and Tazaki frantically answer calls, and Tazaki notes that requests are on the rise since UTS solved the case as he looks at an article on Chupataro and "Meeeg-chan", while Yuhi frantically asks who the alien that stole his Earthdamar is.

In an interrogation room, Manabu tells Chupataro in a gruff voice that keeping quiet doesn't make him any more innocent, and Nyandestar warns CHupataro they'll have to send him underground if this continues. But Chupataro claims that won't happen and slides an Earth Permit across the table, which Manabu gasps can only be issued to aliens who've lived on Earth for three generations and contributed to peace and the community, he and Nyandestar gasping that it's purrposterous it's a Gold Rank. Chupataro explains he was born and raised on Earth, as his grandpa was Chupayasu Chupadaira and his father Chupachorekku Chupaburo; they are three generations of Gold-Ranked chupacabras. Nyandestar is confused by the term chupacabra, and Manabu explains that a chupacabra is said to big glowing red eyes, incredible jumping ability and favors sheep and goats as food, shocked that Chupataro is that kind of chupacabra and lamenting that he isn't an interstellar kriminal at all, yelping that he can't be cat-tured.

Meanwhile, the UTS crew are cooking yakitori skewers again, Yudias once again under Yagi's tutelage, but Yuamu notes that they've met Yudias, Nyandestar and now Chupataro, noting there's suddenly been an uptick in aliens.

Elsewhere a phone rings and someone answers it. Chupataro tells Zuwijo - a man whose silhouette resembles Yudias' commander - that their plan was a success, as he made contact with their primary target, Yudias.

Featured Duel: Yuamu Ohdo vs. Chupataro Kaburagi[edit]

Turn 1: Chupataro
Chupataro's hand contains "Meet and Greed", two copies of "Ewekai Aquasheep", "Ewekai Pyrowool", and "Ewekai Thunderam". Chupataro Normal Summons "Ewekai Aquasheep" (1000/500), "Ewekai Pyrowool" (1400/800), and "Ewekai Thunderam" (1200/400). Chupataro Sets a card.

Turn 2: Yuamu
Yuamu's hand contains "Dragonic Gacharge", two copies of "Applizard", "Dragosite", and "Update Wyvern". Yuamu Normal Summons two copies of "Applizard" (1500/0) and "Dragosite" (0/1500). Yuamu Tributes "Dragosite" to Tribute Summon "Update Wyvern" (1800/1600). Yuamu Sets a card. "Update Wyvern" attacks and destroys "Aquasheep" (Chupataro: 4000 → 3200 LP). The two copies of "Applizard" attack and destroy "Pyrowool" and "Thunderam" (Chupataro: 3200 → 3100 → 2800 LP).

Turn 3: Chupataro
Chupataro's hand contains "Thunderam", "Pyrowool", two copies of "Aquasheep", and "Magical Sheep Girl Meeeg-chan". Chupataro Normal Summons "Aquasheep" (1000/500) and "Pyrowool" (1400/500). Chupataro Tributes "Aquasheep" and "Pyrowool" to Tribute Summon "Magical Sheep Girl Meeeg-chan" (2500/1600). Chupataro activates his Set Spell Card "Meet and Greed", sending two cards from his hand to the Graveyard to choose a Beast Type Normal Monster he controls and allow it to make three attacks on monsters this turn, and if Chupataro controls "Magical Sheep Girl Meeeg-chan", he can reduce the ATK of all face-up Effect Monsters Yuamu controls by 500 until the end of the turn. He sends "Aquasheep" and "Thunderam" to the Graveyard and chooses "Meeeg-chan", and Yuamu controls no Effect Monsters. "Meeeg-chan" attacks and destroys both copies of "Applizard" and "Update Wyvern" (Yuamu: 4000 → 3000 → 2000 → 1300 LP).

Turn 4: Yuamu
Yuamu draws "Alpha Burn Drake", "Applizard", two copies of "Dragosite", and "Blue-Tooth Burst Dragon". Yuamu Normal Summons two copies of "Dragosite" (0/1500). Yuamu Tributes both copies of "Dragosite" to Tribute Summon "Blue-Tooth Burst Dragon" (2500/1500). Yuamu Normal Summons "Alpha Burn Drake" (600/1000) and "Applizard" (1500/0). Yuamu activates her Set Spell Card "Dragonic Gacharge", paying 1000 LP (Yuamu: 1300 → 300 LP) to increase the ATK of all face-up Dragon Type monsters she controls by 400 until the end of the turn ("Alpha Burn Drake": 600/1000 → 1000/1000) ("Blue-Tooth Burst Dragon": 2500/1500 → 2900/1500) ("Applizard": 1500/0 → 1900/0). "Blue-Tooth Burst Dragon" attacks and destroys "Meeeg-chan" (Chupataro: 2800 → 2400 LP). "Applizard" and "Alpha Burn Drake" attack Chupataro directly (Chupataro: 2400 → 500 → 0 LP).

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here. Cards that appeared in the opening can be found here.