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"The Great Prophecy of Nomuratodamas"
Yuhi is terrified of Nomuratodamas's prophecies.
Yuhi is terrified of Nomuratodamas's prophecies.
Japanese name
RōmajiNomuratodamasu no Daiyogen
TranslatedThe Great Prophecy of Nomuratodamas
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!!
Japanese OP"Mirage"
Japanese ED"One Way"
ScreenplayHiroshi Yamaguchi
DirectorSumio Watanabe
StoryboardJoji Furuta
Air dates
JapaneseJuly 31, 2022
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Next"The Power of Cuteness?"
Featured card"Jointech Tossceratops"

"The Great Prophecy of Nomuratodamas" is the eighteenth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!! anime. It first aired in Japan on July 31, 2022.

Yuhi and co. learned that Yuna might be at the Bawloon Castle. However, the only people who can enter the castle are Duelists who possess the "macho" rank, which is the highest rank in Dueling. So, in order to become macho Duelists, Yuhi and co. visit a colosseum where ruffians gather, known as the Coruffium. Yuhi's first battle is against a mysterious prophet known as Nomuratodamas.


Lightning strikes over a dragon-shaped arena and Yudias asks in shock what it is. Fisher Sukai explains this is the arena where ruffians gather; the Coruffium, a name that interests Yuamu and displeases Yuhi. Having shown them to the Coruffium as promised, Sukai asks them to bid them farewell, and Yuamu thanks them, before Sukai separates into their skyfish swarm and flies off with a cry of "Sky, sky, sky~!" Yuamu suggests they enter, Yudias agreeing and Yuhi hesitating before doing so. Once they enter they are amazed by all the different aliens roaming the corridors before they hear two familiar voices telling their big brother to hang on. Yudias realizes it's the Jersey Devil Brothers and they spot Jouge and Ofuruno rushing George on a stretcher, all of them in their underclothes. Ofuruno recognizes the UTS group and Yudias asks why they all look so cold, Yuhi asking what happened. Ofuruno explains they inspired them to get better, so they came to the Coruffium, though Jouge notes everyone here was completely out of their league and stripped them of everything they had. George gasps that it's fine and grabs Yuhi's wrist, his brothers crying his name, and George tells Yuhi to listen well...but he's only telling him where the receptionist and the restrooms are, much to Yuhi's confusion. Jouge and Ofuruno wheel George away, telling him they'll have some Jersey milk, and Yudias reflects that George Jersey had been a formidable opponent, something Yuamu notes its high praise from Yudias. Yuhi reassures them it's fine and suggests they find the receptionist.

The receptionist turns out to be a lobster-like alien, Venus Ganiko, who asks what kind of aliens they are. After a bit of deliberation, Yuhi just claims they're Earth aliens, though Ganiko claims anyone is welcome to play interesting Duels and adds they'll get a bunch of Duel Power if they win, much to Yuhi's and Yudias' excitement. Ganiko adds they can win other prizes as well (showing off Cosmoshine Drinks and a female pilotable body similar to Chupataro Kaburagi's). Yuhi and Yudias are both fired up, forcing Yuamu to remind them they're here for Duel Power and they sheepishly agree. Ganiko holds up a sheet for them to sign to enter, and though Yudias is keen to, Yuhi asks to enter instead, pointing out only one of them can Duel at a time. He signs the sheet, and Ganiko tells Yuhi Ohdo to go to UFO #3 for his Duel. Yuhi is confused by the location, and Ganiko (her human-like face revealed beneath her helmet) winks and tells them they'll see once they get there.

They open a screen door to find several dark red circles in the ground of the room, and a yellow number "3" flashes over one of them. Yuhi runs over and hops onto it, causing it to hover into the air, Yudias calling his name. The "UFO" emerges in the Coruffium and Yuhi marvels at the size, while the aliens note he's an Earthling and doubt one can win here, Yuamu comparing the situation to an away game as she and Yudias ascend on a separate platform. A boy in robes and a crimson hat then ascends on another platform, introducing himself as Nomura and claiming to have the Chico Rank, higher than Yuhi's, though Yuhi believes him to just be an elementary schooler and asks how old he is. Nomura irritably lowers his head and an eye opens on his hat, declaring that according to Volume 6, Number 32, the young man will in pursuit of glory will stab himself in the chest with his pride, the ship floating in the sky will be his tomb. Yuhi and Yuamu are shocked by the hat talking, and Yudias recognizes it as a Chapeauian, a rare parasitic alien that live on the heads of humanoid aliens. Nomura claims the Chapeauian is his partner Damas and together they are the prophet Nomuratodamas. Yuhi repeats their names separately, though Nomura insists upon Nomuratodamas. Ganiko declares it's time for the UFO #3 Duel, and Nomura takes his Duel Disk from his book and straps it on, while Yuhi calls Valvelgear to transform into his Duel Disk. Declaring their names (Nomura still insisting on "Nomuratodamas") they insert their Decks into their Duel Disks with a cry of "Go Rush!!" to deploy the blades and the holographic sphere.

Nomura declares his turn and draws, his hand containing "Final Destiny", "Dark Factory of Mass Production", "Disaster of the Abandoned Star", "Blue Oni Max II", and "Magemagedon". Suggesting they begin with a Summon, Nomura Summons "Blue Oni Max II" and "Magemagedon", then claims that he can see it, and Damas reads Volume 3, Number 21: Those who call upon devils shall never witness their power for themselves and great despair shall eventually lead to great defeat. Yuhi asks "What?" Nomura claims it's a prophecy, explaining that devils are monsters and this prophecy warns of a future where they can no longer use their powers. Yuhi inquires further, but Nomura merely Sets three cards and ends his turn.

Dismissing the prophecy, Yuhi declares his turn and draws, his hand containing "Jointech Rex", "Pantula", "Stud Hedgepeg", "Jointech Ace", and "Tribute Lock". First he Summons "Jointech Ace", then he Summons "Stud Hedgepeg" and finally he Summons "Pantula". Then he activates the effect of "Stud Hedgepeg", sending the top card of his Deck to the Graveyard, and if it's a monster...but it's a Trap Card, "Jointech Bumper". Yuhi is embarrassed, and Nomura crows their prophecy where Yuhi could not use the power of his monsters came true, though Yuhi insists it's just coincidence. Yuamu asks if her brother is all right, and Yudias believes Yuhi would not be upset over such triviality, but unfortunately Yuhi's completely rattled, and as Yudias says his friend's name hesitantly, Yuamu admits that Yuhi has always been weak to mind games like this, reminding Yudias of the recording of their Duel she showed him where she threw Yuhi off his game by making him believe she could make use of the cards in her Graveyard. Yudias realizes Yuamu's right as Yuhi insists again he doesn't believe in prophecies, Tributing "Jointech Ace" and "Stud Hedgepeg" and chanting "A joined zeal! And joined bravado! When we join infinite power we'll make an infinite beast! Jointech Rex! Tribute Summon!"

Nomura claims he can see another prophecy, and Damas reads Volume 1, Number 74, when a blue monster heads to the grave, a comet shall stream across the sky, and a bound young man unable to act will find himself in he depths of despair. Yuhi is rattled, but shakes it off and activates the effect of "Pantula" since his opponent controls at least two Spell or Trap Cards, returning "Jointech Ace" from his Graveyard to his hand and Summoning it. Setting a card, Yuhi attacks Nomura's prophecies, "Jointech Rex" attacking "Magemagedon" with "Dynabomb Gigantic" and destroying it, reducing Nomura to 3000 LP. But Nomura claims another prophecy has come true, sending "Blue Oni Max II" to the Graveyard to activate the Trap Card "Disaster of the Abandoned Star", restoring his LP by 1000, back to 4000, and preventing Yuhi from attacking for the rest of the turn. Yuhi yelps "What?!" and Yuamu and Yudias look around as the crowd murmurs, Nomura reminding Yuhi of his prophecy and asking if he understands it now. Yuamu has noticed something about the prophecy, though Yudias again believes Yuhi will not be upset by such triviality, only to again be proven wrong as Yuhi flounders over being unable to attack. Yudias cries Yuhi's name desperately and Yuamu remarks that the prophecies are really only traps Nomura set himself, but Yuhi's completely caught up in them. Yudias admits they sound familiar and wonders where he's heard them before as Yuhi spirals into depression over the prophecies being real. Nomura asks if he's finished, and what he'll do, and though Yuhi worries about what will happen at this rate, he recovers enough to end his turn.

Nomura declares his turn and draws five cards, "Planet Alignment", "Savior of Deception", "Doomsayer Samurai Nosferadeimos", and another "Magemagedon" and "Blue Oni". First he activates "Dark Factory of Mass Production", adding the first "Magemagedon" and "Blue Oni" from his Graveyard back to his hand, and then he claims again that he can see it, Damas reciting Volume 3, Number 28: when the stars align the graveyard will be filled with despair, and the powerless people will do nothing but await the coming of their messiah. As Yuhi goes wide-eyed in terror, Nomura activates the Spell Card "Planetary Alignment" since Yuhi controls three monsters, drawing a card, then drawing an extra card since he has no monsters in his Graveyard. Then he discards five cards (two "Blue Oni", two "Magemagedon", and "Genie's Fire Breath") to activate his face-down Spell "Final Destiny", Yuamu and Yudias drawing back in shock. Yuhi repeats the card's name and Nomura explains that its effect will destroy all cards on the field. Yuhi's monsters all explode into colored shards and Yuhi yelps "Jo jon vi du?!" in shock as Yuamu notes he keeps falling for the "prophecies" and though Yudias hesitantly believes Yuhi would not be so rattled, Yuhi falls to his knees, lamenting the loss of the field he worked so hard to build.

Nomura suggests they start again from square one and Summons the "Savior of Deception", prompting Damas to recite another prophecy: Volume 6, Number 66. Yuhi despairs over another one and Damas declares the Savior of Deception will leave after failing to meet people's expectations, after which a great catastrophe will occur and the true savior will appear. Yuhi asks in terror what Damas just said (as Yuamu sighs in exasperation) and Nomura, as the prophecy told, sends "Savior of Deception" to the Graveyard to activate its effect and Special Summon, chanting "666, the number of calamity. Split the earth, O god of thunder, our messiah! Come forth! Doomsayer Samurai Nosferadeimos!" "Nosferadeimos" has zero ATK, but Nomura uses its effect to return six cards ("Dark Factory of Mass Production", "Genie's Fire Breath", "Disaster of the Abanonded Star", the two "Magemagedon", and "Savior of Deception") from his Graveyard to his Deck, allowing him to do the same to Yuhi ("Jointech Rex", "Jointech Ace", "Stud Hedgepeg", "Pantula", "Jointech Bumper", and "Tribute Lock"). Yuhi thanks him in confusion, but Nomura warns him not to and explains that "Nosferadeimos" gains 600 ATK for every card he returned to his own Deck. Yuhi yelps as "Nosferadeimos" glows purple and powers up to 3600 ATK, and Nomura adds that he can also Set "Final Destiny" from his Graveyard, before Setting another card and declaring battle, attacking Yuhi directly with "Nosferadeimos'" "Triple Sixth Sense", surrounding Yuhi in purple fireballs and reducing him to 400 LP as he yelps the damage. Nomura ends his turn, and Yudias grimly celebrates Yuhi hanging on, believing the ATK of "Nosferadeimos" will return to normal, but Yuamu notes it doesn't seem so; the ATK of "Nosferadeimos" is still 3600, Yuamu observing the effect seems to last until the end of the opponent's turn. Yudias insists it's still fine as Yuhi wouldn't be so upset over that, but Yuhi is in a daze over the fact and wondering if all Nomura's prophecies come true. Yudias cries Yuhi's name, though Yuamu believes Yuhi's finally got it and has the face of someone completely relaxed.

Yuhi numbly draws five cards, "Corktrooper", "Screw Armadillo", "Forkhawk", "Jointech Tossceratops", and "Tamabot". He serenely wonders what he should do when he can't win against Nomura's prophecies, but then remembers something and takes a commemorative coin of Mutsuba Tower out of his pocket he got from the shopping district, figuring he may as well decide with it if he can't win against prophecy. He flips the coin, deciding to Summon the monster on his left if he gets heads, much to Yudias and Yuamu's surprise, and with a heads, Yuhi Summons the "Corktrooper" on the far left of his hand. To his surprise he realizes he has no other monsters, so he can use the effect of "Corktrooper" to inflict 300 damage to Nomura for every Spell and Trap he controls, much to Nomura's shock, and the prophet falls to 3400 LP. Yuhi comments "Lucky" in English and Nomura angrily asks what this is, insisting Yuhi can't beat the great prophet Nomuratodamas with sheer luck. Yuhi grins and asks if that's so, flipping his coin again to decide if he'll Summon his monsters in Attack Position (heads) or Set them in Defense Position (tails). He gets heads, so he Summons "Screw Armadillo" and "Forkhawk" in Attack Position, then sends "Tamabot" from his hand to the Graveyard to activate the effect of "Screw Armadillo", changing "Nosferadeimos" into face-down Defense Position. Nomura yelps as his monster vanishes, and since Yuhi controls three monsters he sends "Forkhawk" to the Graveyard to activate its effect, changing "Nosferadeimos" back into Attack Position. Nomura yelps and Yudias is shocked the ATK of "Nosferadeimos" has become zero again and asks how, so Yuamu explains that Setting and then flipping a monster face-up "resets" its ATK. The original ATK of "Nosferadeimos" is zero, so flipping it down and up again reduced its ATK to zero. Yudias excitedly gasps this means it can't even be used as a wall, and Yuhi Tributes "Screw Armadillo" and "Corktrooper", chanting "Join and explode! Join and intensify! If we join together a little more power, we can run over any trap! Jointech Tossceratops! Tribute Summon!"

"Jointech Tossceratops" appears with 1900 ATK and Nomura whimpers as Yudias and Yuamu gasp happily, and Yuhi activates the coin tossing effect of "Tossceratops". Nomura is shocked to learn it has a coin toss effect and Yuhi comments luck has been looking good for him, so he'll go ahead and use it, flipping the coin and explaining that if it's heads, "Tossceratops" will gain 1500 ATK, but it will be changed into Defense Position if it's tails. But he flips the opposite result to his previous ones and panics, Nomura laughing in relief that he told Yuhi he can't beat the great prophecy with sheer luck. Yuamu asks if Nomura is sure about that, and "Tossceratops" suddenly powers up to 3400 ATK, much to Nomura and Yuhi's surprise, and Yuhi asks what's going on. Yuamu tells him in exasperation he'd been getting the (similar) heads and tails sides of the commemorative coin wrong, and after Yuhi and Nomura yell "WHAT?!" in shock, the twins have a back and forth over which it is. Yudias realizes that even though Yuhi was mixing up the coin toss, his Duel Disk knew which result was correct, and Yuamu confirms that unlike a regular coin toss where one can call any result, the results of a coin toss effect are written on the card itself. Nomura angrily asks what's with this coin toss, snapping that Yuhi's been wrong about it the entire turn only to now decide it's correct, but Yuhi claims he wasn't wrong and this was all calculated, much to Yudias' praise (though Yuamu notes Yuhi's lying). Damas yelps Volume 99, Number 99: It's over, it's all over, all of history comes to an end and the evil prophet shall be vanquished by the young warrior, and Nomura asks what he's saying in shock. Yuhi explains Nomura is the evil prophet, and he will be defeated, causing Nomura to yelp "What?" Yuhi makes the same gesture as Nomura had been making, claiming he can see it, attacking "Nosferadeimos" with "Jointech Tossceratops". Nomura protests that he can still do something if he activates his Trap Card, but Yuhi explains the effect of "Tossceratops" prevents Nomura from activating Trap Cards when it attacks. Nomura can only yelp "What?" and Yuhi claims this is what it means to run over any trap, the "Breakthrough Gigantic" attack of "Jointech Tossceratops". "Tossceratops" charges, ramming "Nosferadeimos" and destroying it, and Nomura yelps that he has another prophecy - he will lose in one second. Yuhi tells him that isn't a prophecy as Nomura falls backwards, his LP falling to zero.

Cheers echo through the Coruffium as the platforms lower, Nomura cursing that he can't believe he lost. Damas begins to recite Volume 4, Number 33, and Nomura loses his temper and throws Damas into the air, causing him to disgorge dozens of manga volumes. Yuhi asks what these are and Yudias excitedly recognizes them as all 99 volumes of Mr. Universe, a masterpiece of four-panel manga that aliens all over the galaxy have read. Yuamu repeats the name and Yudias eagerly claims it's a very popular property with multiple anime adaptations, having existed for 80053 years. Yuhi meanwhile is reading page 66 of Volume 6 and realizes it's the prophecy Damas was reciting, Yuamu noting he must have been reading them throughout the Duel and Yudias agreeing it's no wonder they seemed familiar. Damas begins reciting Volume 10, Number 72, from the sky, the king of fear shall, but Nomura tells him to stop and begins threatening those who have learned the secrets of Nomuratodamas, but Ganiko picks him up and warns him that physical violence between Duelists is prohibited and tosses him out of the stadium. Yuhi celebrates getting more Duel Power and Ganiko hands him his extra price, which Yudias recognizes as "The Bestest and Meanset Old Man from Outer Space", by the author of "Mr. Universe". Yuhi isn't impressed, but Yuamu encourages them all to keep Dueling and reach the Macho Rank, Yudias agreeing and Yuhi hesitantly agreeing.

Meanwhile Sukai is flying through the streets, but a cloaked figure steps out of an alleyway and turns on a vacuum cleaner, sucking up the swarm of skyfish as they yelp this is the worst luck of their lives.

Featured Duel: Yuhi Ohdo vs Nomura[edit]

Turn 1: Nomura
Nomura's hand contains "Final Destiny", "Dark Factory of Mass Production", "Disaster of the Abandoned Star", "Blue Oni Max II", and "Magemagedon". Nomura Normal Summons "Blue Oni Max II" (900/900) and "Magemagedon" (1500/600). Nomura Sets three cards.

Turn 2: Yuhi
Yuhi's hand contains "Jointech Rex", "Pantula", "Stud Hedgepeg", "Jointech Ace", and "Tribute Lock". Yuhi Normal Summons "Jointech Ace" (1500/0). Yuhi Normal Summons "Stud Hedgepeg" (800/900). Yuhi Normal Summons "Pantula" (1300/900). Yuhi activates the effect of "Stud Hedgepeg", sending the top card of his Deck to the Graveyard, and if he sends a monster to the Graveyard with this effect, he can reduce the ATK of a face-up monster Nomura controls by 500 until the end of the turn. He sends the Trap Card "Jointech Bumper". Yuhi Tributes "Stud Hedgepeg" and "Jointech Ace" to Tribute Summon "Jointech Rex" (2500/1500). As "Pantula" was Normal Summoned this turn and Nomura controls two or more Spell/Trap Cards, Yuhi activates its effect, adding a Level 4 Machine Type Normal Monster from his Graveyard to his hand. He adds "Jointech Ace" from his Graveyard to his hand. Yuhi Normal Summons "Jointech Ace" (1500/0). Yuhi Sets a card. "Jointech Rex" attacks and destroys "Magemagedon" (Nomura: 4000 → 3000 LP). As a Fiend Type monster Nomura controls was destroyed by Yuhi's attacking monster, he activates his Set Trap Card "Disaster of the Abandoned Star", sending a monster he controls to the Graveyard to gain 1000 LP and preventing Yuhi's monsters from attacking for the rest of the turn. He sends "Blue Oni" to the Graveyard (Nomura: 3000 → 4000 LP).

Turn 3: Nomura
Nomura draws "Planet Alignment", "Savior of Deception", "Doomsayer Samurai Nosferadeimos", "Magemagedon", and "Blue Oni". Nomura activates his Set Spell Card "Dark Factory of Mass Production", adding two Normal Monsters from his Graveyard to his hand. He adds "Magemagedon" and "Blue Oni" from his Graveyard to his hand. As Yuhi controls three monsters, Nomura activates the Spell Card "Planet Alignment", drawing a card, then if he has no monsters in his Graveyard, he can draw an additional card. Nomura has no monsters in his Graveyard, so he draws "Genie's Fire Breath" and "Great Catastrophe". Nomura activates his Set Spell Card "Final Destiny", sending five cards from his hand to the Graveyard to destroy all cards on the field. He sends two copies of "Blue Oni", two copies of "Magemagedon", and "Genie's Fire Breath" to the Graveyard and destroys "Jointech Rex", "Jointech Ace", "Pantula", and Yuhi's Set "Tribute Lock". Nomura Normal Summons "Savior of Deception" (0/0). Nomura activates the effect of "Savior of Deception", sending it to the Graveyard to Special Summon "Doomsayer Samurai Nosferadeimos" from his hand, and if he does, it cannot be destroyed by battle or card effects until the end of Yuhi's next turn, also Nomura cannot attack with other monsters this turn. He Special Summons "Nosferadeimos" (0/0) from his hand in Attack Position. Nomura activates the effect of "Nosferadeimos", shuffling six cards from his Graveyard into the Deck to shuffle up to six cards from Yuhi's Graveyard into his Deck, and for each card shuffled into Yuhi's Deck this way, "Nosferadeimos" gains 600 ATK until the end of Yuhi's next turn, then Nomura can Set one "Final Destiny" from his Graveyard. He shuffles "Dark Factory of Mass Production", "Genie's Fire Breath", "Disaster of the Abanonded Star", two copies of "Magemagedon", and "Savior of Deception" from his Graveyard and "Jointech Rex", "Jointech Ace", "Stud Hedgepeg", "Pantula", "Jointech Bumper", and "Tribute Lock" from Yuhi's Graveyard into the Deck ("Nosferadeimos": 0/0 → 3600/0), then Sets "Final Destiny" from his Graveyard. Nomura Sets a card. "Nosferadeimos" attacks Yuhi directly (Yuhi: 4000 → 400 LP).

Turn 4: Yuhi
Yuhi draws "Corktrooper", "Screw Armadillo", "Forkhawk", "Jointech Tossceratops", and "Tamabot". Yuhi Normal Summons "Corktrooper" (1400/900). As Yuhi controls no monsters and Nomura controls two or less Spell/Trap Cards, he activates the effect of "Corktrooper", inflicting 300 damage to Nomura for each Spell/Trap Card he controls (Nomura: 4000 → 3400 LP). Yuhi Normal Summons "Forkhawk" (400/900) and "Screw Armadillo" (0/1000). Yuhi activates the effect of "Screw Armadillo", sending a Machine Type monster from his hand to the Graveyard to change a Level 6 or lower Attack Position monster Nomura controls to face-down Defense Position. He sends "Tamabot" from his hand to the Graveyard, then changes "Nosferadeimos" to face-down Defense Position. As Yuhi controls three Machine Type monsters, he activates the effect of "Forkhawk", sending it to the Graveyard to change a face-down Defense Position monster Nomura controls to Attack Position. He changes "Nosferadeimos" (0/0) to Attack Position. Yuhi Tributes "Corktrooper" and "Screw Armadillo" to Tribute Summon "Jointech Tossceratops" (1900/2500). As "Jointech Tossceratops" is in Attack Position, Yuhi activates its effect, tossing a coin. If the result is heads, until the end of this turn, "Tossceratops" gains 1500 ATK and Nomura cannot activate Traps when it declares an attack, and if the result is tails, "Tossceratops" is changed to face-up Defense Position. The result is heads ("Tossceratops": 1900/2500 → 3400/2500). "Tossceratops" attacks and destroys "Nosferadeimos" (Nomura: 3400 → 0 LP).

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here. Cards that appeared in the opening can be found here.