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"Can You Name All the Monster Types?"
The twenty-four monster Types.
The twenty-four monster Types.
Japanese name
RōmajiMonsutā Shuzoku Ieru ka na?
TranslatedCan You Name All the Monster Types?
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!!
Japanese OP"Mirage"
Japanese ED"One Way"
ScreenplayMatsui Aya
DirectorShiina Yuuki
Air dates
JapaneseMay 15, 2022
Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!! episodes (season 1)
Previous"Whether You Believe It or Not Is Up to You"
Next"Good Manya-nya from the TV Kingdom"
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"Can You Name All the Monster Types?" is the seventh episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!! anime. It first aired in Japan on May 15, 2022.

Feeling that he's still not good enough, Yudias asked Yuhi for a special Rush Duel training session. Yuhi used the Special Training Mecha and the Special Training CD to train Yudias. Yudias was able to answer every question, and his training seemed to be going well, but then the Special Training Mecha went out of control...


Yudias finishes cutting a hole in the roller door of a bookstore with his eyebeams and dashes in, desperately asking the bewildered shopkeeper where the book is. Yudias had seen a commercial on TV where a pink-haired girl named Manya was shown telling everyone that this month's Saikyo Rush Duel would have a special feature to allow anyone who studies it to become a Rush Dueling expert; Yudias desperately asks the shopkeeper where it is and she points to the appropriate shelf. Yudias snatches the magazine up and rushes past the shopkeeper leaving a coin in her hand as he thanks her, blasts the edges of the hole he cut with his eyebeams and then hooks the door back into place with his sword, sealing the hole (but leaving a smaller one from where he pierced it) before running off.

Once Yudias puts the included Special Training CD on, Manya asks everyone how their studying is going and if they remember all the Attributes; DARK, LIGHT, EARTH, WATER, FIRE and WIND. Yudias repeats them as writes them down and looks at six monsters with different Attributes ("Skull Servant", "Cycliptron", "Stone Dragon", "Spike Seadra", "Innocent Lancer" and "Whispering Fairy") and Manya suggests they learn the monster Types next, warning there's a lot and wishing the listener luck. Yudias vows to do his best, declaring that he must learn everything there is about Rush Dueling. Manya tells the listener to repeat after her, and Yudias does so as he writes the Types down: Aqua, Pyro, Thunder, Rock, Plant, Machine, Beast, Winged Beast, Insect, Fish, Reptile, Dragon, Dinosaur, Sea Serpent, Wyrm, Spellcaster, Zombie, Fiend, Fairy, Warrior, Beast-Warrior, Psychic, Cyberse. As Yuhi and Yuamu sleep peacefully, Manya tells Yudias a new Type has appeared recently, much to his surprise, but she's just talking about the Galaxy Type, and Yudias happily remembers his "Galactica Oblivion" and declares he knows it well.

Yudias practices most of the night, but eventually falls asleep and wakes up at his desk. He goes to Yuhi, begging him to train him in Rush Dueling, though Yuhi is barely awake when he does so. Yuamu has changed into her uniform and notes that even aliens must feel a need for improvement, and Yuhi asks if Yudias isn't already using the Monthly Saikyo Rush Duel special feature, but Yudias believes it isn't enough, as his last Duel was more difficult than in should have been due to his inexperience and Zwijo's words about using Rush Dueling as a weapon of war have bothered him, so he wishes to know more to put an end to the fighting in the Velgear Star Cluster and retrieve Yuhi's Earthdamar. Yuhi recalls how slimy and disgusting the Earthdamar was and tells Yudias not to worry about it, claiming he doesn't live in the past, much to Yuamu's interest, and stating one can't move forward by looking back, nor can they grow if they rely on others. But Yuhi's really thinking that it'll just be a pain to train Yudias, hoping he'll give up (and Yuamu knows full well what he's thinking). Yuamu offers to train Yudias instead, claiming she'd be better with or without his Earthdamar and prompting Valvelgear to cheer her name. Yuamu smirks at the annoyed Yuhi, who promptly agrees to train Yudias after all, much to his joy. Yuhi claims he never goes back on his word, earning cheers from Valvelgear, and he grins, prompting Yuamu to comment "my, my".

Later Yuhi is working on something in the shed and Yudias asks what he's doing and what about his training, while Yuamu asks Mr. Tazaki if it's really okay to let Yuhi do what he wants. Tazaki reassures her he's happy to let him, recalling that Yuhi had asked to borrow the shed and tractor to make a machine to help train Yudias and noting Yuhi's selflessness as proof he'd grown into a fine young man, though Yuamu thinks he's too soft. Tazaki wipes his eyes with a handkerchief, stating the twins entrusted to him by their predecessor are adorable and precious treasures, so he cannot help but cry and there is thus no such thing as being too soft for them. Yuamu knew he'd say so, though she still isn't sure, but Yudias interrupts to ask if Tazaki cultivated the entire field. Tazaki modestly claims it's a hobby of his and Yudias tells him that growing vegetables is a wonderful hobby, though Yuamu shows Yudias more; fragrant flowers and elegantly grown trees. Tazaki shows his skills by beautifully cutting a bonsai tree in seconds, impressing Yudias, and Yuamu explains that trees, flowers, vegetables and bonsai all grow extremely well under Tazaki's hands. Yudias admits he's extremely impressed as he beholds a flower archway, much to Tazaki's embarrassment.

Yuhi calls that he's done, opening the shed to reveal his Special Training Mecha - Tazaki's trailer towing a rear car with a table and voice box inside. Yudias thinks it's amazing, though as Yuhi tells Yudias to sit in the back, Yuamu thinks to herself that it's just a rear car. Yuhi starts up once Yudias is aboard, declaring the Rush Duel Training Mech is heading out, and as the tractor begins moving Yudias looks at several cards, declaring he can build a powerful Deck with them and asking if this is how they train on Earth. Yuhi adds that Yudias will also have to answer a bunch of Rush Dueling questions and Yudias muses he sees, then the tractor drives over a rock and Yudias grabs the table to keep his balance, declaring this will strengthen his core too. Yuhi quickly agrees and claims he's glad Yudias noticed, prompting Valvelgear to cheer Yudias' name. He starts the tape, and Manya greets her audience (Yudias responding in kind) then tells them she'll be giving them a quiz and if they can answer everything they'll be a Rush Dueling Expert. Yudias vows he will be a Rush Dueling expert and Manya gives Yudias the first question: There are three types of Rush Duel cards, can he name all three? Yudias can; Monster Cards, Spell Cards and Trap Cards, and the manual ticker flips over in front of him as Manya congratulates Yudias on getting the answer correct, though Yuhi warns Yudias not to be too excited just from getting the first question right. Question two is to name the Phases in order, and Yudias correctly names them: Draw Phase, Main Phase, Battle Phase and End Phase. The third question is the name of a Summon that can only be done by Tributing monsters, and Yudias remembers Summoning "Galactica Oblivion" for the first time and declares the answer to be a Tribute Summon. Manya confirms it's correct, and moves onto the fourth question; the Level a monster must be to require two monsters for a Tribute Summon. Once again thinking back to "Galactica Oblivion", which is Level 7, Yudias correctly declares the answer to be Level 7. Manya congratulates him on getting all the answers right so far and as Valvelgear cheers Yudias' name Manya moves onto the fifth question: naming the six Attributes. Yudias declares he's studied so extensively and names them; DARK, LIGHT, EARTH, WATER, FIRE, and WIND.

He's correct and cheers, and Yuhi congratulates him, but then the tractor drives over a bump, and Valvelgear is jerked forward and slams into the dashboard, embedding itself into the metal. The tractor begins to spark and puff smoke and Yuhi barely has time to gasp "What?" before the tractor takes off and throws him back in his seat, though Yudias simply thinks it's a new phase of his training. Yuhi tries to laugh it off, but he can't stop the tractor and to Yuamu and Tazaki's horror it drives through the fence.

Manabu and Nyandestar are enjoying afternoon tea at CAFÉ, Nyandestar remarking it's always the best and Manabu agreeing, noting that MIK agents like them can only enjoy such leisure time due to their cracking down on interstellar kriminals recently. The the tractor bursts through the fence and plows through them, scooping them up and depositing them in the trailer with Yudias, Manabu still holding his teacup. Manabu and Nyandestar yelp "Purrposterous!" as they recognize Yuhi and Yudias, and Nyandestar leaps onto the tractor's bonnet to tell Yuhi to stop, though he protests he'd like to but can't, and Yudias apologizes, as they're in the middle of the special training Yuhi devised for him. Manabu tells them to forget the training and Nyandestar cries that they're ruining their special afternoon tea time, but the tractor crashes through another fence and ends up in the woods, Nyandestar now plastered against the window of the tractor cab begging Yuhi to stop and Yuhi telling her he told her he can't. Nyandestar's claws begin to lose her grip as she asks if Yuhi was the one who modified the machine, protesting there must be something he can do; an emergency brake, a stop button, a self destruct?! Manabu isn't keen on the last one and Yuhi remembers he programmed the machine to automatically stop once Yudias answered the final question. Nyandestar and Manabu are relived to hear so and they ask how many there are, but are horrified to learn there's 100 and Manabu decides to answer them, believing it too much for a newbie alien, and Nyandestar (now clinging to the table) agrees. But Yuhi explains they can't, much to their annoyance, as it's only programmed to respond to Yudias' voice, something Manabu and Nyandestar declare purrposterous and poor Nyandestar asks Yuhi why he'd make it so convoluted, though Yudias enthusiastically tells them to leave this to him, recalling the next question was the seventh. Manabu and Nyandestar realize there's still ninety-three questions left and beg Yudias to hurry and answer them.

Meanwhile Yuamu and Tazaki have reached the CAFÉ to find the destruction and tracks left by the Special Training Mecha, deducing it's Yuhi and Yudias' doing, and Yuamu sighs in exasperation and asks what they're doing as she looks at the hole in the fence leading to the forest.

The tractor crashes through the trees as it heads uphill, Yudias correctly answering Manya's 95th, 96th and 97th questions, while poor Manabu and Nyandestar are battered and exhausted, all three of them covered in leaves. Manya asks the 98th question: What happens to Spells and Traps after their effects resolve? Yudias correctly declares they are sent to the Graveyard, and Manabu cries that it's correct, Nyandestar hysterically declaring she's so proud of Yudias and Yuhi cheers they only have two left. Question 99 is that monsters can be in face-down Defense Position and... Yudias interrupts to declare "face-up Defense Position", but the question is still going and Nyandestar flops, telling Yudias to take it slow and listen before answering. The true question is whether Tribute Summoning a monster in Defense Position would place it face-up or face-down, and Yudias thinks on it, Nyandestar reminding him to think it over and Manabu adding Yudias has a 50% chance of success. Yudias is hung up over the notion of a strong warrior showing his face as per proper etiquette, but his sense wins out and he correctly answers that it must be Set face-down, imagining himself doing so with "Galactica Oblivion" against Yuhi. Manabu helpfully adds that a Special Summon would place that monster in face-up Defense Position, calling it a special graduated cylinder. Yuhi cheers that Yudias did it, but then realizes in shock they're driving towards a cliff, though Yudias once again believes it to be a new level of training until the others inform him otherwise. Yuhi futilely tries to brake and begs Yudias to focus on answering questions, as Yudias responds in the affirmative, Manabu, Nyandestar and Yuhi all worry they'll fall over the cliff at this rate and the two MIK agents beg Yudias to hurry. Manya tells them they've done well so far (as Manabu and Nyandestar beg it to hurry) and warns this question is super duper hard, encouraging them to do their best. She gives the question: Name all twenty-four Types in Rush Dueling.

Yudias freezes up, much to the alarm of the others, and they all call his name. Seeing they have placed their trust in him, Yudias vows to get it right and begins to answer; Aqua, Pyro, Thunder, Rock, Plant, Machine, Beast, Winged Beast, Insect, Fish, Reptile... Yuhi tells Yudias that he's doing it but Yudias is having trouble remembering the rest, repeating the ones he's answered over in his head until he feels something familiar and nostalgic. He repeats the Types again to himself, this time to a beat, and realizes it's similar to Velgear rappu, remembering chanting "Velgear, Velgear, Velgear rappu" when he trained daily with his comrades until the eye of Zwijo. Declaring he can do this, Yudias assumes his true form with a cry of "Velgear Riva!" to the shock of the others, and begins chanting his Velgear rappu, leading into the Types: Aqua, Pyro, Thunder, Rock, Plant, Machine, Beast, Winged Beast, Insect, Fish, Reptile, Dragon, Dinosaur, Sea Serpent, Wyrm, Spellcaster, Zombie, Fiend, Fairy, Warrior, Beast-Warrior, Psychic, Cyberse, and the new Galaxy to finish the verse. Manabu and Nyandestar gasp happily and Yudias asks how that is - but to everyone's shock the tractor continues towards the edge...and Manya declares the answer correct, praising Yudias on becoming a great Rush Dueling Expert, encouraging him to keep up the good work and continue studying Rush Dueling as the four of them scream and the front wheels of the tractor go over the edge before it finally stops. They sigh in relief and then a rock pigeon flies over and perches on the tractor, the extra weight tipping it over the cliff.

Fortunately Valvelgear grows to a giant size to catch them, Yudias calling the ship's name happily and Manabu and Nyandestar heaving a sigh of relief as Yuhi gasps they're saved. Valvelgear flies away chanting Yudias' name, disappearing into the evening sky. That night Yuamu looks at the Deck Yudias built during the training and declares it's amazing, and Yuhi claims it's thanks to his special training as he clings onto Valvelgear (now back to its small size). Yudias promptly asks Yuhi to think of new ways to train him, much to Yuhi's terror, as Yudias wants to learn even more about Rush Dueling. Yuhi tries to point out Yudias is a Rush Dueling Expert now (as Yuamu sighs in exasperation) but Yudias explains he's learned of a higher position, much to Yuhi's surprise, and Yudias turns on the television to show a commercial narrated by Manya, who explains that the next month's Saikyo Rush Duel will include the Master Course. Yudias shuts off the television, explaining that now he must become a Master, but the mere thought sends Yuhi fleeing out of the room, something Yuamu can only weakly point out, and Yuhi runs past Tazaki's shed as he works on the tractor, screaming that he doesn't want to train Yudias anymore as a shooting star crosses the night sky.

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here. Cards that appeared in the opening can be found here.


  • The title is a reference to the Can You Name All the Pokémon? series of songs made popular by the Pokémon anime in Japan, which sung the names of every Generation 1 Pokémon.[1] These songs were later adapted into English versions and dubbed the Pokérap.


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