Fire Formation - Tenki

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The Arabic and Croatian names given are not official.
The Chinese lore given is not official.
Fire Formation - Tenki
Enbu - "Tenki"
Flame Dance - "Tenki"
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Card effect types

Statuses Unlimited (OCG)
Unlimited (TCG)

When this card is activated: You can add 1 Level 4 or lower Beast-Warrior monster from your Deck to your hand. All Beast-Warrior monsters you control gain 100 ATK. You can only activate 1 "Fire Formation - Tenki" per turn.

Release Number Set Rarity
2013-01-25 CBLZ-EN059 Cosmo Blazer Common
2013-09-13 AP03-EN003 Astral Pack Three Ultimate Rare
2014-03-28 PGLD-EN050 Premium Gold Gold Rare
2014-06-27 DL18-EN014 Duelist League 18 Rare
2015-02-13 THSF-EN057 The Secret Forces Super Rare
2019-08-22 FIGA-EN028 Fists of the Gadgets Secret Rare
English—North America
North American English
Release Number Set Rarity
2014-04-04 FFSE-EN001 Fire Fists Special Edition Super Rare
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Stat changes
Your monsters gain ATK
Only once per turn

Other languages

Name Lore
French Formation Feu - Tenki Lorsque cette carte est activée : vous pouvez ajouter 1 monstre Bête-Guerrier de max. Niveau 4 depuis votre Deck à votre main. Tous les monstres Bête-Guerrier que vous contrôlez gagnent 100 ATK. Vous ne pouvez activer qu'1 "Formation Feu - Tenki" par tour.
German Feuerformation - Tenki Wenn diese Karte aktiviert wird: Du kannst deiner Hand 1 Ungeheuer-Krieger-Monster der Stufe 4 oder niedriger von deinem Deck hinzufügen. Alle Ungeheuer-Krieger-Monster, die du kontrollierst, erhalten 100 ATK. Du kannst nur 1 „Feuerformation - Tenki“ pro Spielzug aktivieren.
Italian Formazione di Fuoco - Tenki Quando questa carta viene attivata: puoi aggiungere 1 mostro Guerriero-Bestia di Livello 4 o inferiore dal tuo Deck alla tua mano. Tutti i mostri Guerriero-Bestia che controlli guadagnano 100 ATK. Puoi attivare solo 1 "Formazione di Fuoco - Tenki" per turno.
Portuguese Formação de Fogo - Tenki Quando este card for ativado: você pode adicionar 1 monstro Besta-Guerreira de Nível 4 ou menos do seu Deck à sua mão. Todos os monstros Besta-Guerreira que você controla ganham 100 de ATK. Você só pode ativar 1 "Formação de Fogo - Tenki" por turno.
Spanish Formación de Fuego - Tenki Cuando esta carta es activada: puedes añadir a tu mano 1 monstruo Guerrero-Bestia de Nivel 4 o menor en tu Deck. Todos los monstruos Guerrero-Bestia que controles ganan 100 ATK. Sólo puedes activar 1 "Formación de Fuego - Tenki" por turno.
Japanese えん-「テン このカード名のカードは1ターンに1枚しか発動できない。①:このカードの発動時の効果処理として、デッキからレベル4以下の獣戦士族モンスター1体を手札に加える事ができる。②:このカードが魔法&罠ゾーンに存在する限り、自分フィールドの獣戦士族モンスターの攻撃力は100アップする。
Enbu - "Tenki"
Flame Dance - "Tenki"
Korean 염무-「천기」 "염무-「천기」"는 1턴에 1장밖에 발동할 수 없다. ①: 이 카드의 발동시의 효과 처리로서, 덱에서 레벨 4 이하의 야수전사족 몬스터 1장을 패에 넣을 수 있다. ②: 이 카드가 마법 & 함정 존에 존재하는 한, 자신 필드의 야수전사족 몬스터의 공격력은 100 올린다.
Chinese 炎舞-「天璣」 此卡发动时,可以将自己卡组中一只等级4以下的兽战士族怪兽拿到手卡中。只要此卡在场上正面表示,自己场上的兽战士族怪兽的攻击力上升100点。【炎舞-「天玑」】1回合只能使用1张。



Release Number SetFrench name Rarity
2013-01-24 CBLZ-FR059 Cosmo Blazer Le Feu du Cosmos Common
2013-09-12 AP03-FR003 Astral Pack Three Paquet Astral Trois Ultimate Rare
2014-03-27 PGLD-FR050 Premium Gold Gold Premium Gold Rare
2014-06-27 DL18-FR014 Duelist League 18 Ligue du Duelliste 18 Rare
2015-02-12 THSF-FR057 The Secret Forces Les Forces Secrètes Super Rare
2019-08-22 FIGA-FR028 Fists of the Gadgets Les Poings des Gadgets Secret Rare


Release Number SetGerman name Rarity
2013-01-24 CBLZ-DE059 Cosmo Blazer Cosmo Blazer Common
2013-09-12 AP03-DE003 Astral Pack Three Astral Pack Drei Ultimate Rare
2014-03-27 PGLD-DE050 Premium Gold Premium Gold Gold Rare
2014-06-27 DL18-DE014 Duelist League 18 Duelist League-Serie 18 Rare
2015-02-12 THSF-DE057 The Secret Forces The Secret Forces Super Rare
2019-08-22 FIGA-DE028 Fists of the Gadgets Fists of the Gadgets Secret Rare


Release Number SetItalian name Rarity
2013-01-24 CBLZ-IT059 Cosmo Blazer Fiammata Cosmica Common
2013-09-12 AP03-IT003 Astral Pack Three Astral Pack Tre Ultimate Rare
2014-03-27 PGLD-IT050 Premium Gold Premium Oro Gold Rare
2014-06-27 DL18-IT014 Duelist League 18 Serie Duelist League 18 Rare
2015-02-12 THSF-IT057 The Secret Forces Le Forze Segrete Super Rare
2019-08-22 FIGA-IT028 Fists of the Gadgets Pugni dei Congegni Secret Rare


Release Number SetPortuguese name Rarity
2013-01-25 CBLZ-PT059 Cosmo Blazer Explosão Cósmica Common
2013-09-01 AP03-PT003 Astral Pack Three Pacote Astral Três Ultimate Rare
2014-03-28 PGLD-PT050 Premium Gold Première Ouro Gold Rare
DL18-PT014 Duelist League 18 Rare
2015-02-13 THSF-PT057 The Secret Forces As Forças Secretas Super Rare
2019-08-22 FIGA-PT028 Fists of the Gadgets Punhos Mecânicos Secret Rare


Release Number SetSpanish name Rarity
2013-01-24 CBLZ-SP059 Cosmo Blazer Cosmos Abrasador Common
2013-09-12 AP03-SP003 Astral Pack Three Sobre Astral Tres Ultimate Rare
2014-03-27 PGLD-SP050 Premium Gold Dorada Premium Gold Rare
2014-06-27 DL18-SP014 Duelist League 18 Duelist League 18 Rare
2015-02-12 THSF-SP057 The Secret Forces Las Fuerzas Secretas Super Rare
2019-08-22 FIGA-SP028 Fists of the Gadgets Puños de los Artilugios Secret Rare


Release Number SetJapanese name Rarity
2012-11-17 CBLZ-JP059 Cosmo Blazer COSMO BLAZERコスモ・ブレイザー Rare
2014-12-20 TRC1-JP044 The Rarity Collection THE RARITYレアリティ COLLECTIONコレクション Super Rare
2014-12-20 TRC1-JP044 The Rarity Collection THE RARITYレアリティ COLLECTIONコレクション Secret Rare
2014-12-20 TRC1-JP044 The Rarity Collection THE RARITYレアリティ COLLECTIONコレクション Collectors Rare
2017-02-11 20AP-JP091 20th Anniversary Pack 2nd Wave 20thトゥエンティース ANNIVERSARYアニバーサリー PACKパック 2ndセカンド WAVEウェーブ Normal Parallel Rare
2019-10-01 19TP-JP414 Tournament Pack 2019 Vol.4 トーナメントパック 2019 Vol.ボリューム Common


Release Number SetKorean name Rarity
2013-02-13 CBLZ-KR059 Cosmo Blazer 우주의 섬광 Rare
2013-06-26 AE01-KR013 Advanced Event Pack 2013 Vol.1 어드밴스드 이벤트 팩 2013 Vol.1 Super Rare
2017-05-11 20AP-KR091 20th Anniversary Pack 2nd Wave CHRONICLE PACK크로니클 팩 2nd WAVE Normal Parallel Rare
2018-11-09 TRC1-KR044 The Rarity Collection 더 레어리티 컬렉션 Super Rare
2018-11-09 TRC1-KR044 The Rarity Collection 더 레어리티 컬렉션 Secret Rare


Release Number SetChinese name Rarity
2015-12-05 CBLZ-TC059 Cosmo Blazer 炎星戰士 Rare