Speed Duel: Battle City Box

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Speed Duel: Battle City Box
Speed Duel: Battle City Box
  • Speed Duel: Battle City Box
FrenchSpeed Duel: Boîte Bataille-Ville
GermanSpeed Duel: Battle City Box
ItalianSpeed Duel: Cofanetto La Città dei Duelli
SpanishSpeed Duel: Caja de Ciudad Batallas
Set information
FormatSpeed Duel
TypeCollector's Set
  • SBCB-EN (en)
  • SBCB-FR (fr)
  • SBCB-DE (de)
  • SBCB-IT (it)
  • SBCB-SP (sp)
Number of cards244
Cover card
Yugioh-Card database ID
Release dates
English (na)
  • December 11, 2020
English (eu)
  • November 26, 2020
English (oc)
  • November 26, 2020
French, German,
Italian, Spanish
  • November 26, 2020

Speed Duel: Battle City Box

Speed Duel: Battle City Box is a Speed Duel set in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game (TCG).

In North America, this set was originally scheduled to be released on November 20, 2020.[1] However, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, its release was delayed until December 11, 2020.[2] No official reason was provided for the delay.[3]


The Speed Duel: Battle City Box contains 8 pre-built Speed Duel Decks, intended to allow up to 8 players to play out of the box. An insert included in the box recommends a particular Skill Card with each Deck.

The Decks and the recommended Skill Cards are as follows:

Additionally, the box includes 34 additional Common cards and a prize pack containing 8 Secret Rare cards. Three of the Secret Rares are the Egyptian God Cards, while the other 5 are selected from a pool of 21 cards, and are Secret Rare upgrades of the Common cards in the product.


Each Speed Duel: Battle City Box contains:



Speed Duel: Battle City Box

Skill Cards[edit]

Non-Skill Cards[edit]

Card numberNameRarityCategoryPrint
SBCB-EN001"Dark Magician"Common
Secret Rare
Normal MonsterReprint
SBCB-EN002"Aqua Madoor"CommonNormal MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN003"Buster Blader"Common
Secret Rare
Effect MonsterReprint
SBCB-EN004"Archfiend of Gilfer"CommonEffect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN005"Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight"Common
Secret Rare
Effect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN006"Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer"CommonEffect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN007"Skilled White Magician"CommonEffect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN008"Breaker the Magical Warrior"Common
Secret Rare
Effect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN009"Skilled Red Magician"CommonEffect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN010"Dark Magic Curtain"CommonNormal SpellSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN011"Polymerization"CommonNormal SpellReprint
SBCB-EN012"De-Fusion"CommonQuick-Play SpellSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN013"Book of Moon"CommonQuick-Play SpellSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN014"Emblem of Dragon Destroyer"CommonNormal SpellSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN015"Destruction Swordsman Fusion"CommonQuick-Play SpellSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN016"Fusion Recycling Plant"CommonField SpellSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN017"Magical Hats"CommonNormal TrapSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN018"Fairy Wind"CommonNormal TrapSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN019"Darklight"CommonNormal TrapSpeed Duel debut
Secret Rare
Normal TrapSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN021"Dark Paladin"Common
Secret Rare
Effect Fusion MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN022"Valkyrion the Magna Warrior"Common
Secret Rare
Effect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN023"Alpha The Magnet Warrior"CommonNormal MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN024"Beta The Magnet Warrior"CommonNormal MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN025"Gamma The Magnet Warrior"CommonNormal MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN026"Delta The Magnet Warrior"CommonEffect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN027"Giant Soldier of Stone"CommonNormal MonsterReprint
SBCB-EN028"Destroyer Golem"CommonNormal MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN029"The Rock Spirit"CommonEffect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN030"Granmarg the Rock Monarch"CommonEffect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN031"Absorbing Jar"CommonFlip monsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN032"Block Golem"CommonEffect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN033"Attack the Moon!"CommonContinuous SpellSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN034"Magnetic Field"CommonField SpellSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN035"Zero Gravity"CommonNormal TrapSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN036"Mind Crush"CommonNormal TrapSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN037"Rock Bombardment"CommonNormal TrapSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN038"Sealing Ceremony of Mokuton"CommonContinuous TrapSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN039"Unbreakable Spirit"CommonNormal TrapSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN040"Magnet Force"CommonNormal TrapSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN041"Magnet Conversion"CommonNormal TrapSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN042"Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts"CommonNormal MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN043"Berfomet"CommonEffect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN044"Phantom Beast Cross-Wing"CommonEffect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN045"Phantom Beast Wild-Horn"CommonEffect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN046"Phantom Beast Thunder-Pegasus"CommonEffect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN047"Giant Rat"CommonEffect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN048"Bazoo the Soul-Eater"CommonEffect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN049"Manticore of Darkness"CommonEffect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN050"Enraged Battle Ox"CommonEffect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN051"Ghost Knight of Jackal"CommonEffect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN052"Behemoth the King of All Animals"CommonEffect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN053"Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest"CommonEffect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN054"Wild Nature's Release"CommonNormal SpellSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN055"The Big March of Animals"CommonQuick-Play SpellSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN056"Spiritual Forest"CommonContinuous SpellSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN057"Fire Formation - Tenki"Common
Secret Rare
Continuous SpellSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN058"The Big Cattle Drive"CommonNormal SpellSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN059"Riryoku Field"CommonCounter TrapSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN060"Howl of the Wild"CommonContinuous TrapSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN061"Horn of the Phantom Beast"CommonNormal TrapSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN062"Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast"CommonEffect Fusion MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN063"X-Head Cannon"CommonNormal MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN064"Y-Dragon Head"CommonUnion monsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN065"Z-Metal Tank"CommonUnion monsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN066"Heavy Mech Support Platform"CommonUnion monsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN067"Victory Viper XX03"CommonEffect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN068"DUCKER Mobile Cannon"CommonFlip monsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN069"Jade Knight"CommonEffect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN070"Falchionβ"CommonEffect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN071"Machina Gearframe"CommonUnion monsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN072"Machina Peacekeeper"CommonUnion monsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN073"Delta Tri"CommonEffect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN074"United We Stand"CommonEquip SpellSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN075"Frontline Base"CommonContinuous SpellSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN076"Machine Assembly Line"CommonContinuous SpellSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN077"Union Hangar"Common
Secret Rare
Field SpellSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN078"Solitary Sword of Poison"CommonEquip SpellSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN079"Formation Union"CommonNormal TrapSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN080"Rare Metalmorph"CommonContinuous TrapSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN081"Roll Out!"CommonNormal TrapSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN082"Union Scramble"CommonNormal TrapSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN083"XY-Dragon Cannon"CommonEffect Fusion MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN084"XYZ-Dragon Cannon"CommonEffect Fusion MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN085"XZ-Tank Cannon"CommonEffect Fusion MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN086"YZ-Tank Dragon"CommonEffect Fusion MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN087"Blue-Eyes White Dragon"Common
Secret Rare
Normal MonsterReprint
SBCB-EN088"Saggi the Dark Clown"CommonNormal MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN089"Swordstalker"CommonNormal MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN090"La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp"CommonNormal MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN091"Vorse Raider"CommonNormal MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN092"Dark Blade"CommonNormal MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN093"Maha Vailo"CommonEffect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN094"Zombyra the Dark"CommonEffect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN095"Spear Dragon"CommonEffect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN096"Kaiser Glider"CommonEffect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN097"Fiend's Sanctuary"CommonNormal SpellSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN098"Soul Exchange"CommonNormal SpellSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN099"Shrink"CommonQuick-Play SpellSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN100"Mage Power"CommonEquip SpellSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN101"Silent Doom"CommonNormal SpellSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN102"Acid Trap Hole"CommonNormal TrapSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN103"Negate Attack"CommonCounter TrapSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN104"Magic Drain"CommonCounter TrapSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN105"Final Attack Orders"CommonContinuous TrapSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN106"Inspiration"CommonNormal TrapSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN107"Masked Beast Des Gardius"Common
Secret Rare
Effect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN108"Shining Abyss"CommonNormal MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN109"Grand Tiki Elder"CommonNormal MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN110"Melchid the Four-Face Beast"CommonNormal MonsterReprint
SBCB-EN111"Beast of Talwar"CommonNormal MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN112"Opticlops"CommonNormal MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN113"Wall of Illusion"CommonEffect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN114"Night Assailant"CommonFlip monsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN115"Ritual Raven"CommonEffect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN116"The Masked Beast"CommonRitual MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN117"Nobleman of Extermination"CommonNormal SpellSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN118"Mask of Brutality"CommonEquip SpellSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN119"The Mask of Remnants"CommonNormal SpellSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN120"Curse of the Masked Beast"CommonRitual SpellSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN121"Pre-Preparation of Rites"CommonNormal SpellSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN122"Widespread Ruin"CommonNormal TrapSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN123"Mask of Weakness"CommonNormal TrapSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN124"Bark of Dark Ruler"CommonNormal TrapSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN125"Soul Demolition"CommonContinuous TrapSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN126"Dark Smog"CommonContinuous TrapSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN127"Keldo"CommonEffect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN128"Mudora"CommonEffect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN129"Zolga"CommonEffect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN130"Kelbek"CommonEffect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN131"Skelengel"CommonFlip monsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN132"Airknight Parshath"Common
Secret Rare
Effect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN133"Moisture Creature"CommonEffect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN134"Guardian Angel Joan"CommonEffect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN135"Angel O7"CommonEffect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN136"Dimensional Alchemist"CommonEffect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN137"Bonze Alone"CommonEffect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN138"Nobleman of Crossout"Common
Secret Rare
Normal SpellSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN139"Foolish Burial"Common
Secret Rare
Normal SpellSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN140"Cestus of Dagla"CommonEquip SpellSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN141"Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen"Common
Secret Rare
Continuous SpellSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN142"Cosmic Cyclone"Common
Secret Rare
Quick-Play SpellSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN143"Waboku"CommonNormal TrapSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN144"Rope of Life"CommonNormal TrapReprint
SBCB-EN145"Drop Off"CommonNormal TrapSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN146"Lost Wind"Common
Secret Rare
Normal TrapSpeed Duel debut
Secret Rare
Effect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN148"The Fiend Megacyber"CommonEffect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN149"Freed the Matchless General"CommonEffect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN150"Mysterious Guard"CommonFlip monsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN151"Exiled Force"CommonEffect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN152"Swarm of Scarabs"CommonEffect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN153"Swarm of Locusts"CommonEffect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN154"Des Lacooda"CommonEffect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN155"Dark Scorpion - Gorg the Strong"CommonEffect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN156"Dark Scorpion - Meanae the Thorn"CommonEffect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN157"Amplifier"CommonEquip SpellSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN158"Lightning Blade"CommonEquip SpellSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN159"Creature Swap"CommonNormal SpellSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN160"Reinforcement of the Army"Common
Secret Rare
Normal SpellSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN161"The Warrior Returning Alive"CommonNormal SpellSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN162"Hammer Shot"CommonNormal SpellSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN163"Hidden Armory"CommonNormal SpellSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN164"Draining Shield"CommonNormal TrapSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN165"Psychic Shockwave"CommonNormal TrapSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN166"Battleguard Rage"CommonContinuous TrapSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN167"Red-Eyes Black Dragon"Common
Secret Rare
Normal MonsterReprint
SBCB-EN168"Dunames Dark Witch"CommonNormal MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN169"Ally of Justice Clausolas"CommonNormal MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN170"Hannibal Necromancer"CommonEffect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN171"Banisher of the Light"CommonEffect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN172"Rocket Warrior"CommonEffect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN173"Cyber Harpie Lady"CommonEffect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN174"Spell Canceller"Common
Secret Rare
Effect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN175"Strike Ninja"CommonEffect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN176"Blowback Dragon"CommonEffect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN177"Regenerating Mummy"CommonEffect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN178"Pitch-Black Warwolf"CommonEffect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN179"Banisher of the Radiance"CommonEffect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN180"Twin-Barrel Dragon"CommonEffect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN181"Skilled Blue Magician"CommonEffect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN182"Buster Blader, the Destruction Swordmaster"CommonEffect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN183"Performance of Sword"CommonRitual MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN184"Dokurorider"CommonRitual MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN185"Paladin of White Dragon"CommonEffect Ritual MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN186"Commencement Dance"CommonRitual SpellSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN187"Revival of Dokurorider"CommonRitual SpellSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN188"Magic Formula"CommonEquip SpellSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN189"White Dragon Ritual"CommonRitual SpellSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN190"Archfiend's Oath"CommonContinuous SpellSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN191"Storm"CommonNormal SpellSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN192"The Puppet Magic of Dark Ruler"CommonNormal SpellSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN193"Mirror Wall"CommonContinuous TrapSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN194"Judgment of Anubis"CommonCounter TrapSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN195"Embodiment of Apophis"CommonContinuous TrapSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN196"Spell Purification"CommonNormal TrapSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN197"Machine King - 3000 B.C."CommonContinuous TrapSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN198"Copy Knight"CommonContinuous TrapSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN199"Swamp Mirrorer"CommonContinuous TrapSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN200"Quantum Cat"CommonContinuous TrapSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN201"Slifer the Sky Dragon"Secret RareEffect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN202"Obelisk the Tormentor"Secret RareEffect MonsterSpeed Duel debut
SBCB-EN203"The Winged Dragon of Ra"Secret RareEffect MonsterSpeed Duel debut

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