Duelist League 18 participation cards

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Duelist League 18
Duelist League 18 participation cards
  • Duelist League 18
FrenchLigue du Duelliste 18
GermanDuelist League-Serie 18
ItalianSerie Duelist League 18
SpanishDuelist League 18
Set information
  • DL18-EN (en)
  • DL18-FR (fr)
  • DL18-DE (de)
  • DL18-IT (it)
  • DL18-SP (sp)
Number of cards20
Yugioh-Card database ID
Release dates
English (world)
  • June 27, 2014
French, German, Italian, Spanish
  • June 27, 2014

Duelist League 18

These cards were handed out to participants of the 2014 Duelist League. The Duelist League is independent of age and open for all duelists. Once a Duelist has won three events, he or she will not participate in future Duelist League events in the same business. Not affected by this rule are duelists who were born in 2002 or later. All cards were available in purple, red, green, and blue Rare versions.


All 20 cards are Rare.



Card numberEnglish nameFrench nameRarityCategory
DL18-FR001"Catapult Turtle""Tortue Catapulte"RareEffect Monster
DL18-FR002"Penguin Soldier""Soldat Pingouin"RareFlip monster
DL18-FR003"Dark Magician Girl""Magicienne des Ténèbres"RareEffect Monster
DL18-FR004"Ancient Gear Golem""Golem Rouages Ancients"RareEffect Monster
DL18-FR005"Dandylion""Dandelion"RareEffect Monster
DL18-FR006"Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World""Grapha, Seigneur Dragon du Monde Ténébreux"RareEffect Monster
DL18-FR007"Geargiano Mk-II""Geargiano Mk-II"RareEffect Monster
DL18-FR008"Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Dragon""Confrérie du Poing de Feu - Dragon"RareEffect Monster
DL18-FR009"Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Snake""Confrérie du Poing de Feu - Serpent"RareEffect Monster
DL18-FR010"Gladiator Beast Essedarii""Essedarii, Bête Gladiateur"RareEffect Fusion Monster
DL18-FR011"Gold Sarcophagus""Sarcophage Doré"RareNormal Spell
DL18-FR012"The World Tree""L'Arbre du Monde"RareContinuous Spell
DL18-FR013"Photon Booster""Support Photon"RareNormal Spell
DL18-FR014"Fire Formation - Tenki""Formation Feu - Tenki"RareContinuous Spell
DL18-FR015"DNA Surgery""Chirurgie ADN"RareContinuous Trap
DL18-FR016"Torrential Tribute""Hommage Torrentiel"RareNormal Trap
DL18-FR017"Cyber Summon Blaster""Cyber Canon d'Invocation"RareContinuous Trap
DL18-FR018"Scrap-Iron Scarecrow""Épouvantail de Ferraille"RareNormal Trap
DL18-FR019"Solemn Warning""Avertissement Divin"RareCounter Trap
DL18-FR020"Fire Formation - Tensen""Formation Feu - Tensen"RareContinuous Trap

Card numberEnglish nameGerman nameRarityCategory
DL18-DE001"Catapult Turtle""Katapult-Schildkröte"RareEffect Monster
DL18-DE002"Penguin Soldier""Pinguinsoldat"RareFlip monster
DL18-DE003"Dark Magician Girl""Dunkles Magier-Mädchen"RareEffect Monster
DL18-DE004"Ancient Gear Golem""Antiker Antriebsgolem"RareEffect Monster
DL18-DE005"Dandylion""Löwenzahn-Löwe"RareEffect Monster
DL18-DE006"Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World""Grapha, Drachenherrscher der Finsteren Welt"RareEffect Monster
DL18-DE007"Geargiano Mk-II""Getriebriano MK-II"RareEffect Monster
DL18-DE008"Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Dragon""Bruderschaft der Feuerfaust - Drache"RareEffect Monster
DL18-DE009"Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Snake""Bruderschaft der Feuerfaust - Schlange"RareEffect Monster
DL18-DE010"Gladiator Beast Essedarii""Gladiatorungeheuer Essedarii"RareEffect Fusion Monster
DL18-DE011"Gold Sarcophagus""Gold-Sarkophag"RareNormal Spell
DL18-DE012"The World Tree""Der Weltbaum"RareContinuous Spell
DL18-DE013"Photon Booster""Photonenschub"RareNormal Spell
DL18-DE014"Fire Formation - Tenki""Feuerformation - Tenki"RareContinuous Spell
DL18-DE015"DNA Surgery""DNA-Operation"RareContinuous Trap
DL18-DE016"Torrential Tribute""Reißender Tribut"RareNormal Trap
DL18-DE017"Cyber Summon Blaster""Cyber Beschwörungssprenger"RareContinuous Trap
DL18-DE018"Scrap-Iron Scarecrow""Eisenschrott-Vogelscheuche"RareNormal Trap
DL18-DE019"Solemn Warning""Ernste Warnung"RareCounter Trap
DL18-DE020"Fire Formation - Tensen""Feuerformation - Tensen"RareContinuous Trap

Card numberEnglish nameItalian nameRarityCategory
DL18-IT001"Catapult Turtle""Tartaruga Catapulta"RareEffect Monster
DL18-IT002"Penguin Soldier""Soldato Pinguino"RareFlip monster
DL18-IT003"Dark Magician Girl""Ragazza Maga Nera"RareEffect Monster
DL18-IT004"Ancient Gear Golem""Golem-Ingranaggio Antico"RareEffect Monster
DL18-IT005"Dandylion""Dente di Leone"RareEffect Monster
DL18-IT006"Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World""Grapha, Signore Drago del Mondo Oscuro"RareEffect Monster
DL18-IT007"Geargiano Mk-II""Ingranaggiano MK-II"RareEffect Monster
DL18-IT008"Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Dragon""Fratellanza del Pugno di Fuoco - Drago"RareEffect Monster
DL18-IT009"Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Snake""Fratellanza del Pugno di Fuoco - Serpente"RareEffect Monster
DL18-IT010"Gladiator Beast Essedarii""Gladiatore Bestia Essedarii"RareEffect Fusion Monster
DL18-IT011"Gold Sarcophagus""Sarcofago d'Oro"RareNormal Spell
DL18-IT012"The World Tree""L'Albero del Mondo"RareContinuous Spell
DL18-IT013"Photon Booster""Potenziamento Fotonico"RareNormal Spell
DL18-IT014"Fire Formation - Tenki""Formazione di Fuoco - Tenki"RareContinuous Spell
DL18-IT015"DNA Surgery""Intervento sul DNA"RareContinuous Trap
DL18-IT016"Torrential Tribute""Tributo Torrenziale"RareNormal Trap
DL18-IT017"Cyber Summon Blaster""Cyber Fulminatore di Evocazioni"RareContinuous Trap
DL18-IT018"Scrap-Iron Scarecrow""Spaventapasseri di Ferraglia"RareNormal Trap
DL18-IT019"Solemn Warning""Avvertimento Solenne"RareCounter Trap
DL18-IT020"Fire Formation - Tensen""Formazione di Fuoco - Tensen"RareContinuous Trap

Card numberEnglish namePortuguese nameRarityCategory
DL18-PT001"Catapult Turtle""Tartaruga Catapulta"RareEffect Monster
DL18-PT002"Penguin Soldier""Soldado Pinguim"RareFlip monster
DL18-PT003"Dark Magician Girl""Pequena Maga Negra"RareEffect Monster
DL18-PT004"Ancient Gear Golem""Golem do Mecanismo Antigo"RareEffect Monster
DL18-PT005"Dandylion""Dente-de-leão"RareEffect Monster
DL18-PT006"Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World""Grapha, Senhor Dragão do Mundo Negro"RareEffect Monster
DL18-PT007"Geargiano Mk-II""Engrenagiano Mk-II"RareEffect Monster
DL18-PT008"Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Dragon""Irmandade do Punho de Fogo - Dragão"RareEffect Monster
DL18-PT009"Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Snake""Irmandade do Punho de Fogo - Serpente"RareEffect Monster
DL18-PT010"Gladiator Beast Essedarii""Besta Gladiadora Essedarii"RareEffect Fusion Monster
DL18-PT011"Gold Sarcophagus""Sarcófago Dourado"RareNormal Spell
DL18-PT012"The World Tree""A Árvore do Mundo"RareContinuous Spell
DL18-PT013"Photon Booster""Reforço de Fóton"RareNormal Spell
DL18-PT014"Fire Formation - Tenki""Formação de Fogo - Tenki"RareContinuous Spell
DL18-PT015"DNA Surgery""Cirurgia ao DNA"RareContinuous Trap
DL18-PT016"Torrential Tribute""Tributo Torrencial"RareNormal Trap
DL18-PT017"Cyber Summon Blaster""Destruidor de Invocação Ciber"RareContinuous Trap
DL18-PT018"Scrap-Iron Scarecrow""Espantalho de Ferro-Velho"RareNormal Trap
DL18-PT019"Solemn Warning""Aviso Solene"RareCounter Trap
DL18-PT020"Fire Formation - Tensen""Formação de Fogo - Tensen"RareContinuous Trap

Card numberEnglish nameSpanish nameRarityCategory
DL18-SP001"Catapult Turtle""Tortuga Catapulta"RareEffect Monster
DL18-SP002"Penguin Soldier""Soldado Pingüino"RareFlip monster
DL18-SP003"Dark Magician Girl""Chica Maga Oscura"RareEffect Monster
DL18-SP004"Ancient Gear Golem""Golem de Mecanismo Antiguo"RareEffect Monster
DL18-SP005"Dandylion""Diente de León"RareEffect Monster
DL18-SP006"Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World""Grapha, Señor Dragón del Mundo Oscuro"RareEffect Monster
DL18-SP007"Geargiano Mk-II""Engranajiano Mk-II"RareEffect Monster
DL18-SP008"Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Dragon""Hermandad del Puño de Fuego - Dragón"RareEffect Monster
DL18-SP009"Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Snake""Hermandad del Puño de Fuego - Serpiente"RareEffect Monster
DL18-SP010"Gladiator Beast Essedarii""Bestia Gladiador Essedarii"RareEffect Fusion Monster
DL18-SP011"Gold Sarcophagus""Cofre de Oro Sellado"RareNormal Spell
DL18-SP012"The World Tree""El Árbol del Mundo"RareContinuous Spell
DL18-SP013"Photon Booster""Aumentador Fotónico"RareNormal Spell
DL18-SP014"Fire Formation - Tenki""Formación de Fuego - Tenki"RareContinuous Spell
DL18-SP015"DNA Surgery""Cirugía de ADN"RareContinuous Trap
DL18-SP016"Torrential Tribute""Tributo Torrencial"RareNormal Trap
DL18-SP017"Cyber Summon Blaster""Cíber Disparador de Invocación"RareContinuous Trap
DL18-SP018"Scrap-Iron Scarecrow""Espantapájaros de Chatarra"RareNormal Trap
DL18-SP019"Solemn Warning""Advertencia Solemne"RareCounter Trap
DL18-SP020"Fire Formation - Tensen""Formación de Fuego - Tensen"RareContinuous Trap