Hobby League participation cards

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Hobby League
Hobby League participation cards
Set information
TypeParticipation card
Part of seriesHobby League

The Hobby League participation cards are handed out to Hobby League participants. These replaced the previous Duelist League participation cards.



Hobby League participation cards
Unlimited Edition galleries

Series 1
Card numberNameRarityCategory
HL1-EN001"Lord of the Lamp"CommonNormal Monster
HL1-EN002"Greenkappa"Super RareFlip monster
HL1-EN003"A Legendary Ocean"CommonField Spell
HL1-EN004"Levia-Dragon - Daedalus"Super RareEffect Monster
HL1-EN005"Fusion Gate"CommonField Spell
HL1-EN006"King of the Swamp"Super RareEffect Monster
Series 2
Card numberNameRarityCategory
HL2-EN001"Cyber Jar"Ultra Parallel RareFlip monster
HL2-EN002"Mystical Space Typhoon"Ultra Parallel RareQuick-Play Spell
HL2-EN003"Sangan"Ultra Parallel RareEffect Monster
HL2-EN004"Heavy Storm"Ultra Parallel RareNormal Spell
HL2-EN005"Marauding Captain"Ultra Parallel RareEffect Monster
HL2-EN006"Fissure"Ultra Parallel RareNormal Spell
Series 3
Card numberNameRarityCategory
HL03-EN001"Giant Rat"Ultra Parallel RareEffect Monster
HL03-EN002"Creature Swap"Ultra Parallel RareNormal Spell
HL03-EN003"Trap Hole"Ultra Parallel RareNormal Trap
HL03-EN004"Spear Dragon"Ultra Parallel RareEffect Monster
HL03-EN005"Mystic Tomato"Ultra Parallel RareEffect Monster
HL03-EN006"Royal Decree"Ultra Parallel RareContinuous Trap
HL03-EN007"Dark Balter the Terrible"Ultra Parallel RareEffect Fusion Monster
Series 4
Card numberNameRarityCategory
HL04-EN001"Exiled Force"Ultra Parallel RareEffect Monster
HL04-EN002"Swords of Revealing Light"Ultra Parallel RareNormal Spell
HL04-EN003"Asura Priest"Ultra Parallel RareSpirit monster
HL04-EN004"Graceful Charity"Ultra Parallel RareNormal Spell
HL04-EN005"Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer"Ultra Parallel RareEffect Monster
HL04-EN006"Torrential Tribute"Ultra Parallel RareNormal Trap
Series 5
Card numberNameRarityCategory
HL05-EN001"Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle"Ultra Parallel RareEffect Monster
HL05-EN002"Green Gadget"Ultra Parallel RareEffect Monster
HL05-EN003"Crystal Beacon"Ultra Parallel RareNormal Spell
HL05-EN004"Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive"Ultra Parallel RareFlip monster
HL05-EN005"The Six Samurai - Zanji"Ultra Parallel RareEffect Monster
HL05-EN006"Scapegoat"Ultra Parallel RareQuick-Play Spell
Series 6
Card numberNameRarityCategory
HL06-EN001"Nobleman of Crossout"Ultra Parallel RareNormal Spell
HL06-EN002"Limiter Removal"Ultra Parallel RareQuick-Play Spell
HL06-EN003"D.D. Warrior Lady"Ultra Parallel RareEffect Monster
HL06-EN004"Reinforcement of the Army"Ultra Parallel RareNormal Spell
HL06-EN005"Call of the Haunted"Ultra Parallel RareContinuous Trap
HL06-EN006"Shining Angel"Ultra Parallel RareEffect Monster
Series 7
Card numberNameRarityCategory
HL07-EN001"Monster Reborn"Ultra Parallel RareNormal Spell
HL07-EN002"Neo-Spacian Grand Mole"Ultra Parallel RareEffect Monster
HL07-EN003"Dark Dust Spirit"Ultra Parallel RareSpirit monster
HL07-EN004"Red Gadget"Ultra Parallel RareEffect Monster
HL07-EN005"Card of Safe Return"Ultra Parallel RareContinuous Spell
HL07-EN006"Yellow Gadget"Ultra Parallel RareEffect Monster