Attack of the Giant Card!!

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Attack of the Giant Card!! is the name of a tournament where a Giant Card is given to the winner as a prize.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series[edit]

YCS Chicago, Illinois - June 2010[edit]

YCS Bochum, Germany - September 2010[edit]

YCS Mexico City, Mexico - November 2010[edit]

YCS Milan, Italy - November 2010[edit]

YCS Dallas, Texas - February 2011[edit]

YCS Anaheim, California - April 2011[edit]

YCS Paris, France - April 2011[edit]

YCS Ecuador - September 2011[edit]

YCS Colombus, Ohio - October 2011[edit]

YCS Kansas City, Missouri - November 2011[edit]

YCS Brighton, United Kingdom - December 2011[edit]

SHONEN JUMP Championships[edit]

Los Angeles, California[edit]

New Jersey[edit]

Columbus, Ohio[edit]

Austin, Texas[edit]

Nashville, Tennessee[edit]

World Championship Qualifier[edit]

European Championship 2011[edit]

Central America[edit]

South American[edit]

Misc[edit] Attack of the Big Giant Cards