OTS Tournament Pack 12

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OTS Tournament Pack 12
OTS Tournament Pack 12
  • OTS Tournament Pack 12
FrenchOTS Pack de Tournoi 12
GermanOTS Tournament Pack 12
ItalianOTS Buste da Torneo 12
SpanishOTS Sobre Torneo 12
Set information
TypeBooster Pack
Part of seriesOTS Tournament Pack
  • OP12-EN (en)
  • OP12-FR (fr)
  • OP12-DE (de)
  • OP12-IT (it)
  • OP12-SP (sp)
Number of cards
  • 26
  • 36 (PT)
Yugioh-Card database ID
Release dates
English (na)
  • December 5, 2019
English (eu)
  • December 5, 2019
English (oc)
  • December 5, 2019
French, German, Italian, Spanish
  • December 5, 2019

OTS Tournament Pack 12

OTS Tournament Pack 12 is a booster pack that is available as a Tournament Prize or Participation Pack released to the TCG tournament locations. It is the twelfth OTS Tournament Pack, following OTS Tournament Pack 11.


There are 3 cards per pack. The set contains 26 cards:

The Portuguese version contains 10 more Common cards, bringing the total to 36 cards.



Card numberEnglish nameFrench nameRarityCategory
OP12-FR001"Chaos Dragon Levianeer""Levianier Dragon du Chaos"Ultimate RareEffect Monster
OP12-FR002"Twin Twisters""Tourbillons Jumeaux"Ultimate RareQuick-Play Spell
OP12-FR003"Solemn Judgment""Jugement Solennel"Ultimate RareCounter Trap
OP12-FR004"Gren Maju Da Eiza""Gren Maju Da Eiza"Super RareEffect Monster
OP12-FR005"Crusadia Leonis""Léonis Croisédia"Super RareEffect Monster
OP12-FR006"Salamangreat Jack Jaguar""Salamangrande Jacques Jaguar"Super RareEffect Monster
OP12-FR007"Orcust Cymbal Skeleton""Orcust Squelette de Cymbale"Super RareEffect Monster
OP12-FR008"Servant of Endymion""Servante d'Endymion"Super RareEffect Pendulum Monster
OP12-FR009"Tenyi Spirit - Adhara""Esprit Tenyi - Adhara"Super RareEffect Tuner monster
OP12-FR010"Tenyi Spirit - Vishuda""Esprit Tenyi - Vishuda"Super RareEffect Monster
OP12-FR011"Time Thief Redoer""Refaiseur des Voleurs de Temps"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
OP12-FR012"Salamangreat Rage""Rage Salamangrande"Super RareNormal Trap
OP12-FR013"Gigantes""Gigantes"CommonEffect Monster
OP12-FR014"Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Raven""Confrérie du Poing de Feu - Corbeau"CommonEffect Monster
OP12-FR015"Magician's Robe""Robe du Magicien"CommonEffect Monster
OP12-FR016"Sea Archiver""Archiveur des Mers"CommonEffect Monster
OP12-FR017"Flame Bufferlo""Buffler de Flamme"CommonEffect Monster
OP12-FR018"Salamangreat Fowl""Salamangrande Volaille"CommonEffect Monster
OP12-FR019"Kaminari Attack""Attaque Kaminari"CommonFusion Monster
OP12-FR020"Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Horse Prince""Confrérie du Poing de Feu - Prince des Chevaux"CommonEffect Synchro Monster
OP12-FR021"Hi-Speedroid Chanbara""Chanbara Grande Vitesseroid"CommonEffect Synchro Monster
OP12-FR022"Dark Hole""Trou Noir"CommonNormal Spell
OP12-FR023"Makiu, the Magical Mist""Makiu, la Brume Mystique"CommonNormal Spell
OP12-FR024"Contract with the Abyss""Contrat avec les Abysses"CommonRitual Spell
OP12-FR025"Fire Formation - Tenki""Formation Feu - Tenki"CommonContinuous Spell
OP12-FR026"Primal Being Token""Jeton Être Primitif"Super RareNormal Monster

Card numberEnglish nameGerman nameRarityCategory
OP12-DE001"Chaos Dragon Levianeer""Chaosdrache Levianier"Ultimate RareEffect Monster
OP12-DE002"Twin Twisters""Zwillings-Twister"Ultimate RareQuick-Play Spell
OP12-DE003"Solemn Judgment""Feierliches Urteil"Ultimate RareCounter Trap
OP12-DE004"Gren Maju Da Eiza""Gren Maju Da Eiza"Super RareEffect Monster
OP12-DE005"Crusadia Leonis""Crusadia Leonis"Super RareEffect Monster
OP12-DE006"Salamangreat Jack Jaguar""Grosalamander Jack Jaguar"Super RareEffect Monster
OP12-DE007"Orcust Cymbal Skeleton""Orcust Beckenskelett"Super RareEffect Monster
OP12-DE008"Servant of Endymion""Dienerin von Endymion"Super RareEffect Pendulum Monster
OP12-DE009"Tenyi Spirit - Adhara""Tenyi-Geist - Adhara"Super RareEffect Tuner monster
OP12-DE010"Tenyi Spirit - Vishuda""Tenyi-Geist - Vishuda"Super RareEffect Monster
OP12-DE011"Time Thief Redoer""Zeitdieb Wiederholer"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
OP12-DE012"Salamangreat Rage""Grosalamander-Zorn"Super RareNormal Trap
OP12-DE013"Gigantes""Gigantes"CommonEffect Monster
OP12-DE014"Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Raven""Bruderschaft der Feuerfaust - Rabe"CommonEffect Monster
OP12-DE015"Magician's Robe""Robe des Magiers"CommonEffect Monster
OP12-DE016"Sea Archiver""Meeresarchivar"CommonEffect Monster
OP12-DE017"Flame Bufferlo""Flammen-Bufferlo"CommonEffect Monster
OP12-DE018"Salamangreat Fowl""Grosalamander Federvieh"CommonEffect Monster
OP12-DE019"Kaminari Attack""Kaminari-Angriff"CommonFusion Monster
OP12-DE020"Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Horse Prince""Bruderschaft der Feuerfaust - Pferdeprinz"CommonEffect Synchro Monster
OP12-DE021"Hi-Speedroid Chanbara""Hochgeschwindigkeitsroid Chanbara"CommonEffect Synchro Monster
OP12-DE022"Dark Hole""Schwarzes Loch"CommonNormal Spell
OP12-DE023"Makiu, the Magical Mist""Makiu, der magische Nebel"CommonNormal Spell
OP12-DE024"Contract with the Abyss""Vertrag mit der Unterwelt"CommonRitual Spell
OP12-DE025"Fire Formation - Tenki""Feuerformation - Tenki"CommonContinuous Spell
OP12-DE026"Primal Being Token""Urwesen-Spielmarke"Super RareNormal Monster

Card numberEnglish nameItalian nameRarityCategory
OP12-IT001"Chaos Dragon Levianeer""Levianeer Drago del Chaos"Ultimate RareEffect Monster
OP12-IT002"Twin Twisters""Turbini Gemelli"Ultimate RareQuick-Play Spell
OP12-IT003"Solemn Judgment""Giudizio Solenne"Ultimate RareCounter Trap
OP12-IT004"Gren Maju Da Eiza""Gren Maju Da Eiza"Super RareEffect Monster
OP12-IT005"Crusadia Leonis""Crociatia Leonis"Super RareEffect Monster
OP12-IT006"Salamangreat Jack Jaguar""Salamagna Jack Giaguaro"Super RareEffect Monster
OP12-IT007"Orcust Cymbal Skeleton""Scheletro Piatti Orcusestra"Super RareEffect Monster
OP12-IT008"Servant of Endymion""Servitore di Endymion"Super RareEffect Pendulum Monster
OP12-IT009"Tenyi Spirit - Adhara""Spirito Tenyi - Adhara"Super RareEffect Tuner monster
OP12-IT010"Tenyi Spirit - Vishuda""Spirito Tenyi - Vishuda"Super RareEffect Monster
OP12-IT011"Time Thief Redoer""Ladro del Tempo Redoer"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
OP12-IT012"Salamangreat Rage""Rabbia Salamagna"Super RareNormal Trap
OP12-IT013"Gigantes""Gigantes"CommonEffect Monster
OP12-IT014"Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Raven""Fratellanza del Pugno di Fuoco - Corvo"CommonEffect Monster
OP12-IT015"Magician's Robe""Tunica del Mago"CommonEffect Monster
OP12-IT016"Sea Archiver""Archivista Marino"CommonEffect Monster
OP12-IT017"Flame Bufferlo""Bufferlo di Fiamme"CommonEffect Monster
OP12-IT018"Salamangreat Fowl""Salamagna Crestato"CommonEffect Monster
OP12-IT019"Kaminari Attack""Attacco Kaminari"CommonFusion Monster
OP12-IT020"Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Horse Prince""Fratellanza del Pugno di Fuoco - Principe Cavallo"CommonEffect Synchro Monster
OP12-IT021"Hi-Speedroid Chanbara""Alta-Velociroid Chambara"CommonEffect Synchro Monster
OP12-IT022"Dark Hole""Buco Nero"CommonNormal Spell
OP12-IT023"Makiu, the Magical Mist""Makiu, la Nebbia Magica"CommonNormal Spell
OP12-IT024"Contract with the Abyss""Contratto con l'Abisso"CommonRitual Spell
OP12-IT025"Fire Formation - Tenki""Formazione di Fuoco - Tenki"CommonContinuous Spell
OP12-IT026"Primal Being Token""Segna-Essere Primordiale"Super RareNormal Monster

Card numberEnglish namePortuguese nameRarityCategory
OP12-PT001"Chaos Dragon Levianeer""Dragão do Caos Levianeiro"Ultimate RareEffect Monster
OP12-PT002"Twin Twisters""Tornados Gêmeos"Ultimate RareQuick-Play Spell
OP12-PT003"Solemn Judgment""Julgamento Solene"Ultimate RareCounter Trap
OP12-PT004"Gren Maju Da Eiza""Gren Maju Da Eiza"Super RareEffect Monster
OP12-PT005"Crusadia Leonis""Crusadia Leonis"Super RareEffect Monster
OP12-PT006"Salamangreat Jack Jaguar""Salamagrande Jack Jaguar"Super RareEffect Monster
OP12-PT007"Orcust Cymbal Skeleton""Orcust Esqueleto de Pratos"Super RareEffect Monster
OP12-PT008"Servant of Endymion""Servo de Endymion"Super RareEffect Pendulum Monster
OP12-PT009"Tenyi Spirit - Adhara""Espírito Tenyi - Adhara"Super RareEffect Tuner monster
OP12-PT010"Tenyi Spirit - Vishuda""Espírito Tenyi - Vishuda"Super RareEffect Monster
OP12-PT011"Time Thief Redoer""Ladrão do Tempo Refeitor"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
OP12-PT012"Salamangreat Rage""Fúria Salamagrande"Super RareNormal Trap
OP12-PT013"Gigantes""Gigantes"CommonEffect Monster
OP12-PT014"Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Raven""Irmandade do Punho de Fogo - Corvo"CommonEffect Monster
OP12-PT015"Magician's Robe""Túnica do Mago"CommonEffect Monster
OP12-PT016"Sea Archiver""Arquivador Marinho"CommonEffect Monster
OP12-PT017"Flame Bufferlo""Bufferlo de Chamas"CommonEffect Monster
OP12-PT018"Salamangreat Fowl""Salamagrande Plumático"CommonEffect Monster
OP12-PT019"Kaminari Attack""Ataque Kaminari"CommonFusion Monster
OP12-PT020"Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Horse Prince""Irmandade do Punho de Fogo - Príncipe Cavalo"CommonEffect Synchro Monster
OP12-PT021"Hi-Speedroid Chanbara""Alta-Velocidaroide Chanbara"CommonEffect Synchro Monster
OP12-PT022"Dark Hole""Buraco Negro"CommonNormal Spell
OP12-PT023"Makiu, the Magical Mist""Brumas Mágicas de Makiu"CommonNormal Spell
OP12-PT024"Contract with the Abyss""Contrato com o Abismo"CommonRitual Spell
OP12-PT025"Fire Formation - Tenki""Formação de Fogo - Tenki"CommonContinuous Spell
OP12-PT026"Primal Being Token""Ficha de Ser Primitivo"Super RareNormal Monster
OP12-PT027"The Six Samurai - Zanji""Os Seis Samurai - Zanji"CommonEffect Monster
OP12-PT028"Legendary Six Samurai - Enishi""Seis Samurai Lendários - Enishi"CommonEffect Monster
OP12-PT029"Great Shogun Shien""Grande Shogun Shien"CommonEffect Monster
OP12-PT030"Gladiator Beast Andal""Besta Gladiadora Andal"CommonNormal Monster
OP12-PT031"Gladiator Beast Darius""Besta Gladiadora Darius"CommonEffect Monster
OP12-PT032"Gladiator Beast Equeste""Besta Gladiadora Equeste"CommonEffect Monster
OP12-PT033"Gladiator Beast Samnite""Besta Gladiadora Samnite"CommonEffect Monster
OP12-PT034"Gladiator Beast Heraklinos""Besta Gladiadora Heraklinos"CommonEffect Fusion Monster
OP12-PT035"Gladiator Proving Ground""Campo de Provas dos Gladiadores"CommonNormal Spell
OP12-PT036"Gladiator Beast War Chariot""Carruagem de Guerra da Besta Gladiadora"CommonCounter Trap

Card numberEnglish nameSpanish nameRarityCategory
OP12-SP001"Chaos Dragon Levianeer""Dragón de Caos Levionero"Ultimate RareEffect Monster
OP12-SP002"Twin Twisters""Torbellinos Gemelos"Ultimate RareQuick-Play Spell
OP12-SP003"Solemn Judgment""Juicio Solemne"Ultimate RareCounter Trap
OP12-SP004"Gren Maju Da Eiza""Gren Maju Da Eiza"Super RareEffect Monster
OP12-SP005"Crusadia Leonis""Cruzadia Leonis"Super RareEffect Monster
OP12-SP006"Salamangreat Jack Jaguar""Salamangrande Jaque Jaguar"Super RareEffect Monster
OP12-SP007"Orcust Cymbal Skeleton""Esqueleto de Címbalo Orcust"Super RareEffect Monster
OP12-SP008"Servant of Endymion""Sirviente de Endimión"Super RareEffect Pendulum Monster
OP12-SP009"Tenyi Spirit - Adhara""Espíritu Tenyi - Adhara"Super RareEffect Tuner monster
OP12-SP010"Tenyi Spirit - Vishuda""Espíritu Tenyi - Vishuda"Super RareEffect Monster
OP12-SP011"Time Thief Redoer""Ladrón del Tiempo Repetidor"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
OP12-SP012"Salamangreat Rage""Rabia Salamangrande"Super RareNormal Trap
OP12-SP013"Gigantes""Gigantes"CommonEffect Monster
OP12-SP014"Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Raven""Hermandad del Puño de Fuego - Cuervo"CommonEffect Monster
OP12-SP015"Magician's Robe""Túnica del Mago"CommonEffect Monster
OP12-SP016"Sea Archiver""Archivador de Mar"CommonEffect Monster
OP12-SP017"Flame Bufferlo""Búferlo de la Llama"CommonEffect Monster
OP12-SP018"Salamangreat Fowl""Salamangrande Real"CommonEffect Monster
OP12-SP019"Kaminari Attack""Ataque Kaminari"CommonFusion Monster
OP12-SP020"Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Horse Prince""Hermandad del Puño de Fuego - Príncipe Caballo"CommonEffect Synchro Monster
OP12-SP021"Hi-Speedroid Chanbara""Chanbara de Alta-Velociroid"CommonEffect Synchro Monster
OP12-SP022"Dark Hole""Agujero Oscuro"CommonNormal Spell
OP12-SP023"Makiu, the Magical Mist""Makiu, la Niebla Mística"CommonNormal Spell
OP12-SP024"Contract with the Abyss""Contrato con el Abismo"CommonRitual Spell
OP12-SP025"Fire Formation - Tenki""Formación de Fuego - Tenki"CommonContinuous Spell
OP12-SP026"Primal Being Token""Ficha Ser Primitivo"Super RareNormal Monster

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