Tournament Pack 2018 Vol.2

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Tournament Pack 2018 Vol.2
Tournament Pack 2018 Vol.2
  • Tournament Pack 2018 Vol.2
Japanese トーナメントパック 2018 Vol.2
Rōmaji Tōnamento Pakku Nisenjūhachi Boryūmu Tsū
Set information
Medium OCG
Type Booster Pack
  • 18TP-JP2 (jp)
Number of cards 16
Yugioh-Card database ID
Release dates
  • April 1, 2018

Tournament Pack 2018 Vol.2

Tournament Pack 2018 Vol.2 is the forty-fifth installment of the Japanese Tournament Pack series.


Each pack contains 2 cards. The set contains 16 cards:



Card numberEnglish nameJapanese nameRarityCategory
18TP-JP201"Dragunity Knight - Gae Dearg"「ドラグニティナイト-ガジャルグ」Super RareEffect Synchro Monster
18TP-JP202"Machine Duplication"「機械複製術」Super RareNormal Spell
18TP-JP203"Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands"「マンジュ・ゴッド」CommonEffect Monster
18TP-JP204"Orbital 7"「オービタル7」CommonEffect Monster
18TP-JP205"Pyrorex the Elemental Lord"「炎霊神パイロレクス」CommonEffect Monster
18TP-JP206"Ruin, Queen of Oblivion"「破滅の女神ルイン」CommonEffect Ritual Monster
18TP-JP207"Demise, King of Armageddon"「終焉の王デミス」CommonEffect Ritual Monster
18TP-JP208"Masked HERO Dian"「M・HERO ダイアン」CommonEffect Fusion Monster
18TP-JP209"Skypalace Gangaridai"「超巨大空中宮殿ガンガリディア」CommonEffect Xyz Monster
18TP-JP210"Dark World Dealings"「暗黒界の取引」CommonNormal Spell
18TP-JP211"Galaxy Queen's Light"「ギャラクシー・クィーンズ・ライト」CommonNormal Spell
18TP-JP212"Feast of the Wild LV5"「蛮族の狂宴LV5」CommonNormal Spell
18TP-JP213"Fuh-Rin-Ka-Zan"「風林火山」CommonNormal Trap
18TP-JP214"Cyber Network"「サイバー・ネットワーク」CommonContinuous Trap
18TP-JP215"Wedge Counter"「楔カウンター」CommonCounter
18TP-JP216"Sky Striker Ace Token"「閃刀姫トークン」CommonToken