Advanced Tournament Pack 2015 Vol.4

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Advanced Tournament Pack 2015 Vol.4
Advanced Tournament Pack 2015 Vol.4
  • Advanced Tournament Pack 2015 Vol.4
Japaneseアドバンスド・トーナメントパック2015 Vol.4
RōmajiAdobansudo Tōnamentopakku Nisenjūgo Boryūmu Yon
Set information
TypeBooster Pack
  • AT12-JP (jp)
Number of cards10
Yugioh-Card database ID
Release dates
  • October 1, 2015

Advanced Tournament Pack 2015 Vol.4

Advanced Tournament Pack 2015 Vol.4 is the thirty-fifth installment of the Japanese Tournament Pack series. The advanced packs come in two styles Gold and Silver. The Gold pack is awarded to the tournament winners and is guaranteed to have a Parallel Rare inside. The Silver packs are awarded as participation packs and have a chance of having a Parallel Rare card.


There are 2 cards per pack.

The set includes 10 cards. This is comprised of:



Advanced Tournament Pack 2015 Vol.4
Unlimited Edition galleries
Card numberEnglish nameJapanese nameRarityCategory
AT12-JP001"Doomkaiser Dragon"「デスカイザー・ドラゴン」Normal Parallel RareEffect Synchro Monster
AT12-JP002"Shark Fortress"「シャーク・フォートレス」Normal Parallel RareEffect Xyz Monster
AT12-JP003"Smile World"「スマイル・ワールド」Normal Parallel RareNormal Spell
AT12-JP004"Synchro Fusionist"「シンクロ・フュージョニスト」CommonEffect Monster
AT12-JP005"Precious Cards from Beyond"めいかいほうさつCommonContinuous Spell
AT12-JP006"Miracle Synchro Fusion"「ミラクルシンクロフュージョン」CommonNormal Spell
AT12-JP007"Emblem of Dragon Destroyer"りゅうかいあかしCommonNormal Spell
AT12-JP008"Descending Lost Star"「ロスト・スター・ディセント」CommonNormal Trap
AT12-JP009"Ninjitsu Art of Transformation"にんぽう へんじゅつCommonContinuous Trap
AT12-JP010"Token (Shay and Raidraptor - Revolution Falcon)"「トークン」CommonToken