Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V - Episode 101

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Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V - Episode 101
"Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon" exudes incredible anger.



Ginga no Manako

Japanese translation

Galactic Eyes


Realm of the Cipher Dragon

Episode number


Japanese air date

April 10, 2016

English air date

July 29, 2017

Gallery Japanese
Japanese opening


English opening

Can you Feel the Power

Japanese ending


English ending

Can you Feel the Power


Tsutomu Kamishiro


Junichi Takahashi


Tsukasa Sunaga

Animation director

Kazuyuki Igai

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"Realm of the Cipher Dragon", known as "Galactic-Eyes" in the Japanese version, is the one-hundredth and first episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime. It first aired in Japan on April 10, 2016 and in Canada on July 29, 2017. It became available with official subtitles via Crunchyroll on March 28, 2017.

Accompanied by his dragon, a Duelist fights against his enemies all by himself… His name is Kite Tenjo. In the desolated city of Heartland ,Yuya appeals that Dueling is not a tool for conflicts. As if scorning that ideal, Kite demands a Duel! Sylvio is provoked by him, while Gong tries to stop him. Thus, a Duel breaks out between the three of them. However, Kite's dragon demonstrates its overwhelming strength…


Yuya recaps that in the city of the Xyz Dimension, Heartland, soldiers from Duel Academy were turning even defenseless people into cards. The defeat of the three Duel Academy students is shown, and their subsequent sealing into cards by a Duelist who controlled a Dragon. Believing Yuya, Sylvio and Gong to be more Duel Academy soldiers, he asked them if they were prepared to repent.

In the Japanese version, a new opening segment is shown replacing the Duel Runner introduction, detailing the Arc Project. In line with the plans of the Fusion Dimension's Duel Academy, the Xyz Dimension's city of Heartland has been pushed to the brink of destruction.

Yuya looks at the cards containing the defeated Duel Academy Duelists and he asks the Duelist why he did this. The Duelist replies that that's obvious; they are with Duel Academy, his enemy. His Duel Disk deactivates and the dragon behind him dissipates. Yuya protests that even if Duel Academy is the Duelist's enemy, he can't just turn them into cards or he's no better than they are. Sylvio agrees, the Duelist will be scumbags just like Duel Academy, is that what he wants? Yuya and Gong both look away from their fellow Lancer in disdain and Gong reminds Sylvio that he was trying to do the same just a few seconds ago, causing Sylvio to deflate. Yuya asks if the Duelist is from the Resistance. He admits that he'd heard that the Resistance had been wiped out and is thankful that they aren't. The Resistance Duelist is surprised, asking if Yuya is thankful because this means that he has more prey to hunt. Yuya protests that that's not it; they're the Duelist's allies. The Resistance Duelist replies that he'll be the judge of that. A gust of wind blows his coat and the Resistance Duelist explains that Duel Academy used many methods to deceive them and hunt them down, which is why he decided that he would determine who are his friends or foes through his Dueling. He warns the Lancers to prepare themselves.

Sylvio mimics Yuya's Duel Disk activation pose.

Sylvio calls it interesting and he accepts the Duelist's challenge. Yuya says Sylvio's name in disapproval and Gong asks why Sylvio is giving into the Duelist's provocation. Sylvio tells them to shut up; not only does the Duelist turn the guys they let go into cards, but now he claims that he'll decide whether they're friend or foe? Sylvio isn't going to stay silent and let the Duelist decide that for himself; Sylvio will be the one to decide that first. He tells the Duelist that he's their enemy, and while kind old Sylvio won't turn him into a card, he'll knock some sense into that twisted personality of his. Telling the Resistance Duelist to prepare himself, Sylvio activates his Duel Disk with the same flourish as Yuya and declares "Action Field: On!" His Duel Disk declares, "Field Spell: "Crossover" and the area is suffused by blue, while the blue platforms appear. The Resistance Duelist muses on the Action Field and is surprised when the Action Cards scatter. Sylvio states that that's right; this is his Dueling. Yuya protests that it's not Sylvio's alone, and Gong points out that Action Dueling is the Lancers'. Sylvio reassures them not to worry about the details, and he comments that more importantly they haven't been able to do this in a while and he tells his followers to support him. Yuya and Gong are quite shocked at being called Sylvio's followers but Sylvio ignores them and he begins the Action Duel chant, declaring "Duelists locked in battle!" Yuya stammers, "K-Kicking against the earth and dancing in the air alongside their monsters." "They storm through this field," Gong says tonelessly. "Behold! This is the newest and greatest evolution of Dueling!" Sylvio calls. (In the dub, the Action Duel sequence is cut down, and Yuya and Gong wonder if Sylvio has either an off or mute switch.) All three Lancers declare, "Action…" and Sylvio declares, "Duel!" while the Resistance Duelist, identified by the versus splash as Kite, remains silent (as the names on the versus splash are absent in the dub, Kite is not identified at this point).

Sylvio declares that he's going first, Summoning "Abyss Actor - Wild Hope" and Setting a card before ending his turn. Kite muses on the Action Duel and he prepares to draw, but Gong tells him to wait, declaring that he will be joining this Duel. His Duel Disk declares "Intrusion Penalty: 2000 Life Points" and Gong falls to 2000 LP. He declares his turn and draws, then he Summons "Superheavy Samurai Swordsman". Sylvio is surprised that Gong Summoned in Attack Position given how he's usually dead-set on defense, and he comments that Kite seems to have really ticked Gong off. He tells Gong that he likes it and suggests that he go for it and knock Kite out of here. Gong replies that he won't make a move, much to Sylvio's confusion, and neither will Sylvio or Kite. He equips "Superheavy Samurai Soulpeacemaker" from his hand to "Swordsman", explaining that it will prevent his opponent from attacking any other monsters than "Swordsman". In addition, as Yuya finishes, the effect of "Swordsman" will reduce the ATK of the monster that it battles to zero, effectively rendering "Swordsman" unbeatable in battle. Gong mentally agrees; he ended up begrudgingly shouting that opening statement, but he can't let Kite Duel Sylvio head on. Yuya thinks that they don't know whether Kite is part of the Resistance or not, but right now they need as many allies as they can get; this isn't the time for those who see Duel Academy as a mutual enemy to be fighting. He congratulates Gong, observing that now no-one will be able to make a move or get hurt. Gong proudly declares that this is the power of Heavystrong Dueling. Sylvio irritably asks what Heavystrong Dueling is and he tells Gong that if he's not going to do anything, then he can sit there by himself. He boosts off a platform and he snags an Action Card, catching Kite's attention. Sylvio activates the Action Spell "Broken Ruin", inflicting 300 damage for each difference in their hand sizes. Sylvio has three cards and Kite five, so Kite takes 600 damage, reducing him to 3400 LP. "Soulpeacemaker" explodes and Gong explains that "Soulpeacemaker" is destroyed when effect damage is inflicted. Sylvio laughs and declares that this is the power of Action Dueling; Gong's Heavystrong Dueling didn't do anything. Gong growls that Sylvio really is unbearable; even though Gong and Yuya had a heart-to-heart understanding. Sylvio asks in confusion what Gong means. Gong angrily tells Sylvio to stop and think about their situation for a bit; what's the point in comrades fighting one another when Duel Academy are invading this city?

Kite with his two "Cipher Wings".

Kite retorts that he didn't remember saying that they were comrades; he said that he would determine whether they were his friend or foe through Dueling. But he's already made his decision. Action Fields, Action Dueling, no-one in Heartland, the city where Kite was born and raised, uses those. Simply put they are invaders from another dimension and enemies of Heartland. He tells Gong that him stating that he wouldn't make a move is the same as ending his turn. Declaring his turn, Kite draws a card. He Summons "Cipher Wing" from his hand, and Yuya appears to recognize the monster, whispering "Cipher..." Kite explains that when he controls a "Cipher Wing" he can Special Summon another from his hand. Gong muses on two monsters of the same Level and he realizes what must be coming since this is the Xyz Dimension. Sylvio states that he won't let Kite and he activates a Continuous Trap Card, "Abyss Actor's Injury", which allows him to target a monster and declare a Level and prevent Kite from using monsters of that Level as Materials for a Special Summon. He declares Level 4, and comments that now Kite can't use Level 4 monsters to Xyz Summon. (In the dub, Sylvio does not specify at this time that Level 4 monsters cannot be used as Materials, merely "Cipher Wing".) Gong realizes what Sylvio was aiming for with his Trap Card, and Sylvio mentally confirms it; when Kite showed up he controlled a Dragon that they'd never seen before. It's likely that it's his ace monster, and the fact that he's survived this long in a city invaded by Duel Academy means that Kite must have a considerably powerful monster, so in order to beat a guy like that... Gong mentally finishes that sealing Kite's ace monster is the best strategy to aim for. Sylvio comments that it looks like Gong understands and he asks if this means that the communicated heart-to-heart too before laughing. Gong admits that he understood Sylvio's intentions, but Sylvio still doesn't understand anything. (In the dub, he accuses Sylvio of fighting fire with kerosene.) Gong wants to stop this Duel; he doesn't care whether they win or not, he just wants them to end it as quickly as possible-

Yuto begins to resonate within Yuya.

-"No, you can't win", Yuya tells them. If they think that will be enough to defeat Kite; and then Yuya realizes what he's saying; he knows the name of the Resistance Duelist. He wonders to himself if it's Yuto, and he mentally asks Yuto if he's telling Yuya about the Resistance Duelist. Yuto appears next to him, confirming that he is; the Duelist is Kite, (as names are absent from the vs screens in the dub, it is here that Kite's name is first mentioned, in addition to his last name, which is omitted from the Japanese) a famous Duelist in Heartland. But his facial expression is greatly different from before. Yuto remembers seeing Kite with a small smile on his face in lighter attire and controlling a "Cipher Wing", and he notes that that monster is definitely Kite's. Kite activates the Continuous Spell Card "Cipher Interference", which will double the ATK of a "Cipher" monster he controls once per turn during the Battle Phase. He declares battle and attacks "Wild Hope" with one of his "Cipher WIngs". The effect of "Cipher Interference" doubles the ATK of "Cipher Wing" to 2800, and it destroys "Wild Hope" and reduces Sylvio to 2800 LP. Sylvio quickly activates the effect of "Wild Hope" since it was destroyed in battle, adding an "Abyss Actor" monster from his Deck to his hand, and he adds "Abyss Actor - Funky Comedian". Kite then attacks directly with the other "Cipher Wing", knocking Sylvio into a rock and reducing him to 1400 LP. Yuya calls Sylvio's name, and Kite states that the effect of "Cipher Interference" ends. "Cipher Wing" returns to 1400 ATK and Kite Sets two cards to end his turn. Gong tells Sylvio to keep it together; this Duel has only just begun. Yuto reflects that Kite was strong; before Duel Academy invaded he was expected to become Heartland's Duel Champion. Yuya whispers, "Duel Champion?" and Yuto explains that Kite's Dueling had more warmth back then, and now all he can feel from him is anger. Yuya asks, "Anger?" and Yuto confirms it, before wondering what happened to Kite while Yuto was gone? (In the dub, Yuto specifically notes that something must have happened to make Kite vengeful.)

Sylvio curses and he claims that he was going easy on Kite since he's been holding off Duel Academy by himself, but now Sylvio will go all out. He declares his turn and he draws, then he mutters that if that's how Kite wants it, then... He uses the Scale 1 "Abyss Actor - Evil Heel" and the Scale 8 "Abyss Actor - Funky Comedian" to Set the Pendulum Scale. With this he can simultaneously Summon Level 2 to 7 monsters, and Kite asks "simultaneously?" Sylvio declares a Pendulum Summon and he tells his monsters to come forth, first form his hand, "Abyss Actor - Superstar" and second, revived from his Extra Deck, "Abyss Actor - Wild Hope". Kite muses on the destroyed monster being sent to the Extra Deck and the Pendulum Summon. Yuto explains to Yuya that back then he and Shay were learning from one of the branches of Heartland Duel School, Spade. He remembers watching one of Kite's Duels with Shay and Lulu and states that Kite was the ace of their rival branch, Clover. His playstyle was stylish and exciting, and he was unmatched at seeing through his opponent's strategy. Sylvio proceeds to activate the effect of "Superstar", adding an "Abyss Script" Spell Card from his Deck to his hand once per turn. He adds "Abyss Script - Fire Dragon's Lair" and promptly activates it, cloaking "Superstar" in blue armour and a red cape, allowing Sylvio to banish three cards from Kite's Extra Deck when "Superstar" destroys a monster in battle this turn. Yuya realizes that Sylvio is going to banish the dragon from Kite's Extra Deck. Additionally, Sylvio activates the Continuous Spell Card "Abyss Actors' Costume Chest", which allows him to activate an "Abyss Costume" card from his Deck once per turn. He activates "Abyss Costume - Hero's Sword", equipping it to "Superstar" and increasing its ATK by 300, to 2800. Then Sylvio activates the Pendulum Effect of "Funky Comedian", catching Kite's interest at the mention of a Pendulum Effect. Sylvio explains that once per turn he can send an "Abyss Actor" Pendulum Monster to his Extra Deck and increase the ATK of a monster he controls by the sent monster's ATK. He sends "Wild Hope", raising the ATK of "Superstar" to 4400. Then he declares his Battle Phase and attacks "Cipher Wing" with "Superstar", vowing that he'll banish Kite's dragon.

"Cipher Chain" links together all the monsters.

Kite activates the effect of "Cipher Interference", doubling the ATK of "Cipher Wing" again. Then Kite activates a Continuous Trap Card, "Cipher Shield", preventing "Cipher" monsters he controls from being destroyed by battle since he controls two or more "Cipher" monsters. A rainbow-colored barrier appears and Kite takes the battle damage, reducing him to 1800 LP. Sylvio curses that he dealt some damage, but he couldn't banish the dragon. Kite activates another Continuous Trap Card, "Cipher Chain" since he took battle damage, targeting all monsters on the field. A strand of rainbow light connects both "Cipher Wings", "Swordsman", and "Superstar" and Kite explains that if any of the targeted monsters are destroyed, then all of them will be destroyed and all players will take their total ATK as damage. Sylvio is shocked at the effect, and he admits that Kite's pulled off a nice move. Kite vows that no matter how many so-called "Pendulum Monsters" they bring out, he'll destroy them all, but they will be the only ones taking damage since the effect of "Cipher Shield" will prevent him from taking effect damage. He states that since the Battle Phase has ended, the effect of "Cipher Interference" will end. Yuya asks if this is Kite's Dueling, but Yuto states that it isn't. It's true that Kite was exciting back then, but he would never mercilessly hammer his opponents down like this. Sylvio ends his turn, and the ATK of "Superstar" returns to 2800. He comments that at least with this he's cut the damage down by 1600. Gong states that that does next to nothing; the ATK total is still 6600. Then he realizes that there's one thing that they can do.

He declares his turn and draws powerfully, drawing "Superheavy Samurai Flutist", which he immediately Summons. Then he discards "Superheavy Samurai Soulbeads" and Special Summons the Tuner monster "Superheavy Samurai Trumpeter" from his hand. Gong tunes the Level 3 "Swordsman" and "Flutist" with the Level 2 "Trumpeter" and he chants, "Shinobi hiding in the darkness, apeear now on this warground with a cry that echoes in the mountains! Synchro Summon! Come before us! Superheavy Samurai Ninja Sarutobi!" Gong activates the effect of "Sarutobi"; once per turn while he has no Spell or Trap Cards in his Graveyard, he can destroy one Spell or Trap Card his opponent controls and inflict 500 damage. He chooses "Cipher Chain" and "Sarutobi" Summons winds that destroy the card. Kite reminds Gong that he won't take effect damage due to the effect of "Cipher Shield", and the winds are repelled by the rainbow barrier. Gong grits his teeth in frustration. Sylvio activates the effect of his "Abyss Actors' Costume Chest", activating an "Abyss Costume" Spell Card from his Deck. He tells Gong that this is his reward from saving them from that pinch, and he equips "Abyss Costume - Dwarf's Shield" from his Deck to "Sarutobi", increasing its DEF by 300, to 3100. Gong declares his Battle Phase, attacking "Cipher Wing" with "Sarutobi". "Sarutobi" raises its arms and Summons more winds to attack . Kite reminds him that the effect of "Cipher Interference" will double the ATK of "Cipher Wing" and "Cipher Shield" will prevent it from being destroyed. Gong warns Kite that he will still take the damage and Kite falls to 1500 LP. Kite states that the effect of "Cipher Interference" will end now and the ATK of "Cipher Wing" returns to normal. Gong ends his turn.

Yuya observes that thanks to Gong, they avoided the danger of "Cipher Chain". Yuto reminds Yuya that Kite still has his monsters and Yuya agrees; Gong and Sylvio can't relax as long as Kite controls monsters that can be used as Xyz Materials. Sylvio asks what Yuya is talking about; did he already forget about Sylvio's Continuous Trap Card "Abyss Actor's Injury"? It prevents Kite from using Level 4 monsters as Materials for a Special Summon. He tells Kite that he'll say it again; no matter how much he struggles he won't be able to Xyz Summon. Kite replies that they'll see about that, much to Sylvio's surprise.

"Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon" is Xyz Summoned.

Kite declares his turn and draws; it's his third "Cipher Wing" and he immediately Summons it. Sylvio repeats that he told Kite that even if he Summons another Level 4, he can't use it as Material. Kite interrupts; whoever said he was going to use Level 4 monsters? He activates the effect of "Cipher Wing", Tributing it to increase the Levels of all "Cipher" monsters he controls by 4. The remaining two "Cipher Wings" increase to Level 8 and Gong observes that Kite has two Level 8 monsters now. Kite overlays his two Level 8 "Cipher Wings", and he chants "Galaxy shining in the darkness, embody the demon of revenge and become my very servant! Xyz Summon! Descend! Rank 8! Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon!" "Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon" appears with 3000 ATK and Yuya whispers its name. Yuto gasps that he can feel incredible anger coming from the monster, almost as if Kite's own rage has possessed it. Kite tells Sylvio and Gong that they have nowhere to run now and warns them that he won't show mercy even if they beg. Sylvio admits that he was surprised by Kite Xyz Summoning the Rank 8, but since Pendulum Monsters are sent to the Extra Deck when they're destroyed he'll just Pendulum Summon them next turn.

Kite snaps that there is no next turn and he activates the effect of "Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon" by detaching an Overlay Unit; "Cipher Subjection". Light streams from the wings of "Galaxy-Eyes" and Kite explains that once per turn he can take control of one of his opponent's monsters with its effects negated. He targets "Saurtobi", much to Gong's shock. Additionally, "Sarutobi" will be treated as "Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon" and gain the same ATK. Light takes the form of "Galaxy-Eyes" and covers "Sarutobi", which Kite changes to Attack Position. Gong backs away and Yuya gasps that Kite has two dragons now. Kite declares his Battle Phase, attacking "Superstar" with "Sarutobi". He activates the effect of "Cipher Interference" again, doubling the ATK of "Sarutobi" to 6000 and he asks Sylvio if he's prepared to repent. "Sarutobi" attacks with "Cipher Stream of Destruction" and destroys "Superstar", reducing Sylvio's LP to zero and blasting him off his feet. Kite warns Gong that he's next and he attacks directly with "Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon" and wipes him out.

Kite and Yuya face off.

Yuya calls Gong and Sylvio's names and he rushes forwards to help them, but Kite warns Yuya that he won't escape either. Yuya turns and glares at Kite, who vows to turn all of them into cards. Yuya retorts that he won't let anyone else be turned into cards; Sylvio and Gong, the survivors in Heartland and even the soldiers of Duel Academy. Yuto warns Yuya that it's no use; Kite isn't going to listen to Yuya. Yuya replies that if Kite won't listen to him, then he'll have him understand through a Duel. What he learned from his Duel in New Domino City with Jack, if he puts his words and feelings into a Duel, then even Kite will come to understand.

Featured Duel: Sylvio Sawatari vs. Kite Tenjo[edit]

At the start of the Duel, the Field Spell Card "Crossover" is activated, as per the rules of an Action Duel. It will allow the players to use Action Cards, but they may only have one in their hand at a time.

Turn 1: Sylvio
Sylvio Normal Summons "Abyss Actor - Wild Hope" (1600/1200) and Sets a card.

Gong joins the Duel, taking the 2000 LP intrusion penalty (Gong: 4000 → 2000 LP).

Turn 2: Gong
Gong Normal Summons "Superheavy Samurai Swordsman" (1000/1800). Gong activates the effect of the "Superheavy Samurai Soulpeacemaker" in his hand, equipping it to "Swordsman". Now, his opponent can only target the equipped monster for attacks. Sylvio finds and activates the Action Card "Broken Ruin", inflicting damage to his opponent equal to the difference in the number of cards in their hands times 300 (Kite 4000 → 3400). As effect damage was inflicted, the other effect of "Soulpeacemaker" causes it to destroy itself.

Turn 3: Kite
Kite draws "Cipher Shield". Kite Normal Summons "Cipher Wing" (1400/1200). As he controls a "Cipher Wing", Kite activates the effect of the other "Cipher Wing" in his hand, Special Summoning it (1400/1200) in Attack Position. Sylvio activates his face-down "Abyss Actor's Injury", letting him declare a Level to prevent monsters of that Level from being used as Materials. He declares 4. Kite activates the Continuous Spell Card "Cipher Interference". "Cipher Wing" attacks "Wild Hope", with Kite activating the effect of "Cipher Interference" as he controls two or more "Cipher" monsters with the same name and 1 is battling. The ATK of that monster doubles ("Cipher Wing" 1400 → 2800) until the end of the Battle Phase. "Wild Hope" is destroyed (Sylvio 4000 → 2800). As "Wild Hope" was destroyed, its effect activates, letting Sylvio add an "Abyss Actor" monster from his Deck to his hand. He adds "Abyss Actor - Funky Comedian". The second "Cipher Wing" attacks directly (Sylvio 2800 → 1400). Kite Sets two cards.

Turn 4: Sylvio
Sylvio activates "Abyss Actor - Evil Heel" (Right Pendulum Scale.png 1) and "Funky Comedian" (Left Pendulum Scale.png 8) in his Pendulum Zones. Sylvio Pendulum Summons "Abyss Actor - Superstar" (2500/1800) from his hand and "Wild Hope" (1600/1200) from his Extra Deck, both in Attack Position. He then activates the effect of "Superstar", letting him add an "Abyss Script" card from his Deck to his hand once per turn. He adds "Abyss Script - Fire Dragon's Lair". He activates "Fire Dragon's Lair" and targets "Superstar". Now, if "Superstar" destroys an opponent's monster by battle, he can banish three cards from his opponent's Extra Deck. Sylvio activates the Continuous Spell Card "Abyss Actors' Costume Chest", which lets him equip a monster with an "Abyss Costume" card from his Deck once per turn. He activates the effect now, equipping "Superstar" with "Abyss Costume - Hero's Sword", increasing its ATK by 300 ("Superstar" 2500 → 2800). Sylvio activates the Pendulum Effect of "Funky Comedian", letting him add an "Abyss Actor" Pendulum Monster he controls to the Extra Deck once per turn, then target a monster he controls and increase its ATK by the ATK of the monster added until the end of the turn. He adds "Wild Hope" and targets "Superstar" ("Superstar" 2800 → 4400). "Superstar" attacks "Cipher Wing", with the effect of "Cipher Interference" activating ("Cipher Wing" 1400 → 2800). Kite activates his face-down Continuous Trap Card "Cipher Shield" as he controls two or more "Cipher" monsters. Those monsters cannot be destroyed by battle and Kite will take no effect damage. The attack continues (Kite 3400 → 1800). As he took battle damage, Kite activates his face-down Continuous Trap Card "Cipher Chain", letting him target all monsters on the field. When any of those monsters is destroyed, all of them will be destroyed and both players will take damage equal to the total ATK of those monsters.

Turn 5: Gong
Gong Normal Summons "Superheavy Samurai Flutist". As he has no Spell/Trap Cards in his Graveyard, Gong sends the "Superheavy Samurai Soulbeads" in his hand to the Graveyard to Special Summon "Superheavy Samurai Trumpeter" (300/600) from his hand in Attack Position via the effect of the latter monster. Gong tunes the Level 3 "Swordsman" with Level 3 "Flutist" and the Level 2 Tuner monster "Trumpeter" to Synchro Summon "Superheavy Samurai Ninja Sarutobi" (2000/2800) in Defense Position. As he has no Spell/Trap Cards in his Graveyard, Gong activates the effect of "Sarutobi" letting him target and destroy a Spell/Trap Card his opponent controls and inflict 500 damage once per turn. He destroys "Cipher Chain", but the effect of "Cipher Shield" reduces the damage to 0. "Sarutobi" can attack while in Defense Position. Sylvio activates the effect of "Costume Box", equipping "Sarutobi" with "Abyss Costume - Dwarf's Shield", increasing its DEF by 300 (2800 → 3100 DEF). The effect of "Sarutobi" lets it attack while in Defense Position, so it attacks "Cipher Wing", with the effect of "Cipher Interference" activating ("Cipher Wing" 1400 → 2800) and the effect of "Cipher Shield" preventing its destruction by battle (Kite 1800 → 1500).

Turn 6: Kite
Kite draws "Cipher Wing" and subsequently Normal Summons it (1400/1200). Kite activates the effect of "Cipher Wing", Tributing it to increase the Levels of all "Cipher" monsters he controls by 4 (Both "Cipher Wings" CG Star.svg 4 → 8). Kite overlays his two Level 8 monsters to Xyz Summon "Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon" (3000/2500) in Attack Position. Kite activates the effect of "Cipher Dragon", detaching an Overlay Unit to take control of a monster his opponent controls until the End Phase. That monster's effects will be negated and it will be unable to attack directly, but its name and ATK will become the same as that of "Cipher Dragon". He targets "Sarutobi" and switches it to Attack Position (2000 → 3000 ATK). "Sarutobi" with its name treated as "Cipher Dragon" attacks "Superstar", with the effect of "Cipher Interference" activating (3000 → 6000 ATK). "Superstar" is destroyed (Sylvio 1400 → 0). "Cipher Dragon" attacks directly (Gong 2000 → 0).

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.

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