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The Lancers (ランサーズ Ransāzu), short for Lance Defence Soldiers (ランス・ディフェンス・ソルジャーズ Ransu Difensu Sorujāzu),[1] are an organization of Duelists affiliated with the Standard Dimension that were organized by Declan Akaba in order to fight against invaders from other dimensions.



Declan came up with the idea for the Lancers shortly after he encountered Leo Akaba at Duel Academy. After investigating the research his father left behind, Declan called Yusho Sakaki to the Leo Corporation and he asked him to lead the Lancers and help him stop Leo Akaba's ambitions. Yusho suggested that he talk to Leo, and he used Declan's Interdimensional Travel Device to get to Duel Academy, but never returned (in the dub, Yusho agreed to lead the Lancers, but kept his intentions to talk to Leo a secret).[2]

Pre-Arc League Championship[edit]

Declan used a database of Duelists called the Lancers Selection to narrow down his candidates for inclusion in the group.[3]

Arc League Championship[edit]

Former Lancer Candidates

The Arc League Championship subsequently became a proving ground for the formation of the group.[4] When the top eight Duelists in the tournament's Senior Division were determined, Declan inducted them into the Lancers. Knowing an attack from the Fusion Dimension was coming, Declan dispatched those eight Duelists to confront Obelisk Force when they arrived to capture Celina and interfere in the Battle Royal of the Junior Youth Division.[5] Six members of Obelisk Force were confronted by these eight Duelists, led by Kev Ravenwood.[6] However, all of them were swiftly taken down except for Kev, who was saved by Yugo. As a result, Declan decided that the current Lancers lacked the strength to combat Duel Academy. In Declan's opinion, Dueling had evolved to a new era since the discovery of Pendulum Summoning, which Declan dubbed "Yuya Sakaki's generation". He planned for this new generation to master Pendulum Summoning in order to combat the invaders more efficiently.[7]

Friendship Cup[edit]

When the Battle Royal ended, Declan appeared before the survivors and explained his plan and the overall situation. Yuya, who disagreed with Declan's means of dealing with the invaders, refused to join the Lancers and attempted to attack Declan. Declan suggested they settle it with a Duel instead.[8] Declan won the Duel, and concluded that Yuya was too naive. He maintained his hopes for Yuya, however, and declared that the Lancers would soon travel across Dimensions.[9]

After the survivors of the Battle Royal returned to the LID Center Court, Declan and Henrietta canceled the Arc League Championship and revealed the Lancers' existence to the world in addition to their recent victory against the invaders. The Lancers were acclaimed as heroes by the world, and Declan declared that LID would switch all of its efforts to training Duelists to become potential Lancers.[1]

Lancers of "Yuya Sakaki's generation"

The Lancers convened the next day at the Leo Corporation, where Riley Akaba joined their ranks. Sylvio Sawatari and Shay Obsidian were both skeptical about Riley being part of the Lancers, since they would have to constantly protect him; Declan claimed that Riley's abilities were almost equivalent to the Lancers. Declan explained to Yuya that Zuzu Boyle, who had been part of the Battle Royal, was in the Synchro Dimension, and he also announced that they were going to the Synchro Dimension to make an alliance with the Duelists there as they had not been exposed to the war. Declan explained that the Lancers' Duel Disks had been modified to be able to travel between dimensions and activate Action Field Spell Cards and Action Cards, which he described as their strongest weapons. The Lancers then left the Standard Dimension with their "Dimensionizer" cards and traveled to the Synchro Dimension.[10] Sometime before their departure to the Synchro Dimension, Declan also created and distributed Pendulum Monsters to the Lancers that fitted their specific Decks. These were at least distributed to Dennis[11], Celina[12], and Gong[13] who didn't own Deck-specific Pendulum cards before.

Upon arriving at the Synchro Dimension the Lancers were separated. Yuya, Celina, Sylvio, and Riley were ambushed and almost arrested by Sector Security because they mistook Yuya and Celina for Yugo and Zuzu, respectively. Celina and Sylvio immediately joined the Duels Sector Security forced them into, despite Yuya's protests. Sylvio lost and was held in custody by the officers, while Celina won her Duel. In Yuya's Duel, Sylvio indirectly tipped the Sector Security officers to the use of Action Cards. Before Yuya's Duel could continue, Crow Hogan and a group of Turbo Duelists rescued the Lancers from Sector Security's clutches.[14]

Gong and Dennis attempted to find the others until they ended up Dueling each other and were approached by Lucas Swank.[15] Lucas took them to an Underground Dueling Arena where they found Shay Dueling and subsequently defeating Hunter Pace. Shay told his fellow Lancers that he was doing underground Duels so he could recruit more Lancers. Lucas was surprised that Shay knew both Dennis and Gong, so he decided to pair Shay and Dennis up for a Duel, as he had a good feeling about the latter. As Shay was the current champion, he was given a 1000 LP handicap, while Dennis was given the default 4000. Meanwhile, Celina grew impatient with Crow's lack of news about Zuzu and Yugo and left the hideout with Sylvio to search for them, ignoring Yuya's and Crow's warnings.[16]

On Jean Michel Roget's orders, Shay, Dennis, Gong and everybody else in the Dueling Arena, except Lucas, were arrested mid-Duel. At that time, Sector Security followed Sylvio and Celina back to Crow's hideout, where they ambushed and arrested the Lancers, Crow, and Shinji Weber, except Riley, who was rescued by Moon Shadow.[17]

After a few days at the Facility the Lancers, Crow's gang and their new ally Chojiro Tokumatsu attempted a prison break, but failed due to Roget's interference. However, the High Council intervened, agreeing with Declan to have the Lancers join the Friendship Cup to prove their skills and earn their trust.[18]

The first day of the tournament resulted with two losses and one victory for the Lancers. However Moon Shadow's loss was intentional, and the High Council decided to count Zuzu's victory as a point for the Lancers as she also comes from Standard Dimension, leaving the record as two wins and two losses.[19] Moon Shadow's intentional loss was revealed to be to allow him out of the participants' penthouse and gather information for Declan, as his agility would effectively allow him to escape from the Underground Labor Facility at will and inform Declan. Information obtained this way included the rumors that Roget was from another world. The other defeated Lancers in the underground started a Dueling campaign for Lucas, their sole chance to get back to the surface.[20]

The second day featured Celina and Yuya defeating the Synchro Dimension residents Tony Zomboni and Roget's agent Officer 227, two wins in the Lancers' favor. Against their favor was Sylvio's loss to Yugo, which was followed by the disastrous Duel between Lancers Shay and Dennis, revealing the latter's identity as a spy from Duel Academy, sent to keep an eye on Celina.[21] These events left the Lancers down a member and increased Shay's wariness regarding his newfound allies.[11]

Friendship Cup Finals[edit]

After Dennis and Shay's Duel, Jean Michel Roget overthrew the High Council, sealing their authority by perfecting his control over Sector Security officers using mind-controlling chips implanted in them. The Lancers no longer had to prove themselves to the Council and became part of Roget's schemes in expanding his influence over New Domino City.[22] Roget gained an interest in both Yuya and Celina. Celina would become an idol for the Tops and Commons alike[23], while Yuya would serve the same role as Sergey Volkov: defeating Jack Atlas and vesting a King that served Roget, a role Roget went on to force Yuya into the same way he did with Sergey.[24] Imprisoning the Council also trapped Declan and Riley, who were with the Council during the Cup, preventing Declan from exerting any leadership over the Lancers via Moon Shadow.

When Roget's Sector Security officers were distracted watching the conclusion of Yugo and Celina's Duel, Declan seized the opportunity and challenged and defeated the Security officers holding him, Riley and the Council.[12] Riley hurried to the Underground's entrance and saved Celina from Security. This infuriated Roget, who saw his schemes being destabilized and his hatred for the Lancers deepened. Right after Celina's rescue, Roget scheduled Yuya and Crow's Duel in order to distract everyone in the stadium to insure no one else interferes with his plan.[25]

To ensure Yuya won his Duel and gained the attention of the crowd as well, Roget put a chip in Yuya's helmet to stimulate his aggression during the Duel. This succeeded and awakened Yuya's shared personality with his dimensional counterparts, causing him to Duel Crow aggressively.[26] During the Duel, the Obelisk Force arrived in the Synchro Dimension. Crow managed to destroy Yuya's "Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon" but was still defeated in the process after Sora informed Crow of the situation. After coming to his senses and hearing of the Obelisk Force's arrival, Yuya headed into New Domino City.[27]

Meanwhile, Moon Shadow headed to the Underground Labor Facility to free the rest of the Lancers while Riley stayed behind to protect Celina,[27] but he was eventually overwhelmed by the seemingly unending waves of Duel Soldiers coming for Celina. Yuya arrived to assist, but was intercepted by Barrett. Moon Shadow managed to free the Lancers, inspiring the Commons to break out with them. As Yuya struggled against Barrett, Sora, Yuri, more Obelisk Force soldiers and Yugo arrived in rapid succession.[28] Yuya and his counterparts then entered a synchronized awakening caused by the presence of all Four Dimensional Dragons, only breaking when Zuzu arrived. Sergey arrived and, profiting from the occasion, defeated Barrett. Nevertheless, Barrett managed to take Celina back with him. Sergey then defeated Yuya himself and took Zuzu back to Roget.[29]

Moon Shadow and Sora left the former battlefield in the morning to try and save Zuzu from Sector Security, while the other Lancers watched Jack Atlas' ensuing Duel with Sergey Volkov from different locations in New Domino City.[30] After Jack's victory, Sam approached Yuya and Gong with a message from Jack, prompting Yuya to head for the Duel Palace. In the meantime, Sylvio, Shay, Riley and Chojiro attempted to rescue the trapped Declan; Declan arrived outside and defeated his guards himself. They helped Yuya and Gong enter the Duel Palace, by flying in with Shay's "Raidraptors". Sylvio threw Melissa Trail's microphone to Yuya, who used it to challenge Jack to a Duel.[31]

Unwilling to allow the match to proceed; Roget sent Sector Security to defeat the Lancers, but the Lancers handily defeated them, and they proceeded to watch Yuya and Jack's ensuing Duel.[32] When the Commons' riots in New Domino City became more intense and hateful, the Lancers headed into New Domino City to intervene, but by attempting to stop both parties rather than choosing a side.[33] When the clashing parties were united in pleasure watching the climax of Yuya and Jack's Duel, Gong and Sylvio took the lead cheering with the parties present.[34]

In the meantime, Declan found Moon Shadow in the Sector Security building, who had been defeated by Roget along with Sora. Declan followed Roget and was locked in a room with him. The other Lancers, along with Jack and Crow, rushed there after Sora altered them to the situation.[34] Sora hacked open the door to the room where Declan and Roget were Dueling, where Declan set up a combo to block Roget's continuously re-entering the Duel. When Roget fled, Jack, Crow, and Yuya rescued Zuzu from him, and Roget finally broke down mentally and opened a wormhole to the void between dimensions. He intended to drop the city into the void, but he was drawn in himself instead. However, the instability of the machine opened another wormhole that sent Zuzu to the Fusion Dimension, and Yuya, Sylvio, Gong, and Shay to the Xyz Dimension's Heartland. The other Lancers were left wondering what happened, dividing the Lancers further.[35]

Heartland City[edit]

The ranks of the Lancers who had remained in the Synchro Dimension were boosted by the addition of Crow and Sora. They attempted to assist the people of New Domino City in rebuilding, but were encouraged by Chojiro and Shinji to stop Duel Academy instead, and they eventually traveled to the Fusion Dimension.

In the Xyz Dimension, Shay immediately left the other three to check on the Resistance, which seemed defeated. The other three met a surviving family. When threatened by three Duel Academy students hunting down survivors, the three demonstrated how fun Dueling could be with Pendulum Summoning and "Smile World", rather than the warfare that Duel Academy displayed. While Gong stopped Sylvio from using their own Duel Disks to seal Duel Academy students into cards, the trio fled, but were instead sealed into cards by Kite Tenjo.[36]

The trio wondered if Kite was a surviving member of the Resistance, but the latter was not prepared to talk with them before Dueling. Sylvio quickly challenged Kite, only to be followed by Gong who attempted to prevent them from attacking each other. Kite would not listen to Gong's attempted reasoning, however, declaring their Action Duel, Action Card, Synchro and Pendulum Summon made the three Lancers extradimensional invaders. Sylvio attempted to prevent Kite from summoning the dragon they had seen moments before, but eventually Kite was able to summon "Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon", which swiftly defeated the two. Kite then challenged Yuya for a Duel.[37] When Yuya's attempts to make Kite smile through his Dueling failed, Yuto advised him to Summon "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon". Kite recognized the monster as Yuto's, finally noticing that he and Yuya looked alike. Shay arrived with his old Resistance comrades, Saya Sasayama and Allen Kozuki, and clarified that the Lancers were their allies. Kite refused to rejoin the Resistance and departed.[38]

The Lancers returned to the Resistance's new hideout and learned that Shay's old branch and Kite's family had been sealed into cards after Yuto and Shay left for the Standard Dimension. They also learned that Yusho Sakaki had been in the Xyz Dimension, but had disappeared during the invasion.[39] Yuya later went to the Spade Branch hideout, where he and Yuto discussed the darkness that possessed them. They were confronted by a Duelist who was after Yusho. Yuya tried to get more information from the Duelist, but Yuto possessed him and forced the Duel into a DRAW. They did however, learn that the Duelist was the Commander-in-Chief of Duel Academy.[40]

Meanwhile, Shay tried to get Kite rejoin the Resistance again, but Kite still refused and they ended up Dueling. Yuya returned during the Duel to try to stop them and revealed to everyone that Yuto was inside him. Shay tried to show Kite the value of comrades by using Action Cards, comparing them to his new comrades. However, Shay's attack failed, and Kite claimed that his comrades would fail too and defeated Shay. Kite almost sealed Shay away, but stopped and left after Saya begged him not to.[41]

The Lancers were caught up in another Duel with Duel Academy when they were looking for Saya; against the Tyler sisters, who defeated Allen, Saya[42], Sylvio, and Gong. Yuya and Shay managed to defeat them with Yuya's Dueltaining.[43] However, the Obelisk Force arrived and Shay was gravely injured during the Duel against them while protecting Saya. Before the Obelisk Force could defeat Yuya, Kite arrived, saved Yuya, and defeated the Obelisk Force. Aster Phoenix, the Commander-in-Chief, showed up with a squad of Duel Academy students and declared that he would defeat Yuya.[44]

Before the Lancers and Resistance could escape with an injured Shay, Aster forced Yuya into a Duel. Meanwhile, Deputy Commander Mamoru Noro sent in Aster's squad to finish off the Lancers and Resistance, but they were defeated by Kite's five "Cipher Dragon's". Both groups escaped with Shay while Yuya Dueled Aster.[45] Yuya continued to try and convince Aster to understand him through Dueling but Aster refused. Yuto believed Yuya's voice wouldn't reach Aster as he only believed in Duel Academy's teachings; but Yuya believed that Aster keeping half of Yusho's "Smile World" was proof that Aster couldn't decide between Leo and Yusho's philosophies. Sure enough, Yuya managed to defeat Aster and make him smile again, but they were surrounded by more Duel Academy students that Mamoru had called in.[46]

Aster defended Yuya, declared his treachery against the Professor, and convinced the students, Gloria, and Grace to stand down and atone for their crimes. The Lancers and the Resistance were unsure if they should trust Aster, but Kite felt Aster's sincerity to help them and atone for his sin. Aster revealed there was a way to restore the people who had been sealed into cards, but they would have to retrieve the cards from Duel Academy. Yuya, Sylvio, Gong, and Kite subsequently went to the Fusion Dimension, leaving the injured Shay in Aster's care. Upon arriving in the Fusion Dimension, they found Zuzu cornered by Duel Academy soldiers.[47]

When Yuya tried to approach Zuzu, he was knocked down Iggy Arlo, who had allied with Dennis. Meanwhile Gong, Sylvio, and Zuzu were surrounded by Duel Academy soldiers, while Kite pursued Dennis. Yuya accepted Iggy's challenge, while trying to fix what he done to Iggy during the Arc League Championship. Yuya was able to successfully defeat Iggy, and this time he was able to convince Iggy of the values of Dueltaiing and sate his anger.[48]

Zuzu explained to the three Lancers that Yusho was at the harbor, but they were unable to find a boat to catch up with Yusho. Celina appeared before them, claiming to have a boat,[49] and she took them to a pirate ship owned by Captain Cutter, who agreed to take them to Duel Academy. During their trip, Duel Academy soldiers arrived via helicopter, and Celina betrayed the Lancers by taking Zuzu hostage. Cutter forced Yuya into a Duel, revealing his allegiance to Duel Academy as well. During their Duel, Cutter blasted Yuya overboard, but Crow saved him, arriving with Declan, Sora, Riley, and Moon Shadow on a speedboat. Sora then joined the Duel and helped Yuya defeat Cutter, leaving him stranded at sea.[50]

As the Lancers continued their journey to Duel Academy, they discussed Zuzu, Celina, Lulu, and Rin, and deduced that they would be able to stop the Arc Project if they rescued the girls in time.[51] After learning that Yusho was headed to Duel Academy, Declan explained what he knew regarding Yusho's disappearance and the Arc Project information that he had discovered in his father's files, in addition to Yuya, Zuzu, and their counterparts' connection to it. They arrived on Duel Academy, and prepared to scale the cliff and enter Leo's lab.[52] After scaling the cliff, they were surrounded by Duel Academy students before utilizing their plan to split two groups; Yuya, Gong, Sylvio, Crow, and Moon Shadow Dueled the students, while Declan, Riley, and Sora continued to the lab.[53]

When the students retreated, the Lancers pursued them, but fell into a trap. Sanders, an Academy instructor, forced them into a Survival Duel with five Duel Academy students that would only leave one man standing. While the Lancers argued about participating, Moon Shadow went ahead to provide reconnaissance. They became separated as they investigated actions of an eleventh Duelist who attacked both groups and sealed them into cards; sealing most of the students and Moon Shadow, who alerted the other Lancers to the eleventh Duelist's presence before his defeat. Sylvio and Crow ended up Dueling the last two students, and the eleventh Duelist joined the Duel as well.[53]

Meanwhile, Shay had recovered from his injuries, and he and Aster went straight to Duel Academy, where the rescued a falling Kite, who explained that Lulu had pushed him off the tower. The siblings subsequently Dueled one another and Shay deduced that she was being controlled by her "Fusion Parasite" her. Shay was able to free Lulu from her control and defeat her, though he was injured again in the process.[54]

The eleventh Duelist defeated the two students and sealed them into cards, and pushed Crow and Sylvio into a corner. Crow removed Sylvio from the Duel by damaging his Duel Disk, before attempting to end the Duel in a DRAW, but the Duelist managed to survive, though Crow had revealed him as the Battle Beast. Crow was subsequently sealed just as Yuya and Gong arrived, who proceeded to Duel him. However, they barely survived his subsequent attacks and he blocked Yuya's moves to get an Action Card, forcing Gong to use one. Gong was defeated, but Jack arrived before the Battle Beast could seal Gong into a card.[55] Jack joined the Duel and brought out "Scarlight Red Dragon Archfiend", pushing Battle Beast into a corner which caused Sanders to join as well. During the Duel, Yuya was shocked to learn that the Professor specifically wanted him eliminated. However, they were surprised when Battle Beast used the effect of ""Gladiator Beast Tamer Editor" to destroy itself[56], taking Sanders out of the Duel. Jack and Yuya then took on the Battle Beast's "Gladiator Beast Fort" which Jack wiped out with "Tyrant Red Dragon Archfiend". The Battle Beast replaced it with "Gladiator Beast's Great Fortress" but, Yuya was able to counter all of Battle Beast's monsters in it and defeat him. Jack and Sylvio remained behind to help Gong, while Yuya went ahead with a student.[57]

Meanwhile, Declan, Riley, and Sora caught up with Yusho and Alexis but were confronted by Yuri.[57] Alexis and Sora trapped Yuri, and Declan, Riley, and Yusho continued on to see the Professor. However, Alexis was defeated and sealed into a card by Yuri, who then challenged Sora.[58]

Upon arriving in a strange room, Yuya ran into Lulu, who told him of Shay's injury. As they departed to help Shay, Lulu suddenly challenged Yuya to a Duel. Yuya Dueled using Yuto's Deck, and they deduced as Shay had that they had to defeat "Fusion Parasite" to free Lulu, but Shay arrived and explained that he had already done so; they instead had to find the person controlling the Parasite Monsters. Shay departed to find the individual controlling Lulu, but he was tased by Celina, who joined the Duel and explained that they were under the control of the Doktor's Parasite Monsters, including Zuzu. This sent Yuya into a rage, and Yuto took control of their body.[59] Yuri defeated Sora and attempted to seal him into a card, but Yugo and Aster arrived before he could do so. Meanwhile, Yuto went neck and neck with Celina to destroy her Parasite monsters, but she countered each of his attacks and he relinquished control to Yuya. The Doktor then contacted them, and revealed a brainwashed Zuzu, causing Yuya and Yuto to awaken and defeat both girls with "Odd-Eyes Raging Dragon". They fled after their defeat, and Yuya pursued them and confronted the Doktor, who trapped him in a cage. Declan, Riley, and Yusho were taken to the Professor by his students while Yuya watched them confront him on a monitor.[60]

Duel Academy[edit]

Yusho questioned Leo's objectives and tried to remind him of their past. To everyone's shock, Leo revealed the existence of the Original Dimension, where the ARC System had originated and Leo had brought Duel Monsters to life, in addition to the existence of Z-ARC, a Duelist who stood at the top of the Dueling world, attacked everyone with his four dragons and fused with them into one monstrous dragon. Meanwhile, Yuya entered a synchronized awakening with his counterparts after they Summoned their dragons, and he destroyed his cage, knocking out Kite and Aster, who just arrived.[61] Managing to gain some control, Yuya arrived at the Professor's chambers and reunited with his father, and Leo claimed that Yuya was not Yusho's son. Leo revealed Zuzu, Celina, Rin and Lulu in capsules behind him, and sealed the Doktor into a card. Leo explained that his daughter, Ray Akaba, defeated Z-ARC by using four cards to split him, his dragons, herself, and the Original Dimension, respectively creating Yuya and his counterparts, their dragons, Zuzu's counterparts, and the Four Dimensions. Leo planned to reunite Ray and the Original Dimension with the ARC-V Reactor, and to destroy Z-ARC's fragments. Yuya and Declan refused let Leo's plan pass, and they challenged him to a Duel.[62]

Throughout the Duel, Leo continuously countered Declan's moves and urged him to ally with him, while being pressed back by Yuya, who was struggling with Z-ARC's power alongside Yuto. This was aggravated even further when Leo powered up the ARC-V Reactor around the girls' capsules, causing Yuya and Yuto to awaken.[63] Yuya managed to hold his own under Z-ARC's influence and the belief of Declan, Zuzu, Celina, Rin, and Lulu in him and Yuto. Unfortunately, Leo increased the ARC-V Reactor's energy input again, causing pain to the girls and prompting Yuya to almost defeat both Leo and Declan with "Odd-Eyes Raging Dragon". Yusho restrained him with "Restraining Sword of Impact", terminating the Duel due to the card being defective. He then handed Riley, who had passed out during the Duel, to Declan and left to prevent Z-ARC's revival.[64]

As the awakened Yuya attempted to break free from the pillar, Declan ordered Leo to turn off the ARC-V Reactor as his throne left the room to watch over the Reactor. Sora witnessed the Duel between Yugo and Yuri, which Kite and Aster joined. The awakened Yugo first countering each other's attacks. When Aster mentioned Rin, Yugo started show signs of regaining his self and after battling "Destiny HERO - Dusktopia" he returned. However, Yuri defeated Aster and Kite with "Greedy Venom Fusion Dragon" and Sora could only watch Yugo take him on alone due to his injures.[65] Unfortunately, despite Yugo's best efforts and Yusho's hope in his victory, Yuri defeated Yugo and absorbed him, with Yusho and Sora helpless to stop him.

Sensing Yugo and Yuri's presence, Yuya continued to attempt to break free from the pillar. As Zuzu and her counterparts were transferred into the ARC-V Reactor, Ray's spirit contacted Riley for help, and he challenged Declan to a Duel. With Ray by his side, Riley managed to turn the Duel in his favor and brought out a monster Declan had never seen before. As Riley destroyed his monsters one by one, Declan wondered where he went wrong and if he had created a monster.[66]

Despite Riley's comeback, Declan defeated him just as Yuri arrived, flinging Yusho into the room. Declan tried to protect Yusho but was blasted back as well, leaving Yusho to challenge Yuri to a Duel. Using his Dueltaining, Yusho sealed Yuri's trump card with "Performapal Sky Magician"[67] and pushed him into a corner, while calming Yuya. However, Yusho was put on the defensive when Yuri used the effects of "Starving Venom Fusion Dragon" and Yugo's "Clear Wing Synchro Dragon" to defeat him and seal him into a card, causing Yuya to awaken again and break free.[68]

Yuya challenged Yuri to a Duel to get Yusho's card back, but he had to hold back Z-ARC from taking over. However, as Yuri Summoned "Starving Venom" and "Clear Wing", Yuya found it more difficult to resist Z-ARC's influence, and was scared to use "Odd-Eyes" or "Dark Rebellion". With help from Yuto and "Smile World", he Summoned the two dragons, only to lose "Dark Rebellion" to Yuri.[69] Yuri, Yugo, and Yuto urged Yuya to reunite with them, but with help from Declan, Yuya managed to keep his sanity until he was forced into a corner and had to give up "Smile World", breaking his spirit. With encouragement from Declan, Riley, Sora, and Aster, Yuya's motivation came back and he defeated Yuri with his, Yuto and Yugo's dragons. But Declan had convinced Yuya to focus only on winning, allowing Z-ARC to take control of Yuya and summon "Astrograph Sorcerer" to fuse his counterparts and dragons back into Supreme King Z-ARC.[70]

After Z-ARC attacked the Fusion Dimension, Sora and Aster decided to Duel him while Declan and Riley went back into Duel Academy to revive Ray. Sora and Aster attempted to bring back Yuya while trying to defeat Z-ARC. Z-ARC claimed that Yuya now longer existed after completing his mission, but Z-ARC's use of Pendulum Summoning convinced Aster and Sora that Yuya was still present. Their efforts to bring Yuya to the surface failed, and Z-ARC Unity Summoned "Supreme King Z-ARC" and defeated them. Just before Z-ARC defeated Sora and Aster, Shay and Kite entered the Duel, turning it into a Action Duel and carrying on their feelings to bring back Yuya.[71] Shay and Kite quickly brought out "Rise Falcon" and "Cipher Dragon", ranking them up to combat "Z-ARC" and "Supreme King Dragon Dark Rebellion". Knowing that Yuya and Yuto are still alive, they attempted to remind them of the things they did while trying to destroy "Z-ARC". However, Z-ARC weaken their monsters and prevented them from using Action Cards with the effect of "Z-ARC". Gong and Jack entered the Duel as Shay and Kite were defeated; Gong catching Shay and Kite and receiving Yuya's pendant from Shay, promising to return Yuya to normal.

As Shay and Kite Dueled Z-ARC, Declan and Riley noticed the citizens of Heartland and New Domino City walking through them in midair due to the reunion of the dimensions.[72] Gong and Jack battled Z-ARC's "Supreme King Dragon Clear Wing", but Gong was eventually taken out protecting Jack. Jack battled alone as the dimensions began to merge and managed to destroy "Clear Wing", impressing Z-ARC enough that he defeated Jack personally with an attack from "Supreme King Z-ARC". The people that had been sealed into cards began to return, including Crow, who joined the Duel alongside Sylvio (who had borrowed Gong's Duel Disk). Ray's spirit informed Riley that Leo was attempting to split the dimensions again, using the Four Nature Cards that had been restored rather than her.[73] Crow and Sylvio took on "Clear Wing" and "Supreme King Dragon Odd-Eyes" and learned that "Z-ARC" could not be destroyed due to the presence of the Fusion, Synchro and Xyz Monsters in the Graveyard and that were banished. Despite this, Crow and Sylvio's taunts regarding Yuya's Dueltaining in comparison to Z-ARC's more protective strategy exposed Z-ARC's fears of losing. Inside Duel Academy, Riley asked Declan to help Leo, and Declan agreed, departing while Riley continued further into Duel Academy. As Z-ARC defeated Crow and Sylvio, Leo and Declan joined the Duel, but Z-ARC discarded the Four Nature Cards from Leo's hand and defeated him. Declan rescued Leo, and he reassured him that there was still hope before taking on Z-ARC alone.[74] He managed to devastate Z-ARC's LP with his "High Kings", but Z-ARC Summoned all four "Supreme King Dragons" and defeated him on the next turn; the restored Moon Shadow only just saving Declan and Leo from the impact of the attack. By this point, Riley had encountered Ray and agreed to serve as the host for her spirit, and she joined the Duel just in time. She retrieved the Four Nature Cards from the Graveyard, using them to destroy "Z-ARC" and the "Supreme King Dragons", but not quite defeating him. As Riley called out to Yuya, Z-ARC denied that his fragments' spirits remained within him; Declan insisted that they did in a similar manner to a pendulum. Zuzu's spirit contacted Yuya from within Ray, urging him to remember his desire to bring smiles. Yuya was able to regain control and create "Smile Universe", which allowed Ray to defeat him and Z-ARC. As Z-ARC began to divide again, Riley ejected Ray's spirit from her body and sealed Z-ARC's spirit.[75]

The Lancers came together again in the Pendulum Dimension following the loss of their memories as par of Declan's plan to make Riley and Z-ARC smile, in order to remove the threat of Z-ARC attempting to destroy the world again. Yuya, Gong, Sylvio, and Moon Shadow Dueled in a recreation of the Battle Royal,[76] with Moon pressing them to recall the previous Battle Royal and the battles against the other dimensions. Yuya eventually regained his memories,[77] and vowed to find the missing Zuzu and make Riley smile. Moon and Sylvio were taken out of the Duel, leaving Yuya facing Gong. Despite Gong's evolution of his Heavystrong Dueling, Yuya eventually defeated him, but failed to make Riley smile. Declan suggested that Yuya Duel the other Lancers, and sent Yuya to the Xyz Dimension to Duel Shay, but Yuya encountered Dennis instead.[78] Informed by Dennis that Shay had gone to the Fusion Dimension in search of Lulu, Yuya Dueled Dennis instead. Dennis used Xyz Evolution#Rank-Up Xyz Evolution during the Duel, and Yuya was eventually able to defeat him, but he refused to Summon "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon" despite having the opportunity to do so, winning instead with "Odd-Eyes". Following his victory over Dennis and Dennis vowing to help the people of Heartland, Yuya left for the Fusion Dimension.[79] Sora greeted Yuya as he arrived and brought him to Leo's chambers, where Alexis was attempting to dissuade Shay from breaking in. When he was allowed to see Leo, they found Leo attempting to revive Ray's spirit, and Leo accepted the blame for the loss of Lulu and Zuzu. With only Dueling left to him, Shay accepted Yuya's challenged, and during the Duel he Ranked-Up his "Raidraptors" all the way to Rank 12. Yuya defeated him with "Odd-Eyes Lancer Dragon", once again noticeably avoiding using "Dark Rebellion" again, prompting Jack to claim that Yuya couldn't save anyone in his current state.[80]

Jack and Yuya Dueled on the Dimensional Highway, with the other Lancers watching. Jack, and from within Yuya, the spirits of Yuto, Yugo, and Yuri, eventually convinced Yuya to accept the power of the Four Dimensional Dragons,[81] and Yuya used them to defeat Jack's "Red Dragon Archfiends". Despite this, still had yet to make Riley smile, so he Dueled Declan afterwards in the Pendulum Dimension. He brought out the Four Dimensional Dragons against Declan's trio of "D/D/D Doom King Armageddons", and the monsters clashed, with Declan evolving them via Fusion, Synchro, and Xyz Summoning.[82] Yuya matched Declan's "Super Doom Kings" with his own Pendulum-hybrid combinations of the Four Dragons, eventually bringing the Duel down to a gathering of Action Cards via the Pendulum Effect of "Performapal Five-Rainbow Magician". Yuya won the ensuing contest with the effect of "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon", defeating Declan and passing onto the Pro League. Following his victory, Riley and Z-ARC collectively laughed, convincing Declan that Z-ARC could appreciate Dueling to make people smile again, and Ray's spirit called the Lancers and their allies to the Pendulum Dimension to witness her revival in the form of Zuzu, with Celina, Rin, and Lulu within her body, and Yusho challenging Yuya to a Duel.[83]


Members active at the war's end[edit]

Members Status Notes Original Dimension
Declan Akaba Active Founder, Affiliated with LID. Standard/Pendulum
Yuya Sakaki Active Student of You Show Duel School. Taken over by Z-ARC, but later regained control. Standard/Pendulum
Celina Inactive Student of Duel Academy. Absorbed into the ARC-V Reactor and later merged into Zuzu. Fusion
Gong Strong Active Student of Strong Dojo Standard/Pendulum
Shay Obsidian Active Member of The Resistance Xyz
Moon Shadow Active Student of Fūma Clan Duel School. Sealed into a card by Battle Beast, but later freed. Standard/Pendulum
Sylvio Sawatari Active Student of LID Standard/Pendulum
Riley Akaba Inactive Student of LID. Reborn as a baby after defeating Z-ARC. Standard/Pendulum
Crow Hogan Active Resident of New Domino City. Sealed into a card by Battle Beast, but later freed. Synchro
Sora Perse Active Student of Duel Academy and You Show Duel School. Fusion

Former members[edit]

Members Status Notes Original Dimension
Dennis McField Active Student of LID. Double agent for Duel Academy. Sealed himself into a card, but later freed. Fusion

Senior Lancers Candidates[edit]

Members Status Notes Original Dimension
Kev Ravenwood Inactive Student of LID. Defeated, but not sealed into a card. Standard/Pendulum
7 unnamed "Senior" class Duelists Inactive Sealed into cards by Obelisk Force, but later freed. Standard/Pendulum

Former candidates[edit]

Members Status Notes Original Dimension
Zuzu Boyle Active Student of You Show Duel School. Absorbed into ARC-V, but later revived. Standard/Pendulum
Sun Shadow Active Student of Fūma Clan Duel School. Sealed into a card by Sora, but later freed. Standard/Pendulum
Yusho Sakaki Active Founder of You Show Duel School branches. Sealed into a card by Yuri, but later freed. Standard/Pendulum


  • In the Japanese version, the Lancers' true meaning, Lance Defence Soldiers is a play on the letters LDS for Leo Duel School.[1]
  • Two of the current Lancers, Celina and Sylvio, were not originally participants in the Battle Royal, but were made Lancers for successfully fending off the Obelisk Force; presumably taking the positions originally intended for Zuzu and Sun Shadow, due to the former warping to the Synchro Dimension with Yugo, and the latter having been defeated by Sora.
    • Additionally, Dennis was accepted into the group despite not helping to fend off the Obelisk Force during the Battle Royal. However, he was shown Dueling Celina, who at the time was still affiliated with Duel Academy which may have contributed to his inclusion.


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