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Shingo Sawatari
Shingo Sawatari
  • Shingo Sawatari
  1. 1
  • Male
  • Career
Organization Leo Corporation
  • Duelist
Manga Deck Monarch
Manga debut Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V Scale 1: "The Name is Phantom!"
Appears in
Manga Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V
Sawatari, Shingo

Shingo Sawatari is a character appearing in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V manga. He is the #1 agent of a special squad of the Leo Corporation, working under Reiji Akaba.



Shingo's appearance is very much similar to his anime counterpart's appearance: Having short light brown hair with blonde bangs, grayish blue eyes, and wearing a school uniform.


Like his anime counterpart, Shingo is initially shown to have an inflated ego, with his humiliating defeat by Yuya's hands causing him to develop a grudge against him.


Three months before the events of the manga, Shingo was recruited by Reiji to assist in hunting down a rogue Duelist named "Phantom"[1] Once the Leo Corporation staff detected Phantom after he hacked into their systems, designated #1, Shingo with deployed with Shun Kurosaki and Sora Shiunin in helicopters to surround him all sides. While given the task to catch Phantom in a pincer hold with Shun, Shingo decided to personally confront Phantom on the rooftop he is on and advised him to turn himself in. But Shingo is shocked when the figure revealed himself to be Yuto instead of his intended quarry Yuya Sakaki.[2]

Shingo asked Reiji what he should do, receiving new orders to apprehend Yuto as a possible co-spirator which he takes in zeal as he sets up an Action Duel where he overwhelms Yuto's "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon" with his "Erebus the Underworld Monarch". In was then that Yuya convinces Yuto to let him handle Shingo for him, Shingo shocked to find his mystery opponent and his quarry are one and the same.[3] Yuya proceeds to use his skills as a Dueltainer and his "Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon" to defeat Shingo with ease.[4] Following a debriefing with Reiji, further vexed by Sora saying he was not in Yuya's league, Shingo proceeded to train on his own.[5] When Shingo learned that Shun has acted on his own to duel Yuya, he reluctantly complies to Reiji's order to not interfere.[6]

During Sora's duel against Yuya, questioning whose side his ally is on before being ordered to observe the match upfold, Shingo ends up arguing with Shun over which of them has the better chance of dueling Yuya.[7] As they watch the duel unfold, musing if Shun committed such an act before, Shingo found much amusement over Shun making a complete idiot out of himself when he openly threatened Reiji as a resort of eagerly believing Sora's lies.[8]

After they arrived to the damaged Physical Information Company following Yuya's win against Sora, returning to Leo Corp and finding their boss missing, Shingo follows Shun to the excavation site where Reiji was last seen.[9] After inspecting the area, the two are trace Reiji's Duel signal to the abandoned water treatment plant where Yuya set up his base of operations. Crossing paths with Yuzu in the process, escaping the collapse of the cave where Yuya and Reiji were dueling, the three attempt to find them for over two weeks. Eventually, Shingo joins Shun in breaking into the now closed Leo Corp building to access the supercomputer and find Reiji.[10]


Reiji Akaba[edit]

Shingo is shown to respect Reiji, even when his orders are sometimes vexing. But he is a loyal subordinate since he spent weeks looking for Reiji after he mysteriously disappeared.

Shun Kurosaki[edit]

As duelists recruited by Reiji, Shingo has a comedic partnership with the stoic Shun. They get into an argument over who should have a rematch against Yuya first, and Shingo enjoyed Shun being in trouble when he got on Reiji's bad side over jumping to conclusions. But the two of them remotely get along when needed to.

Yuya Sakaki[edit]

At first, Shingo's relation to Yuya was simply business until he suffered a humiliating loss. Since then, feeling that he could have won it if he was able to retrieve an Action Card beyond his reach, Shingo expressed wanting a rematch.


Shingo expressed an immediate dislike to Yuto the moment they first met, especially due to the disrespectful first impression that Yuto gave him. At the time, taking pleasure in dueling him when Reiji gave him permission to, Shingo assumed that Yuto and Yuya were separate partners in crime before learning the two actually cohabit the same body.


Shingo plays a Monarch Deck, which is localized an "Emperor deck" in the manga.

Image Information
Demon Emperor Angmar | Angmar the Demon Monarch ( Matei Angumāru)
6 ★★★★★★
Underworld Emperor Erebus ( Meitei Erebosu)
8 ★★★★★★★★
Underworld Knight Eidos ( Meiteijūki Eidosu)
2 ★★
Emperor's Freezing Air | Freezing Air of the Monarchs ( Teiō no Tōki)
Card type
Spell Card
Dark Advance ( Dāku Adobansu)
Card type
Trap Card
Emperor's Lava Attack ( Teiō no Yōgeki)
Card type
Trap Card
Reawakening of the Emperor | Reawakening of the Monarchs ( Teiō no Saikakusei)
Card type
Trap Card


Opponent(s) Chapter(s) Outcome
Yuto/Yuya Sakaki 2-3 Lose


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