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Shun Kurosaki
Shun Kurosaki
  • Shun Kurosaki
  1. 2
Japaneseくろさき しゅん
Base黒咲 隼
Furiganaくろさき しゅん
RōmajiKurosaki Shun
  • Male
  • Career
OrganizationLeo Corporation
  • Duelist
Manga DeckRaidraptor
Manga debutYu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V Scale 0011: "The Name Is Phantom!!"
Appears in
MangaYu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V
Kurosaki, Shun

Shun Kurosaki is a character appearing in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V manga. He is the #2 agent of a special squad of the Leo Corporation, working under Reiji Akaba.



Shun's appearance is very much similar to his anime counterpart's appearance, with being the only exception is that his coat is intact, instead of in tatters.


Unlike his anime counterpart, Shun lives for the thrill of dueling at a masochistic level. He is obsessed with finding powerful opponents and hates people who Duel for fun. He enjoys being pushed to the edge, like being low on Life Points. According to Nico Smiley, Shun does not prefer the spotlight and cannot be swayed with money or pleas. In comparison to his more stoic anime counterpart, Shun is extremely short-tempered and hot-blooded.[1] After his duel against Yuya he appears to have a change of heart and has soften up a bit. Shun also showed that he was an habit to overact and jump to conclusions, as seen when he believed Sora's lie that Reiji was holding his little sister hostage and regretted his reaction to it once learning the truth.



Several years before the events of the manga, Shun took part in a Mental Arithmetic Tournament and won, with Yuzu being the runner-up. Three months before the events of the manga, Shun used to Duel in an Underground Duel Coliseum, where Reiji found and recruited him. Shun accepted the proposal after learning their quarry, a rogue Duelist named "Phantom" is an Dueltainer.[2] Once the Leo Corporation staff detected Phantom after he hacked into their systems, designated #2, Shun with deployed with Shingo Sawatari and Sora Shiunin in helicopters to surround him all sides. While given the task to catch Phantom in a pincer hold with Shingo, Shun mentally complained about being ordered around.[3] After their quarry escaped, learning the Phantom's real name as Yuya Sakaki, Shun proceed to review the footage of his win against Shingo and saw Yuzu. Shun quickly recognized the girl and deemed him Yuya's accomplice, proceeding to capture her father Syuzo and force Yuya to face him.[4]

Once Yuya arrives, Shun commences a midair Action Duel while using his Raidraptors to thwart Yuya's attempts of obtaining Action Cards.[5] It was only when down to 100 Lifepoints, enjoying the thrill of pain coursing through him, that Shun reveals his ace card which embodies of his ideals as a Duelist: "Raidraptor - Blade Burner Falcon". While Yuya was unnerved by Shay, he infuriated him when he said both their dueling styles have the same intended effect. Shun retorts that Yuya is just a sacrificial offering to him as he overpowers him. But the impact of his attack burned the branch which Syuzo is on as Yuzu attempts to untie him, pausing the Duel to save them and telling them off for interrupting the match. When Yuya's turn begins, he uses a counter-strategy with his Odd-Eyes cards to beat Shun and win. While livid, Shun accepts his defeat as he falls to his death after his monster had completely dissolved. But Yuya saves Shun, shocking him as he has a change of heart about the youth and intends to return the favor.[6]

When Shun is with the others as their observe Sora's duel against Yuya, instructed to remain he implores that they should support the boy, he was quick to believe Sora's lie that Reiji was holding his little sister hostage and openly threatened Reiji.[7] But once Sora admitted that he lied about being forced to duel against his will, Shun attempted to apologize before Reiji shot him down with a backhand comment to remember his subordinate's feelings about abductions.[8] After they arrived to the damaged Physical Information Company following Yuya's win against Sora, returning to Leo Corp and finding their boss missing, Shun decides to investigate the excavation site where Reiji was last seen. Upon finding Reiji's secret room, Shunis left speechless to find magazines dating two decades from now.[9]

The two are then altered to Reiji's Duel signal, reaching the abandoned water treatment plant where Yuya set up his base of operations. Crossing paths with Yuzu in the process, escaping the collapse of the cave where Yuya and Reiji were dueling, the three attempt to find them for over two weeks. Eventually, Shun decides to break into the now closed Leo Corp building to access the supercomputer and find Reiji.[10]


Reiji Akaba[edit]

Shun is shown to not fully trust Reiji, not used to being ordered around. He also once openly threaten Reiji before realizing too late the reasoning for it was unfounded. But in spite all this, Shun is a loyal subordinate to the point of searching for Reiji for weeks after he disappeared.

Shingo Sawatari[edit]

As duelists recruited by Reiji, Shun has a comedic partnership with Shingo. They get into arguments over who should have a rematch against Yuya first, and Shingo enjoyed Shun being in trouble when he got on Reiji's bad side over jumping to conclusions. But the two of them remotely get along when needed to.

Yuya Sakaki[edit]

Shun initially saw Yuya and his Dueltainer style of dueling as an eyesore as both have contradicting views on how one should Duel for the most enjoyment, taking offense when Yuya pointed out that they have a commonality in getting a thrill from their respective. But it was when Shun was saved from falling to his death by Yuya that his demeanor towards the youth changed from that point on, respecting Yuya's skill though he express wanting a rematch.

Yuzu Hiiragi[edit]

Shun only met Yuzu one time at a Mental Arithmetic Tournament where they won first and second place respectively. When Shun inspected the footage of Yuya's duel with Shingo, he saw Yuzu and quickly assumed her to be Yuya's accomplice and targeted her father as consequence. While Shun saved Yuzu and her father during his duel, he yelled at them for interrupting the match with their near-death experience. Shun would later work with Yuzu alongside Shingo to find Yuya and Reiji following their disappearance.


Like his anime counterpart, Shun uses a "Raidraptor" Deck. His ace "Raidraptor - Blade Burner Falcon" has low original ATK but powerful effects like the anime's Raidraptors, working best when he's in a pinch with a huge LP disadvantage, reflecting Shun's thrill-seeking and challenge-loving attitude.

Image Information
"Raidraptor - Napalm Dragonius" (「RRレイド・ラプターズ-ナパーム・ドラゴニアス」 Reido Raputāzu - Napāmu Doragoniasu)
 4 ★ ★ ★ ★
 Winged Beast / Effect
"Raidraptor - Napalm Dragonius" (「RRレイド・ラプターズ-ナパーム・ドラゴニアス」 Reido Raputāzu - Napāmu Doragoniasu)
 4 ★ ★ ★ ★
 Winged Beast / Effect
"Raidraptor - Blade Burner Falcon" (「RRレイド・ラプターズ-ブレード・バーナー・ファルコン」 Reido Raputāzu - Burēdo Bānā Farukon)
 4 ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
 Winged Beast / Xyz / Effect
"Raidraptors Replica" (「R・R・Rレイド・ラプターズ・レプリカ」 Reido Raputāzu Repurika)
Card type
 Trap Card


Opponent(s) Chapter(s) Outcome
Ootomo 4 Win (flashback)
Syuzo Hiiragi 4 Win (off-panel)
Yuya Sakaki 5-6 Lose


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