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"Yuto vs. Sawatari!"
Title page
EnglishYuto vs. Sawatari!
Japanese name
RōmajiYūto Bāsasu Sawatari!
TranslatedYuto vs Sawatari!
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V
Japanese magazineV Jump 2015 #11
English magazineWeekly Shonen Jump
Volume1: "The Name is Phantom!"
Release dates
JapaneseSeptember 19, 2015
EnglishSeptember 21, 2015
Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V chapters
Previous"The Name Is Phantom!!"
Next"Pendulum Summons!"
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"Yuto vs. Sawatari!", titled "Yuto vs Sawatari!" (ユートVS沢渡! Yūto Bāsasu Sawatari!) in the Japanese version, is the second chapter of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V manga.

This chapter was first printed in Japanese in the November 2015 issue of V Jump, released on September 19, 2015, and in English in the September 21, 2015 issue of Weekly Shonen Jump.

One of the Leo Corporation enforcers, Shingo Sawatari, confronts "Phantom". However, the Dueltainer's identity puzzles the Leo Corporation agents.


In Maiami City, a manhunt spearheaded by the Leo Corporation has finally cornered its target - the Entertainment Duelist Phantom, who has hacked into and taken control of the Leo Corporation's Solid Vision system numerous times. But Reiji Akaba alone knows that Phantom, whose real name he knows to be Yuya Sakaki, is much more than that - the Destiny Factor, who holds the future of the world in his hands. However, when Shingo Sawatari, a member of the Leo Corporation task force, challenges the cornered Phantom to a Duel to apprehend him, Phantom unmasks himself to reveal a stranger named Yuto, who accepts the challenge anyway.

As Shingo recoils from the shock of Yuto's reveal, a voice in Yuto's head asks him if they weren't just in the process of running away. Yuto replies that he's trying to bluff them: they might not want to waste their time on someone other than who they're specifically chasing. Shingo radios President Akaba for instructions. Reiji thinks of the Yuya Sakaki he's searching, the Destiny Factor who will decide the world's future. He thinks to himself that Yuya and he are similar - one-of-a-kind in the world. He studies the live video feed of Yuto, and he decides that while true this man isn't Yuya, there is a special aura surrounding him. He orders Shingo to continue the pursuit and bring him in. In the name of the Leo Corporation, Shingo declares that Phantom is under arrest. Yuya notes that the bluff didn't work, and Yuto prepares to battle.

Meanwhile nearby, Yuzu Hiiragi is following the helicopters, deducing that Phantom must be at the top of the building they have all gathered around. Finally, she spots the rooftop where Phantom and Shingo are preparing to Duel. To her frustration, she's on the next building over, and can't reach them. On the rooftop, Shingo opens an Action Field necessary for an Action Duel, and he chooses Haunted Demon Den as their scene. A dome of energy beings to swirl around the players as the field builds itself. Until the Duel ends, neither of the two players will be able to escape the dome. Yuzu, who sees that the dome has reached the building she's standing on, tries to enter, only to nearly knock herself out, as the dome can't be entered from the outside.

The Duel begins, and Shingo takes the first turn. Rather than making a play, he starts running around the field. Shun Kurosaki, another task force member watching from the helicopters, wonders if Shingo is planning to take an early lead using Action Cards, cards scattered thoroughout the Action Field that players can both add to and activate from their hands at any time. There are four Action Cards in this field, but only a single player can grab an Action Card each turn, so the voice in Yuto's head cajoles him to find one before Sawatari. Yuto takes off, but Shingo Normal Summons Underworld Knight Eidos to bar his way, giving Shingo enough time to steal the turn's action card.

Shingo reveals that he knows all the best places to search for cards on this Action Field, and he knows that only two of them are truly useful. A fifty percent chance, but luck was on his side, as he activates Haunted Missile to inflict 1000 damage to Yuto immediately, reducing his LP to 3000. After Eidos is Summoned, Shingo can also conduct an additional Tribute Summon during that turn. He Tributes Eidos to Tribute Summon Demon Emperor Angmar. With its effect, Shingo banishes Haunted Missile from his Graveyard to activate its effect again, inflicting another 1000 damage to Yuto and reducing his LP to 2000 on the first turn. The voice asks Yuto if he's alright, while Sora Shiunin, the third task force member, commends Sawatari for his craftiness.

Watching from outside the dome, Yuzu thinks about what will happen if Phantom loses this Duel. If he's captured by Leo Corporation, then she'll never have the chance to recruit him for her family's school, and her aspirations of fame and wealth will disappear. After a moment of pondering, she calls out encouragement to Phantom from her building, promising that if he wins, she'll increase his wage from four-and-a-half to five dollars an hour.

Yuto takes his turn, and nearby, he sees one of the remaining three Action Cards, and takes it immediately. Unfortunately, it's one of the two less useful cards Shingo mentioned - Haunted Legend Pair Card 1. It cannot be activated without the other Pair Card. He presses on, declaring he won't need Action Cards to win. He Sets two Trap Cards, and then he declares that he will activate the cards he just Set. Shingo calls him an amateur, as Traps cannot be activated the same turn they're Set, but Yuto informs him that his two Traps can be activated while he doesn't have a Trap Card in his Graveyard. He activates his two Phantom Knights Shade Brigandine, which Summon themselves to the field as Level 4 monsters.

Yuto builds the Overlay Network using his two Level 4 monsters. He Xyz Summons Dark Rebellion XYZ Dragon. Reiji Akaba, watching from the tower, is stunned that this Phantom hasn't used the Pendulum Summon, and wonders if he has any connection to Yuya Sakaki after all. Yuto uses the effect of Dark Rebellion XYZ Dragon, detaching its two Overlay Units to drain half of Angmar's 2400 ATK and add it to Dark Rebellion's 2500, increasing it to 3700. Yuto destroys Angmar with Dark Rebellion, reducing Shingo's LP to 1500. Sora marvels that with that effect, Yuto's monster is a true monster.

Shingo activates his Set Dark Advance, allowing him to revive his Emperor that was destroyed this turn. Yuto Sets a card to end his turn, and Shingo takes his own. With his monster's help, he leaps to a high cliff and snatches the third Action Card. Yuto proclaims that even if he couldn't get this turn's Action Card, his 3700-ATK monster won't be defeated so easily. Shingo asks if he's certain, and Tributes his Emperor to Tribute Summon Underworld Emperor Erebus, his ultimate Emperor.

With its effect he sends Emperor's Freezing Air and Emperor's Lava Attack from his Deck to the Graveyard to return Dark Rebellion XYZ Dragon to the Extra Deck. He then banishes those two cards he just sent to the Graveyard to activate the effect of Emperor's Freezing Air, destroying Yuto's Set Phantom Knights Tomb Shield. With no cards to defend him, Shingo attacks Yuto directly with his Emperor, which will ensure his victory. But Yuto responds with Phantom Knights Dark Gauntlet as he's being attacked while he has no cards on the field, Summoning it in Defense Position. It gains 300 DEF for every Phantom Knights card in his Graveyard, and with three, its DEF increases by 900 to 1500. Shingo responds with his Action Card Haunted Lance, increasing his monster's ATK by 500 to 3300, and allowing it to inflict piercing damage. Yuto's monster is destroyed, and his LP fall to 200. Shingo compliments his oppoent's stubborness before Setting a card and ending his turn. Erebus' ATK returns to 2800.

Yuto is recovering from the last attack when the voice notes that this opponent isn't a very good matchup for him, and volunteers to finish the Duel in his place. Yuto refuses, asking the voice exactly whose fault it is that they're in this situation to begin with. But the voice has made up its mind: there's an audience to be entertained. A flash of light envelops Yuto, and a new voice declares that he will be Shingo's opponent. A new challenger appears from the light and thanks his beloved audience for their patience. Yuya Sakaki declares that now the fun beings.

Featured Duel: Yuto vs. Shingo Sawatari[edit]

At the start of the Duel, the Field Spell Card "Haunted Demon Den" is activated, as per the rules of an Action Duel.

Turn 1: Shingo
Shingo Normal Summons "Underworld Knight Eidos" (800/1000). Next, he gets an Action Card, "Haunted Missile", and activates it, inflicting 1000 damage to Yuto (Yuto 4000 → 3000). Shingo activates the effect of "Eidos", which allows him to Tribute Summon once in addition to his Normal Summon/Set the turn it is Normal Summoned; he Tributes "Eidos" to Tribute Summon "Demon Emperor Angmar" (2400/1000). Upon being Tribute Summoned, the effect of "Angmar" activates, allowing Shingo to banish one Spell Card from his Graveyard to activate that card's effect. He banishes "Haunted Missile", inflicting 1000 more damage to Yuto (Yuto 3000 → 2000). Shingo Sets 1 card.

Turn 2: Yuto
Yuto gets an Action Card, "Haunted Legend Pair Card 1", but is unable to activate it, since that card requires another corresponding Action Card to be activated. Yuto Sets 2 cards and activates them right away, since he has no Trap Cards in his Graveyard; he activates two copies of "Phantom Knights Shade Brigandine", which Special Summon themselves as Level 4 monsters in Defense Position (DEF 800). Yuto overlays his two Level 4 monsters to Xyz Summon "Dark Rebellion XYZ Dragon" (2500/2000), and activates its effect right away, detaching its two Overlay Units to halve the ATK of "Angmar" ("Angmar": ATK 2400 → 1200) and increase its own ATK by the same amount ("Dark Rebellion": ATK 2500 → 3700). "Dark Rebellion" attacks and destroys "Angmar" (Shingo 4000 → 1500). Upon the destruction of "Angmar", Shingo activate his face-down "Dark Advance", Tribute Summoning the destroyed "Angmar" back from his Graveyard. Yuto Sets 1 card.

Turn 3: Shingo
Shingo gets an Action Card. He Tributes his Tribute Summoned "Angmar" to Tribute Summon "Underworld Emperor Erebus" (2800/1000). Upon its Tribute Summon, the effect of "Erebus" activates; Shingo sends "Emperor's Freezing Air" and "Emperor's Lava Attack" from his Deck to the Graveyard to return "Dark Rebellion" to Yuto's Extra Deck. Next, he activates the effect of "Emperor's Freezing Air", banishing itself and "Emperor's Lava Attack" from his Graveyard to destroy Yuto's face-down "Phantom Knights Tomb Shield". Shingo attacks Yuto directly with "Erebus", but Yuto activates "Phantom Knights Dark Gauntlet" from his hand; since he controls no cards, Yuto Special Summons "Dark Gauntlet" as a Level 4 monster in Defense Position (DEF 600); furthermore, its DEF increases by 300 for each "Phantom Knights" card in his Graveyard ("Dark Gauntlet" DEF 600 → 1500). A replay occurs, and Shingo attacks "Dark Gauntlet" with "Erebus", activating the Action Card "Haunted Lance", which increases the ATK of "Erebus" by 500 and allows it to inflict piercing battle damage ("Erebus" ATK 2800 → 3300). "Erebus" destroys "Dark Gauntlet" (Yuto 2000 → 200). Shingo Sets 1 card. At the end of the turn, the ATK of "Erebus" returns to normal ("Erebus" ATK 3300 → 2800).

Turn 4: Yuto
At this point, Yuya takes over for Yuto.

Duel continues in the next Scale.

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this chapter. Cards in italics debuted here.