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"Immortal Beings!!"
Title page
EnglishImmortal Beings!!
Japanese name
RōmajiFushi no Sonzai!
TranslatedImmortal Beings!
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V
Japanese magazineV Jump 2017 #7
English magazineWeekly Shonen Jump
Volume4: "Immortal Beings!!"
Release dates
JapaneseMay 20, 2017
EnglishMay 22, 2017
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"Immortal Beings!!", titled "Immortal Beings!" (不死の存在! Fushi no Sonzai!) in the Japanese version, is the twenty-second chapter of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V manga.

This chapter was first printed in Japanese in the July 2017 issue of V Jump, released on May 20, 2017.

While Yuya keeps struggling against Ren, the latter talks about his past, revealing a shocking truth about how the Genesis Omega Dragon manipulated his life.


The Duel against Ren, the first of the mysterious wielders of Genesis Omega Dragon, contiues; however, Yugo's power inside Yuya Sakaki has waned, and he has passed the torch to Yuya, who must now contend with Ren's White Aura Biphamet, a creature with divine power that defies logic. Thinking fast and playing smart with the cards Yugo left behind, Yuya manages to hold out against Ren's first assault, but unless he can solve the mystery of a god's divine power, he'll never be able to win this Duel.

Meanwhile, from a distant place, the rest of Eve's faction observe the Duel in progress; in particular, Isaac and Sora Shiunin, who are also monitoring for any sign of Reiji Akaba, the other bearer of the Adam Factor. Using their extensive network of spying probes and the power of G.O.D., Sora notices that someone is in fact spying on the Duel besides them. A camera probe is sent out, and a monitor reveals Reiji himself, and his hiding place: a Leo Corporation satellite far above the earth. Sora is impressed at how resourceful the president of Leo Corporation is, and Isaac reminds him that Reiji has a genius mind. Sora wonders if he should go confront him, but Isaac states that he will go personally.

Back at the Duel, Yuya considers his options: perhaps he could find a way to win without solving this mystery. But Yugo asked him to solve this mystery and win before passing the Duel to him, so Yuya decides to honor his wish. While he makes a plan, Ren suddenly swerves on the track as a sharp pain shoots through his arm. Ren is confused for a moment, as it wasn't a pain from any of his old wounds, but he realizes that his condition is rapidly worsening now. His condition being the same sickness that affects all the wielders of G.O.D.'s power - the price for divine power. Ren decides that it's time to end this game.

Ren stabilizes on the course, and Yuya chides himself for hoping that Ren would make a mistake and allow him to pass. He is silent for a moment, then notes that if Yugo hadn't spent the last few weeks training him for Turbo Dueling, he might not have even noticed Ren's slip. Yuya decides that he must win to honor Yugo's effort, and that to create the opening he needs, he must attack. Yuya begins his turn, and the next Action Card appears on the track, only to be claimed immediately by Ren. Yuya Tributes Enter-Mate Rolling Sambaa to Tribute Summon Enter-Mate Clay Breaker, with 2000 ATK. Rolling Sambaa, being a Pendulum Monster, goes to Yuya's Extra Deck face-up.

To continue, Yuya activates his Set card - Pendulum Halt. Since he now has at least three Pendulum Monsters in his face-up Extra Deck (Clearwing Fast Dragon, Speedroid Hexasaucer, and Rolling Sambaa), he can draw two cards. Ren realizes that Yuya, in a clever move, had Set Pendulum Halt as a bluff so that he would waste an Action Card to lock it last turn. Yuya attacks White Aura Biphamet with Clay Breaker. Ren wonders what Yuya could be planning by attacking with a weaker monster, and activates two Action Cards in response - Full Turn, which will double all battle damage this turn, and Limit Lock, which will prevent Yuya from increasing his monster's ATK this turn. If the attack connects, Yuya will take 2600 damage, and with only 1600 LP remaining, he will lose.

Yuya activates his monster's effect - when the Tribute Summoned Clay Breaker battles, Biphamet loses 500 ATK for every Pendulum Monster in Yuya's face-up Extra Deck, meaning Biphamet loses 1500 ATK, to 1800, making it weaker than Clay Breaker. Ren thinks to himself that Yuya is exploiting any flaws he can find, and considers his options. He could use the effect of his White Arbitration still in play to change Clay Breaker into Defense Position, but Yuya still has Speedroid Marble Machine in his Pendulum Zone, whose effect would allow him to change Clay Breaker back to Attack Position, and prevent its destruction for the rest of the turn. So he cannot prevent this attack.

The attack continues, and Biphamet is destroyed. The battle damage inflicted to Ren is doubled to 400, reducing his LP to 1350, and a piece of debris strikes Ren in the head. However, as Yuya is celebrating, the smoke clears to reveal White Aura Biphamet, now missing one of its heads, but still alive, and as Yuya watches, the missing head begins to reform. Ren explains that the gods always rise again and again, and so to does he and his allies. Yuya asks if that means Ren can't die either. Ren doesn't know, for he has lived for a very long time now, far past his original life. Ren tells Yuya that a far harder trial awaits him in the future. Someday, there will be something he must obtain, no matter the cost, and the only power to obtain it will be G.O.D.'s power.

Ren tells Yuya of his goal, from a time in his original life. He had been younger then, only 20 years old, and a promising Turbo Duelist. His own father had often told him stories about a Dueling genius from the past, a legend among all Turbo Duelists. Ren himself admired, even idolized that genius, and strove to be a professional Turbo Duelist. True, battling his idol was impossible, but he often dreamt of it, and trained hard to become a champion just like him. Unfortunately, grit, skill, and determination aren't enough to reach the top in that sort of industry - fame, luck, and most importantly, money are all vital, and his family just didn't have enough of any.

Ren stayed in obscurity for a long time, until one day he finally got his chance - the Maiami Memorial Race, bringing together the best from all around, and Ren among them. However, his Duel Runner was an old model, and the difference in machine power meant that his odds of victory in the tournament were non-existent, and every other Duelist would have their sights set on crushing the weak link. Soon though, Ren had another lucky break, in the form of the latest model of Duel Runner, delivered to him. Ren and his manager were astonished by their good fortune, until Ren received word that his father had collapsed and was in the hospital.

His father had worked too long, and too hard, sacrificing his health and his entire fortune for just a single Duel Runner for his son. Ren, standing by his bed-stricken father, wondered what having a dream meant if it led to an outcome like this. However, his father spoke him in that hospital room, and told Ren to achieve his dreams. His father had sacrificed everything for his own dream, that his son would see his dream through, and so Ren entered the tournament proudly, determined to win and make their dreams a reality.

The day of the race arrived, and everyone witnessed a miracle as the young Ren, who nobody had considered a candidate for being the winner, out-drove and out-played even the best veterans in the field. Ren was finally there, at the pinnacle of Turbo Dueling. With just one more attack, he would finally defeat his opponent, and be the champion he'd always dreamed of being. However, destiny did not choose Ren, not in his first life. Like the wing beats of a butterfly in the amazon, fate abandoned Ren at the slightest occurrence.

More specifically, when Ren took that fateful right turn, his Duel Runner drove over a butterfly sitting on the track. That momentary bump in the road at the exact wrong moment caused Ren to lose control of his Duel Runner, eventually causing him to crash. Ren was thrown from his Runner right into the concrete barrier, his Duel Runner in shambles, and him barely clinging onto life. Ren desperately tried to stand, to avoid his fate, because what was the point of all the pain if he were to die now? He willed himself to live, and something, a faceless entity of immense power, seemed to hear him. Or rather, seemed to choose him.

Suddenly, he was back on the track, declaring the attack that would make him the champion, all while a butterfly flew off peacefully. As his pit crew rushed to congratulate him, that same butterfly came to rest on a card held by a woman nobody else could see. That woman told him he had been chosen by G.O.D.. Sixty years later, at the end of a prestigious life that, and having made the most of the gifts his father gave him, Eve returned for Ren to call him into G.O.D.'s service.

Everyone, Ren explains to Yuya, has moments when they wish they could roll back time, to live life over again. G.O.D. grants those desires, just as he did for Ren all those years ago, and so here he is, repaying his debt. The experience was beyond the limits of his understanding, and when one finds something beyond human understanding, they stop searching for rational explanations and turn to god. He himself is one of those people. As he speaks, Ren throws aside his mask.

Ren calls out to Yuya and says that their meeting was a twist of fate he never expected. Yuya is shocked by the sight of Ren's face, not for the large, burn-like scar that covers half of it, but because the shape of his face is similar to his own. And the style of his hair looks almost exactly like Yugo's. Yuya realizes exactly who the legendary Turbo Duelist that Ren idolized was, and Ren exclaims that G.O.D.'s power is beyond imagination.

Featured Duel: Yugo/Yuya Sakaki vs. Ren[edit]

Duel continues from the previous Scale.

Turn 6: Yuya
Ren obtains an Action Card. Yuya Tributes "Enter-Mate Rolling Sambaa" to Tribute Summon "Enter-Mate Clay Breaker" (2000/1000). He then activates "Pendulum Halt", allowing him to draw two cards since there's at least three face-up Pendulum Monsters in his Extra Deck. Yuya attacks "White Aura Biphamet" with "Clay Breaker". Ren activates two Action Cards: "Full Turn", which will double any battle damage inflicted this turn, and "Limit Lock", preventing Yuya from increasing his monster's ATK this turn. Since it was Tribute Summoned, the effect of "Clay Breaker" activates, decreasing the ATK of "Biphamet" by 500 for each face-up Pendulum Monster in Yuya's Extra Deck ("Biphament": ATK 3300 → 1800). The attack hits, and due to the effect of "Full Turn", the battle damage inflicted to Ren is doubled (Ren 1750 → 1350). Despite this, "Biphamet" is not destroyed.[Notes 1]

Duel continues in the next Scale.

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this chapter. Cards in italics debuted here.


  1. The effect of "White Aura Biphamet" is still kept as a secret at this point.