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Several "Fluffal" monsters in the artwork of "Fluffal Crane".
Several "Fluffal" monsters in the artwork of "Fluffal Crane".
  • ファーニマル
  • Fānimaru (romanized)
  • Furnimal (translated)
  • Peluchimal
  • Kuscheltier
  • Fluffal
  • 퍼니멀
  • Peonimeol (romanized)
  • Furnimal (translated)
  • Fofanimal
  • Peluchanimal
Anime appearances
Manga appearances

"Fluffal", known as "Furnimal" (ファーニマル Fānimaru) in the OCG, is an archetype of Fairy monsters used by Sora Perse in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime and manga.



"Fluffal" monsters are based off of plush toys with angel-like wings on their backs (except for "Fluffal Owl", who has them on its head, "Fluffal Penguin" who sports them as a bow-tie, "Fluffal Wings", who itself is a set of wings), giving them a very cute and innocent appearance, in contrast with their "Frightfur" Fusion counterparts.


"Fluffal" is a portmanteau of "fluff" and "animal". Their Japanese archetype name, "Furnimal" is a portmanteau of "fur" and "animal". Their names tend to be their archetype name followed by a species of animal.

Playing style[edit]

This archetype focuses on Fusion Summon tactics, primarily to search out and recycle "Polymerization" while also utilizing cards such as "Edge Imp Sabres" and "Toy Vendor" along with "Fluffal Dog", giving the player easy access to the necessary cards to Fusion Summon "Frightfur" Fusion Monsters. As Fusion Summoning requires a large amount of cards, several "Fluffal" monsters help to quickly gain card advantage (such as "Fluffal Dog" and "Fluffal Wings") and recycle the necessary cards required upon being used as Fusion Material Monsters (such as "Fluffal Cat" and "Fluffal Rabbit").

The "Frightfur" monsters can be Fusion Summoned using "Edge Imp" monsters as the Fusion Material. They rely primarily on "Fluffal" archetype with boosting effects. "Frightfur" monsters also have offensive effects that either boost their ATK or grant additional attacks ("Frightfur Bear", "Frightfur Sabre-Tooth", "Frightfur Wolf", "Frightfur Tiger"), destroying cards on the opponent's field ("Frightfur Tiger", "Frightfur Leo"), prevents the opponent from activating cards or effects when they attack ("Frightfur Chimera", "Frightfur Sheep"), and even steal away an opponent's monster by equipping them to themselves or Special Summon them to their controller's field ("Frightfur Bear", "Frightfur Chimera").

"Frightfur" monsters have a small weakness in having specific "Edge Imp" monsters for Fusion Materials (outside of "Chimera"), but cards like "Fusion Reserve" and "Fusion Conscription" can help you in getting your needed "Edge Imps" to the hand, and "Fluffal Sheep" helps in recycling both your "Edge Imp" and "Fluffal" monsters. All five of the "Edge Imps" possess helpful abilities on their own, such as "Edge Imp Chain" searching your "Frightfur" Spell and Trap support whenever it hits the Graveyard, "Edge Imp Saw" providing extra draw power, and "Edge Imp Tomahawk" being able to substitute for any of the other "Edge Imp" monsters should they not be available in the hand or field.

The Deck responds badly to too many out of archetype cards, as they cannot be fused with, and the other Summoning methods are not nearly as important as your Fusion Summoning. But a notable synergy lies with "Lilith, Lady of Lament" who is able to search "Necro Fusion" by tributing herself and thus enabling you to summon "Frightfur Tiger" on the opponents turn and destroy as many cards as "Fluffal" Fusion Materials were used for its Fusion Summon as a disruptive play. "Lilith" herself can be Special Summoned from the deck with the Pendulum Effect of "Frightfur Meister" by tributing "Edge Imp Sabres".

Further non-archetypal support includes the Link Monsters "Predaplant Verte Anaconda", "Cross-Sheep", "Cherubini, Ebon Angel of the Burning Abyss".

Recommended cards[edit]


  • "Frightfur" monsters are vulnerable to cards like Fusion Monster Anti-Support cards.
  • The archetype as a whole is also effect-heavy, permitting cards like "Face-Off" (to counter "Fluffal Leo",) the aforementioned "Skill Drain" and "Soul Drain", "Skull Meister" and "Effect Veiler" to take advantage.
  • Cards that have banishing effects such as "Dimensional Fissure" and "Macro Cosmos", or prevent banished monsters (such as "Necrovalley") can also prevent "Frightfur" monsters from being easily summoned.