Bandit Warrior Academy

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Bandit Warrior Academy

Bandit Warrior Academy




Ryōzanpaku Juku

Japanese translated

Ryozanpaku School


Bandit Warrior Academy

Appears in (anime)

Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V


Ryozan Godagawa

Bandit Warrior Academy, known as Ryozanpaku School (りょうざんぱくじゅく Ryōzanpaku Juku) in the Japanese version, is a preparatory Duel school and is located in Paradise City. Its owner is Ryozan Godagawa.


Bandit Warrior Academy has an extremely forceful, martial arts-style training regime. Students are taught that victory is all that matters and that Dueling and smiles do not mix. They are not allowed to go outside except to attend classes, nor permitted to see their parents until they become pros. It is said that when it comes to creating pro Duelists, Bandit Warrior Academy is second only to Leo Institute of Dueling.

Bandit Warrior Academy's harsh training program.

The rather questionable and violent practices performed by the school are so infamous that the public tends to avoid proximity with them. Despite this, the school is not short on applicants.[1]

After the previous edition of the Arc League Championship where Iggy Arlo ended as a runner-up, Bandit Warrior Academy acquired Fusion Summoning and started teaching it to all of its students.[1][2]

When Yuya Dueled students from the school, they knocked him away from Action Cards or nearly caused him harm from the ARC System Fields, such as when Nagi and Taka nearly caused him to fall in lava in the Quartet of Quandry Action Field.


The Japanese name of the school, "Ryozanpaku", comes from Mount Liang, a mountain in China. It is well known as the stronghold of the 108 legendary Song Dynasty heroes (or Bandit Warriors) of the classic Chinese novel Water Margin.

List of students[edit]



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