Bloody Kiss

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Bloody Kiss

Bloody Kiss

English name

Bloody Kiss

Japanese name


Rōmaji name

Buraddī Kissu


Akiza Izinski

Bloody Kiss is Akiza Izinski's Duel Runner.[1] It was built by Yusei Fudo, Jack Atlas, and Crow Hogan, and given to Akiza as a gift when she took up Turbo Dueling.[2]


The Duel Runner before being modified for the Turbo Dueling exam.

Bloody Kiss was originally built by Yusei as a regular motorcycle that Akiza could use to practice for the first part of the exam, to obtain her Turbo Duel license. After she passed it, Yusei, Jack, and Crow worked hard on modifying it completely for Akiza's Turbo Dueling exam.


Bloody Kiss possesses two bladewings which are located at each side on the front. These bladewings are normally deployed whenever Akiza is riding it or Dueling; when not in use, these wings can retract and lower themselves. It is also shown to possesses a hybrid Duel Disk for Akiza to use in regular Duels.

During the World Racing Grand Prix, Bloody Kiss had the Team 5D's logo on it.


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