Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 4

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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 4
Box art
EnglishYu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 4
Release dates
JapaneseSeptember 17, 2009
North AmericanNovember 17, 2009[1]
United KingdomJanuary 22, 2010[2]
FrenchNovember 26, 2009
GermanNovember 26, 2009[3]
SeriesTag Force
PreviousGX Tag Force 3
Next5D's Tag Force 5

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 4 is the fourth installment in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Tag Force series.




  • The player no longer sees their partner's hand at all times.
  • The Destiny Draw system from Tag Force 2 and 3 returns. In addition, the player can now use Partner Synchro. The player is offered the choice to synchronize with their partner, and if they decide to do so, instead of conducting a Destiny Draw, the player takes control of their partner, sees the cards in their hand, and is allowed to decide the first action they should take during their Main Phase 1 after they draw a card normally.
  • The game's loading screen features a random one of Carly's Fortune Fairies.
  • Up to 200 Deck recipes can be stored.

UMD recognition[edit]


Tag Force 4 Game Originals[edit]

As with all the other Tag Force games, exclusive anime-only cards (namely the Dark Synchro and Dark Tuner monsters) were added in Tag Force 4. Anime exclusive cards from the previous 3 games are present, but not listed here.

Bolded cards have been printed in the OCG since this videogame was released.

Downloadable content[edit]

Starter Deck contents[edit]



Duelist 1
No Duelist Kind of Deck
001 Yusei Fudo (Signer and Satellite) Stardust/Junk/Synchron/Warrior Deck
002 Jack Atlas Dragon and Fiend Deck
003 Akiza Izinski (Signer and Duel Academy) Plant Deck
004 Leo Morphtronic Deck
005 Luna Fire Princess and Anti-Heal Deck
006 Crow Hogan Blackwing Deck
007 Carly Carmine (Reporter and Dark Signer) Fortune Fairy Deck / Fortune Lady Deck
008 Misty Tredwell (Top Model and Dark Signer) WATER Reptile Deck / Reptilianne Deck
009 Kalin Kessler (Enforcer and Dark Signer) Archfiend Deck / Infernity Deck
010 Devack Beast Deck
011 Roman Goodwin Spider Deck
012 Tetsu Trudge (Security and Shadow Drone) Warrior Deck / Mill Deck
013 Rally Dawson Turbo Deck
014 Mina Simington (Normal and angry) Fairy Deck / Burn Deck
Duelist 2
No Duelist Kind of Deck
015 Mimicry Normally uses Anti-Meta Decks, but his Partner Deck can be freely edited. Can be given any decklist to use for mirror matches in Free Duel mode.
016 Takuya Ito (Changed to Georg) Synchro Cat Deck
017 Yasuto Suzuki (Changed to Hose) Evil Hero Deck
018 Hiroshi Kumakura (Changed to Lioside) Harpie Deck
019 Dean Gladiator Beast Deck
020 Wade Counter Fairy Deck
021 Yasunobu Hamada (Changed to Gillian) Batteryman Deck
022 KENYoU Deck based around taking control of monsters
023 Bivin Turtle-themed Deck
024 Masaya Nakamura (Changed to Rio) Deck based on Silent Swordsman and Silent Magician
025 Mathew Final Attack Orders Deck
026 Enzo Rock Deck
027 Shuji Kubota (Changed to Terence) Gemini Deck
028 Simon Chaos Deck
029 Jaime Alien Deck
030 Syun WIND LV Deck
031 Disa Monarch Deck
032 Masha Horus Lockdown Deck
033 Peta Kelvin (Changed to Rie) Psychic Deck
034 Jewels Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys Deck
035 Andrea Jurrac Deck
036 Lily Exodia Deck
037 Seaside Muramoto (Changed to Maki) Sea Serpent Deck
038 Anca Warrior Toolbox Deck
039 Yumi Discard Deck
040 Celia Dark Simorgh Deck
041 No Money Yayoi (Changed to Rei) Dark Scorpion Deck
042 Kaia Destiny Hero Deck
043 Maia Final Countdown Deck
044 Maci Roid Deck
045 Nataly Ninja Deck
046 Kami Fish Deck
047 Wisteria Ritual Summon Deck
048 Cherry Beast/Machine Deck
049 Yuma Neos Deck
050 Odelia Tuner Deck
051 Tasha Six Samurai Deck
052 Rayna Spellcaster Deck
053 Bright Burn Deck
054 Ida Skill Drain Deck
055 Nadia Dark World Deck
056 Reyna Zombie Deck
057 Maggie Dark Paladin Deck
057 Hana Flamvell Deck
059 Cali Gadget Deck
060 Naomi Lightsworn Deck
061 Akihiro Yamane (Changed to Moses) Reptile-Type Worm Deck
062 Mark Freedom (Changed to Ivan) Crystal Beast Deck
063 Tsukasa Naritasan (Changed to Giry) VWXYZ Deck
064 Kentaro Miyazaki (Changed to Michael) Banish/Mill Deck
065 Yosuke Adachi (Changed to Taku) Deck based on Chain Links
066 Koji Yamamoto (Changed to Bawnji) Gradius Deck
067 Senshi Teshima (Changed to Walter) X-Saber Deck
068 Toshiyuki Kadoi (Changed to Hayden) Cyber Dragon/Cyberdark Deck
069 Yasuhisa Ito (Changed to Zanny) Cloudian Deck
070 Takashi Nakamoto (Changed to Nathan) Mist Valley Deck
071 Daisy Dragunity Deck
072 Edith Beast Deck
073 Mint Volcanic Deck
074 Lara Wight Deck
075 Olivia Wetlands Deck
076 Nadine Fabled Deck
077 Sara Naturia Deck
078 Pearl Mokey Mokey Deck
079 Emma Ally of Justice Deck
080 Alice Uria, Lord of Searing Flames Deck
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5C's
No Duelist Kind of Deck
081 Jumbo Counter Fairy Deck
082 Ryusei Junk Synchro Deck
083 King Jyaku Disaster Dragon Deck
084 Duelua Morphtronic Deck
085 Dueluka Bad Reaction to Simochi Deck

The majority of characters have different names in the English version than the original Japanese. The Japanese version of this game featured 43 video game new characters. However, when the game was translated to English, 19 of these characters had their names changed to that of characters from previous Tag Force games who were excluded from this game. These 19 characters are listed above by their Japanese names in italics, followed by the English name in parenthesis.


  • Blister can be paid DP to show you the location and mood of all duelists for a week on the map. He is always found in the "Back Alley" area.
  • Nerve will randomly give you something that he either found or stole, usually an item or 200 DP. He usually lurks somewhere around Satellite.
  • Tank will give you an assortment of cards he's scrounged from around Satellite. Most of the cards are Low-ATK Normal Monsters, but occasionally he can give you powerful cards, like cards only obtainable when you complete Duelist 1's story, like "Dark Strike Fighter", "Thought Ruler Archfiend" or "Gigaplant". The cards he gives cannot actually be purchased in the Card Shop, so visiting Tank regularly is the only way to fill out the Card Album to 100%. His location is random, but usually within Satellite.
  • Tenzen Yanagi will take 100 DP to give you a chance of getting an alternate art card by playing rock-paper-scissors. If you win, you get the card. If you lose or draw, you get nothing.
  • Lenny can allow you to edit a Partner's Deck before you have earned the right to do it by paying a fee. He can also reset a character's hearts to zero so you can replay their storyline and, when available, he can allow you to view alternate versions of a character, such as the Dark Signer versions of Carly and Misty. He is always found near the incomplete bridge on Satellite.
  • The MC is randomly hiding in one area on the map, and changes location constantly. If you manage to find him, he can give you a prize of rare cards, a lot of DP, gift items, or increase a partner's Heart meter.
  • Boylston can be found somewhere in Satellite, and if you have a partner with you at the time, he will tell a story to both of you that will increase your partner's Heart Meter slightly.
  • Rex Goodwin appears briefly during the Duelist 2's Second Heart.

Character storylines[edit]

Completing the storyline of a Tier 1 character earns the player three copies of the character's signature card. The only exception is Carly, who instead gives out 2 copies of 2 of her Fortune Fairies during her first three events and an additional copy of each after finishing the last one. These cards cannot be purchased at the Card Shop, so completing the respective character's storylines is essential to obtain every card.

Unlike in Tag Force 2 and Tag Force 3, you do not permanently partner with one character. Instead, every individual character constantly gains Heart points whenever you positively interact with them, and partnerships only last until the end of the day. When you partner with one character, you fill their Heart meter as you interact with other characters, so partnering often is recommended even if you only Duel solo most of the time. In order to most efficiently fill up a character's hearts, you might want to improve their mood by giving them gifts from the vending machine outside the Card Shop.

The Player can interact with characters in one of four ways:

  • About Cards: The player is given a card quiz by showing them a card picture and will fill the heart meter if they answer correctly.
  • About Duels: The player asks how a character is doing in duels and when they answer the player has to beat them in a game of rock-paper-scissors to fill the heart meter.
  • About them: When the player asks about a subject a conversation mini-game begins. In this game, the player must connect branches to certain bubbles so that all three line up to say "Very Good".
  • Persons of Interest: Then the player asks a character about a certain person of interest he/she will tell them about three main character duelists that catch their interest. An example will be Masha seems to like Yusei, Misty and Mina. A main character's heart meter will fill if they are a character's person of interest.

When a character's storyline is completed, they will always offer to partner with you when entering their area, and if you are already partnered with someone, they will give you a card pack or an item.

Yusei Fudo (Signer)

Yusei Fudo's (Unmarked)

(Note: This storyline closely mimics the first five episodes of the 5Ds anime, wherein Yusei escapes from Satellite into the City to get Stardust Dragon back from Jack. As a nod to the first episode, in this storyline, Yusei refuses to speak during events, only saying 'Duel me.')

Jack Atlas

Akiza Izinski (Normal)

Akiza Izinski (Duel Academy)

(Note: This is not Akiza as she was when she returned to Duel Academy, but how she was during her first attendance; convinced that everyone is out to get her, she lashes out violently at anyone and everyone who tries to reach out to her, turning her paranoid beliefs into reality).

Crow Hogan



Kalin Kessler (Dark Signer)

Kalin Kessler (Enforcer)

Carly Carmine (Normal)

Carly Carmine (Dark Signer)

Misty Tredwell (Normal)

Misty Tredwell (Dark Signer)

Tetsu Trudge (Normal)

Tetsu Trudge (Shadow Drone)

Mina Simington (Normal)

Mina Simington (Angry)

Rally Dawson


Note: Devack's initial Partner Deck is made exclusively out of high-Level monsters, with no way to summon his monsters. The Deck is useless until it is edited, making it mandatory to find Lenny and pay him 10,000 DP to unlock the ability of editing Devack's Deck.

Roman Goodwin

Tier 2 Characters' Story A secondary character refers to a character in the Duelist 2 list. All of them share the same story and upon completion, the player receives a photo of himself and a group of secondary characters.


  • 001 - Clear Bonus - 8 DP x number of character storylines finished
  • 002 - Level Bonus - 4 DP x player level
  • 003 - Challenge Bonus - 4 DP x each Challenge completed in the save file
  • 004 - Lose - 10 DP if the player loses the duel
  • 005 - Draw Game Bonus - 50 DP if the duel ends in a draw
  • 006 - Turn Bonus - 2 DP per turn
  • 007 - Tag Duel Victory Bonus - 200 DP if the player's team wins a Tag Duel
  • 008 - Network Duel Victory Bonus
  • 009 - Match Game Bonus - 50 DP
  • 010 - Level Up Bonus - 400 DP when the player's Duelist Level goes up
  • 011 - Duelist Bonus - 100 DP x opponent's Deck Level. In case of a Tag Duel, both opponents' Deck Levels are added up, then they are multiplied by 100, and the result is then divided by 2.
  • 012 - Exodia Finish Bonus - 100 DP if the player wins with the effect of "Exodia the Forbidden One"
  • 013 - Destiny Board Finish Bonus - 200 DP if the player wins with the effect of "Destiny Board"
  • 014 - No More Cards Bonus - 50 DP if the player wins when the opponent has to draw cards but they have no cards in their Main Deck
  • 015 - Final Countdown Finish Bonus - 100 DP if the player wins with the effect of "Final Countdown"
  • 016 - Last Turn Finish Bonus - 100 DP if the player wins with the effect of "Last Turn"
  • 017 - Vennominaga Wins - 100 DP if the player wins with the effect of "Vennominaga the Deity of Poisonous Snakes"
  • 018 - Exodius Wins - 100 DP if the player wins with the effect of "Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord"
  • 019 - Quick Finish Bonus - 20 DP if the player wins in 5 or less turns
  • 020 - Reversal Finish Bonus - 20 DP if the player wins during a turn that started with the opponent having more Life Points than the player
  • 021 - Opponent's Turn Finish Bonus - 50 DP if the player wins during the opponent's turn
  • 022 - Partner Victory Bonus - 100 DP if the player's partner wins a Tag Duel
  • 023 - Low LP Bonus - 50 DP if the player wins a duel with 1000 or less Life Points left
  • 024 - Extremely Low LP Bonus - 200 DP if the player wins a duel with 100 or less Life Points left
  • 025 - No Damage Bonus - 50 DP if the player wins a duel without losing any Life Points
  • 026 - Over 20,000 LP Bonus - 50 DP if the player wins a duel in which they had 20,000 or more Life Points at any point
  • 027 - Konami Bonus - 573 DP if the player wins a duel with exactly 5730 Life Points left
  • 028 - Low Deck Bonus - 50 DP if the player wins a duel with 5 or less cards left in the Main Deck
  • 029 - Extremely Low Deck Bonus - 200 DP if the player wins a duel with no cards left in the Main Deck
  • 030 - Spell Card Bonus - Activate any number of Spell Cards - 2 DP x the amount of times the player activated Spell Cards
  • 031 - Trap Card Bonus - Activate 10 or more Trap Cards - 2 DP x the amount of times the player activated Trap Cards
  • 032 - No Spell Cards Bonus - 150 DP if the player wins a duel without activating any Spell Cards
  • 033 - No Trap Cards Bonus - 150 DP if the player wins a duel without activating any Trap Cards
  • 034 - Fusion Summon Bonus - 10 DP x number of times the player Fusion Summoned
  • 035 - Ritual Summon Bonus - 10 DP x number of times the player Ritual Summoned
  • 036 - Tribute Summon Bonus - 10 DP x number of times the player Tribute Summoned
  • 037 - Synchro Summon Bonus - 1 DP x number of times the player Synchro Summoned
  • 038 - No Special Summon Bonus - 200 DP if the player wins a duel without performing Special Summons
  • 039 - Chain Bonus - Perform a Chain with 3 or more Chain Links - 2 DP x the player's highest Chain Link
  • 040 - Max Attack Bonus - (Highest ATK on the player's field during the duel / 50) DP, rounded down
  • 041 - Max Damage Bonus - Inflict 3000 or more battle damage to your opponent with a single attack - (Highest damage / 250 ) DP, rounded down
  • 042 - LP Differential Bonus - (Largest difference between both Life Point totals while the player's Life Points were lower / 250) DP, rounded down
  • 043 - Max Reflected Damage Bonus - Inflict 3000 or more battle damage to your opponent as a result of their own attacks - (Highest reflected damage / 50) DP, rounded down
  • 044 - Exactly 0 LP Bonus - 200 DP if the player wins a duel by inflicting damage that reduces the opponent's Life Points exactly to 0
  • 045 - Battle Damage Only Bonus - 30 DP if the player wins without inflicting effect damage
  • 046 - Effect Damage Only Bonus - 20 DP if the player wins without inflicting battle damage
  • 047 - Destroy in Battle Bonus - 4 DP x number of opponent's monsters that were destroyed by battle
  • 048 - Avenge Bonus - 8 DP x number of opponent's monsters that were destroyed by battle as a result of your opponent's attack
  • 049 - Destroy by Effect Bonus - 8 DP x number of opponent's cards that were destroyed by your card effects
  • 050 - Removed from Play Bonus - 4 DP x number of opponent's cards that were removed from play
  • 051 - Hand Destruction Bonus - 4 DP x number of opponent's cards that were discarded from their hand
  • 052 - Deck Destruction Bonus - 8 DP x number of opponent's cards that were discarded from their Deck
  • 053 - Return to Hand Bonus - 8 DP x number of opponent's cards that were returned from their field to the hand
  • 054 - Key Card Destruction Bonus - Destroy / remove from play / take control of the opponent's most important cards - 30 DP per card
  • 055 - Luck Bonus - Win multiple coin tosses and/or dice rolls in a row - 111 DP x highest streak
  • 056 - Spell Counter Bonus - 6 DP x number of Spell Counters generated
  • 057 - Union Bonus - 6 DP x number of times Union monsters succesfully Special Summoned themselves or equipped themselves to other monsters
  • 058 - Level Up Bonus - 6 DP x number of times "LV" monsters were Special Summoned by the effects of "LV" monsters
  • 059 - Position Move Bonus - 6 DP x number of times cards were moved by effects such as "Senet Switch"
  • 060 - Double Bonus - 6 DP x number of times the player Gemini Summoned
  • 061 - Alien Bonus - 6 DP x number of times the player placed A-Counters on the field
  • 062 - Crystal Beast Bonus - 6 DP x number of times the player placed "Crystal Beast" monsters in their Spell/Trap Zone
  • 063 - Same Card Bonus - 50 DP if the player wins a duel in which they controlled 3 non-Token cards with the same name
  • 064 - All Monster Card Zone Bonus - 100 DP if the player's Monster Zones were all occupied by monsters
  • 065 - No Monster Card Zone Bonus - 200 DP if all of the opponent's Monster Zones were unusable
  • 066 - New Bonus - 50 DP when the player obtains a bonus that had not been obtained before


Leo and Luna's PenthouseBack AlleySector SecurityTops PlazaCarly's ApartmentMisty's ApartmentArcadia MovementDowntown DistrictStadiumHospitalHighway UnderpassParty HallAbandoned FactoryYusei's HideoutSatellite SquareShorelineCrow's HideoutB.A.D. AreaOld Enerdy Systemworld map
Click on a location to view the area's article.

Locations in the game on the map include:

Other notes[edit]

Box art for the Japanese version of this game.
  • The color of the map determines the time of day:
    • Sky blue is early morning.
    • Yellow is daytime.
    • Orange is sunset.
    • Blue is evening.
    • Indigo is late night.
  • Dark Signer characters usually only appear near the end of the day (near nightfall).
  • Bringing specific figure items to Rathie - specifically, the "White Magician Pikeru", "Ebon Magician Curran", "Dark Magician Girl", "Card Ejector" and "Cyber Tutu" figures - gives the player a 10% discount for purchasing packs per figure. Completing this set is also necessary to unlock the "Lovey Dovey" card pack.
  • When you talk to Tenzen Yanagi after you play rock-paper-scissors with him, regardless if you win or lose, he offers to tell you a story of when he fought aliens alongside a dolphin. This is a reference to Yu-Gi-Oh! GX - Jaden fought an alien robot in space while being assisted by "Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin".
  • Completing the storylines of all 4 Signers allows you to add 1 Forbidden card to your Deck.

Promotional cards[edit]


In the Japanese version, many of the characters are named after members of the production staff.

Operation Staff
Original character and monster design
  • Takeshi Kameta
Direction and game design
  • Koji Yamamoto
  • KENYou
Konami Unit
Directional assistant
  • Tsuyoshi Shimizu
Duel Programming
  • Hideyuki Takahashi
  • Akihiro Yamane
Character icon creation
  • Yasuhiko Tanaka
  • Yuki Kato
Design Assistant
  • Yashunori Kobayashi
  • Osamu Fukushima
Sound producer
  • Ayumi Kashizaki
Sound director
  • Yasuhisa Ito
  • Tomoaki Hirono
  • Sota Fujimori
  • Miki Murai
  • Atsushi Sato
  • Toshihisa Furusawa
  • Rie Yamatani
  • Toshiyuki Miyamoto
Sound programmer
  • Hideyuki Akutsu
  • Kiyoko Kumasaka
  • Tomoharu Nakano
Deck configuration
  • Yasuto Suzuki
Package and manual design
  • Shizuko Konedo
  • Toru Murakami
Web pages creation
  • Hiroaki Takahashi
  • Koji Hatano
QA testing
  • KDE-J Monitoring group
Tenky Unit
Development producer
  • Nobuko Narita
Development director
  • Hiroshi Teshima
Main programming
  • Kozo Nishino
Sub programming
  • Takuya Ito
  • Tetsutaro Hoshino
Technical director
  • Toshiyuki Hashitani
  • Hidekazu Kurihara
  • Naoto Kasuga
  • Kaeru Haruhara
3D design director
  • Takashi Nakamoto
3D character development
  • Takashi Nakamoto
  • Shinya Igusa
  • Tomokazu Nishikata
  • Hideki Sano
  • Kazunori Yahata
  • Takahiko Kimura
  • Atushi Furui
  • Daisuke Shimizu
  • Kazuki Matsuo
  • Keiichi Nagao
  • Motohiro Tokunaga
Background modeling
  • Ryo Mizuno
2D character development
  • Toshiyuki Kadoi
  • Kazuhiro Sasaki
System menu creation
  • Toshiyuki Kadoi
  • Kazuhiro Sasaki
  • Ryo Mizuno
Background art production
  • Team Oota
  • Masaru Oota
  • Sadayuki Arai
  • NELKE Planning, inc.
  • Sawako Todoroki
Scenario cooperation
  • Tohru Takasaki
3D character cooperation
  • FLAME, inc.
  • Ken Obayashi
  • Yutaka Ito
  • Nobuhiro Yamazaki
  • Shigeo Jahana
  • Motoi Tashiro
  • Kiyofumi Nishida
  • Asuka Murata
  • Wataru Terashima
  • Studio A-CAT
  • Toshihiro Honda
Voice actors
Game original characters
  • Keiko Utsumi
  • Suzune Okabe
  • Rion Kako
  • Azusa Kataoka
  • Aki Kanada
  • Mika Sakenobe
  • Mayumi Tsuchiya
  • Akira Nakagawa
  • Rie Nakagawa
  • Noriko Namini
  • Rumine Fukuzawa
  • Hisato Fukuda
  • Mai Fujita
  • Shinobu Matsumoto
  • Risa Mizuno
  • Koichi Yokota
  • Maya Yoshioka
Development cooperation
  • TENKY co. ltd
Special thanks
  • Katsuhiro Nakayama
  • Hiroki Muraoka
  • Kenichi Akama
  • Akihiro Takatoku
  • Toshiyuki Yagashiro
  • Kazuki Iida
  • Masanori Hagimoto
  • Yohei Takado
  • Yuji Kubo
  • Masakuni Nakazawa
  • Satoshi Yoshimitsu
  • Natsuyo Tanaka
Executive production
  • Kenji Shimoide
Presented by
  • Konami Digital Entertainment


  • The effect of "Flamvell Firedog" incorrectly says that you can Special Summon from your Graveyard, but it Special Summons from the Deck, as it should.
  • Cards whose only TCG prints at the time were misprinted, such as "Gladiator's Return" and "Super Vehicroid - Stealth Union", display their misprinted text, but their effects work correctly.
  • In this game, you can add Synchro Monsters to your Main Deck. First, change the layout in the Deck Editing Menu, and after that, move Synchro Monsters from your Trunk to your Side Deck, and then from the Side Deck, hold the R button and press X. Then the Synchro Monsters will be move to your Main Deck. However, when the Duel starts, when an effect has been activated, the game hangs. Sometimes, when you activate a card effect that searches a card(s) from your Deck, the Synchro Monsters in your hand return to your Extra Deck.
  • "Morphtronic Bind"'s effect is applied even while face-down, as "Dragon's Rage"'s did in Tag Force 3. The oversight on "Dragon's Rage" still remains as well.
  • When you have a Gemini monster on the field that could destroy a monster or attack directly using an effect (such as "Infinity Dark", "Shadow Delver", and "Goggle Golem"), your partner will often attack with it, even if it does not have its effects yet. This results in a pointless suicide attack.
  • In general, your partner will only very rarely Gemini Summon your Gemini monsters, even if the effect would win the duel or they are not spending the required Normal Summon themselves. Sometimes, they will even ignore a Set "Supervise" that could be used on said monster. The lone exception to this hole in the AI seems to be "Dark Valkyria".
  • When a "Tytannial, Princess of Camellias" that was Special Summoned by "Miracle Fertilizer" Tributes itself to negate a targeting card effect, "Miracle Fertilizer" will not destroy itself.
  • Sometimes when your opponent activates the "Destiny Draw" and you cancel the animation, a second glowing Deck appears with the same number of cards as your opponent's Deck. It disappears after the Destiny Draw is performed.
  • The card "Il Blud" misspells the word "from" to "form".
  • When resolving the effect of "Pot of Avarice", the animation shows that Fusion Monsters, Synchro Monsters and Dark Synchro Monsters as being returned to the Main Deck. However, they are properly returned to the Extra Deck.
  • When viewing cards in the Graveyards, they all share the name with the first card in them. This is only a display issue, however, and has no actual effect on gameplay.


  • "Majestic Dragon"'s password is not recognized by the password machine. The only way to obtain "Majestic Dragon" and "Majestic Star Dragon" in the game is to download them from the Yu-Gi-Oh! website.


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