Fortune Lady

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Fortune Lady
"Fortune Lady Earth", "Fortune Lady Light" and "Fortune Lady Wind" in the artwork of "Inherited Fortune".
  • フォーチュンレディ
  • Fochūnredi (romanized)

  • Demoiselle de Fortune

  • Schicksalsdame

  • Signora della Fortuna

  • 포츈 레이디
  • Pochyun Reidi (romanized)

  • Senhora Fortuna

  • Adivinadora


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Anime appearances

"Fortune Lady" (フォーチュンレディ Fochūnredi) is an archetype of Spellcaster monsters, which are also evolved versions of the "Fortune Fairy" monsters. They are used by Carly Carmine while she was a Dark Signer in the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's anime.

After Carly's transformation into a Dark Signer, the cards in her Deck changed. The "Fortune Fairies" evolved into the "Fortune Ladies". Each "Fortune Lady" is an evolved version of the "Fortune Fairies" of the same Attribute and Level.

"Fortune Lady Light" and "Fortune Lady Fire" were first released in Ancient Prophecy, while the rest were released in Stardust Overdrive.

Each "Fortune Lady" has a different Attribute and Level from 1 to 6. Each one's Attribute and Level correspond to that of her "Fortune Fairy" counterpart. All Ladies are Spellcaster Effect Monsters, with ? ATK and DEF. In the OCG, the names of all known Fortune Ladies have been their Attribute with an added "y" at the end. They all have effects that increase their Levels by 1 each Standby Phase and gain a fixed amount of ATK times their Level. All of their effects either activate when they are Summoned or are used to Special Summon other Fortune Ladies, meaning that they can be strategically used once "Future Visions" is also on the field. They can also be protected with the help of "Slip of Fortune".

"Fortune Lady Light" and "Fortune Lady Fire" both appears as characters in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2010: Reverse of Arcadia.


The OCG cards have similar names to 4 of the element Clow Cards in Cardcaptor Sakura (Windy, Earthy, Firey, Watery). They also seem to derive some inspiration from CLAMP's style in general, such as Fire strongly resembling Hikaru from Magic Knight Rayearth (Though this is more evident in her previous form, "Fortune Fairy En").


Fortune Lady ATK/DEF
Fire 200
Water 300
Dark 400

Playing style[edit]

"Fortune Lady" Decks either revolve around a hit-and-fade strategy involving careful field control leading into a quick field swarm offensive with powerful attacking monsters or very specific combination Decks with a focused win condition. Quite often though, Fortune Lady cards are incorporated into a mixed Deck style where they act as a draw engine through the use of "Fortune's Future" and/or "Fortune Lady Water" with "Fortune Lady Dark" that improves the effectiveness of the core Deck strategy.

To pick off specific theme cards though for assessment, "Fortune Lady Wind" is not a commonly used card in a pure Fortune Lady Deck because its effect only activates when it is Normal Summoned and not Special Summoned like other Fortune Lady monsters.

"Fortune Ladies" need to swarm the field quickly using "Fortune Lady Light" and "Fortune Lady Dark". For example, you can play "Fortune Lady Light" while "Future Visions" is face-up on the field to Special Summon "Fortune Lady Dark". Using "Fortune Lady Dark" and "Fortune Lady Light's" effects, you can Special Summon:

  • "Fortune Lady Water" to draw 2 cards, and keep constant hand advantage.
  • "Fortune Lady Fire" to destroy an opponent's troublesome monster (and inflict burn damage).
  • "Fortune Lady Past" to Synchro Summon "Fortune Lady Every".
  • If you control two "Fortune Lady Dark" and any Fortune Lady destroys a monster by battle and sends it to the Graveyard, you can activate both of their effects and Special Summon two "Fortune Ladies".

Recommended cards[edit]


Even though the "Fortune Ladies" have an immense amount of draw power and can grow in strength with each passing turn, their effects can easily be ruined through simple cards such as "Forbidden Chalice", "Skill Drain" and "Gladiator Beast War Chariot". Worse, due to their dynamic Level values and the fact that they are composed of each of the six main Attributes, cards like "Gozen Match", "Battle of the Elements", "Attention!" and "Unification" can not only expunge them off the Field but even keep it that way for quite some time, which can be better than using mass-removing staples like "Dark Hole" and "Torrential Tribute". Similarly, "Doom Donuts" and "Overworked" can also clean house since a "Fortune Lady"'s original ATK and DEF would both be 0.

"Fortune Ladies" tend to rely on summoning, as they must be summoned either from the Graveyard, by "Fortune Lady Dark", or from your hand (through cards like "Inherited Fortune"), or solely on the effects of "Fortune Lady Light". If the swarm starts too late, it can be very difficult to win. Against other swarm Decks, such as "Blackwings", "Future Visions" can slow down both Decks if you don't have "Fortune Lady Light". Likewise, if "Fortune Lady Dark" is somehow sent to Graveyard, the swarming is pretty much disrupted. Moreover, even if she's on the Field, cards like "The Transmigration Prophecy", "Foolish Return", "Evilswarm Ouroboros", "Soul Release" and "Out of the Blue" can interdict "Fortune Lady Dark" from reviving any "Fortune Lady" sitting in the Graveyard.

Finally, "Number 33: Chronomaly Machu Mech" can deal "Fortune Lady" players a very expeditious end. Since a "Fortune Lady"'s original ATK and DEF would both be 0, it can jack up its offensive points to astronomical heights hastily whilst also seriously Burning the player (especially if its effect targets "Earth" or "Dark", the two strongest "Ladies" in terms of their base Levels.) ATK boosters like "Solidarity" and "Time Passage" only make "Machu Mech"'s potency against this Deck more of a debacle.