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"Jurrac Spinos" and two "Spinos Tokens"
  • ジュラック
  • Jurakku (romanized)
  • Préhistorique
  • Prehistoric (translated)
  • Jurassier
  • Jurrac
  • 쥬락
  • Jyurak (romanized)
  • Jurrac
  • Jurrac
Anime appearances

"Jurrac" (ジュラック Jurakku) is an archetype of FIRE Dinosaur monsters released as Duel Terminal Promos in Duel Terminal - Demon Roar God Revival!! and Hidden Arsenal 2.

Duel Terminal Storyline[edit]

The invasion of the "Worms" has barely affected the "Jurracs". However, after having watched battles desolate the ground below, "Fabled Valkyrus" descends to the nearby realm of the "Jurracs". When the wicked gods suddenly struck, the "Jurracs" fought back with the flames that covered their bodies.

The "Jurracs", victims of the most intense attacks of the Fabled's conquest scheme, transformed their bodies into meteors, and completely razed the land where the "Fabled" dwelt. From the ashes, a new fire was born, the "Neo Flamvell".

The wishes of those who lost their bodies by dropping the "Meteor" awoke the God of the Ancient Flames. The tribe of Fire becomes one with the ancient deity, sweeping away the "Fabled" that remained in their realm.



Visually, most "Jurrac" monsters are brightly colored, usually with bright red and yellow extremities and blue bodies, resembling the various colors of flame.


"Jurrac" is derived from the word, "Jurassic". Each "Jurrac" monster is based on and named after a genus of dinosaur with the exceptions of "Jurrac Dino", which resembles a Ceratosaurus but is named after Deinonychus, "Jurrac Meteor", which is named after the meteor that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs, and "Jurrac Ptera", which is named after Pteranodon, a flying reptile called a pterosaur that isn't actually a dinosaur.


Jurrac Origin
Aeolo Allosaurus
Brachis Brachiosaurus
Dino Deinonychus
Gallim Gallimimus
Giganoto Giganotosaurus
Guaiba Guaibasaurus
Herra Herrerasaurus
Iguanon Iguanodon
Meteor Dinosaur extinction
Monoloph Monolophosaurus
Protops Protoceratops
Ptera Pteranodon
Spinos Spinosaurus
Stauriko Staurikosaurus
Titano Tyrannotitan
Tyrannus Tyrannosaurus
Velo Velociraptor
Velphito Dromaeosauridae

Playing style[edit]

A "Jurrac" Deck focuses on destroying monsters by battle to trigger advantage-building effects. With the combination of "Jurrac Velo", "Jurrac Guaiba", and "Fossil Dig", they have lots of search power.

"Jurrac" effects tend to deal with destroying monsters by battle and gaining ATK by tributing other Dinosaurs. "Jurrac Giganoto", one of the three "Jurrac" Synchro Monsters, has the ability to grant additional ATK points to "Jurrac" monsters on the field for each "Jurrac" in the player's Graveyard.

Notably, many of the "Jurrac" monsters search "Jurracs" with 1700 ATK or less, as opposed to the customary 1500 or less often searched (such as with "Giant Rat", "UFO Turtle", and "Masked Dragon").


  • High ATK: "Jurracs" whose effects trigger in battle have plenty of opportunity to do so. The low-Level Jurracs generally have 1700 ATK, which is decent, but they have no equivalent to "Honest" or "Kalut" (i.e. surprise ATK-boosters). Instead, a Jurrac player should use "Jurrac Giganoto", and "Shrink" or "Half Counter". "Solidarity" is also a fairly good choice, boosting a 1700 ATK monster to the point where it can take down a "Monarch" in battle. "Burden of the Mighty" can be used, as can single-use tricks like "Forbidden Lance". ATK-boosting is fairly essential to a "Jurrac" Deck.
  • Synchro/Xyz capability: Again, "Jurrac Guaiba" is a star here. With the ability to quickly recruit Level 1, 2, or 3 Tuners, the Deck easily produces Level 5, 6, or 7 Synchro Monsters. In addition, you can use any 2 Level 4 "Jurracs" for the Xyz Summon of "Evolzar Laggia", who negates Spells, Traps, and Summons or "Evolzar Dolkka", who negates Monster Effects. Furthermore, "Jurrac Aeolo" can be used with "Rekindling" to gain advantage and modulate Levels for any situation. While the Deck has trouble reaching Level 8 on its own, you can add "Flamvell Firedog" and "Flamvell Magician" for use with "Rekindling".


  • Tough monsters: Like "Gladiator Beast" Decks, a "Jurrac" Deck that cannot defeat the opponent's monsters is crippled. If the opponent prevents you from Special Summoning, you will have to depend on Normal and Tribute Summons. If the opponent prevents you from battling (for example, with "Ally of Justice Catastor") or eliminates the cards used to boost ATK, few of the monsters will do anything for you. For this reason, it's a good idea to run "Dimensional Prison" and similar cheap removal.
  • Graveyard recursion: Besides "Jurrac Aeolo" and the difficult "Jurrac Meteor", Jurracs do not have many ways to Special Summon monsters from the Graveyard. "Jurrac Herra" can revive itself, but its effect should not trigger often in normal play. However, "Kinka-byo" and "Rekindling" can be used to recycle "Jurrac Aeolo" in a Deck centered on it, allowing for big plays from the Graveyard. "Fossil Excavation" can also be used to dump and revive a "Jurrac" monster, but is very vulnerable to "Mystical Space Typhoon" and negates the revived monster's effect.
  • Backrow dependence: Due to high draw power combined with a lack of Continuous or Quick Effects, "Jurracs" rely on Spell and Trap support to convert their physical strength into advantage. They can't do much against mass removal and OTKs. For this reason, "Effect Veiler" and "Starlight Road" are sometimes teched for use against Decks with explosive finishers (Plants, Lightsworns, etc.).

Recommended cards[edit]