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Three "Flamvell Babies" in the artwork of "Rekindling".
Three "Flamvell Babies" in the artwork of "Rekindling".
  • フレムベル
  • Furemuberu (romanized)
  • Cloche de Feu
  • Bell of Fire (translated)
  • Flamvell
  • Flamvell
  • 플레임벨
  • Peulleimbel (romanized)
  • Flamvell
  • Flamvell
Anime appearances

"Flamvell" (フレムベル Furemuberu) is an archetype of FIRE monsters whose effects include burning away the opponent's LP and increasing each others' ATK. Many of their effects are triggered when they inflict Battle damage or destroy a monster as a result of battle. They are introduced in Duel Terminal - Synchro Awakening!! with further support in Duel Terminal - Invasion of Worms!!. They are introduced to the TCG through the Booster Pack Ancient Prophecy, with "Flamvell Commando" as a TCG-exclusive, with further cards coming through the Booster Pack Hidden Arsenal. Aside from being FIRE monsters, the majority of them have 200 DEF, and have support based around that. Bob had "Flamvell Guard" in his Deck in the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's anime.

The Neo Flamvell sub-series was released in Duel Terminal - Pulse of the Trishula!!. These monsters are more focused on Graveyard control, especially by banishing the opponent's cards.

Playing style[edit]

A Deck using the "Flamvell" archetype is essentially using FIRE monsters, most of which have 200 or less DEF, in combination with their trump card, "Rekindling", which can potentially get up to 5 monsters on the board at once. From there, the player can choose to either do various Synchro Summons, or go face immediately with the assembled board; the monsters can be further boosted by using "Flamvell Archer" in order to add 800 ATK to each one by tributing a single monster, raising the attack total by 3200 extra attack points.

Unfortunately, much has happened to the gamestate of Yugioh since 2010, and most of the changes were not so helpful to "Flamvell" archetype as a whole. In 2010, Synchro Summons was a pretty new concept and "Flamvell" was one of the earliest users of the new mechanic; this certainly shows in the two boss monsters "Flamvell Uruquizas" and "Ancient Flamvell Deity", both slow beaters with little to no use in the modern game. This obviously means that "Flamvells" do need outside support in the Extra Deck to make most of their plays. Another blow to the "Flamvell" archetype is the introduction of Master Rule 4 and the Link Summon mechanic: Any stacking into huge Synchro monsters is made nearly impossible due to the fact that two Synchro Monsters normally need a Link Monster first to unlock the needed monster card zones; this makes the usage of builds with Formula Synchron and Shooting Quasar Dragon even harder to pull of then before.

Aside from all that, the archetype has not changed massively over the years. The main deck monsters all sport effects ranging from ATK boosts, to burn effects and sometimes Special Summoning to allow for easier Synchro access. The Neo Flamvell series follows this overall pattern but also adds the banishing of cards from graveyards as a tool to the "Flamvell" range.

The two main searchers in the "Flamvell" deck are "Flamvell Firedog" and "Flamvell Poun", but both show the overall age of the cardboard we are working with here. "Flamvell Poun" is searchable by "One for One", but searching for the searcher is kinda pointless, and in any other case it needs to be summoned via Normal Summon, which either leads to the "Flamvell" player taking massive damage or leaves him with a face-down monster card and nothing else to show for; not really a turn you would like to start with these days. "Poun's" search pool is pretty big, but its reliance on being destroyed by battle sadly lets it down. "Flamvell Firedog" is kind of the opposite of "Poun", since it sports a nice ATK stat and summons monsters from the deck upon destroying something in battle; still not the best available effect imagineable, but triggers more often and can lead into useful Synchro Summons in Main Phase 2, if needed.

The main tuners in the deck at Level 1, 3 and 4 are "Flamvell Baby", "Flamvell Archer" and "Flamvell Magician", respectively. "Flamvell Baby" can be discarded for a permanent ATK boost, which might help in certain situations; "Flamvell Archer" is the aforementioned tool in conjunction with "Rekindling"; and "Flamvell Magician" is objectively terrible in every single way, but necessary due to the lack of other useful Level 4 FIRE tuners.

Weirdly enough, Konami recently made new support for "Flamvell" in form of "Neo Flamvell Lady". "Lady" is useful for multiple reasons: First off, her "D.D. Crow"-like effect helps keeping certain decks in check via graveyard manipulation. The second part of her effect, effectively a "Foolish Burial" for "Rekindling" targets, can also bring board presence via "Volcanic Shell" and "Jet Synchron".

"Flamvell" are heavily reliant on outside support to cover their weaknesses and relatively straight-forward playstyle. "Red Resonator" is massively helpful and can, depending on the starting hand, help going into Link-3 monsters. It has to be mentioned that "Red Resonator" also qualifies for revival via Rekindling" because of its DEF stat of 200 and will even heal your life points due to its effect if summoned this way. "Royal Firestorm Guards" can also help the deck gain some tempo via card draw and will be even more useful if "Volcanic"s are added into the mix. "Lavals" can also be used, since the overall reliance on "Rekindling" pushes both archetypes into Graveyard-setup, one just has to be aware of "Lavals" often asking for members of their own archetype to apply effects.

The whole strategy is therefore as follows: "Flamvell" can either try to go all-in with the help of "Rekindling" and OTK the opponent after a certain amount of setup; or it uses the Extra Deck to gain board-control and work from there.